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on July 12, 2009
Anyone reading this will probably want to compare the Hw2000i to the Honda EU2000i, as I did. At my time of purchase there was not much info out there. I decided to give it a try!

First of all the Honda is the king. Lighter and quieter. But at $499.00 delivered... one must put some thought into this decision.

My generator came delivered on time , no damage. But, the "priming bulb" was lying at the bottom of the box! No big deal after I realized that it was assembled incorrectly. I unscrewed the retainer ring, put the bulb in first and THEN screwed the retainer on.... all is well!!

The HW2000i runs well, so far! I have 2 hours on it. The efficiency mode does work, cutting the rpm and noise down by a third. I believe that the output specs are in line. Don't plan on running many power tools. It will barely run my 10amp skill saw. I tried my small table saw, the breaker kicked off. 8amp shop vac - OK! Anything that makes heat, no problem up to the rating output. It doesn't like any surges from induction motors.

I plan on using the generator for power outages and I installed a transfer switch. The hw2000i will run my Ref., tv, lights, and computers. The sine wave output looked pretty clean on my oscilloscope.

No battery charging cable and the output is unregulated on the 12 volt output. I made my own cable with a 2 prong extension cable and battery clamps. I put the charger on a car battery the output dropped to 15 volts.

I don't think that it was made to charge car batteries..... It will work, but do it at your own risk! Better monitor the charger!

I hope this helps! Good deal if it keeps running. A little heavy, I can deal with the noise, especially pulling only a few amps on the efficiency setting.

ONE YEAR Later...

It still runs well... I must point out one issue!!

On mine, you must prime the generator 50 to 100 times to get it started. It seems like it is impossible to "flood". If it doesn't start... keep priming it. Once running, it runs great. NOT good for many power tools.

If you do not mind the starting issue, it's a good buy.

I'm going to take away one star! 7/31/2010
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on October 18, 2010
Overall this seems to be a very good unit. Arrived in good condition and was exactly what I ordered. A few notes though. Amazon lists this as a 2,100 watt unit. The specifications from Honeywell rate it as 2,000 watts. While a minor point, Amazon should list the specifications as per the manufacturer and there should be no differences. This is a 2010 unit, which does not have the fuel pump ball. Overall, the lack of a priming mechanism makes the unit more difficult to start. I had to resort to injecting fuel into the air intake to get the unit to start the first time. After the initial starting, the unit was still difficult to start at times require 5 to 15 pulls to get it going. I would imagine that when the unit is drained of fuel for storage the difficulties in noted during the initial start up would return. Something to note if you will depend on the unit to operate quickly after storage.

From an operational standpoint, the unit is well designed with the exception of the oil fill and drainage plug location (located deep within the plastic housing) and the location of the fuel shut off valve. The fuel shut off valve extends above the plastic housing making it prone to damage during movement of the unit. As this is a portable unit, the location of the fuel shut off valve is a design flaw. I observed another user that broke the valve during movement making the unit unusable. I would suggest keeping some appropriately sized fuel line and splice barbs (brass fittings designed to join 2 fuel lines) to bypass the fuel valve with the unit to address this issue. As the outside case prevents access to most of the internal parts, a long driver to access the recessed bolts for the case should be obtained and kept with the unit.

The unit has functioned very well running a number of devices (including a portable air compressor) and in economy mode is reasonably quite. Overall, it is a very good unit for the price with a few minor flaws. If you are planning to use this unit in a camping environment, additional efforts such as a sound box might be required.
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on November 24, 2009
Like most people, I spent a number of hours studying portable generators before purchasing the Honeywell. It arrived in perfect shape and I had it running within 10 minutes. It operates as advertised and has all of the safety feature one could want.

When I ordered the generator I signed up for Amazon Prime and saved a pocket full of money on shipping - it came to my home for only $3.99 using overnight shipping! Without Amazon Prime it would have cost about $70.00 just in shipping.

I use this generator when camping with my RV. While it won't run the air conditioner on my RV, it powers everything else and recharges the batteries at the same time. I knew before purchasing the generator that it was louder than the equivalent Honda generator. It wasn't until camping this fall I found out how loud. I was parked near a family camping in their RV with a Honda generator running. While theirs was running, the father came over and asked me if I wouldn't mind shutting my generator off for an hour or so while they got ready to go on a hike. My generator was disrupting their breakfast in their RV.

You decide - significantly quieter (Honda) or save a few hundred dollars (Honeywell). In my case, I am happy with the Honeywell generator and the money I saved. I just need to be somewhat careful when using it near other campers.
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on July 29, 2010
We decided to dry camp this summer with or travel trailer. We needed a generator to power our camper.Well after many hours of searching and comparing I decided on the Honeywell HW2000i because of it's power capacity and price.

I was a little weary at first reading the "negative" reviews but looked at the favorable ones too.It's been two months now and this little champ starts on the second pull, runs quiet on the efficiency mode and has not given us any problems. Our neighbors have Honda generators and they marvel on how quiet the unit is for it's size.

I'm glad we bought it and will be a good backup for power failures in the great north woods of NH.

Amazon was great, got it in two days with prime shipping.

ONE YEAR LATTER: September 2011

Noticed that it was getting harder and harder to start this year 2011, cleaned the air intake, change the spark plug etc...Very temperamental, starts easy one day but hard the next!!!

Then yesterday with temps at 30° needed to charge the camper batteries, on the first pull the recoil rope stayed in my hands. Good thing I had tools and spare nylon rope. Not easy tearing the casing apart and getting to the recoil. Putting it back together was no pick nick. No instructions in the owners manual either. Borrowed my neighbors YAMAHA generator...it was so easy to start and much quieter. Guess I'll have to get a YAMAHA next camping season.
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on February 2, 2018
I am very surprised that this product is still for sale! I bought it in 2009, placed it in reserve for when I needed it. When i did it would not start at all.
I went on line to see if I could repair it as it was out of warranty. It seems the mother board on that series was faulty and there was no replacement available. I gave it to a friend who is more talented that I. He worked on it and delcared it JUNK!
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on February 3, 2011
I bought this generator to keep the batteries charged and watch some TV while camping in the 5th wheel. I was looking at this and the Honda/Yamaha. The major decision for purchasing the Honeywell was the $500 price tag vs $1000. However I don't think I would have make the same decision again knowing what I know now. My 2100 Watt Honeywell is hard to start. I follow the starting instructions to the tee and will sometimes have to crank on it 10-12 times to get it running. When it is running, it runs louder than I had thought it would. When camping at NASCAR events, I will walk by other peoples trailers that have a Honda 2k or 3k running and almost have to touch those generators to see if they are running as they are QUIET. I know my Honeywell is running. Also, when I have it plugged in just putting charge on the battery, the running speed (even when on Economy mode) is irregular. Imagine someone feathering the throttle on a car engine.

In comparison, I have a Champion 4k generator. I would almost put the noise level equal between the two (except under full load where the Champion is louder). However, I have NEVER had a problem starting my Champion. Last year I used my Champion during a camping trip over labor day weekend. It then sat in my garage until Memorial Day weekend (all I did was put a little Stabil in the gas tank). When I went to start it after being idle for almost 9 months, it only took 2 pulls.

Not sure which one I am going to use for the next camping or NASCAR trip, but will most likely go with the Champion due to the easier starting.
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on September 5, 2010
I bought this generator for a month long trip down the Mississippi. I needed it to power the fridge and outlets and recharge the boats batteries if they died.

We used this generator and it ran great for a few days. It ran for probably 8-10 hours straight without any problems.

Then, for no apparent reason, it started dying randomly. Sometimes it would run for an hour or two and then quit, and sometimes it would only run for 20 minutes before it would die.

We checked everything, but couldn't find the source of the problem - it wasn't overloading, the oil level was good, the breaker wasn't resetting. After poring over the user's manual and racking our brains, we eventually resigned ourselves to restarting it umpteen times a day (which is fortunately easy - it starts like a dream).

Amazon won't let you return these because of the gas, and we never stopped near enough to a Honeywell service center to get it fixed.

When it ran, this generator worked great - it powered everything we needed it to, it wasn't too noisy, and efficiency mode worked well.

My advice - if you're going to need to rely on a generator (and you're not going to be near a Honeywell service center), spend the extra money and buy a Honda.
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on January 4, 2011
The reviews on this site were scary but were far better on other sites. I decided to buy it anyway figuring that most of the bad reviews were written by mechanically challenged owners. I received my generator by UPS and all the bolts were tight and it appears to be a quality product. I filled it with oil, filled it with gas and it started on the 4th pull after spitting on the 3rd. It starts on the 2nd or 3rd time now whether hot or cold as long as I choke it every time. I started it and ran a 1,500 watt heater for 3 hours while alternating it between high and low to break in the engine. I figured the people who complained about the plug fouling didn't do a proper break in under load and those who complained about no spark probably needed to add more oil to the engine because of the low oil shutdown feature (happened to a friend on another brand-it doesn't take much and it needs to be level).

It's a little louder and heavier than I had hoped but it's less than half the cost of a Honda or Yamaha and has more output.
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on September 17, 2014
Ranks high amongst worst purchases ever made. Amazon not the problem. Honeywell is the problem. Price was a major consideration and sorry I recommended one to a close friend. Both of us have experienced extremely hard starting and got no help from Honeywell, just lip service. When I needed it most after severe weather/extended power outage, it failed. I called Honeywell and once again got lip service but nothing that helped the situation. I purchased mine in 2010. Since then it has sat in corner of garage gathering dust. Bought a coleman and it has never failed me. Anything with Honeywell on it will automatically be scratched from my list
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on October 14, 2011
I received my generator and it started on the third pull. The power was clean and consistent and the noise level was very quiet. I live on my boat and people on other boats at anchor barely heard it. The weight is acceptable as I'm not the strongest person on the planet and store it inside the boat, so I have to move it up and down a short ladder to get it out of the cabin. I didn't find this burdensome in the slightest.

The problems start when the starter cord broke. While wearing out the cord and replacing it is a natural part of generator ownership, hoever designed this aspect of this generator should be shot, plain and simple. As you face the generator and pull, your natural motion is upward. That said, you would think the cord would come from the bottom upward to reduce chaffing. Not so. it comes DOWN, then through the hole, so that when you pull, you are putting a 90 degree or more turn in the line which increases chaffing. This causes premature breakage of the starter cord.

At first, I wasn't all that upset about the starter cord. I've replaced hundreds on smaller generators and lawn mowers. I figured this wouldn't be too difficult. How wrong I was. Normally, it takes me about 1-2 hours to replace a pull cord on a small engine. This took me a day and a half. It might have had something to do with having to remove the case, gas tank, generator controller. All fasteners were different sizes/types and not all were readily apparent. When putting it back together, fastener backers fell out, which required me to tear it back down again to super glue them in so that the screws would grab.

Overall, its a good GENERATOR, but I need something that doesn't require me to replace the start cord every 6 months. Replacing the cord while at anchor is one thing....if I needed to replace it while out at sea, it would just be unworkable. The amount of spare fasteners needed in case of a loss make it not acceptable for boat use.

My recommendation would be to get a Honda 2kW generator. That will be my next generator.
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