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on July 15, 2017
I have the memory card right in front of me. Just took it out of the camera. A Transcend SDHC 8 GB card with a little 10 in an almost-complete circle. The card works in this camera.
I also have a SanDisk Ultra II SD 2GB card, with a little 4 in an almost-complete circle. The card works.
I also have an HP SD 32MB card that doesn't work.

This is a simple, easy-to-use pocket camera that doesn't claim to be the latest and the greatest. I would not pay full price for it, since even my 5 year-old smartphone has a better camera, but it would be great to keep in the car. BTW, it seems as if the batteries get used up while in the camera, even if the camera is off. So I keep one in the car with the batteries nearby.

Remember, this is a 1.6 megapixel camera.
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on July 14, 2009
I've ordered a ton of products from Amazon and I've only recently gotten into posting any reviews (except for years ago when I first started buying off of Amazon). Let me say that this I believe is the most underrated mini-cam in its price range and I will explain why in further detail.

The first point to consider when looking at any "video camera" in this price range is value vs. cost, and in terms of cost the Kodak Zi6 is still one of the lowest priced minicams, when you consider the fact that you DO NEED AN SD CARD, if you don't already own one (which most people with digital cameras do) then you have to add on an additional $20-$30, but this still puts you into the $160-$170 price range with the Kodak as currently priced on Amazon.

The second point to consider when looking at this camera is the fact that it has an SD card slot to begin with, compared to the Flip (which has gotten undue praise ahhemmm....cough) or the Flip HD which has a static memory of 4 GB (and to be fair Flip does have the newer Ultra which has a card slot I believe as well), the Kodak can accept up to 32GB in its SD card slot, the only caveat which is probably the case with most cheaper cameras is that I don't know if it will work with 32 GB SD HC (High Capacity) cards and that may be the problem that some other reviewers ran into with bigger cards, anyone with more info let me know.... I currently have an 8 GB SDHC card by Transcend which was purchased from another site (a popular computer parts seller, and I've had absolutely no problems recording video, the longest I've recorded straight so far has been about 10 minutes, but I've recorded about 60 or 70 smaller clips.

The third point I want to address is the criticisms of this camera and the comparisons of it to the Flips and the Creative Vado, I have a friend who owns the 30 minute Flip Video Camcorder: 30-Minutes (White) and in terms of size the Zi6 is not any bigger than that cam, the Zi6 is slightly bigger than the Flip Mino (not Ultra) HD, but like I said the Flip MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black) no removable storage, only built in memory which to me is a negative, 8 GB (120 minutes) sounds like alot I know, but you may be surprised how one or two recitals or basketball games that you haven't gotten around to downloading can eat that up....

The second negative which is the biggest criticism is the complaint about lack of image stabilization, well not to sound like a ____ but up until a few years ago only the real expensive semi-pro cameras had ANY IMAGE STABILIZATION and if you started with one of the old VHS CAMCORDERS forget about it, like other reviewers have said keep your arm bent at a near 90 deg angle, don't do alot of jerky movement (or walking) or use the included tripod mount and you can get some great footage w this cam. I do understand how this is a valid concern for some people an older co-worker of mine loved the footage of the Zi6 but said she wouldn't buy it because there was no image stabilization, but we should not that the FLip Ultra or Mino series don't have image stabilization either.

The Creative Vado I'm not sure about and haven't mentioned much, but I personally wouldn't trust any products from Creative too much (except their Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with BasXPort TechnologyPC speakers which kick ___), I've personally had nothing but music production grief from their Soundblaster soundcards, and I won't forgive the fact that they destroyed (when they bought out ) EMU a once great music gear company, but they do make very good PC speakers, but I digress.....

A few more positives, CNET or Gearheadz (you can youtube it) did a side by side comparison of the Zi6 and the Flip Mino HD, and the two reviewers gave the Zi6 the best ratings in terms of color contrast and realism, if you are a MAC USER (which I'm not and still have no problems with video format) you will LOVE this camera's file format for the fact that its MAC NATIVE QUICKTIME MOV format, so it converts right into IMovie or Final Cut Express/Pro, one of my friends/co-workers is a new Mac convert and he swears up and down how much easier for him this camera is to use and edit video with on a MAC.

This point I want to leave with a * that if you DON'T have a NEWER PC or MAC,YOU SHOULD NOT BE TRYING TO EDIT AND ENCODE HD VIDEO IN THE FIRST PLACE.....

I started doing serious video editing when I bought my Canon HV10 3.1MP High-Definition MiniDV Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom with a custom built Pentium D 3.0 GHZ desktop and 3 Gigs of ram + 256 video, and the Canon video would edit fine with both Sony Vegas Studio and Pinnacle Studio 11 + 12.

I still love and use the Canon (its a great cam W IMAGE Stabilization) but I bought the Kodak to take with me places the slightly larger Canon would be inconvenient, with the Pentium D PC the Kodak HD would edit ok (only in Pinnacle Studio ),but the rendering (mixing down and converting) was slow.
The Zi6 video in HD 60 Frames mode was very choppy and hard to edit or render without serious PC hiccups and maybe program freezing, and note this is a PC that I've also played games on and edited other video with no problems.

Recently I just completed a new PC build with an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.83 GHz 4 (3.25 in Windows XP) Gigs of ram, 768 gigs video,and I've been able to edit both the Zi6 HD 30 and HD 60 video like a charm in Pinnacle, the render time has increased dramtically too. I plan to have some video to add to this review soon, and also some reviews posted on my site.

I think that the Zi6 is a great mini HD cam for the price and the video in good lighting (daylight) is comparable to the Canon HV 10, yes badly lit video is bad but that's the case for all "camcorders" under about $1500 to $2000 bucks, even the HV 10Canon HV10 3.1MP High-Definition MiniDV Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom which I think take great video as well suffers badly in poor lighting.

In conclusion if you have a newer PC or Mac, a good video editing program, and the patience to actually learn how take good video (it is an art, I believe), you can get great mileage out of this cam, if you even just want a cam to take video of the kids its absolutely great for that, and even better is that you don't have to edit you can hook it directly up to you Flatscreen or standard TV.

*A note about the Arcsoft video Impression program, the program included on the CD has more video editing features than the program saved and installed into the Kodak Zi6, why not include the full program on the Zi6 instead of the CD, maybe to save space, but even the Arcsoft program isn't bad again CONSIDERING YOUR PC CAN HANDLE it....A final note is unless you are planning extreme outdoor use I would stay away from Kodak Zx1 compared to the Zi6, they are basically the same camera but the Zx1 suffers from poor Mono audio, while the Zi6 records great audio and sounds like HD stereo (depending on what's captured, outdoors is a little noisy like most handhelds)...Hope this is helpful.......
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VINE VOICEon May 5, 2009
While I already own a HDV camera, I have found that it's not always practical for personal use because of its size. If I wear shorts with cargo pockets, I can fit it into a pocket if I really want to, but it's still bulky and heavy for casual use like on vacation. After looking at the Kodak Zi6, the Flip and another "pocket video camera", I settled on the Kodak and have been pretty happy with in thus far.

The main factors that sold me were the price (it's cheaper than the other models), the reviews of its picture quality (it's been rated better than the others), and its use of SD cards for memory instead of built-in (I like the fact I can use up to a 32GB card and switch out if I need to record more). My Kodak still camera came with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery and the Zi6 comes with rechargeable AAs instead, which is good in a way as you can use standard AAs in a pinch.

My only complaint is that I use a Mac Book Pro and I cannot plug into the USB port with the power supply connected because the USB connector comes out at a right angle to the camera, which then blocks the power supply connection. Right now I have to unplug the computer to hook up the camera, but I've ordered a cheap USB hub to see if that will help and it may not be a factor for other computers depending on where their USB ports are located.
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on May 21, 2009
I've had my Zi6 for about two months now and I've shot over 400 videos with it. I have to say, overall I am very happy with it. The video quality is better than I expected for $150. Its not excellent, but a camera of this type is not focused on video quality...its all about compact size and ease of use. If you're looking for amazing video quality, you won't find anything that fits in your pocket.

Besides vidoe quality, I'm also very happy with the simple interface. Being a high end SLR camera owner, its nice to work with a product with essentially no complexities at all. I just take it out of my pocket and begin shooting. Its that simple. Playback is also very easy, and you can play your videos back at 8x speed which comes in very handy with longer videos. I also love that it uses rechargeable AA batteries. They charge just like any other camera battery, but you have the added benefit of being able to buy AAs anyplace you happen to be when they run out of juice! This has already come in handy for me a few times.

The issues I have are pretty minor. For one thing, the pop-up USB feature is NOT a pro for me. Some people may like it, but I find it clumsy and problematic. For one thing, when you plug it into a USB port, the entire camera is now hanging from the port! I have to pile random items under it to support its weight. Also, the button to pop out the USB connector is right out in the open on the front of the camera. It pops out ALL the time while in my pocket. I'd also be much happier if it outputted AVIs instead of MOVs. I'm not a big fan of Quicktime.

In the end, I'm unbelievably happy with it. The cons are far outweighed by the pros in my opinion, and its portability just makes it much more versatile than standard camcorders. My recomendation is to buy this for "out and about" use, and buy a more expensive camcorder for indoor use for parties and holidays, etc, where quality is more of a concern and portability is not.
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on March 8, 2009
Other reviewers have already spoken very highly of this little device, and it's praise well-earned. However, there were a couple of disappointments for me that I want to point out for others.

1) Instead of using the more popular .MP4 container for AVC video, it uses .MOV. If you are using a Windows operating system prior to Windows 7, and you want to play the videos as-is without installing Quicktime (ugh!) then you will need other players (such as the Zune software or an open-source player called Media Player Classic with a codec package called ffdshow). This is actually mitigated for me somewhat, as I transcode all my video to XviD anyway for playing on the Xbox 360 and some other devices I own.

2) Kodak points out that they only tested it on SDHC cards up to 8 GB. Normally, I wouldn't think this was a problem, so I ordered the Transcend 16 GB card in Amazon's frustration-free packaging. Apparently, the camera just can't handle that much memory. It often freaks out on playback, displaying a red exclamation point. I even lost a few minutes of footage earlier today when it apparently locked up while recording. If I use the 4 GB card from my wife's camera, it doesn't have this problem. So do stick to memory cards 8 GB or less.

UPDATE: As of 6/24/2009, the latest firmware on Kodak's website, 1.11, addresses the issue with SDHC cards and it now happily supports 16 GB.
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on February 13, 2009
I purchased the Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera after reading many reviews between this and the Flip Mino HD. I also checked out many sample video comparisons between the two products and found the video and audio superior to the Flip Mino HD.

My goal was to use this to create some Real Estate Videos. For general use this video camera is 5 stars, however for Real Estate I find the lens is not wide angle enough to get many of the rooms looking great. I love this camera for family videos as the camera is small and light. Very easy to carry and get some great videos.

For Real Estate as I use the camera more I am finding better ways to get better videos, though I have had trouble getting rid of movement andshaking. I have a lot of waterfront listings so with the winds the movement can be extreme. A tripod works although can be hard to always use, so I bought a monopod and have been getting much better video and have the freedom to walk around and get some good video.

Overall I would give 5 stars to general video and 3 stars for Real Estate. As I practice more, I would expect that the Real Estate Videos will be 4 stars. If the lens was a bit wider angle it would be perfect.

I am also using the video camera when I preview properties for my clients. They love the video as it lets them see a better perspective of the home, and also I take video of the neighborhood and they can hear how quiet or noisy the area is.
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on September 16, 2009
I just don't get the negative reviews....? I have a Mac and Quick time downloads the videos perfectly. I can play them on a pc as well. The HD60 videos are beautiful and look great on YouTube. The camera is well made, the best value for HD, does great pans if you use patience and you don't have a shaky hand syndrome, battery life is all you need with a 4 pack of Kodak recharging bats and a 1 hour charger, usb hook-up works well and is easy to use and the screen is large and clear. The stills are very nice as is the sound and low light videos aren't nearly as poor as reviewers have made them out to be. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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on June 5, 2017
Tried multiple SD cards with the camera and none of them seem to be compatible (even older SD cards don't work). That leaves cozy 30mb of memory to record 5 mins of video. No, thanks.

Try Flip Camera instead
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on November 4, 2010
I've had this camera for almost 1 1/2 years now. As others have stated, the pictures are so/so, and the video can be shaky. Since this is only a $100 device, you shouldn't expect performance like a $3,000 HD camera. I'd be happy with what I got, if I could use it for more than 10 minutes at a time. The batteries (any batteries I've tried) die extremely fast.

I took this to an event and had to put fresh batteries in it, and also carry an additional 4 AA's in my pocket because I knew it wouldn't last. Sure enough, simply recording small 1-5 minute bursts, I went through 8 AA batteries in 2 hours. Typically the device will show the battery rapidly drain, only to show a full or almost full charge if I turn it off and back on again. Start recording though, and the battery meter once again drains rapidly and sometimes the unit just shuts off. I've tried several different kinds of batteries, all with similar results. To compare, I shot a very dark 4 hour party (450 pictures) using 4 of the same kind of AA batteries in an SB-900 flash with no problems.

This is a completely worthless purchase without at least 4 hours continuous shooting battery life, and an ACCURATE battery meter. This isn't 1989 and I don't want to carry a pile of batteries around for my Gameboy.

Don't buy the Zi6. Look at the Flip which claims 6.5 hours with high capacity batteries.
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on February 13, 2010
We've been extremely pleased with this camera. We purchased after researching several models (Vado, various Flips, etc.). This one had everything we were looking for: AA batteries (no proprietary battery to wear out and no waiting to recharge - this one even came with a pair of rechargeables and a charger), expandable (SD) memory, onboard AV and HD outputs (comes with cables), 720p (so I don't have to upgrade my PC to edit clips like I probably would if I shot full 1080p), excellent image quality, and good customer ratings from current users (even better than the newer, more expensive Zi8). The unit powers up super fast and is ready to film the moment the screen lights up - we're able to catch a lot of "kid" moments before they're over (which would often end while our other cameras were still powering up). The thing is so simple to operate, I never even read the instruction manual - I took it out of the box, put batteries in, and started shooting and reviewing videos. There are only two buttons besides the joystick, and their purposes are obvious from the labels. The 2x digital zoom is just enough to get you a little closer, and anything more powerful would make such a small unit difficult to hold still anyway - it's perfectly suited for our needs. We had just purchased a nice digital (still) camera because it also shot HD video, but actually end up using the Zi6 a lot more often for video because it's so much more portable and easy to use. There are only three things that could make it better: Make it a little smaller (which will come in time, though the price would probably climb) - add image stabilization, which would make a slightly stronger zoom possible (but the price would also go up), and make it waterproof (which I now see they're doing with the new EIS in April - it will be interesting to see if the user ratings for that model equal the Zi6 - I thought the Zi8 fell short in that capacity - not all the changes were necessarily improvements in that case, apparently). All in all, this has been one of the most satisfying technology purchases we've made.
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