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on November 1, 2008
I've been agonizing over an HDTV purchase for months. My 32" 480p Samsung CRT just wasn't doing it for me anymore. It was time to delve into HD now that it has been around for awhile with major tech innovations (1080p, 120hz, and more). I feel as though it will be many years before a *significant* new HD technology comes along. Here is a list of what I've been agonizing over (and probably you too) and why I made the decision for the 750.

1. LNxxa750 vs LNxxa650

I spent some time drooling over the LN52a650 until I came across LN52a750. I searched and searched to see if there was a performance difference between the two sets. I finally found someone with some knowledge and indeed the 750's use a different (more powerful) internal processor than the a650's. For how incredibly small the price difference is between the 650 and 750 I'm surprised people still shop the 650. Not to mention the regal-looking bezel on the 750, the woofer for those without a home theater system, and some other minor goodies. Bottom line, if you're flip-flopping between the two - stop. Just buy 750.

2. What size? 52, 46, or even 40?

Of course I wanted the largest size I could get. HD is a whole new ball game, and even a 52" model is not as big as it sounds. In fact after having this for a couple weeks now I am beyond relieved I didn't buy a smaller size. (I typically sit about 7 feet from the screen.). Please take my word on this. You will never regret buying too big. Unless you're in a tiny dorm room, the 52" will not overpower you. If you buy a smaller size just be warned you will be longing for the 52 before too long.

3. Samsung or Sony 41 series?

I went to 3 different big box stores to compare side by side. The picture on the 750 just blows away anything else in these stores. It's amazing how two sets with similar specs can have such different displays. The gloss finish just has the colors and contrast jumping off the screen. Sony makes solid products in general, but so does Samsung. It took only a matter of seconds to realize that the Sony 41 series has a boring picture compared to the 750.

4. Plasma or LCD?

With the glossy screen and various black adjustments in the menu, you're getting the best of both worlds with the 750. It has contrast like that of a higher end plasma, but also performs beautifully in a well lit room. Plasmas are just plain dim and dull. With how bright and vivid the 750's screen is, I have not had any issues with reflections. If you look at the models offered by most companies, it's clear that plasma is dying just as DLP is.

5. The "halo effect"

Non-existant. I've watched HD cable, games, and blu-rays in a pitch black room and cannot see the supposed halo that some people are whining about. In fact, I'm almost disappointed because I wanted to see what the hubbub was all about. Apparently Samsung has eliminated this.

6. Amazon or a partner seller?

Local big box stores sell this unit for (including tax) anywhere from $500 - $800+ more. Insane. I knew I'd be ordering it from Amazon. But sometimes the partner sellers are cheaper...what to do. It just so happened that the day I ordered it Amazon had the lowest price. But had they not, I still would have paid the extra small price difference to get it from Amazon. I have no experience with the partner sellers but felt I'd have more recourse with Amazon if a problem occurred.

7. Gaming performance

I also bought a PS3 and Xbox 360 at the same time. Both are stunning, and nope, no input lag on either system using very inexpensive HDMI 1.3 cables. (However, I've read of people's feedback on the a650 where they have experienced lag. This is where the superior processor of the 750 comes in). I've played fast-paced shooters, racing, and adventure games with no lag issues. I may have had a minor lag issue with SOF on the 360 but that could just be the game. Games on the 52a750 will have you hypnotized, especially if it's your first foray into HD.

8. Sound

Could care less. I'm using a home theater system, but with the 750's woofer I'm sure the sound is good/great for a flat panel unit.

9. Light and glare from the glossy finish

Has not been an issue for me. At all.

10. Final thoughts

Comcast HD (via Motorola box), PS3 Blu-Ray, PS3 games, Xbox 360 games all look incredible. I sometimes watch content that I'd otherwise be bored with just because of the gorgeous picture. Plasma has nothing on the a750 and gaming is lag-free via HDMI. Buy this TV and your friends (especially those owning plasmas) will be envious if not outright jealous.
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on May 31, 2008

Amazon tracking indicated it would take 2 weeks to arrive. CEVA tracking listed it at two days earlier. I received the call for delivery in less than a week - and this included the holiday period!

CEVA showed up with it yesterday. The heavy cardboard box had an 18" gash/tear in it and my heart sank. They removed the box and I noticed the screen was supported about 8" from the cardboard and there were no signs that whatever caused the gash had touched anything. We quickly plugged it into the wall and ran it thru some of the built-in menus. Relief - everything worked fine. With the 30-day return guarantee there was nothing more to worry about.

The previous day Amazon had delivered a new Onkyo receiver to replace my older Yamaha. I had already disconnected the Yamaha and wired all the components and speakers to this new receiver (to take advantage of its HDMI capabilities). It now only took a couple hours to make the final connections with the receiver, cable sysem, over-the-air antenna, HTPC and network.

Every single system worked perfectly, even though it sometimes took a few minutes to discover the correct input settings on each device to get everything communicating. The biggest surprise was the quality of the picture. After reading everything I could find on various forums I expected to have some tweaking to do before obtaining the best images. While critically inspecting the imagery for each type of input I could not see a need to adjust anything! Just for experimentation I did make a few selections of alternate settings, but always wound up returning to the original. I'll likely use an Avia program to verify adjustments later, but can't imagine any improvement.

The "halo effect" feature on the upper and lower bezel was obvious (albeit faint) to see, but it was not distracting. In fact, if there were a switch available to turn it on and off, I'd still leave it on - it's neat! The red bezel highlighting (the TOC) is so subtle that it is nearly invisible. If I didn't know it was there I'd likely not have even noticed it. Perhaps it would be more visible in a room with bright daylighting?

Another neat feature is the touch sensitive controls on the lower right bezel. They are invisible until you touch the area, causing them to temporarily sequentially illuminate. I haven't fully explored this feature yet.

Another nice feature was discovering that I could hook up the computer to HDMI connection #2 and play computer games without any special adjustments. There was no lag or any problem except that I'll need to upgrade the computer's video card in order to take the display all the way up to its full resolution. Nevertheless, the Samsung must have been upscaling the image since it was extremely sharp. (Same thing with the 480i DVDs we played on it - very sharp). When not in use we intend to leave the computer hooked up so the Samsung will continuously display it's screensaver which cross-fades family photos like a huge digital picture frame.

The Samsung has a TOSLINK out connection which I connected to the receiver. This vastly simplifies audio connections since all audio sent to the TV can be amplified from a single connection to the receiver. If you can connect everything via HDMI there will be significantly fewer wires and a much more simplified operation.

The only thing I would have preferred is if the base would swivel. I understand the 650 models swivel, can't imagine why Samsung wouldn't include that feature here.

We're very happy with this purchase.

EDIT- 6-18-08
After nearly 3 weeks of use we are even more impressed with this TV.

I have upgraded the video card on the attached computer so that it can now attain full 1080p resolution, only to find the text too small to be readable at a normal viewing distance of about 12 feet with my 60-yr-old eyes. Backing off the resolution makes the text large enough to read while retaining its razor-sharpness.

The attached computer is connected with a wireless hub to my home network, allowing it to stream pictures, music, or movies from any of the computers. The TV must be upconverting the movies to 1080p because they are displayed more clearly than when sent to a regular computer monitor.

The hub also provides a patch cable to the TVs' network port, which allows it to run all the InfoLink connection functions (weather, news, stocks) without the need to even configure that connection.

We added a PS3 a week ago to view blu-ray movies. What an incredible picture! Even though we are using inexpensive $3 HDMI cables, there was no flickering or other problem as reported on another Amazon review. My son tested out his new Metal Gear PS3 game and was impressed with the image and game play. We used the default settings and did not even switch to "game" mode.

We've now had time to run THX and TVBlink video calibration tests and were not surprised to find that all the default settings were already set to the optimum values for our personal tastes.

The set is now mounted on one of those entertainment center "stalks" which allows it to be easily rotated (for easier access to the rear connections). This mounting has taken care of the only complaint we had about this set - its' lack of a swivel base.

Edit - 7-16-08
After 6 weeks of use I must say that this has proven to be one awesome piece of electronics. I simply cannot believe how great this set has performed. The color and details have greatly exceeded my highest expectations. We have begun replaying our old DVD library because the upscaling capabilities built into this set appears to make them very comparable to the Blu-Ray movies we've viewed. It's like seeing a new movie!

It is quite a kick to be using the computer while watching the nightly news in HD via the PIP function.

A lot of people have calibrated their sets using the published settings on We tested all of those settings and found that they each resulted in a darker picture that has lost details in shadowy areas and the colors are dull, without the "pop" of the factory settings. Keep in mind that our entertainment area is in a dark, windowless room which should make viewing dimmer features easier. We tried compensating the calibration with various picture adjustments but were unable to attain comparable performance. After a week of trying to perceive any improvements we reverted our settings back to the original, tweaked, factory settings.

Several people have made similar observations, leading us to a conclusion that either there is a wide discrepancy between personal preferences and/or each of these sets have varying image displays. We have no doubt that many people do see improved performance after calibrating their sets - but before you spend a lot of money on professional calibration try the AVSforum settings first to verify if you see any improvement.

The only complaint we have is that we've now been spoiled by what this set can do. We picked up a new Samsung T260HD computer monitor (which also includes an HDTV tuner). This is a 26" monitor that has a similar TOC bezel to match the LN52A750. You can read our review here on Amazon - in a nutshell, we are disappointed with it's performance.
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on February 10, 2017
I bought this TV in July of 2008. At the time it was top of the line and according to Amazon I paid over $2500 for it. It has been moved to different houses and different states, and even spent a year in storage while I was playing in the beautiful sands of exotic Iraq. The amazing this is that it still works. It may be showing its age as some of the "touch of color" has turned in to a bit of "touch of cracking," but the thing just wont die. I even wanted it to die so that I could get a new one, but it wouldn't. Sadly, (luckily) it wouldn't fit in the area we needed it to fit in, in our newest house, so I upgraded to a new Samsung 60" UHD (yea the 60' fits, but this 52' tv wont due to its gigantic bezel). Anyways...good job Samsung, maybe make more stuff like this and less stuff like exploding phones and washing machines.
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on July 14, 2008
As a TV I cannot complain. The 1080p resolution is great. The 120hz update rate is amazing. Watching television, playing games, and watching movies is very enjoyable.

So all the fundamental reasons for me getting a new TV are met, however all the 'extra' features come up a little short. The DLNA feature currently useless for me. The Samsung server software can only host videos and pics that are on your local harddrive. I have all my stuff on an external harddrive. TVersity currently does not play well w/ the tv either. Hopefully Samsung or someone will release a better DLNA server app.

The RSS feeds to the television are nice, but are not configurable. So the only feed you can get is from usa today.

PIP is only possible with analog signals, meaning you cannot watch two HDMI inputs are the same time. (Who has a 52 inch 1080p tv and watches 2 analog inputs?)

The sound system is not great. Eventhough it comes with a (or extra) woofer, the sound is about the same as any other tv out there. I dont really notice a difference. I havent heard the sound from the 650 series, but I cant imagine that there is that much difference.

So overall I am pleased with the purchase because all of my requirements were met, but all the 'bells and whistles' came up short. I probably would have been just as happy with 650 series, but amazon had such a great price (low price, free shipping, no tax) on this one I cant really complain. If you are looking to save a few bucks get the 650. I am crossing my fingers that there will be in the near future a firmware update which will resolve the DLNA and RSS feed issues. If this becomes the case I will REALLY be pleased with the TV.

The one thing I really prefer over the 650 is the touch of color on the 750 goes around the entire tv, whereas the 650 only has it on the top and bottom. This is purely aesthetic reason and it can only be seen in a well lit room.

On a side note, CEVA delivered the TV 6 days earlier than the expected arrival date. The TV was ordered on thursday and it was in my house by the next week friday (6 days). I live in california and the TV originated from the east coast.
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on July 8, 2011
After much research and spending over $2000 for this TV (close to 2.5years ago), the TV gave up. When turned on the bell sound would come on, the backlight would be on, no picture; the bottom red led light would turn on and off about 4 times in about 25 seconds and you could hear 2 consecutive clicks; the TV turns off and cycles back on. This would not stop, even after unplugging the TV and plugging it back into a different outlet! I called Samsung and they said it was a known problem with the capacitors and assigned a service tech to come service it. The tech came out and said it was not the capacitor but rather the display and since it was not the capacitor, i owed them $90 for coming out and providing a diagnostic. They said it would cost $1000. Called Samsung and the rep said that the TV was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do about it; said it was a common problem! OK! COMMON PROBLEM? Do you mean that you guys sell disposable TV's for $3600 (this same TV was priced at $3600 at my local Best Buy store when i bought it from Amazon)! He quietly and kindly asked if he could help with anything else; of course not! Took the TV to a local repair shop who said it was the circuit board needing to be replaced Cost: $510 so now I'm looking at $600 for a misdiagnosis from a Samsung certified repair store (who did not know what they were talking about) and $510 to repair a disposable TV! The lady at the repair store said ... Samsung's a good TV, but they last about 2 to 3 years!! How long have you had your for? I called my brother who has a 42" Samsung Red touch... he says his went out last summer after having it for 3 years; he says it's sitting in his garage. I praised Samsung for a LONG time but with the major problem of quality and service, i will never buy anything samsung and will share with everyone i can until i hear that they have taken care of their junk! Almost forgot to mention; I watch TV about 2 to 3 hours a week!
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on January 19, 2010
I purchased my Samsung LN52A750 in August of 2008. The picture is really good and in general I like the TV a lot. Early December 2009 I started to experience problems with the TV turning itself off and on. At first it would do this for a minute or so and then stay on and work fine. After several days of it doing this it just never came back on. It would constantly turn itself off and on and i was forced to unplug the TV. I went to Samsung's website and attempted their suggested work around. Since the work around did not fix the problem it was recommended that I should open a service call. I setup an appointment with the local service department that is affiliated with Samsung, they came out and in about an hour they fixed the problem.

So what was the problem? A pair of $4.00 25W capacitors which were replaced with 50W capacitors. I spent $2,400.00 dollars on this TV and it breaks after less than 1 1/2 years? This issue is not isolated to just me, there are plenty of people experiencing this issue. Please see link on the [...] thread ([...]) or Google "Samsung ln52a750 TV turning on and off" to see all the other folks experiencing the problem.

I spoke with Samsung customer support requesting that they cover the complete expense of the repair ($300.00) even though I was out of warranty. It is my feeling that for the amount of money I paid for the TV it should not break in less than a year and a half. I could have purchased a second tier brand like Vizio for half the price. I thought I was getting not only a better TV from a technology stand point but also a better TV in terms of the quality of the components.

Samsung refused to honor my request saying that the repair occurred outside of my warranty. They said that if the part broke again they would cover that repair expense. The repair tech installed a replacement part that was double the capacity of the original equipment! What is the likeliness that the new capacitors would break? I told them that refusing to honor my request would result in Samsung loosing me as a customer. They told me that was my choice. I told them that I would post warnings to friends on Facebook not to buy Samsung TV's because of their poor customer service and substandard parts. They said that was my choice as well.

I feel Samsung has totally dropped the ball on this. They did not offer me any type of compensation for all the time and money I spent getting their shoddy TV fixed. Saying your sorry can only go so far. I have lost all respect for Samsung and will make sure I try to tell as many people as possible to go with Sony or some other brand for their TV purchases.
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on July 29, 2011
I have a Samsung LN52A750 TV and a BD-P2500 BluRay player. When I purchased these the Amazon and Samsung product pages claimed they were "internet connected" and "firmware upgradeable" so that they would be compatible with new services that were coming available. I am very frustrated to learn that I cannot upgrade these devices to support such common services such as Pandora streaming music, Amazon Instant Video, or really anything other than Netflix. Samsung does not support their existing customers, they only drive them to buy new models to get any sort of new functionality.

***** UPDATE ****

After 5 years with this product it stopped working. Searching online I found that this model was linked to a class-action lawsuit regarding defective capacitors. The symptoms match almost exactly what I was experiencing (repeated clicking and power-cycling while trying to turn it on). I contacted Samsung support and after being bounced between departments on a few calls I was finally told that the manufacturer date was a month after the "issue" and what was convered in the lawsuit. I was told they couldn't help me and was given the phone # of a local support company. I was also told by the support rep that they expect customers to get the full value of the product in two years and do not expect them to last more than 5 years.

Very disappointing.
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on February 6, 2009
How people can NOT give this TV 5 stars is beyond me. I have been researching LCDs for the past two months and decided between this set, a Sony set and an LG. After getting a fantastic deal through Amazon, I decided to chose the Samsung 750. I am nothing less than impressed. I keep seeing people complain about sound quality, but this is a non-issue for me since I have an extremely high end surround sound system.

The picture is absolutely flawless and the price was impossible to pass up. I haven't noticed the halo/clouding effect yet and if it is there, it doesnt bother me at all. Also, the glare that I keep reading about is a non-issue for me as well.

Great product. I could not be more happy with my purchase.
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on January 30, 2011
Like many buyers who have been impressed with Samsung's brite color and cheaper price (compare to Sony), I bought this model (LN52A750)back in 2/2009 and starting to have problem with the TV's power continuously turning itself on and off. So in less than 2 years of light usage, this TV has now gone bad and unusable. Samsung's support refer me to a local TV repair shop and their initial estimate was $350. I also own another Samsung 40 inch TV (model LN40A550) which I purchased brand new in 2008 and it too was having the "capacitor leak" problem which takes 15 to 30 minutes for the TV to turn on after pressing the power on button. The problem on this 40" TV also occurred about 2 years after the purchase. Thank god for the internet, this problem is quite common and I found a post with clear instruction on how to replace the bad capacitors and was able to fix the problem myself.

The purpose of writing this review is to make new buyer beware of this serious problem. I hope Samsung is aware of this power resetting problem so it can be corrected. I paid $2200 for the TV and it is now on the way to the junk yard. I did not consider repairing the TV ($350 was the minimum quote, the actual repair cost could be higher) because I don't want to take a chance on having this same problem again in 2 years or sooner.

On a good note. I purchased both TVs from Amazon and I am a very happy Customer with Amazon.
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on August 17, 2008
I had wanted to buy a wall mounted 52" LCD TV for a couple of years now but I could not get past the screen blur (pixelating) caused by fast moving scenes. Finally 120hz came along and virtually elimated the screen blur. With 120hz in the mix I decided to take the plunge and purchase a TV. I went to BB and CC to look at their line-ups and I went to the Tv with the best picture: Both places led me to Samsung LN52 models.

More research led me to the LN52A750 model. The poorest reviews given to it were based on the screen reflection on the inner bezel (inside lip of the TVs outer frame). This has been dubbed by reviewers as "the Halo Effect". I went back to both CC and BB and looked closely for this effect. I did notice it. It was very obviuos. However, I don't watch TV from the edge of the screen to the middle so it did not concern me that much. It however is there and could be annoying to some. It is very noticable in a dark room while watching bright scenes. Check it out at a store to see if it is tolerable for you or you will be disappointed if you buy this set. Note: I took my wife along and she noticed this effect on all the LCD TVs to some extent regardless of brand.

I searched on-line and decided to buy from Amazon because of its low price, free shipping, and very bonus NO TAX transaction. I saved over $500+ by buying from amazon. I was worried about making a major purchase like this on-line. However, with many positive reviews from amazon customers about deliveries and consumer reports high rating of amazon as a retailer of major appliances, I felt pretty good about it.

I ordered the Tv June 30th and was delivered July 6th to my living room. The two guys delivering it had me sign and they busted out the door...So much for white glove deliver service! I opened it. no problems, no big deal. The outer bezel is very scratchable and I wanted to take my time mounting it anyways. It wasn't very heavy but awkward to lift carefully. Set-up was easy. I just plugged in all the cords and it was ready to go. Now that I have had this TV for over a month now I have noticed a few things (good and bad) that I really wasn't clear on before I bought this TV.

First the bad:

The entire outer frame is very reflective. Daytime viewing with alot of light indirect or direct can be annoying. The screen is also very reflective however direct light seems to annoy me most. I only notice the indirect light when a dark scene is depicted.

The audio is only output to 5.1 if the TV program is 5.1. I am not that technical but the jist is that if you input by HDMI ex.playstation3 then the sound sent out to your receiver from the TV is only 2 channel. To get 5.1 you need to run a seperate cord from your PS3 or other component directly to your receiver. This seemed a design flaw but it is apparently digital rights mgmt junk.

The outer 1/8 inch of the entire frame is clear. Sometimes while watching a bright scene at night light hits the edge and it illuminates or reflects. This may be the "the halo effect" some are talking about instead of the inner screen reflections. It looks cool but it can be distracting at times.

The remote stinks. It is not a learning remote; so it only controls the TV and other select Samsung components I don't have. The wheel on it is so touchy it is useless. Also the remote has to be pointed exaggeratingly directly at the TV to work properly. My harmony remote, from the same distance, doesn't have this problem. I expected a much better remote with this TV

The TV is wireless ready meaning another optional $$$ purchase is needed to make it work.

The bonus content on the internal memory is read-only. You can not add to or delete it. Similar content can be downloaded from to a thumb drive and displayed on the TV but it again can not be added to the memory of the TV. Basically what is on the TV will be on there forever???

Finally the codecs supported by the TVs software is limited. I have my computer hooked up to the TV via a DVI to HDMI cable and the supplied server software installed. Only 1/4th of my videos are playable on the TV. Either I have to convert my files or skip playing them.

Now the Good:

The picture clarity and quality are truley amazing compared to other TVs. I mean why would you look outside continually through a blurry dirty window if you didn't have to. This Tv seems the clean window , the rest the blurry ones. This is mostly why I had to buy a Samsung. Don't beleive me: Go to a store and pick out the clearest pictured TV and I bet it is a Samsung.

The 120hz makes for no noticable motion blur. It has 3 settings, I have yet to mess with them because I see no blur when watching baseball or football etc etc.

You can hook up to your router by wire to get news quotes, weather, and stock quotes from USA Today. It is cool and probably can and will be expanded upon with later firmware updates.

Finally the greatest asset of this TV for me is that it can be used as a 52 inch computer monitor. It is an awesome sight with my cordless keyboard and mouse, surfing the internet, reading email, writing this review (ha ha)! It was something I really didn't even think of before I bought this TV.

In short summary, IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR OR ARE STILL AWAKE...This TV ROCKS!!! The picture is awesomely clear, the price from Amazon without tax is the cheapest around, the reviews are mostly high, and it makes one helk of a computer monitor. Thanks!!!
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