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on March 1, 2014
There are lots of commodes with narrow, flimsy seats out there, but this is not one of them. This is a sturdy full-sized bench made of hard plastic that easily supports the weight of a large adult. It conveniently fits over the top of the toilet (just remove the plastic bucket with ease) so that it can be used as a raised toilet seat if needed. I would buy this model again.
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on November 20, 2014
I bought this for my elderly mother who cannot walk long distances to the bathroom . It is in her room near her bed and this commode has been a life saver.My mother weighs at least 365 lbs and this heavy duty steel commode supports her weight . The seat is comfortable and the handles give extra support.I can't say enough good things about things about this product i am 100% please and would encourage any one that have a need for the commode to buy it
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on October 30, 2017
I bought this chair while still in rehab so it would be at home when I got back after a double above knee amputation. Money was tight that month, and I went for price vs function. I was also shopping on a phone, which means without excellent eyesight, pictures can be deceiving and I don't have excellent eyesight :) I see now it is cheaper than I paid on Sept 6th ($96.85). Still not worth it IMHO.

I would have returned it, but the box got taken to the dump the day before I decided it was not working out. I donated it to my home care OT for use for patients that can't afford one when I got the Drive Medical Deluxe Bariatric Drop-Arm Commode, Grey on Sept. 19th. The bathroom where I currently live is not handicap accessible, so this is a must have item.

So, what all was wrong? Mostly the bucket, sloppy design and if you don't empty it after every use, the weight will send the bucket to the floor. And the bucket was not that easy to get in and out, without a handle, and with the design of the holders. Ever seen a bucket of liquid drop straight to the floor? The liquid goes straight up. That was the night I ordered the new one. I will say that my first reaction was a loud cuss word, but then it hit me, how many people do I know that can say they have gotten a back splash of that magnitude? None. That cracked me up, so I ended up laughing, its a story for the grandkids :) Some days I'm thankful I can find humor in anything. Other days...not so much.

The chair itself is ok other than the bucket, but you will find going with a better quality commode with more features is well worth the extra cost if you need this for daily use. The new one has a backrest, which would be nice if I were sitting in it properly, but the way I transfer, I end up facing the back. The lack of drop down arms means it has limited use for anything else, like using as a shower chair, such as if you need to slide in sideways, something the new one allows me to be able to do.

The new one is also a bariatric chair, which means its made much stronger, and while I don't need the weight capacity I do need the sturdiness of the bariatric chair.

I have also put the new one's bucket to the test, and it has held firm regardless of what I have put in it. That was the first thing I did when I got it unboxed, which my OT was there to help with at the time. She laughed when I filled the bucket with books. She asked what I was doing that for, so had to tell her about the back splash. She laughed harder. There is something special about OT's and PT's. There is no hiding anything from them, and that leads to a ability to share everything and anything lol.

IF you were to use this over a regular toilet, it might work out for your needs, not sure though as I was not able to test that.
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on November 16, 2014
I am 400 pounds and 6 foot 3, I had a hip replacement and needed a something higher then my normal toilet bowl to break my hip precautions . This did the trick.. It has multiple heights, if i set it at its highest setting my feet dangle something that doesn't happen. I am happy i bought this gem... I also use it as a sitting chair to work on my computer etc.. cause there are no chairs in my house which when I sit down don't break my Hip replacement precautions of 90 degrees.

I would have given it 5 starts except for the slight cons.

Pros: Sturdy, comfy,wide, can be placed over the regular toilet easily, arms sturdy enough to support my full weight to stand up.
Cons: the bucket lid fits the bucket and not a fitted for the entry hole, meaning i could not change the bucket when I finished it so you just kinda lay the lid on top not creating a good seal to help keep out odors.. if there was a second semi flexible lid which you placed on top so you can use it multiple times or seal it so it can be changed later.
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on September 3, 2016
We had our bathroom tub converted to a walk-in shower and had no use of our toilet. So I purchased this commode to use for two days. I also bought liners so I did not have to clean the pail. It was extremely comfortable, sturdy and very easy to move. I woild highly recommend this to anyone who needs to use one and dos not want to feel squished in - very roomy.
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on June 18, 2017
Some pros and cons but overall it works for me. The main con is that there is no splash guard under the seat to protect the rim, bowl, and floor when using as a safety frame over the toilet. Luckily the one from mom's old commode fit on this one so we're OK. Another con is that there is no lid. I made one out of foamboard and duct tape so again, no problem for us. Pros are how sturdy it is, it's height adjustable very easily and the bucket fits very tightly for use as commode.
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on March 26, 2017
Very Good quality. Purchased for a 3x Butt!! Worked great !
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on December 5, 2016
Chair arrived fully assembled. I am using it over a regular toilet for height and stability so I can't speak to the actual commode function.

The chair would not lock in the 3 tallest spots. I'm 5'4 and it turned out on the 4th spot my feet still aren't close to the ground anyway, but if you are over 6' this may be a consideration.

Otherwise this chair is very stable, I don't feel at all concerned sitting on it (even with my feet dangling!). I guess it's how you are proportioned but I'm well under the 500 max yet my hips brush the arms.

All in all I find it very safe and very comfortable.
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on October 29, 2017
I had my 3rd total knee arthroplasty and while I have tall commodes, I still needed something. My mother is physically challenged and I was using hers. It was wobbly and not made for a person of size. I am still waiting on the one the they allegedly ordered for me. I could not wait and thank God for Amazon prime. This one is stable, great buy, for a person of size and height (I 6ft and 350 lbs). I still need to adjust because it is a bit high. It is better made than the one my mother used. When you go through a knee replacement, you loose a little self-confidence that your leg will support you and have little faith in anything that is supposed to keep you upright. I am very, very pleased and would recommended it to anyone.
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on July 9, 2017
Purchased this for Mom who says it IS sturdy, stable and spacious, but not so easy to use. It can be just a bit tricky fitting and centering the bucket and the supplied lid does not work well. The lid is round and the opening oval shaped, so the lid just does not fit. These drawbacks are kind of a pain and people who lack mobility do not need the stress, so it's just a 3-star unit. Could have easily been a 5-star commode with a bit more thought in it's design.
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