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on August 21, 2015
The review includes photos of how to install the camera in the bag plus photos from the two locations I used the DicaPac in Bermuda with my 5d Mark IIII and 16-35 f2.8L. As I did not have a proper underwater housing for my 5d3, I got into a tiny lather because I did not know what to do in regards to taking a snorkeling trip in Bermuda with my dSLR. Logic would dictate that the best thing I could do is rent a proper underwater camera housing as I cannot justify the expenditure on a product that I will not use frequently. Because I am me, and hardly logical at all, I opted to put approximately $5,000 worth of photographic gear in to what is essentially a glorified $50 dollar Hefty bag. Just how do you think this is destined to work out??? Well, I do not want to ruin this for you, so please read on...


Please note that the review contains tons of photos of how to use the bag properly in addition to photos that show what you can actually do with it. Given that I am a novice snorkeler, I was pretty pleased with the image quality...but there are caveats that are necessary to read.

**Please come back and indicate if you feel this review was useful to you or not. It was designed to be very comprehensive.
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on May 16, 2016
Much less than a professional grade DSLR underwater camera housing. Will need patience and practice to make good photographs. The fact that it is a bag and not a solid structure, there is constant movement of the camera inside the bag. Also there is only one finger access to the controls of the camera. So you better have all your settings figured out before entering the water. All being said this is still a good value for any DSLR photographer that wants to shoot underwater.
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on October 18, 2015
Was a bit nervous putting my 5D Mark III in this, but i used it a fair amount underwater for a week and it worked great. No leaks. The deepest I went with it was maybe 5-6 feet, i wouldn't trust this for anything deeper but did get a couple good photos out of it. Was kind of hard to use but you will get the hang of it.

I'd recommend putting the lens to manual focus as it kept searching for focus underwater with it on auto. Also, the viewfinder becomes useless inside this case. Sometimes the glass interfered with the front of the lens for the shot but just hold it out of the way and it works.
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on June 30, 2016
I bought this for my husband and he was very happy with it. I wouldnt suggest submerging it all the way in water without doing a leak test first. We did a leak test and had no issues. But its great for being at the beach or areas where there is a lot of moisture. The first time he used it was in the water taking pictures of surfers. The pictures came out great. I only gave it 4 stars because of how bulky it is and can take some getting use to when trying to press the shoot button on the camera, but it does work really well and is still a great product. It was packaged well and shipped on time.
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on November 3, 2016
Great for surface shooting so far. I take plenty of time preparing the seals so no water ever leaks in.

I mostly shoot surf, fishing and oceanscapes with this pack. All in all...I like the product especially for the price!
review image review image review image
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on June 9, 2016
Bought this for a trip to Hawai'i to protect my Nikon D-90 while snorkeling. Works very well and doesn't leak! (do the leak test first, though) It's a little tricky to get the camera in the bag, but once it's inside, it's very easy to get to the controls and adjust the lens. You do have to be careful to not change the positioning of the lens once you set a shot, but there are little finger pouches on the lens barrel that allow you to control it. Really enjoyed using this and it makes for great underwater shots you can't get with an iPhone in a pouch.
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on October 21, 2013
I bought this bag specifically for underwater shots on my vacation this past summer. I followed all of the directions carefully including performing an underwater test without the camera in the bag, with no problems. The bag isn't perfect, I couldn't manually focus the lens, and it was difficult to keep the camera lens in the center of the glass on the front of the bag (a few shots had a black line on the edge due to the seal blocking the lens). But for the most part, it helped me take great underwater shots of coral, fish, and giant sea turtles. The turtle photos were so good that I had them printed to canvas and they are now hanging on my wall in my living room.

I'm truly happy with this product in spite of some of its small shortcomings and feel confident in recommending it to others. It isn't perfect, but for the price of this compared to "fitted" underwater adapters in the $1000+ area (more than my camera), these minor inconveniences are acceptable considering the quality of underwater shots it helped me to achieve.
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on July 11, 2013
I bought this so that I could protect a DSLR on a white-water rafting trip. It worked! I got great photos!


1. I had to modify the bag in order to use my (very standard) DSLR with a 18-55 kit lens. (Details below)
2. I would NOT take this thing fully underwater or dive with it! That's just asking for a disaster.
3. The 'polycarbonate' lens (fancy words for plastic) is way too delicate. I somehow scratched it. Argh.
4. Camera controls? What camera controls? I set the camera up before hand. There is no way I could have changed settings. It's a bag - that's what you get.
5. This thing is made out of PVC. That's some nasty toxic stuff! (Dioxins, the smell... PVC is re-commodified toxic waste.) PVC is also not durable! (How about some rubberized material that is designed to take some abuse?)


1. I got shots I wouldn't be able to get without it.
2. This thing is reasonably cheap compared to the $1500 professional cases.
3. Although I was constantly nervous about destroying my Nikon, the DiCAPac worked as it needed to!

I can't post photos on here, but I got sequences of pictures where the raft is descending into a hole, the water starts flying, and we all got very wet... No way I could have captured that without something like this! Absolutely worth it!

How I modified it:

Why: The 18-55 lens I used would have been freely floating within the lens extension had I not modified it. That's not good because the camera would be flying around and the camera lens would regularly be hitting (and scratching) the DiCAPac lens. Also, I wouldn't know where the thing was pointed... I would likely have gotten a bunch of pictures of the inside of the bag.

How: I bought a rubber mat at a hardware store and cut it into a strip that wound around the lens. I set the lens to 'Auto focus' and adjusted it to be all the way back to 55mm (no adjustment possible in this bag!). Then I measured the strip so it was the right length and taped it to itself. This functionally increased to diameter of the lens so that it fit snuggly into the DiCAPac lens adapter. I carefully put the camera into the bag so that the lens adapter was set at the right length. All I needed to do was point the bag in the right direction and hit "GO!" This way the camera was held in the correct position all the time.

One important word of caution: Don't forget to use a desiccant to control the moisture inside of the case! In the heat (sunlight) any moisture trapped in the bag will condense on the inside of the bag. This is a result of physics and chemistry, not a problem with the bag. : )
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on May 4, 2013
I tested this camera bag before putting my Canon 60D inside and it had no holes or leaks.

I used it for an underwater photo shoot in a swimming pool. After an hour and a half the bag leaked and ruined the camera inside, even though I noticed the leak immediately and got the camera out quickly.

We did put the bag through a lot of punishment. The camera bag is full of air, so it wants to float. Getting down underwater and staying there was tricky. I used a weight belt wrapped around the lens, and kept having to re wrap it as it would fall off every few minutes. I think that wound up pushing the bag around too much, and after a time, caused the zip lock to weaken.

I would feel comfortable trying the bag again, but I might tape the zip lock shut, and I would definitely stop after an hour, get the camera out, dry everything, and reseal for a second session.

There is NO customer service and the Korean website offers little support or help.

You kind of have to figure this out on your own, using common sense and realize you're taking a risk.
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on January 20, 2015
It's no custom fit case for the camera, but does get the job done. Nikon d5300 fit nicely.

Tested in the sink, but was still nervous when taking it ocean kayaking. Kayak flipped and the camera (with the step wrapped around me) was submerged entirely. Camera made it out dry as a bone.

Finger holes allow for some adjustment, but are definitely clumsy with multiple changes. Just make sure the lense portion is folded/supported so you don't get the lense ring in the photo.

-1 star because it's a bit clumsy once it's inside. Better management of the lense sleeve portion would be nice too. Otherwise works as expected.

P.s. throw a little desiccant pack in there to help with humidity inside.
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