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on May 26, 2009
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
 I've made a video review, using the Flip Ultra Camcorder, so that you can see the audio/video quality (Keep in mind I had to compress the video a little bit for Amazon), and I also show how to use the camcorder.

In my opinion, this is an excellent camcorder for a novice, or someone who just wants an easy to use camcorder that is small and compact. I personally don't need more than 2 hours recording time and it's wonderful not having to purchase tapes.

The price is actually less than many digital cameras. I've wanted to own a camcorder for a long time, and the Flip Ultra has finally met my standards for: quality, value, and ease of use.
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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have two Flip camcorders - the MinoHD, and the Flip Ultra (this product).

I consider this one to be the younger brother to the MinoHD, with lower video quality, but also some things I like better than the HD model. Therefore I'm giving this 3.5 stars, and here is why.

Here's what I like BETTER:
1. the larger viewing screen on the camera - as compared to the HD version, this one has a much better viewing screen and a much better field of vision. the HD version has to be some distance away from what you're filming in order to get a good view, but with the ultra you can be much closer to your subject and still see all around them
2. more space - 120 minutes means I can carry this thing with me all day and take create 640x480 video, up to 2 hours worth, and that's important if you're out and about (although I wish there was a way to put a memory card into it for more space)
3. The product has a better surface for holding and gripping the camera. The HD version is glossy and slick, where as the Ultra version has a more matte finish on the case so it's easier to hold.

Here's what I don't especially care for:
1. It requires batteries. The HD model is rechargeable, so you just plug it into the USB on your computer and the battery recharges itself. The Flip Ultra takes AA batteries, and while you certainly can use rechargeable batteries, I consider this a step backward. (the batteries also add weight)
2. it's only 640x480 - this is pretty much bottom end for video capture these days, especially when most digital cameras are now able to record in HD dimensions; if you are super concerned about presenting your finished video in HD, this product is NOT for you

What is the same?
1. The USB plug is a flip-out in both models, you just press on the release latch and the USB plug flips out - just plug it into your computer and the software starts up automatically (note that the ultra version does have the latest version of the software which has some additional picture capture and uploading options - you can get this from the website too)
2. From power on, to ready to go, both cameras are FAST. Push the power button, set the date/time (only first time you turn it on) and the camera is ready to go. Push the record button and you're off. Much faster than many digital cams on the market.
3. One button recording - same on both, it's a big red button that you can't miss.
4. Good sound quality. The mic on the front of the device gets the sound quite well, without the need for external mic.
5. TV output cable and plug. If you want to show your video on a TV without having a computer around, you can use the included audio/video plug to watch your movies (just remember that your battery will run down faster)

Overall I think this is a great addition to the Flip video line - just consider it the more consumer version vs. prosumer (HD level). For the price, storage space, and ease of carrying it everywhere, I'm giving it 3.5 stars. I removed 1.5 stars because of lack of rechargeable features, and it's slightly heavier than the HD model.
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on February 10, 2016
My favorite video device ever !! I am a photographer and my camera bag is so heavy from camera lenses and equipment. It is a pleasure to carry this compact video camera right in my purse. Takes beautiful videos which are easy to upload to my laptop. I have purchased 5 more to give as gifts to family. My teens ( 13-18) love this to upload videos to you tube and Facebook.
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on August 6, 2011
I bought this to record a special event, which I did earlier today. I have had many cameras and camcorders over the years to compare this to, and this one is good. But there are a few things they can improve on.

The Flip is comfortable in my hand, easy to hold, all buttons are in convenient places. They put thought into the design.
It is easy to use, no learning curve. Turn it on, press the button. It has a pause, replay, delete. Instructions are simple.
When I turned it on, it is silent. I have another brand at dings, which is distracting.
No other screens to scroll through. It records video and audio. No games, no phone, no GPS, no address book. It is dedicated to making a good video.
I like that the lens, mic, and speakers are all at the top. Holding it without covering the lens or mic with my hand is easy.
Downloading is easy, plug into USB and it downloads.
Play quality of video and audio is great, but much better on the computer than on the Flip unit.
It has a battery indicator that comes on when batteries are low.
Battery life is not good. You need the rechargeable battery pack.
It didn't record a full two hours which I planned on, but was close. I missed the last few minutes.
Flip software did download when I plugged it in, but I have to play it in Picasa. It says it's not compatible with it's own software.
It needs stabilization. Some parts got shaky when I moved around.

I am hooked on this. I just ordered the 16 gig. slide Flip. It has some features I want, but this one is good. I was going to return this, but I decided it's so nice I will give it to my daughter to make movies of her kids.
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VINE VOICEon February 3, 2010
QUICK SUMMARY: After having this a month now, I can attest to how great this product is -- not because of the amazing video quality (it's just okay), but the cost/performance value is remarkable. It's great for older kids who can take care of their electronics, and it's a great choice for outdoor scenes which might otherwise damage more expensive video equipment. Highly recommended!

I bought this Flip camcorder as a Christmas present for my 11yo daughter. She loves it, and so do I! It was her most expensive Christmas present, and (happily) it's the one she's still using one month after Christmas. Because *she* has a videocamera, we're getting family videos created that are absolutely hilarious, as she's able to capture the craziness of a house filled with four young children. I love the extemporaneous shots she's getting of kids being kids. Awesome!

I love that the camera is portable enough to easily take it to the beach, where I would otherwise not have my much more expensive Canon HD camcorder. I'm afraid of the salt spray coming off the beach to bring my expensive Canon camcorder, but this Flip is easy to take to the beach -- we're not obsessed over keeping the lens clean, and when it gets dirty, we just use a tee-shirt to wipe it off. The plastic housing over the actual lens is easily cleaned. I plan on bringing my daughter's Flip camcorder on an annual Appalachian Trail hike I take each summer, where I have previously avoided taking my expensive camcorder because I'm worried about it getting damaged. Now, I'd be disappointed if this Flip camera broke, but it's inexpensive enough that it could be replaced pretty easily.

The software that comes with it is simple to install and use. My kids intuitively knew how to load videos into the kids' computer, and I was very surprised at how clear the individual video frames looked -- good enough to make a 4x6 print from. This was a wonderful way of getting some amazing shots of my son launching a vinegar-and-baking-soda bottle rocket in our backyard.

The Flip won't replace your better-quality video equipment, but it's a wonderful addition to your existing equipment. Every family with (responsible) children ought to have a Flip to help capture family life at home.

Highly recommended!
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on June 10, 2014
Before being purchased by Cisco, Flip video was the Go Pro for the masses. The video quality and sound are equal to the subsequent Go-Pro cameras for a fraction of the cost. I used this camera mounted on my roll bar of a 50's sports racing car for years before Go-Pro and while it doesn't have many of the features that Go-Pro has it was very serviceable camera. This product was abandoned before a quality advertising campaign could boost it into the stratosphere. What a waste. Great value for the money.
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on May 7, 2010
I love the convenience. The camera is completely user-friendly, anyone can use it, perhaps even without reading the manual. Connecting it to the computer is also easy, as well as downloading videos and e-mailing them. I'm not technologically savvy, so, if I can use it, anyone can. The only drawback is - no matter how much you stabilize the camera, the image will still appear shaky. You don't see it on the camera screen, but you certainly see it on the computer monitor. However, you still can't beat the convenience of filming something interesting and e-mailing it to your friends on that same day.

Update: A year and a half later, the camera stopped working. Just like that. I never dropped or mishandled it. The warranty expired, so what now? After this experience, I will probably buy the cheapest camera on the market knowing that it doesn't last long. Changing my earlier rating from 5 stars to 1.
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on August 11, 2012
When my first FLIP went missing I was very upset. I use this wonderful device weekly to record drumming practices with my wonderful Salisbury Hand Drummers. I share them for practices and they are appreciated because they produce a great quality picture and sound reproduction for such a small, affordable product. I know there are many options out there but I do love my FLIP. The first one even got dropped in water and after a "rice" bath for 24 hours we were good to go with no damage! The two hours option is great. I do short clips, longer ones are harder to forward. The distance is not a factor because I use it for up close. I have used it for family functions and have have preserved many wonderful family memories. Flip Ultra Video Camera - Black, 4 GB, 2 Hours (2nd Generation) OLD MODEL
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on January 6, 2014
Improvement from the First Generation FlimCam is like going from VHS to DVD on an HDTV.

The definition is 4 times higher with progressive scan and 4:2:2 chroma sub sampling in H.264 (AVI only has 4:1:1).

I'm not sure if upgrading to a FlipUltra HD will be as much of a leap forward.

Chroma is well saturated in the picture with no bars and no static indoors at night in incandescent lighting.

In low light, things tended to look red and blue with the FlipCam, no more red and blue with H.264 in the FlipUltra.

The FlipCam didn't have picture AGC. The FlipUltra has picture AGC (Auto Gain Control).

Don't ever use the digital zoom, it makes your picture look terrible.

Things look great in a bedroom, just don't expect things to look so great recording a concert or something far away. For recording something far away for a comparible price and size and stereo audio even copying the Flip with a flip out usb, you want a Sony Full HD Camcorder that has 32x optical zoom.

I'm not going to be purchasing the FlipUltraHD. When I upgrade to HD, I am going to be purchasing the Sony Full HD.

How many pixels you have on the screen isn't everything, optical zoom, chroma encoding quality, and low light performance are much more important.

No Flip, I will not be apeased with your lack of optical zoom by adding more pixels on the screen.

If I was apeased by more pixels on a screen, I would just by a smart phone (I don't have a smart phone and I don't want a smart phone).

Some test videos: <<[...]>>


Compared to its predecessor: <<[...]>>
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on September 1, 2009
I hardly ever leave comments on something I buy from Amazon. But this product I cannot pass up. This is a great camcorder for the price. If you want something very basic and simple to use, this is the camcorder for you. It exceeds my expectations. The picture & sound are crisp & clear. Even uploading to youtube. I've read reviews that uploading to youtube, the picture and sound were degraded. This is NOT the case for me. Also, the software program is very easy to use, and makes it very easy to make movies. You can add sound, mix clips together etc. It will even upload to youtube for you. I've tried it both ways, from the FlipShare program, and from YouTube, and have had no problems whatsoever. Plus the software is always with the camera. No need to carry a disk around. BTW the microphone is sensitive enough to pick up my cats purring, even though I didn't hear them purring when I was recording :)
All in all the camera is compact, fits in a shirt pocket, easy to use, and its a lot nicer than I expected!
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