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"Be still my heart--the perfect gift for the pruning female in your life." I told that to my dad when he asked how I liked my new lopper, and he immediately decided to buy one for my mom (age 65) for Mother's Day. She's excited about getting one after trying mine out (though do make sure your female likes tools as gifts before presenting this as a gift.)

I have a small orchard and lots of berry bushes and vines. They're getting old enough that the branches/canes/vines are thick enough to make cutting them difficult. It takes some full-body involvement to get enough force. I began to think this was potentially dangerous (beyond the bruises it created), so I wanted a better tool. So I bought this lopper.

It looks like it's built to last. It cuts cleanly and easily. 1" branches were no effort to cut. The lopper is light and you don't need to open the handles wide to use it, so I can use it everywhere I need it. The rachet action just happens as you use it. I could make a smooth, single cut on the small branches, and the rachet action engaged automatically when the cut slowed (I'd paused in pushing when I felt resistance) and then it was easy to finish. The bottom part of the cutting blade has waves (rather than a smooth edge) to hold the branch in place as you cut.

After using it for an hour, I got my mom to try it out on a thick 1" branch. She was amazed, tried it a few more times, and decided it would be worth every cent and now she's getting one. We're generally not impulsive buyers--it's just that much better than what we'd been using. When you spend hours pruning in the spring and fall, it's well worth the money to get a good tool like this.
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on January 31, 2015
I bought a set of Coronas because I thought they'd be of decent quality. Sometimes I see t.v. guys using them (although I'm sure they're given all of that gear.) And they are. They're well built and the ratchet works without me having to fiddle with it.

However, the blade doesn't hold up well. After lopping a whole bunch of those whippy 3/4 inch crepe myrtle limbs and several 1&1/2 inch ones I noticed it not working as easily. I looked at the blade and the edge was wearing back. Not just getting dull, which is to be expected. The blade edge actually wore back and developed a recess in the deeper part of it's curve.

They're still cutting and I'm not sending them back. But they require more and more effort as the blade wears away.

I have no idea how long such a blade should last. All summer seems reasonable. This blade may not make it that long.
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on December 6, 2014
These are excellent loopers. They are short and light enough that I can use them with one hand if need be while cutting branches to size for a trash bin. The ratchet mechanism works better than I expected so long as the branch is fully inside the shears. It is easy to cut limbs up to 1-1/2 inch in size. Larger than that and the branches do not fit inside the blades but they can still be cut with a series of successive partial cuts though I prefer to use a pruning saw at this point.

They also need be opened half as far as my other loopers and this is great in tight quarters and also speeds up the work.

The blades do have a problem cutting through branches that are less than 3/8" in diameter as the branch will be cut only part of the way and then the remaining tissue will slide between the jaws. I like to be able to use a single set of shears but with these it is best to have some hand shears for the smaller branches. When cutting an entire branch down to fit into a green waste bin, having to switch back and forth is a bit of a PITA and the first time I have needed to use hand shears for the thinner sections.

Highly recommended
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on May 5, 2012
I must say I was skeptical when this tool arrived. It was smaller than I expected and didn't think it could handle the job, plus I normally pay a higher price for quality tools. The raving reviews was my reason to give this Corona a try.

AMAZING is all I can say! These clippers ate through branches like butter and with very little effort!
The ratcheting action makes all the difference. Even a caveman could do it.
I ended up trimming trees for the next 3 hours, until I had a truckload.

So yes indeed, you can trust all the 5-star reviews. Corona earned it.
Happy gardening,
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on April 30, 2015
When buying items on Amazon, buyers should always read the reviews that are the lowest rated. Sometimes it may seem like sour grapes, but for every item that I've experienced problems with, other folks had the exact same problem.

The problem with this item is that the pin that controls the movement of the blade is made of cheap, very weak metal. Within the first hour of use this pin had fallen out into the brush. When I found it, the smooth part of the pin had some grooves in it and the threads at the end were stripped. I replaced it with a threaded bolt, which eventually sheared off, then a nail which also eventually sheared off.

What finally seems to have worked is to replace the pin with a small section of a 3/16" steel rod bent into a "U " shape. The hardware store sells 3 foot long steel rods in the welding section (don't get the plated stuff, the un-plated hard rolled steel is stronger).

My recommendation, take a good look (or take a photo) of the pin that holds the blade to armature so you'll know what to replace if this happens to you.
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on October 28, 2016
I purchased this ratcheting Lopper back in July of 2012 and it SAVED me many bruises and overstretched muscles. I
t has seen a lot of action since then. I live in Washington State and we see a lot of weather. I (and the Lopper) deal with evergreens (soft wood), lilac, blackberry roots and Pythagoras (pretty hard wood) and an unidentified tree with green branches that defies cutting. That last one simply tries to bend around cutting edges leaving bark to be torn off.
I can only say good things about this lopper. I noted on the green bark branches it was having difficulty so promised it a good CLEANING last month. Of course, this was to be AFTER the project was completed. I am careful with my tools but had hesitated on a good cleaning without the needed research on it. Today, it was back to the green branches and it was worse. I did not want to have the lopper break and then say “I meant to take care of it”. So I stopped and did the research. First I used rubbing alcohol to remove sticky sap from the blades. Then I sharpened the beveled cutting blade.
I had purchased the Corona AC 8300 Sharpening Tool a couple of months ago and it was ridiculously simple to use. But I could hear grit in the movement when opening and closing. That was the tricky part. I have several good cleaning sprays. WD40 is one of them, but I vaguely recalled CAUTION on using WD40 on ratchets. My browser said it was not a good time to go to Corona’s website. I found a website for maintenance on Garden Tools that indicated for the ratchet you could use olive oil, mineral oil or their brand name. Of course I had olive oil on hand, but checked through and my butcher block conditioner is “food grade mineral oil”. So I applied it, and it worked right in. I was back to the project and 95% of those green branches gave up their resistance. Still SAVING me!
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on August 29, 2014
I purchased this product for my elderly Mother with the hopes of making her gardening chores on her acre plus yard a little easier. The package arrived on time yesterday evening so she didn't get a chance to try it out until today. She has in her lifetime purchased numerous various corona gardening tools because of their quality and reputation. However this is the very first ever ratchet style tool she has ever laid her hands on. With the first snip of the lopper I saw a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face that I have never ever before seen. She just couldn't get over how easy it was to cut through those hard wood branches. The reviews are true, it was like cutting butter with a hot knife! The only reason she stopped was because it started to rain. She absolutely loves it and this is comming from someone with nearly eighty years of gardening experience and who already owns three regular standard loppers. It instantly became her favorite new tool and that's saying something from someone who has been gardening for decades. I would definately highly recommend this to each and everyone who does yardwork. Even five stars doesn't do it justice! Trust me..if you try it you'll surely love it. This is the fabulous deal.....100% pure quality at a great price.
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on September 23, 2014
A bolt broke on this tool after less than a year of seasonal use (we live in Michigan). Have to confess that I did not feel constricted to cut anything up to about 2 inches (or more?), so the bolt was undoubtedly stressed. Called customer service and they said they did not have any replacement parts, which I would have gladly paid for. Took the tool around town to more than one hardware store, and one specialty parts store, and they all said that this was a custom designed part, which they did not have, and could not get. Finally called customer service and they told me to ship the tool back to them, and they might replace the tool, which they did without charge (I paid to ship it back only). However, I expect that if I had paid 3 times as much, I would have been able to get replacement parts for the counterpart professional grade tool. This is not aMickey Mouse loppers, however, it's the old story of the weakest link (or the most abusive user). This is one nasty (meaning effective) pair of loppers, except for the broken bolt.
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on April 3, 2012
Received in good shape. These are very strong and the ratchetting action keeps the handles in the power zone without requiring you to open them real wide. So these can also be effective when opened slightly.
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on January 23, 2015
came apart after first use this was replaced by another that came apart in the same place
2 times for the same bolt to go bad is horrible
yes they work incredibly well
untill they fall apart
sadly i didnt use them in the return window but had less than 3 hours use on when they both went down
very disapointed
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