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on July 11, 2015
Caution is to be exercised when using this product in the shower. Unlike a permanently mounted gripper, this item over time can loose its gripping power in the shower because moisture buildup under the suction cup. The solution to this problem is to mount it each time before turning on the shower and immediately remove it after using the shower. The Gripper is most effective when mounted on a dry surface.

My son showed me an added user for the gripper. There was a fairly large dent in the rear quarter panel of my wife's car. My son grabbed the gripper from the bathroom and mounted the Gripper to the rear quarter panel and pulled out the dent. It worked because the dent was smooth and there was no other damage to the panel. By the way, there is no indication there was a dent on my wife's car.
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on September 5, 2012
This stabilizing bar works great. It attaches via suction on smooth clean nonporous surfaces as advertised. It holds well enough to use as a stabilizer while in the bath or shower.

The surface under the indicator does need to be the same height as the suction surface to work because it is activated by pressure against the bottom at the height of the suction surface.

For anyone expecting this to be a "set it and forget it" solution, this is not the stabilizer for you, as the instructions clearly state that the bar should be checked and reattached for each use. This is true for most if not all suction-based products, and especially true for safety products like this one. Any disappointment someone has in this regard is a commentary on suction-based solutions and not specific to this product. For permanent solutions you really should not consider this or any other suction-based stabilizer.
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on October 23, 2013
Although I did not purchase the 2 I am using now, I'm about to purchase another and wanted to make sure I was ordering the correct model. Hence, I was reading many reviews to fill in additional details beyond the product description. I was surprised to learn the manufacturer suggests removing and replacing with each use. My mother, who was 87, had these attached to her shower walls for several years and they never fell off, not even once. When she passed away about 5 months ago, I brought them home and attached to my shower (acrylic?) walls. I noted the indicator and the warning to make sure I saw green before use. They're still green and holding strong. I have real balance issues and must hold the bar every time I change position or close my eyes.
I am about to order another one, without reservation, so that turning 180 degrees will be easier.
Needless to say I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone with the understanding that they are not to be used for any purpose other than balancing.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 15, 2014 was the first day I completely removed the product to clean it more thoroughly. Even after releasing the suction, it held quite firmly until I pulled on the suction cup's small tab. I don't understand why so many reviewers had trouble with the product. After years of dealing with suction cups of all different kinds I would stress these points.
1) Do not attach to a textured surface (include grout lines here)
2) Make sure the cup and the surface you'll be attaching to are clean
3) A wet cup surface will improve hold
4) Push hard on the cups before closing the latches. Expelling all trapped air will increase suction.
5) Flip the latches until fully locked. This takes a good bit of effort,
6) Make sure the indicators are green.
7) Tug on the handle to make sure it's holding.
8) Again - these are only approved to aid balance and should not be expected to hold anyone's full weight.

If I didn't already have 4 of these in my shower, I'd purchase more!
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on March 7, 2016
So far so good!
I use this grab handle in the shower and use it to balance myself as I wash my feet,
I really tested it first - before trusting it and so far it hasn't popped of the shower tile,
I purchased this handle Because I really don't want to wipe out in the shower and
had a couple of close calls. But if this gripper handle pops off while I'm using it
In the shower I'll be giving this item a second review,
*** it does have a suction window on the handle
Which tells you it's working or locked in properly.
it's worked as it claims for well over a week now.
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on June 7, 2014
I was very surprised how strongly these grip to tiled bathroom shower surfaces. They install quickly and easily, but if your hands are weak, get someone else to do it for you. Best when surface to be attached to is wet. Watch the color tab, because if it changes color, handle is about to fall off the wall and needs to be reattached. But a good grip lasts about a month or more.
I have had these in use for about 6 months and am very pleased with them. They are also a very good buy for the price.
If you don't mind reattaching them occasionally, they work about as well as other types of permanently installed grab bars.
Big advantage is that you can reposition these
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on May 12, 2013
Have bought similar products at BB&B, and Home Depot; was attracted to this product because of price and the color tabs indicating when suction has been lost. Frankly, I'm afraid of the products I've bought in the past because they do become loose but appear to be attached; I really don't trust these things. However, I was in a situation where a family member was coming home from the hospital and would need some temporary support in the shower. Just didn't have the time to drill holes and put permanent bars in the shower. This product arrived very quickly, 2 days with regular shipping. One works great and stays attached. The other one comes loose within an hour or two and the color tab doesn't change. I guess I could return it but the hassle of dealing with a return just isn't in my playbook right now. It would probably cost more than the product itself. Disposed of all the packaging before really giving the product a test drive. The product was installed on very flat standard tile, not on a grout line, and a very clean surface. I've tried moving it to a different location where the other unit works great. The lose of suction issue remains but the other unit works fine when I move it the same location where the unit that doesn't work was placed. Thus my headline of 50/50. If you get one that works, it's a very good product at a very good price but it's a gamble.
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on November 7, 2015
I love these! I'm an occupational therapist and so use these for work a lot, they don't work on every surface so you just have to try it out. Works best on tile that is smooth not rough and also on larger tiles or laminate. Each suction head must not be over the top of grout area for it to work well. This model has a red/green indicator on side to let you know if it has adequate suction which is a great safety feature. This doesn't replace the best of the best which is fitted steel grab bars, but its a good alternative for short term use or if you need a cheaper easier option.
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on July 5, 2014
I bought this one in spite of the many one star reviews, because they all, even at almost twice the price, have some bad reviews. I think it's quality control... they can't test them all and a few bad one's get through. However, I got a good one, stuck it to the shower wall six months ago and it's still there. You would think that with an item like this, where personal injury is a factor, they'd do better. But what are you gonna do?...everything's made in China these days. I'm buying two more, so I'll be back to update this review later.
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on November 29, 2014
Purchased two of these (one for my granddaughter's bathroom, one of my Mom's home for Christmas). My granddaughter used it this past weekend and with the addition of the non-slip mat, she could easily climb out of the tub without assistance (I watched this first time to ensure she was okay). Easy to install, would prefer the color wasn't bright blue but that doesn't impact the function, it's just aesthetically doesn't complement the room (perhaps off-white or yellow could have made it still very visible and not such a conflicting color.
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on March 28, 2012
This suction cup "safety" bar is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It doesn't stick to the wall very well, or for very long, and I don't trust it. I had to continually reapply the suction cups because it kept falling down into the tub, whether I'd used it or not between reapplying.

I did everything I could to make it work and stay on the wall. I cleaned it really well, I cleaned the wall really well (with a few different solutions.) nothing made it stick. It's definitely a safety hazard in the shower, especially if someone is actually using it for support. The "suction cups" are a brilliant idea (extra locking) in theory, but they don't work.

If you really want to be safter, get a handle that attaches with real hardware and waterproof it, and seal it where the holes were drilled.
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