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on April 26, 2016
Plenty of cringe-worthy scenes and the audience could use a few more clues as to the background of the rubber-banding drama that happens for the first 2/3rds of the movie. Eventually you figure out why it's that way and then it makes sense. The off-the-charts clinical co-dependency depicted as loving devotion makes for a few face-palms too.

Despite the short-comings (there are a-plenty) I still somehow enjoyed this film. Maybe it's a fascination with their slant on immortality, extraordinary abilities, vampires and werewolves, or romance. More likely, though, this film manages to be unique in the vampire/werewolf genre in that it's not overly gritty or violent. It also has numerous lighthearted moments that provide breaths of air between teenage hyperbole (that every honest person has to acknowledge some identification with).
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on June 28, 2014
If you honestly think this movie is bad, watch "The Room" by Tommy Wiseau. This film, though a horrible representation of romance that spawned "Fifty Shades of Grey" an even more horrible representation of romance, is still a pretty enjoyable film. Special Effects are crap, but they are crap in the X-Men movies too. The script is only bad because it's pretty darn true to the books (which is commendable for the film industry). Vampires sparkle, so what? Big deal, I'll take a bedazzled vampire any day over Man of Steel, Delivery Man (except the side plot about his son in the hospital, that should have been a whole movie by itself), or the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special -- all of which credible people told me I should see. The other films in the franchise are crap, but this one was actually alright. Not bad, not good, but worth the money if you're out of options.
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on January 7, 2017
I LOVED the book but This first movie in the saga was such a disappointment. There were so many wonderful parts of the story left out. The follow up movies each improved exponentially with each release and both Breaking Dawn movies were wonderfully done, exceeding my expectations! I wish as much time and detail had been made to the first screenplay and movie as the sequels. Compared to the book, it was a colossal let down.
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on April 4, 2009
When I first read the books I was hooked I still can not put them down. The moive was a let down. The chemistry was there the acting was great but something was missing. It was like the director forgot the "love at first sight" concept. She forgot that we needed to hear that Edward could read minds. Not that he looked like he was smelling something really bad. The meadow scene was the worst for me it need something more. It felt rushed the whole movie felt rushed. And the actress portraing Alice is wonderful but she needed to be in it more. And the ending what a joke "she" could not have been at the Prom. "She" ( I am not saying who it will ruin the movie) didn't know that he was dead yet. And she could not have gotten anywhere near there with Edward and Alices "gifts" let only that Edward would have smelled "her" a mile away. Plus what about Edward sneaking into Bellas room at night. That needed to be in the movie, because we learn how much they are in love each other and how neither of them can stand to be separated form each other. We also learn that Bella talks in her sleep. We NEEDED to know that!!! Because that is how Edward learns to read Bellas face to see what she is really thinking. The director for the next movie is going to have to play catch up. And back track alot. Mostly because the bedroom scenes weren't added, you never saw (between all of the Cullens)the unconitanal love they have for their, I want to say mates but they are way more than that, other half that sounds right. Is what Edward finds in Bella. The Cullens would die to protect their other half. Plus in the next book ( plus the other books and hopefully in the next BETTER movie) all Jacob does is complain that Bella talks in her sleep ( which if I might add is just rude an uncalled for). Edward never once complained in fact he loved it.
I hope the next movie is better made. If you just watch this movie without thinking about the books or what it should be like it is a average movie. If you watch ( I like I did) it hoping for that love, family and the feeling that she (Bella) finally found where she belonged you will be disaponted. There was one scene that the director changed but it worked out great. When Bella finally lets Charlie meet Edward and Charlie is cleaning his guns was a great additon. although thinking about it when Charlie tells Bella he is to old for her and she says he is her age. He should have said next he is the big one right ( meaning Emmett ) and she says no the younger one. That would have made it even better.
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VINE VOICEon April 9, 2009
Maybe it's because I'm not a fantasizing teen high school girl, or maybe it's because I haven't read the book, or maybe I just don't care.
But from a film lovers point of view (as in story, acting, effects, credibility, tension, drama) this movie is decidedly average.
Oh wait a minute, I can hear the hissing and booing already from the hordes of blind lemming style fans who have embraced what has undoubtedly become a phenomenon.
And that's the problem, Stephanie Meyers very successful stories which have satiated the thirst of many a love starved, gooey eyed teenager has made the leap from page to screen, and I will say commendably so on such a modest budget. But, as usual, the idolatrous masses have jumped the common sense ship and raved about this movie with the argument that "it must be brilliant, because it's Twilight".
Forget the hype for just a second and hear me out before you pan this review. I sat down to watch this with my 21 year old daughter 122 minutes later I was amazed, truly amazed. A wafer thin plot surrounding a mortal/vampire love affair with more padding than a stiff sofa. The acting, locations and effects (as cheap as they are) are all OK, and the movie is NOT awful or anything, but come on! More plot holes than Swiss cheese,
I'm expected to believe that Bella takes a few days to figure it all out (after no other person has a clue) falls head over crucifix for bad boy Edward, and then his family of "nice" vampires help save her from the marauding "bad" vampire James?
Throw in divorced parents, a stand off Daddy, who's also a Sheriff and, a ton of High School angst and fitting in, and that's about it really.
I also (I'm sure I'm not the first) couldn't help thinking about the excellent HBO series True Blood.
In that series, a mind reading mortal falls for a vampire who's mind she cannot read, in this a mind reading Vampire, falls for a girl who's mind he cannot read? Funny eh?
There's also a ton of other similarities, but that's by the by really.
The bottom line is that Vampires are sexy, scary and always make a good story. Screen adaption wise, this movie does nothing that Buffy the Vampire Slayer didn't do infinitely better in the past.
The bottom line - I gave it 3 stars, it's OK, it's certainly NOT great, but will undoubtedly be a great franchise of movies for the film company and the author, who will ride the squealing teen masses wave. The sequel is already planned for a November 2009 release.
Oh, by the way - if you're wondering which came first...... well True Blood was published in 2001, twilight in 2005.
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on January 1, 2010
I have never been much into Vampire stories, but my friends persuaded me to read the Twilight series. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading Twilight! It was very captivating and addicting, so I was and still crave more Twilight! I was VERY excited and anxiously awaiting to watch the movie version of Twilight to actually see the book come to life, rather than the little imaginary movie in my head. After watching the movie I would rate it as "Good." However, I felt there was a lot of potential for it to be so much better. I liked the characters; the main characters especially fit their parts. I was a bit disappointed in Bella's friends at school. I felt the book did better in portraying her friends, the movie just made them plain annoying and obnoxious to watch. The acting wasn't the most convincing and most of the graphics and effects were pretty cheesy and unrealistic. I think my biggest disappointment was the movie strayed very far from the book. I understand the book is pretty long, so they were trying to condense it into a movie, but the movie felt so rushed. There were major scenes or important discussions in the book that were completely left out or completely altered. There were characters that played key roles in the book's story that were left out almost completely in the movie. I was even more disappointed to find different added scenes or comments in the movie that never once occurred in the book that were just plain ridiculous. All I found myself doing was asking, "Why this?" All of the add-ins in the movie felt all together irrelevant and unnecessary to the story. They could have easily left out most of the add-ins and instead use what was actually in the book for a more successful story. I'm not completely opposed to movies that don't completely follow the book, as long as the movie does a better job or just as good a job at telling the story. But I wasn't completely sold on the differences in the movie, they just didn't compare to the book. Why try and change an already great story in a book? I almost feel that it would have been worthwhile to just make a longer movie so that they could have added the complete storyline that was in the book. I'm sure all the Twilight fans would have loved to get extra footage of the characters and the story, since the story of Twilight has you always craving more! Also, I watched this movie with my husband, who has not read the book. When the movie ended, he had so many questions as to what happened and what was going on - since it was not explained well or brought up at all in the movie. The book addressed all of the questions and issues, so I was unsure why they left many of the key explanations and parts in the book, out of the movie all together. I had to explain to him what really happened so he had some sense as to what was going on. I wouldn't mind watching the movie again, especially now that I own it. I think people can like the movie, but they have to try and separate what they read from what they saw in order to not become disappointed. Or maybe just watch the movie first before you read the book, so you have more to look forward to. If we're lucky, maybe they'll use the same cast and do a re-make of Twilight, but I doubt that would happen. Haha. Oh well. At least I have faces to put on the characters for the little imaginary movie inside my head, which should enhance my reading experience of the second book, New Moon. I heard the movie New Moon follows more closely to the book, so I'm excited to see how they might have made an even better movie!
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on August 10, 2010
First, let me say, I've read all four books in the Twilight saga. Multiple times. Had I not read the books and "filled in" parts in the movie, I wouldn't have liked the movie very much at all, I believe. As with most movies based on books, not enough is explained of course, but they could have spent a few more dollars on the effects.

As others have said, this is not a well made movie. The sequences when the vampires are shown running are not very good. In fact, nearly laughable. (They are done much better in "New Moon". I've not seen "Eclipse" yet.)

Of course, the story was changed just a bit here and there. Some I found to be interesting additions, others I just couldn't figure out why it was done that way.

In the movie Edward is played as more of an awkward teenager, as opposed to the smooth, charming, debonair, experienced, glib man he is seen as in the book.

In my opinion, there is not enough of the intensity between Bella and Edward shown in the movie. Throughout the book there are many moments when Bella and Edward kiss or nearly kiss, or when Edward simply touches Bella's face and those times are very intense and romantic. Yet this is missing from the movie and would have helped in explaining the great need that the Bella and Edward characters feel for each other.

About the funniest and oddest line in the movie, "Hold on tight Spider Monkey". Where the hell did that come from? Who wrote THAT in there? And WHY?

Otherwise, I've enjoyed watching the movie and will watch it again.
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on March 3, 2013
I'm about as far from the demographic for this as can be, but decided I'd give the series a try to see what all the fuss is about. An angsty teen romance with the added excitement of grisly death and mayhem; its definitely watchable. But to what end? I didn't have any vampires or werewolves around at that point in my life, at least none that I knew of. But it was still a period I'd just as soon leave behind me. Maybe if you're at that point in your life there's an element of "well, I'm a social outcast, sexually confused, and unable to sustain a relationship, but at least I'm not being attacked by vampires" that makes it compelling. Go figure. But that's what makes horse races, I guess.

We've got the second queued up for tonight, and will probably make it through all five. Maybe by then I'll understand what the point is.
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on July 23, 2016
The story is the classic "star crossed lovers" theme. What I REALLY like about Twilight is how lush the Pacific Northwest scenes are, the cinematography is gorgeous with these scenes and I never tire of seeing them. All of the male actors are pretty much eye-candy and they sure do not hurt the visuals either. Overall, it is a cute little movie with a beautiful backdrop.
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on April 11, 2017
Books were better
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