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on June 22, 2010
The small form factor makes the P5 a stylish accessory in my digital camera case. The P5 permits me to transfer SDHC memory card data from my digital camera at USB2.0 rates. It has a sleek stylish look. No cables are needed with the P5.

Since another reviewer indicated this P5 card reader transfers data only at USB1.1 (700-900 KB/sec) rates and not at USB2.0 (12-15 MB/sec) rates, I conducted the following transfer speed demonstrations.

I used a Transcend SDHC (16 GB) flash memory card loaded with 1.13 GB of files (3 MPEG-4 clips ~ 300MB each, 24 JPEG ~ 1 MB each). If reading this amount of data through the Transcend card reader works only at USB1.1 rates, then reading these files should take about 19 minutes. If it reads data at USB2.0 rates, then reading these files should take between 1-2 minutes. For this test, the data transfer from the SDHC through the P5 to a macbook pro took right at 60 seconds. This translates into 18.8 MB/sec average transfer rate for reading. Clearly, the Transcend P5 Card reader is capable of USB2.0 high-speed data transfers.

After deleting the files on the SDHC memory card, I timed how long it took to write 1.13 GB (same set of files) from the macbook pro back to the memory card. For this second test, the write transfer time for 1.13GB was 105 seconds. This translates into 10.7 MB/sec average transfer rate for writing. Clearly, the Transcend P5 Card reader is capable of USB2.0 high-speed data transfers in either direction.

Why buy: The USB interface permits this card reader to be compatible with nearly every computer on the planet. The P5 fits easily in my digital camera case. Transfer speed is great!
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Small card readers like this will plug into your PC or notebook. In my case, I was interested in backing my photos up to "the cloud" while on a trip. Together with a USB On-the-Go cable that has full size USB socket on one side and a micro USB plug on the other, I could do that. When plugged into my Galaxy S3 or my Coby 7 inch Android tablet I was able to plug my SD card into this card reader and then "see it" as an external storage device on my Android device. From there it was easy enough to back up my photos to, in my case, Dropbox using the WiFi at my hotel. This is small and light weight and will fit into any handy pocket of your luggage or camera case. Some cameras advertise WiFi connectivity but that often doesn't include the ability to access free WiFi hotspots due to the need to interact with the site to accept end user agreements. The card reader, the right cable and your phone or tablet gains you access to the internet through hotspots. Obviously, this connection isn't restricted to photos.
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on May 31, 2012
Does most of the common card formats, works equally well with Sandisk and Transcend chips, haven't tried others.

Pros: seems to work well on low power USB ports (I have a 4-port adapter that chronically complains about power overload when using other USB sticks; no complaints from the system with this reader.)

Memory Cards (SD and microSD specifically) are easy to insert and remove from this reader.

System is able to rapidly detect and read the directory, in contrast to some USB sticks that seem to take forever.

Well manufactured and sturdy.

Great price.

Con: (Minor) Stick has about the same dimensions of older and conventional USB sticks that seem fatter, meaning if you have several USB ports close together, you will not have sufficient room to insert a USB cable in an adjacent port.
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on February 11, 2012
I have had several SD card readers over the last 15 years, and most of them failed after only a year or two. Maybe I have just had a string of bad luck with them? Anyway, this Transcend reader seems to be at least average in build quality. It is a nice, compact form factor, without being so small that it's hard to handle, like some of the ultra-miniaturized ones. The SD card slot is in the side of this reader, rather than the end as in most of the other ones I've had. This might be a problem in some laptops, where having the SD card sticking out sideways could interfere with other plug-in devices in adjacent USB ports. This hasn't actually been a problem for me, I just mention it in case you didn't notice from the product description that this is a side-mount reader. The price is good, under $10 (some of these SD readers are as much as $25).
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on December 3, 2009
When using a digital camera, the Transcend 9-in-1 allows you to forget all the cumbersome cables that comes with your camera's also very transportable so you can easily pack this in your camera bag without adding to your bulk. There are times when you take just a few photos and want to share them with a friend or upload on Flickr or other hosting site, just remove your memory card and insert it into the 9-in-1 and plug it into a laptop, netbook, or desktop computer!...essentially with the memory card, it becomes a usb flash drive. No need for special cords, no need for special software, just upload and go. And since this takes a number of different cards (including cellphone micro SD cards or blackberry memory cards, you can just fit the card to the 9-in-1 and upload pictures, data, whatever and use it as you would use any flash's now all I use when transferring pictures or data when using a camera, cellphone or blackberry.
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on January 12, 2010
I bought this to read the memory card for my digital camera. It replaced a much larger and more expensive SanDisk "all in one" reader which puked and died for no reason after a year or so of very light use. This unit is very easy to use, just plug it into any USB port and slide your SD card into the slot. You do not need any specialized software or drivers, it just pops in and your PC sees it and will read it like any drive. File transfer was very fast with no problems. When you're done, you can leave it in place or easily pop it out and stick it in your pocket, kit bag etc. I'm using it on an older Dell desktop running Windows XP. I also used it in my wife's HP Laptop running Windows Vista Premium and it worked like a charm. I highly recommend it.

I used this to read and recover erased files, which I had accidently deleted from my camera's memory card. As long as you DON'T record files over the erased files or format the memory card, you can in most cases recover deleted files. I found a very nice completely FREE program called "RECUVA" that I downloaded and used to recover my pics. I highly recommend this if you have deleted or erased files and you need to recover them.

[I found many other programs that were advertised as "free", but in fact would only show you the deleted files, not recover them; you had to go online and buy the activation code or license key at $30 to $60, depending on the program, to actually use their software. Not so with RECUVA]
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on May 19, 2016
So far so good. Like that the cards point perpendicular to the stick. On my computer tower, the USB plugs run on an angled vertical orientation in the front. This means the memory card points downward when the card reader is inserted. As passersby walk by my computer tower, their clothing doesn't get caught and get yanked out as other designs have done. The reading of my files is instantaneous and everything transfers without issues. I use it several times a week to xfer files.
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on December 10, 2010
Using a Transcend 32 GB Ultimate Speed SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card TS32GSDHC10 and Check Flash 1.15.1 on a Dell e6500 laptop, I'm seeing

14.5 MB/s write
17.3 MB/s read

(Class 10 is 10 MB/s)

Using a Transcend 8 GB Class 6 microSDHC Flash Memory Card TS8GUSDHC6 with the same test

11.3 MB/s write
14.1 MB/s read

(Class 6 is 6 MB/s)

The micro SDHC is nicely retained by the unit (I do like the elago Mobile Nano II USB 2.0 microSDHC Flash Memory Card Reader (Black) for micro-SDHC-only use, which provides very comparable speeds).

It works well on my MacMini as well as assorted FreeBSD and Ubuntu boxes.

My only "complaint" is that the cap will eventually get lost -- but I don't know any that have solved that problem well.

You can't ask for much more than that, especially at this price.
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I bought this to supplement the memory card reader on my computers. We have an older Dell laptop without a memory card reader. Sometimes, that is the only pc we have on. We'd like to see photos from our game cam without having to turn on another laptop. This does a fantastic job of doing it. Plug it in the computer USB port. Plug the memory card into it and presto, the pc recognizes it as another drive and you're ready to go. It couldn't be simpler. No USB cords to play with; no software to install. It is the size of a standard USB flash drive and come with a removeable cap. It appears to be pretty durable too. I highly recommend it.
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on July 1, 2010
I am looking for a multi-card reader that is cheap and just works. This product just do exactly that, which what I am using for a 4 gig SD Fuji card.

I have a couple of Sabrent and Lexar card readers which just stopped working. They will seem to load for a moment and then stops. It will show me the different drives but once I click them it refuses to open.

This card reader is recognized in a few seconds. It is very handy, compact and extremely portable.

Windows 7 & Mac compatible. 480 Mbs/s transfer speed. Requires 5V DC from USB port.

It offers a free download of a photo recovery software which I did not try as I do not need it.

Made in China.

Very happy with this purchase.
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