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on December 11, 2011
After using this for at least a month, my teeth and gums are in much better condition. At first I only used the low setting because it seemed to harsh on my gums. Now that I'm used to it, I love the high. My teeth are so smooth and I'd NEVER go back to a regular toothbrush. My dentist noticed a big difference even. This was the very model he suggested.

As far as other reviews go about keeping it clean, I think they are ridiculous. After brushing I just pull off the brush part, rinse, and put them in my drawer. Since I only have to charge it every two weeks it stays in the cabinet. There's no reason to store it daily on the charger. It's not that stable plus it's just a waste of counter top space. If you pull of the top after brushing, rinse it off, and keep it somewhere separated where each piece can dry, there will never be a problem.

I'd absolutely buy this again and feel it's well worth the money. My dentist was very happy too.
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VINE VOICEon March 31, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
When you first get the toothbrush, it will need to charge for 16 hours. There's an indicator light to let you know when it has fully charged. After that, it maintains its charge for a week. I charged mine off and on and never had a problem. It comes with two standard heads and an interdental brush head. Since the standard heads come with color bands at the bottom, this toothbrush could be shared by more than one person. The interdental head is pointy and looks like it would be painful but did not cause me any discomfort. The bristles are actually very soft. The toothbrush is wall mountable, but I chose not to do so since the heads don't come with a cover.
I found this toothbrush surprisingly easy to hold. I've had troubles in the past wielding electric toothbrushes with smaller awkward handles. The toothbrush has 2 speeds. It works for 30 seconds and then pauses so to signal that it's time to brush another zone of your mouth. After 2 minutes it shuts off. This probably helps me save time. At first use, I found the first speed to be too slow and the second speed to be too quick and messy. I dropped it in the sink once (totally my fault due to an injury). This caused the metal bar to which you attach the toothbrush head to bend. Since then, the toothbrush actually slowed down to a comfortable speed. This happened after about the third day of use and the toothbrush is still working well. I still feel like I've just had a professional cleaning after each use. My teeth are whiter.
I've tried several of the cheaper electric toothbrushes and while they are better than manual, this is still a step above that. My teeth have never felt cleaner.
The only improvements I could suggest for this product would be to create covers for the toothbrush heads. Of course, I could buy my own, but even the cheap electric toothbrushes come with a plastic cap which covers the bristles.
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on January 26, 2011
I did quite a bit of research on sonic toothbrushes before deciding on Waterpik's Sensonic. I compared it to Oral-B (Braun), Philips, Ultreo and a few lesser known names. I decided against the lesser known names for fear replacement brush heads would be hard to find or even nonexistent down the road. I was leaning towards the Waterpik because it does everything the others do **BUT** has a sonic speed of 25% faster **AND** comes with a variety of brush heads **AND** all for less money. I took it one step further just to be sure and looked up the price of replacement heads on all the brands and I found out Waterpik's brush heads cost less than all of them. So, my decision was made. It was clearly the best value.

I have been using it for four months now and my only regret is not buying it sooner. This thing is like a jet. I can actually feel it getting in between my teeth and I have no doubt it's removing plaque from along my gum line. My mouth feels clean and my teeth feel polished after every use. I use it on the highest sonic speed and it doesn't irritate my gums at all. You do have a choice to use it at a lower speed. There's a slight pause in the action every 30 seconds telling you to switch quadrants and I didn't realize how much I was going to like this feature until I had it. I feel confident that I'm brushing my teeth for the recommended amount of time. For ongoing teeth and gum heath, everyone should use a sonic toothbrush whether it's this one or another but I recommend this one if you're looking for the best value out there. I love it.

If you're looking for a con I would say the only one is that the extra brush heads should snap onto the base. They just kind of just sit there so the slightest tap on the base cause them to fall over.

P.S. The picture doesn't show the entire unit you will receive. It comes with the charger base and three different brushes.

UPDATE: Our new dental hygienist asked me if I used a sonic toothbrush and I told her I did. She said she thought so and that she can always tell when someone uses one. My 6 month cleanings take practically no time now. I told my husband about my short cleanings and what the hygienist said and he wanted one so I bought him this same model for Fathers Day. (He had previously declined my offers to buy him one.)
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on December 6, 2008
This is the third Waterpik electric toothbrush I have owned in the past 10 years. They just keep getting better. I love this one. It does a great job of cleaning and in combination with the Waterpik Ultra Waterjet, my mouth feels very clean. In combination and regular use my teeth and gums have shown noticeable improvement according to my dentist.

The unit is comfortable to hold and on both speeds it is comfortable to use. I can feel the higher speed as it has a noticeable difference, but it is not unpleasant. The quad timer is useful and the unit looks great. Compared to the older model I had, it is much quieter.

I would buy another one. I tried an Oral B and did not feel my teeth were clean after using. The Sonicare is just too expensive for the slimmer model. Waterpik gets it right - great product for a great price. The replacement brushes are inexpensive compared to the other two as well. An added bonus. I hope Waterpik keeps participating in this market segment despite the other 2 getting all the press.
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on August 8, 2012
First off - Sonic toothbrushes are great. Dentist was pushing for me to switch in order to get better cleaning, less plaque buildup and reduce abrasion (I brushed too hard which is bad for tooth enamel). Switch to the Sensonic Toothbrush took care of all three. My family has been using these for 3 years now. Cleaning results are terrific. Durability has been mostly good. Battery charge is good for several days to a week after being fully charged. Toothbrush comes with 4 heads - 2 regular, 1 small and 1 interdental. Although replacement heads are available for the regular heads Waterpik 2SRB-2W Sensonic Replacement Toothbrushes and the interdental head Waterpik 2SIP-2W Sensonic Replacement Toothbrushes, I have not been able to find replacement heads for the small head - although this might be it Sensonic Compact Brush Heads (2) (UPDATE Nov. 2012 - compact heads are no longer available on Amazon so the link is dead. Link may reactivate if compact heads are offered again).

We have had 2 toothbrushes in the house for the last 3 to 4 years. There are no serviceable parts on these brushes. Both toothbrushes failed around the 3 to 3.5 year mark due to corrosion (chrome-like coating flaking off) on the shaft to attach the toothbrush head. Once the corrosion sets in, it is next to impossible to change toothbrush heads. Also, one of the chargers failed after 2 years but we managed to use one charger for both brushes which worked fine since battery life has not been an issue. Due to the corrosion issue, I have had to replace both sonic toothbrushes this year but I stayed with the Waterpiks since 3+ year product life seemed a reasonable, although not ideal, product life expectancy and it has done a great job of meeting the dental cleaning needs for me and my family.
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on March 23, 2015
This is the best. Ya gotta have a sonic toothbrush. Nothing else comes close to cleaning the way sonic does. I've used the other brands of sonic toothbrushes, but the Waterpik has the strongest vibes and does the best job, is easiest to clean. Less expensive brushes. Simply the best. This is the third one I've owned. They last several years. My only complaint is that I specifically ordered the SR-1000 model, so I could re-use the base from my previous one, the base that attaches to the wall in my tiny, no shelf space bathroom. But they shipped the SR-3000 model which has a new base that has to live on a table or shelf. Oh well. I'll figure out something.
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on July 13, 2010
I had a Sonicare but decided to check into other sonic toothbrushes because of the size and price of replacement heads for the Sonicare. The Waterpik got fairly good reviews in comparison so I gave it a shot. It seems to work just as well as the Sonicare barring a few Cons;

Pros: Does a fairly good job; lasts for at least three on / off cycles (haven't had the patience to go beyond that); has better brush holders than the Sonicare; replacement heads are significantly less bulky and expensive (about half the price) than Sonicare; comes with a "between the teeth cleaner"; easy to control and operate.

Cons: Brush design inferior to Sonicare's; not sure how long the battery would actually last (ie, a week off the charger); the on / off button is too easily activated.

All in all an excellent toothbrush for the money, all factors taken into consideration, I'd choose this over the Sonicare.
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on December 15, 2010

I have now had the brush for about 6 months. In general I like it and have had 2 dental cleaning since my purchase and the hygienist said my teeth are clean. The bad news is that the metal rod that you attach the brush head onto has started to corrode. I am the only one using this brush so I only pull the head off every 3 months. When I went to replace the head this last time, the brush seemed to be stuck on. After considerable tugging, I was able to get it off. What I found was that the stem is a chrome plated steel rod that has started to corrode and the chrome is flaking off. I never had this problem with my old Sonicare. I was able to clean it up with a wire brush and it seems to work OK now. Whoever had the idea to save a few cents and not use a stainless steel rod will probably cost Waterpik more than they save. To Waterpik's credit, they do advise pulling the head off and to clean and dry off the handle after each use. If I had done that, it probably wouldn't have corroded. If you aren't doing that, you might want to start if you don't want it to corrode like mine. I think I will just coat the steel rod with Vaseline and see how that works. These things don't last forever anyway.

Original post:

It has advantages over my old Sonicare. The brush head is smaller, which I like because I can clean the back of my front teeth better. I also like the lower replacement brush cost. Quality so far seems good, and it came with a large and small brush head and an inter-dental cleaner.

A little advice about using these sonic brushes. Use a gentle touch, more pressure does NOT mean cleaner. Spend 5-10 seconds in each spot, gently work the longer bristles between the teeth and right along the gum line. Again, use a light touch. Experiment, you'll find what works. I find that to really get my teeth clean, I use the high speed setting and take a full cycle on the bottom teeth and a full cycle on the top teeth for a total of 4 minutes.

Gets my teeth clean, a fair price and has lower cost replacement far so good.
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on December 7, 2011
Anyone who has never used an automatic toothbrush has a real treat in store for them. If you ever have to return to manual brushing, you will feel like you are mentally challenged.
This is the latest Waterpik product I have used and the best . The 30 second timer segments help make sure you devote enough time to each quadrant. If you don't have sensitive gums, use the High speed for and ultimate brushing. I personally prefer the Low speed and at shutdown, press the ON button for stopless High speed to polish off the molars and any other area you might have slighted.
Contrary to other's comments, my Sensonic sits on the charger 24 hours a day and is always ready. By the way my previous unit lasted nearly 3 years.
The only con I have found is the reduction of brushes provided. Waterpik saved themselves close to $10 by only including 1 Adult & 1 Childs brush head over the previous 4 Adult. Instead, they added a brush type floss-er tool which rarely gets used.
The overall cost sure beats the Phillips and Braun products and many independent trials rate the SR 1000 equal or superior to them.
Finding replacement brushes might be a problem since the Waterpik product is rarely found at the chain and big box stores. You will almost have to deal Online or with Waterpik themselves.Waterpik Sensonic Professional Toothbrush
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on February 7, 2011
I have used various Sonicare models over the years. I had always hoped they would seal the units so that gunk doesn't build up in the handset and toothbrush cartridge. I was sure that after Philips bought the company they would redesign the product so that it would be easier to clean. Never happened. While the Sonicare units clean your teeth well, the Waterpik Sensonic does it as well or better (with more effective oscillation) and stays substantially cleaner. The Sensonic also comes with three brushes that have different purposes. On top of all that, the Waterpik Sensonic "and the replacement toothbrushes" are almost half the price of their competitors without sacrificing primary features.
Regarding the size of the unit and the comfort in holding it. It's very comfortable for me and does not feel large. In fact, I compared the handle diameter of both brands and they are about the same. The brush head has a thicker stem that may be a bit more difficult to maneuver if you have a small mouth.
2/18/13 follow up:
This is still a great product but you need to be careful not to press to against your teeth and gums if you use it at full strength. Ultrasonic toothbrushes can do damage if not used correctly.
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