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on June 8, 2009
This product does exactly what it was intended to do. It sucks up dust, dirt, and minor debris; and it does it well. The balance is perfect in your hand; the snout is fairly long for getting into tight places, it has powerful suction, the battery lasts long, the charger is first class and lets you know when it is done, the battery indicator lets you know how much longer you can use the vac before recharge, and it has a built-in brush. That merits 5 stars.

There are two minor cons that don't measure up to the 5-star level. When the brush is rotated and slid/snapped out into working position, it does not stayed extended out if you push hard on the surface being vacuumed. But, I don't think the designers intended that you use the brush to vacuum a carpet. It does work very well on computer keyboards, my cordless phone charging station, the back of my computer, and the nooks and crannies on my car dashboard. What I now do is to wrap a wide rubber band around the extended nozzle, just behind the brush. That works perfectly. The brush does not slide back from operating position, and I can do my whole car very successfully with no brush problems.

The second con is that when emptying the vac, the cannister rotates stiffly, so I hold the handle between my knees and use both hands to rotate the cannister to remove it. I suspect that after I empty the vac a number of times it will start to loosen a little, and it will be a one-hand job.

Every time I use this vacuum cleaner, the thought goes through my mind that Hoover must have assigned their most experienced product engineer to design it. The switch is in the perfect position. The perfect balance makes the unit feel light. The nozzle end just wants to hang down to the right position where you will be cleaning. You can see how much you have sucked up and when it is time to empty. The more expensive lithium ion battery charges quickly and does a lot of cleaning before becoming discharged.

If you can afford it, buy. You will not be disappointed.
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on May 6, 2009
This is one powerful hand vac. It really does a good job of picking up about anything you find on the floor, and it lasts a satisfying long time on a single charge. I highly recommend it for this reason.

One design flaw was a problem. It replaced a wall-mounted dustbuster! However, it does not have any provision for mounting on a wall. So special accomodations had to be made to provide a storage place for the vac and the charger. This was the one big disappointment my wife had with the replacement. However, she forgot all about it after a few uses of this clearly superior hand vac.
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on September 14, 2011
I really wanted a cordless hand vac with a lithium battery, since I too am tired of the "memory effect" and fading power of the more common NiCad batteries in DustBusters and the like. This unit is pretty much the only game in town.

I'm generally happy with the unit. Right out of the box, the impression is high quality (I'd hope it would be, for this price). However, I too think that the swing out brush attachment, while elegant, is function-over-form; it does not stay engaged and quickly collapses with the slightest pressure. Particularly if you're cleaning dusty shelf tops or ceiling fan blades or something, this will get old very quickly. A rubber band will solve the problem-- but that should be necessary on a unit of this price. My impression is that the design was never fully tested before it was manufactured.

Most annoying to me (and I'm surprised that others haven't mentioned it) is that Amazon's item description-- at least at the time I'm writing this-- indicates a 6-year warranty. This influenced my buying decision at this high price point. But the warranty is two years. When I sent Amazon a friendly note so that the page could be edited, the rep who wrote back "assured" me that the warranty is six years. Kind of a silly argument, since I have the warranty right in front of me.
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on March 18, 2012
I purchased on 1/24/2012. The vacuum arrived and it never worked. On the vacuum there was sticker that said if there are problems do not return to retailer but call Hoover customer service.Hoover LiNX Cordless Hand Vacuum, BH50015 I called and was hold for 22 minutes finally a rep came on the line and told me they would have to call me back due to call volume. We set a time but I never recieved the call. I called again and after a 15 minute hold I was told the battery was bad and Hoover would ship a replacement. It never arrived. I called again was told the battery did not ship. I was informed the battery would ship ASAP. It arrive 10 days later. The vacuum still did not work. I called customer service again; informed them the battery did not correct the problem. At this time I ask to return the vacuum; but was told I was past the return date and nothing they could do. I called amazon and they sent a return label for me to return the vacuum. Today I recieved a email from Hoover customer service appolgizing for the problem and offering a credit of 5% on future purchase. Never again will I purchase any Hoover product.
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on April 12, 2011
the battery went bad on the last small vac I had (a different brand) and a new battery cost about 85% of a new unit. needless to say I went looking for a replacement vac. I have 2 corded Hoover's that work great and have plenty of power so I thought I'd give their hand vac a chance. It's doing a great job so far. the best thing is the Li-Ion battery, it has power and charges quickly and the battery doesn't lose power, it just stops working. it charges pretty quickly so there is little down time.
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on October 14, 2009
I have both the LINX cordless upright and the hand held vacuum. As a result I have 2 batteries and always have enough charge to get anything completed. One would be sufficient though. The hand-held vacuum is easy to use, there is a light to indicate how much battery charge is left. It is relatively straightforward to empty without a mess and the filter seems to prevent the exhaust from kicking out too much dust.

On the con side it has a little flip up brush feature that flips back closed when I use it on the car floor mats, it can't handle much pressure and must be constantly readjusted or held in place to vacuum carpet.

Would recommend, it is expensive compared to other vacuums but the rechargeable battery stand is excellent and relatively slick looking with a blue recharge light. The battery slides easily in the recharge stand and makes for no excuses on getting the vacuum out to clean something up.
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on September 5, 2011
We have had this for a couple of weeks and could not be happier; over the years we have had at least 10 of the top of the line Dustbuster and Sears brand units which did not come close to this unit in run time and performance. This vac just feels like a quality built unit and the design is comfortable to hold, simple to use and has a conveniently attached crevice tool. It also has the best suction of any unit we have ever owned.

The lithium ion battery is a very welcome change to any Ni/Cad as it performs to its peak until exhausted, no slowing down and loosing suction half way through the charge life. Further lithium ion's have no memory and they hold their charge when not in use 1000x longer then Ni/Cads.

I have seen reviews on this complaining about how load it is and and that the hinged crevice tool is attached cheaply but we find neither to be the case, in fact this is the quietest hand vac we have ever had.

Hoover has a hit with this one and I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone that needs a hand vac that is battery run.
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on April 12, 2011
I purchased the Hoover stick vacuum several months ago and haven't had anything but praise for its light weight, power, and versatility in going from carpet to hard surface floors. I vacuum more than I did before because there is no need to haul the full sized vacuum up the stairs, or get it out of its closet far from where the crumbs, tracked-in dirt, or spilled whatever are. The lithium ion battery is truly an added advantage with its power and length of service. Once I saw the Hoover cordless hand vac. with the same battery and filter the sale was made. Now I have a spare battery, two chargers, and a versatile hand vac. with built in crevice tool etc. The suction is first rate! Neither the stick vac. or the hand vac has a really large capacity, but both are easily emptied without any trouble. I bought two spare filters and routinely reverse vacuum the old ones for reuse. The hand vacuum platinum edition comes as a rotary brush equipped model. A close friend who has a shedding cat purchased this one to keep the furniture looking good. Her angora cat has fur that is really a challenge as it wraps around any vacuum brush. She simply uses shears to cut the roll from the brush and goes on with the job. So far she has no complaint and says that this vacuum is the only cordless hand vac that has been of any use at all. My suggestion that she shear the cat wasn't taken too kindly even though it was practical.
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on March 14, 2012
I owned the Dyson DC-16 and was quite happy with it. I loved that it had suction power, even if for only 6 minutes. I was going to buy one for my parents, and then I saw this LiNX. I think it's a better buy because:
* It's much cheaper than the new Dyson models: DC-31 and DC-34, and works just as well.
* It lasts much longer than my DC-16. I haven't yet fully discharged its battery once. One time, I used it for 15 minutes, and it still had some power left. It fully charges in < 3 hours.
* It has a battery level indicator.
* The battery is really easy to remove and is charged in its cradle, which I find much easier (and requires no install) than the wall mount of the DC-16.
* It's lighter than the Dyson.

So the Dyson was a good purchase, but this one is a much better deal, especially for the price.

Either of them is much better, in my opinion, than non-Lithium battery based models. Yes, these models are more expensive, but the non-Lithium models take 24 hours to charge. These charge in <3 hours.
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on January 7, 2010
I was a bit hesitant to order this, been so disapointed in dust busters over the years, all end up in the trash and the dirt handling is terrible.

On this little gizmo though, it appears that Hoover really started from scratch and built a hand vac to work, and to last.

The power provided by the 18v LIon battery is fantastic, I'm stunned how quickly it collects particles I don't even see on the floor.

Also, there were some comments that the flip out nozzle is bad. In my opinion, certainly, it's made from plastic so if you're a gorilla and want to force things, you can break it, that's what happens to hinges when you have leverage as your mechanical advantage. That being said, if you work the click locking mechanism as it's intended to work, it's fantastic. Point being, if you give this to a dullard or your 8 year old boy, you will probably end up with the flip out brush nozel extension broken, but that does not need to happen nor should it. If somehow it does, the unit is still totally operable, you would just have to keep the little extension seperate and plug it in to the nozzle end when needed.

I love this little power house hand held. Only major test left to do is the washing of the reusable filter plate for the dust collection cup. It looks like it will work well but if I have any noteworthy points, I'll check back in and update this review.
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