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on November 29, 2012
-This is not for long distance video like at a sporting event. It would work but you shouldnt expect zoom ability to be that good.

-Indoor lighting at night makes for acceptable video but not rich real life colors (this is why I give it 4 stars). Very good for day to day videos of kids though. Daytime indoor lighting is sufficient but not as good as being outdoors.

-Still pictures are not that good. I would compare them to basic mobile phones from 6-7 years ago when they were 1-2 mega pixels. Dont buy this for dual purpose video and pictures. However the photo camera is handy on occasion when you dont care too much about the quality of the image.

+Great picture when outdoor lighting is available.

+Sound quality is good. I havent noticed anything that was a disappointment or lacking.

+Simple functions. Easy to use. Very fast response time from powering on to actual recording. Very fast to shut off as well. No wait time when you end the video, its pretty much done as soon as you push the button or flip the head down.

+Power on is as simple as rotating the head up. Power off is the reverse. To view videos you can push one button and keep the lens stored.

+swiveling head is awesome. Even more useful than I thought it would be. I originally liked it because it protected the lens but I found that its a really cool feature for little kids to do their own self videos because they see themselves. Even baby's seem to be attracted to their own picture on the screen while it records.

+Lens and quality of camera has held up great for over 2 years of use. Its been thrown in back packs. Carried in my pocket. Handled by kids.

+Battery duration is so long I dont even think about it. Lasts for hours, I would assume 3-5 hours or more. Maybe longer. The charger is small and light weight. Easy to carry along in a bag.

+Storage card is a great feature. Easy to expand memory capacity. Obviously many other HD video cameras have non up-gradable capacity.

+Price is reasonable. Especially now that I have owned it and abused it for a couple years.

I bought this camera to record family holidays and whatever other events I might like when my DSLR isnt enough. It serves that purpose very well. I would buy this same camera again if it broke tomorrow.
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on November 30, 2009
So I bought the Sony a couple months ago and overall I'm pretty happy with my purchase. I use it mostly just to take pictures of my friends and I, every now and then to make a video for fun.

-Like others have stated, there's no image stabilization for video, which sucks for me because my hands shake a lot, but oh well, from what I understand neither the Flip nor the Vado have image stabilization either. Buy a tripod.
-Low-light performance is not great. Images turn out blurred if you set light settings to Low Light or some other setting, but I found out that if you set the light setting to Automatic, your image will come out dark but clear. I prefer dark and clear over light and extremely blurred, so I tend to go with the Automatic setting.

-Image quality in sunlight is EXCELLENT. Crystal clear. In indoor lighting, you have to keep your hands still, and the image doesn't come out CRYSTAL clear, but it's not bad.
-Definitely fits in my pocket.
-Battery life is excellent. Took this thing with me on my trip to Chicago over Thanksgiving Break from Wednesday to Saturday. Took over 200 photos and a couple videos, didn't have to charge the battery once.
-Rotating lens is great for taking pictures of yourself if your into that kinda thing. Also was great for me because I didn't have to ask random strangers to take pictures of us while we were in Chicago.
-Turns on automatically when you rotate the lens out, turns off automatically when you rotate the lens back in. Definitely convenient.
-Controls are easy to figure out.
-The included software is not really necessary in my opinion, but it's convenient for downloading and editing images and videos, not a burden or frustrating at all. It has some cool features where you can add pre-made filters and such with one click. You can also sort your photos by "Smiles," "People," or "Landscape."

Other stuff:
-Don't know if you would consider this a pro or con but it films pretty up close. You have to stand kinda far away to fit a bigger picture into the frame.
-Not many options: image quality, video quality, light settings, other settings, that's pretty much it. Personally I don't mind because I mainly use the Sony for personal, not professional, purposes. I don't need anything fancy.
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on August 7, 2010
Bare bones HD camera that happens to be the best for how I use it. I attach it to my model airplane with velcro and create aerial videos. It's light weight and swivel head make it especially useful. Nice that you can buy an HD camera for under a hundred bucks. As for the video quality, you can see what it's like by going to youtube and looking up my site "larsalaska". Then select the video called "Satellite Beach Florida". Good video in bright light. Poor in low. Picks up and records sound well. Records SD card. Battery life average. Only has digital zoom, which degrades video quality in proportion to the degree of zoom - max of 5x. Good for model planes, or something to throw in the glove box for spur of the moment needs.
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on October 31, 2012
I'm a musician and I used this camera and this camera alone to shoot my entire extremely low budget music video which I will place a link to at the bottom of this review (1080p recommended), It has real nice quality and everyone who see's the material I produce with it can swear I'm using industry standard equipment however I noticed a few glitches and cons with this camera, the one I received was buggy and had trouble turning on all the time (super annoying) I also noticed if you aren't recording and your just setting up a shot after only a few minutes the camera would just cut itself off completely, very annoying, it doesn't perform very well in low light at all and even in a sorta decent light the picture still seems darker but for the price its a steal I say. [...]
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on September 28, 2010
Initially I gave this camera two stars. I tried it on a cruise through the Caribbean. In design and portability is excellent. But this camera only serves on sunny days. On cloudy days or indoors, the quality is so pathetic as any phone with 2 pixel camera. But on sunny days... it's impossible to see the display! The second major problem of this camera is that it is highly sensitive to hand vibrations, which is normal when you stretch your arm to shoot. But later, I used it on an RC Plane (glider), and it's allmost perfect for recording from air on sunny days. Movie doesn't move so much, and the quality of the video is very good, a lot better than the cheap and tiny cameras used for recording. So, now I give it four stars.
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on February 25, 2010
Most reviewers are asking too much from this little device. It is what it is a cool toy. If you want something very simple then go w/ flip. If your into tech/toys then get this one . Has a lot of features! I think alot of the negative reviews are from people who dont read or want to read the instructions which you can get away with w/ the flip but not w/ this one . Must have the directions handy for first couple weeks. had it for a short time now but love it. I actually have it set for VGA. Looks good to me @ that setting and get morer time that way. Pease out!
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on December 30, 2009
I purchased this so that I could share video of my newborn son with family via the internet. As an Apple person, I chose the Webbie because it was compatible. What I did not know was how easy it would be. All I have to do is plug it in my computer and it pretty much takes care of itself. My only negative is that the menu on the camera, to delete photos and such is not easy to navigate. But otherwise, this is a great camera, small, light, takes great photos and movies that turn into home movies easily. I even carry it in an old cell phone holder I had and wear it on my hip for easy access!
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on April 25, 2009
I recently took the Webbie with me to shoot interviews on the fly at a convention I went to. It was so easy to use and the videos in SD mode were good. Audio was surprisingly good too! I would go back to the newsroom each day, connect to the web via usb and upload to tubemogul.

On the HD side the videos I show of my son in the backyard were excellent. All this and it fits in my pocket like a big pack of gum. Oh and the swivel head is a great feature too.

Other plus's for me were the long battery life and the ability to use the Pro Duo cards. 16GB in mine.

I recommend this for anyone who wants to shoot video on the fly!
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on July 5, 2009
We bought this mini video camera to take little short snippets of videos. We have a baby on the way and our dog is comical so we wanted to share some of our moments in the next year or so with our family and friends.

The Sony Webbie lets us do just that. We can take some small movies and send them through e-mail as .wmv files. The software we use on Windows Vista converts the format from .mp4 to the .wmv for smaller more compressed videos.

The camera works really well. It's easy to do videos or still pictures. There is no light source or flash for the camera part but the camera does a pretty good job picking up light in the area. While the videos are pretty good, this is not made to be a professional video camera. The pictures can be dark in a dark room. There is no motion reducer on the camera and zooming is manual. That being said, it does a good job for what it is.

I would recommend this mini video camera but I did take off one star on the review because of the memory card. When you buy the camera, it comes with only internal memory which is a joke. I think it only let's you take about a 2 minute video if that. Make sure you buy a memory card with it. It's essential to use it. They don't tell you that and in my opinion Sony should of given us more memory or a basic card. It's a hidden cost but memory cards aren't that much.

Hope my review helped!!
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on March 29, 2009
This camera is basically the original Sony Webbie HD (MHS-CM1) camera shaped into a candy-bar format to more directly compete with the Flip Mino HD. In doing so you lose the optical zoom and the LED light. If you discount comments about the optical zoom (including complaints about motor noise) and the usefulness of the LED light, the rest of the features are pretty much the same and you can use the reviews for the original Webbie HD. I knew going in that this would be mainly an outdoor-only camera, but thats exactly what I wanted a smaller second camera for. I have a Canon HV20 HDV camera for indoor and more demanding use, but wanted something similar to a Flip to keep in my pocket when doing activities outside (walking the dogs, going to a bar-b-que, etc. where I am not consciously thinking of taping the event but something comes up that is worth capturing) that has a removable battery and flash memory. I've either been at work or the weather has been grey since getting this so I can't put it through its paces where it will really shine, but have taken some indoor 720p footage and stills. Enough to verify the camera is natively supported in iLife '09 (iMovie and iPhoto) and that other's comments about it being kind of weak in low light and when panning shots around are right. It isn't totally unusable, but you can see a yellowing of footage that can be compensated somewhat through iMovie or iPhoto in dark shots and you have to pan slower than even what is needed when using a consumer full-sized HD camera. Would I sell my Canon HDV camera and use only this? no. Will I keep this for on the spot captures in settings that match up to its strengths? yes.
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