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For those who're unfamiliar with the terminology, "dry camping" for RV owners is utilizing ONLY the resources within the vehicle; without external connections, such as water, electric or sewer.

After reading the heartfelt but negative reviews on Amazon about this coffee maker, I was hesitant to buy it. Fortunately my experience using this coffee maker has been positive. My wife is an early-riser and wants her coffee right away. Usually by 6 a.m. we have the coffee maker brewing in our motorhome. As long as we're at a campsite where there is an electric hook-up our Mr. Coffee, which cost less than half as much as I paid for this one, performs admirably. However, at many of our national parks, national seashores and at many big RV rallies, there are no electric hook-ups or the hook-ups are outrageously expensive. Not only does it seem to be a waste to run our 5.5KW motorhome generator to brew coffee, many of the campgrounds prohibit running generators before 7 or 8 am. Brewing coffee, using an inverter, quickly drains our coach batteries.

I thought, what the heck, I'll buy this coffee maker and give it a try based upon the mostly positive reviews. Before I actually brewed coffee, I washed the pot and basket and gave this coffee maker a test run on our three-burner propane gas range using plain water. The front burner is the fastest, so that's the burner I used. I centered this coffee maker over the burner and turned the burner to its highest setting. This coffee maker took fifteen minutes to pump all of the water out of the tank and into the carafe. If it had failed to perform, I was prepared to return it to Amazon for a refund.

Since then, while dry camping, I've brewed more than a dozen delicious pots of coffee on my RV's gas range. All have been as tasty as the brews that I make with our Mr. Coffee when we have electric power. Both coffee makers allow us to remove the carafe while it is brewing without spillage. Our twelve-cup Mr. Coffee takes about ten minutes to make ten cups of coffee. This coffee maker takes about fifteen minutes to brew ten cups of coffee, which is its rated capacity. Instructions with this Coleman coffee maker say to immediately turn off the heat when the brewing is complete, which is what I do. This coffee maker won't keep a carafe of coffee warm for a long time, but we usually drink what we brew right away.

At this point I have no complaints aside from the fact that this specialized coffee maker cost me more than twice as much as its electric equivalent. However, I have already saved much more than it's premium price by avoiding electric hook-up charges at RV rallies. Even more important, my wife is happy to get her first cup of coffee right away without having to wait until "quiet time" is over, so we can start our generator. Whenever I'm at a campground with electric hook-ups, I'll still use my Mr. Coffee because it doesn't consume our expensive propane and is slightly faster. But for all other situations, this coffee maker makes a tasty brew without requiring electric power and it uses the same paper filters. I have uploaded a photo that shows this coffee maker in action; brewing on our propane gas range. Amazon moved the photo to an obscure location on the page, but it's still there.
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on August 3, 2016
This coffee maker is perfect. I wouldnt change anything on it. It's simple to use and easy to understand how to use. From opining the box to having coffee it took us about 10. We used to bring instant coffee with us camping and it sucked. This year I decided to see if there was a camping coffee maker and I ran into this product. Freaking awesome! This thing is very simple. Just set it up exactly like you would for your counter top coffee maker except set it on a camp stove. Then light up the stove. After I light up my stove it takes about 2 minutes to for it to start working. I didn't time it but it seems to be about 10 minutes for a full pot. We actually had 3 other families go camping with us and all the parents came to our campsite in the morning to drink coffee. We ended up brewing 2 pots every morning because all the other adults brought the instant coffee.

I like that the box has a plastic handle on the top of it. We stored the coffee maker back in the box after the camping trip. It's a sturdy box so why not? I want it to last as long as it can.

I did notice that if I turn the stove up it brews faster and slower if I turn it down. This might be in the directions but I somehow lost them before we took off for the trip. I think I accidentally threw them away before I had a chance to look at them. Ops! That goes to show how easy this thing is to figure out.

If you love your coffee this is a must have. The heck with the instant coffee. It's for the birds!

Helpful?...............Thank You!
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on December 17, 2017
PERFECT! This is our 2nd one. We love it for when there's a power outage or if we're camping without power. Unfortunately I broke the first one after using it for 2 years by not adding the water first one morning and burned up the elements. I only did so because I had not had my coffee first. Seriously, this coffee maker is the best. Just read the directions first.
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on May 24, 2016
We already have a Coleman 14 cup percolator and purchased this Coleman drip coffee maker as an addition because we camp with a large group and we used to always run out or waiting for coffee in the morning. We used this drip coffee maker on our 25+ year old Coleman 2 burner propane camping stove. It uses regular basket type filters. The coffee maker worked great and the coffee was just like home, but it does take a little longer to brew.
My suggestions would be make sure the stove is level, fill the water to about 1 inch from the top of the reservoir, and turn the stove on high. It will take around 15 minutes to get the coffee brewed. Make sure to turn off the burner once the coffee is done as you are just wasting propane at that point. The only negative about this unit is that the pot is glass, so you have to be careful. Highly recommended!
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on February 6, 2016
Read the reviews on this and was, hmmmm. Bought it anyway since coffee is a must for camping. Plus the gimmick of a coffee maker sounded fun. We have always used the good ole perc on the stove. First run my wife made it and did not read the instructions......Read them and do what it says....After reading them the second and all others were perfect. Neighbor campers came over and soon we were trading coffee for breakfast. It does stay warm long enough to empty the pot. The only down fall (once you read the directions) is the space it takes on the stove if cooking at the same time. You can cook on one burner but this takes up half of the standard 2 burner stove. We cooked bacon at the same time and the coffee maker was splattered with grease. Do not touch the base as it is obviously HOT. There is another coffee maker that is a stand alone but costs substantially more. All in all for the amount of use, this is a great deal.
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on September 18, 2017
Works great on the Coleman Grill. Coffee takes about 15 - 20 minutes to be 8 cups. Be sure to engage the drip stop lever when putting this together. I would rate it 5 stars but the drip stop lever is a small but critical design flaw.
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on January 5, 2018
Excellent , but align it real good on burner and put burner on LOW, otherwise burner can damage your coffee-maker,
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on February 13, 2018
I purchased this so that I can have fresh brewed coffee when we go camping. This past summer we went camping in Yosemite for a week and the coffee maker worked like a charm. I had one issue while using it and that was my problem not Coleman's...I did not put the coffee pot in correctly and so the coffee did not drip into the pot, instead it overflowed from the top. Lesson learned. I highly recommend this if you camp and have a gas stove to use it on.
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on June 22, 2016
I bought this for camping obviously, and it was awesome. Easy to use, and makes good coffee. It takes a little longer than an electric coffee maker, obviously, since you're cooking over a flame, but it was worth the extra time to have drip coffee while camping. This is by far my favorite camping item now.
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on May 31, 2016
Works like a champ. Fits directly on top of my outdoor stove on my '99 Coleman Sante Fe popup trailer. Makes 10 cup pot of coffee in about 15 minutes. But, will make a first cup or two in just 5-7 minutes. (You can pull the pot out to pour a quick cup without spills or drips) The metal base gets extremely hot; too hot to touch when brewing is complete. The plastic top gets very hot too.
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