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on December 16, 2009
I have been researching flat panels for a while. After researching the Pioneer KRP-500M, I decided to pull the trigger. After reading about the specs, reviews from "experts"(subjective) and KURO owners, I decided to purchase this monitor. Yes, I said monitor. It has no tuner, no speakers, nor a stand. I saw this as no problem at all. I was going to hang this on a wall. I didn't need a tuner since I was hooking it up to cable. I also have a AV receiver for sound. This monitor has the same glass panel and components as the 9G Pioneer Elite Signature 101FD minus a couple of HDMI ports and a few thousand dollars! The 101 FD retailed for over $5500.00. The KRP-500M monitor retailed for $4500.00 USD. Pioneer left the HD TV business and ended production of these units as of summer 2009. Pioneer and their distributors were discounting the price. I would never spend that type of money for a HDTV. However, I was able to get one for $1700.00 USD! I know it's still a lot of money compared to what you can get at a brick and mortar store for the same size and price. Yet, the deep blacks and awesome picture quality was worth ever penny! I have never owned a high quality HDTV before this purchase. The clean picture quality and color pop is night and day! You can really see the detail and color pop against the blackest blacks you will ever see in a monitor. If you were to calibrate this monitor using the right "patch", you can open ISF settings which were turned off in the North American units. The European version, the 500A had the IFS features within the monitor's menu. If you were to research this monitor on the net, you would read about the positive reviews and high ratings on this unit. This maybe your last chance to own the best 50 inch HD plasma on the planet! I am sure there will be better units introduced in the future; but, as of this time, there is none better than the technology that Pioneer puts in its high end monitors. I know visual perception can be subjective depending on your viewing taste; yet, IMHO, this monitor is delicious eye candy!
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on October 26, 2010
I bought this 50" plasma TV used. It's basically a super high quality monitor: it has the most accurate 1080p pixels that I've ever seen... I used some test media which displayed each individual pixel, and wow, talk about a super accurate image. The settings that came out of the box are actually very close to being the quality of being calibrated professionally. It doesn't have speakers, but it does have the option to connect them to the rear of the TV with wires.

Avatar on BluRay looks really nice, but because this TV is so pixel-perfect, I can actually see the "compression" used to fit Avatar on the BluRay disk; I'm using a PS3, and all settings have been properly optimized. I still can't get over how nice the TV looks up close (PC content via an HDMI cable) I have to sit ~1 meter away from the TV be able to see the native pixels, they're so small and perfect. This TV is worth every penny: at any price under $2K. It might be from 2008, but Pioneer def made a ridiculously high quality product. The TV can even be ISF-calibrated, which makes the picture quality even more accurate; but as I said, the "out of box" settings are nearly perfect. If you see this TV for sale, but it at any price under $2K no questions asked!!! This TV is only now [2012] being surpassed in picture quality.
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on May 1, 2009
This Pioneer KRP 500m tv / monitor blows me away each time I turn it on. I have a mac G5 hooked up via the DVI cable and it fits the 1080p resolution perfectly. Cable looks so great in HD and older low res looks much better than on my old sony xbr 800 50 inch rear screen projection which is 4 years old. These plasmas are the last of their kind and from the coveted Pioneer Kuro line.
Pioneer is leaving the plasma tv business all together. It's really sad because they make the best plasmas. This tv was 4500 a year ago. I have never seen a better picture, the blacks are amazing, there are no viewing angle issues. The picture is the same whether your standing off to the extreme side of the TV or dead center.
The only negatives are the remote only works with Pioneer AV equipment and it does not have dvr cable box functionality, just regular cablebox function. Too bad because it is a cool looking remote with nice red back light. So I still have to use three remotes because none of them cover everything.
The other negatives are it has a very glossy screen. I usually only watch TV at night and there is no issue, but during the day it is reflective
because it is glass like the new mac books. There are only 3 digital inputs, one dvi which I like because there is no need for a dvi to hdmi adapter when hooking up a computer, and two hdmi 1.3 which is enough for me but people may want more hdm inputs. It has no spreakers but you can add them as extra but most people buying a monitir already have a surround av system and you can buy a stand for it it does not come with one. You can by the tv version that has speakers, stand, and more hdmi ins but no dvi input. There is also the latest elite models around and they are truly the best, but almost twice as much cash for almost the same thing. I say get one before there gone forever if your thinking about it.
It is truly awesome.
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on November 29, 2009
I've been in the market for a new HDTV since Fall '08. The only thing I knew back then was I wanted a plasma (I'm replacing a 40" LCD in my living room). I couldn't afford a Pioneer, so I wanted the best the Panasonic offered that I could afford. Thankfully, my analysis paralysis and indecision brought me to Fall '09 where I was able to afford one of the finest HD panels on the planet.

I was ready to pull the trigger on a 50V10, but visiting some relatives during Thanksgiving in Texas led me to a local TV retailer which actually had a 500M on display sitting right next to a 50V10. Side-by-side it was clear that Panasonic still has some work at getting its black levels anywhere near Pioneer. The comparison was all I needed to pull the trigger. Not only that, the 500M was actually on sale for less than what I've seen online AND I got a stand with the deal!

I drove it back to Omaha, set it up and just sat in awe. The blacks add so much realism to the picture. I'm extremely happy with the purchase so far.
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on July 28, 2009
This monitor is one of the best flat panels available. The smaller 500M is rumored to have some 10G KURO technology which makes it produce a slightly deeper black. But the size difference was a no-brainer for me. Check out control-cal for the just released ISF patch if you choose to go that route. This monitor really shines after about 100 HR break-in time, give or take a few hours. I find myself enjoying the picture more as the phosphors age. There are rumored to only be a few hundred of these panels left so get them while you can. In my opinion this monitor will produce a picture superior to all flat panels for the next 2-3 years. By then Panasonic should catch up. The new V10 is a good TV, but doesn't hold a candle to the 500M/600M IMO. No current LCD is even at 7G-8G KURO levels so I will leave them out of the equation. However, I do like the Sony XBR8 LCD for certain applications ($5,000).
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on August 1, 2009
If you've researched HDTV's for any period of time, you're well aware that the Pioneer Kuro line of plasma HDTV's/monitors are the highest rated hi def displays from the AV press and the educated consumers. Browse CNET, UltimateAV, Sound + Vision, Home Theater, the AVS forums : the various Kuro models have won the "Best of.." and the "Highest rated..." status consistently the past three years. The consumer remarks on Best Buy, CNET and Amazon also praise the Pioneer Kuro with high grades. No HDTV is perfect in EVERY category, feature wise or price appeal.

HD PQ - The Kuro technology offers the best combination of: black level, color saturation/accuracy & proper processing of HD resolution of any brand. YES, the black level DOES make a drastic difference. The 160 viewing angel is ideal for any location you're watching from. LCD's STILL can not offer an optimized viewing angel.

Styling - All of the Kuro's have a glossy black piano finish. They are classy looking devices. In a brightly lit room, screen reflection can be a problem (I do not have that issue with my set up). The easy to use remote for the KRP is back lit once you push any button, so its easy to change display settings in a dark setting(nice). The KRP has only two HDMI rear inputs, plus a DVI and component. Of course a "monitor" has no speakers, stand or tuner of any kind. It is a thin 2.5" at its widest depth, weighs 69 lbs alone. I bought an older Pioneer swivel stand for mt KRP (perfect too) on ebay for $60 including shipping. I use DirecTV HD DVR for my programming (HDMI to the Pio monitor) and my Yamaha AV receiver handles the audio (toslink from DVR to the Yamaha). I use the separate remotes whenever I change the source to my Blu Ray player (JVC). Finger prints on the screen or shinny bezel can be lightly buffed away using a 100% cotton towel, use a minimal damp area of the towel if you desire, then buff clean as you would an auto's paint surface. No cleaner is needed OR recommended.

My Kuro 5020 review has more details of the Pioneer plasma. The expanding selection PQ settings of the KRP monitor helps the viewer to achieve precise settings for color accuracy and skin tones. I suggest any user to research the AVS forums for info and recommendations on any HDTV. ANY question can be answered. The 5020 has limited settings in comparison. Its been stated that the various 50" KRP and Signature series Pioneer models have technology that was to be used for the 10th generation Kuro line being developed. Of course Pioneer will not continue to produce and display models after 2009, these KRP's are the last of the Kuro's to be manufactured. The 50" models that include the newest technology have been labeled 9.5G Kuro's. Supposedly ONLY 5000 have been built, and that's it.

I've owned two of the 8g Kuro's (since sold) and the 9g 5020 HDTV. ALL of these are fabulous displays and working perfect today still as they were bought brand new, my rating of A+.

The KRP-500M is just a slightly finer, precise & life like picture, my rating is A+++. It matches the PQ of the award winning Elite line of Kuro, those are the highest rated HDTV's ever reviewed, most expensive also. I bought my KRP for $1900 in May of '09. Two weeks later I learned it could be bought for $1550 from another online retailer, so THAT IS MY ONLY REGRET.

None of my Kuro's have EVER buzzed or faltered in any function. Yes I am a proud Kuro owner, I previously owned a Sony LCD and a Panasonic plasma. I still research today to keep up with the marketplace of HDTV. Nothing comes close to the Kuro. I'm not "hating" on any other brand or technology, plasma STILL offers the finest PQ. Kuro is the finest plasma ever built.

Read the many other reviews, & ask any professional calibrator which display brand/technology produces the most outstanding accurate picture of all of the HDTV's today. I highly HIGHLY recommend this monitor. It comes with a one year manufacturer warranty, I also bought 3 yr EW from CPS for the piece of mind ($140).
monitor- 1900
stand - 60
3 yr EW - 140
$2100 total

I may spend $300 to have mine pro calibrated (to the exact ISF recommended settings for color) one of these days, but right now I'm very happy with my personal settings. Visiting guest are in awe of the Kuro PQ when they see the display for the first time.
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on December 2, 2009
I have this TV in my living room: 60" plasma, and a brand new Samsung 8000 series TV in my study, 55" LED. The Samsung is an excellent TV - only abount 1" thick and a picture that is clean, sharp and a pleasure to watch. Until you go downstairs and watch the KRP-600M. The KRP-600M is effortlessly jaw-dropping in terms of color, black level and clarity. There is simply no other TV I've seen like it. So, as good as the Samsung LED 8000 is, well the Pioneer KRP-600M is even better. Buy one while they last. You won't regret it.
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on November 23, 2009
I will be moving in 7 months and I wanted a new plasma for the new house. I purchased a Pioneer 50" 4 years ago for $5000. I just happened to be searching for reviews of plasma tv's when I saw that Pioneer was done making them. I saw that the 500m Kuro was receiving very good reviews and's now or never! I ordered one and had it delivered last week. I had intended on keeping it in the container til I got in the new house, but last night I thought I'd better check it out just to make sure all is well. Don't want to call 7 months from now with an issue. I swapped out the hdmi plug from my Verizon cable box and took it from the 5 year Pioneer to the new 500M. Wow! The black level and color was amazing. These were straight out of the box settings...actually the tv still sat in the box and I did not try the remote to change modes. I called my 8 year old son down to check it out and he said..."the black level is amazing Dad!" He said that our old tv doesn't look so good anymore. I still believe that the first Pioneer has a terrific picture but this one is unbelievable! I'm glad I didn't wait, even if I have another set to move. For the $1538 I paid it was a steal! Check into this, but do it fast. I've seen the prices steadily climbing in the past week as supplies dwindle! Enjoy!!!
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on August 23, 2009
I recently purchased this TV and it was the best buy ive done in a while. The picture is bright,clear and breath taking. The picture quality is awesome. I purchased a aucoustic sound bar because the tv does not come with built in speakers but it didnt matter the sound is great and i have no regrets. I am ready for the winter to snuggle up and watch great movies. This tv is worth every penny. Dont hesitate, go for it.
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on May 24, 2009
Beautiful picture and monitor looks great on the wall. First unit came with cracked screen, but was replaced promptly. I was contacted the next day to set up delivery of second monitor, which arrived in perfect shape.
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