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on January 27, 2014
Bought this 2 years ago. Took very good care of it , used it daily had no problems until now. One day it just started hesitating and then stopped. Called about the warrantee and they told me that even though I bought it through amazon.com , the seller was actually not an authorized seller and that made the warrantee null and void. Even though I bought it brand new in the box and it is suppose to have a 10 year warrantee on the motor they still will not replace the motor and this was after they sold me a new control board for $200.00 and that didn't cure the problem and they said the motor is bad. They won't go good on their warrantee but will sell me a new motor. I have decided to cut my losses and will have to purchase a new treadmill but it definately will not be this brand again. Hard lesson learned. So beware when buying on amazon to check out the warrantees before purchasing. Even though the seller will advertise a warrantee to sell their product they leave out the part that it actually has no warrantee.
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on May 13, 2012
I purchased this treadmill for my family as a Christmas gift. I recieved it in early December and gave it them for Christmas. From day one we were getting a E7 message. I spent 2 month dealing with the 2nd hand retailer, Bazingaroo from Amazon. There were supposedly dealer directly with Schwinn to open a work order. Although I was able to speak with people at the company they never got it fixed. By now it was MARCH!!!!! After speaking with Schwinn directly they had me do some checks via a phone call and determined it was the incline motor. This was on a brand new machine. They said the part was covered, but because so much time had went by, the service call wasn't. Imagine that!!! I told her I would just send it back. She kindly offered to fix it for free ONE time only, even though they weren't the seller. The guy came to fix it, but determined it wasn't the motor, but rather a control board. I call Schwinn back, but they wouldn't do it for free again. After much debate, Bazingaroo (the seller) agreed to pay for 2nd service call. Now it's May!! The tech came and said it was fixed. After a week of use it's back to the same error message. What a giant expensive piece of junk. Please, please please consider another product. You may see some good reviews just like I did, but I can promise this treadmill is crap. Ive started a refund process, but it's been 6 months. Not sure what to do, but I can warn others. The only excercise I got was pushing it around the basement.
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on January 3, 2012
Do not buy this treadmill. Buy a Bowflex 7 series (or something else). The Bowflex 3 and 5 series appear to have been discontinued and have been replaced at the bottom end of the Bowflex/Schwinn product line with this. This treadmill is POOR--poor construction, poor performance, poor design. Poor value for the money. I gave it one star to indicate that.

There is NO WAY in the world this is a "newer item" or "replacement" for the Bowflex 3 series.

I own a Bowflex series 3 treadmill which I absolutely love. I reviewed that treadmill 5 years ago and it has given awesome service since that time. You can see my review of that machine (430 out of 430 positive reviews). I still LOVE that machine.

I bought this Schwinn 840 treadmill as a backup (my whole family uses the Bowflex 3, so I needed an extra machine). I wanted to purchase another Bowflex 3. I clicked and "NO LONGER AVAILABLE" but "THERE IS A NEWER MODEL OF THIS ITEM", the Schwinn 840. So I bought this.

My (faulty) reasoning was as follows.
-I own a Schwinn Airdyne which I love.
-Schwinn and Bowflex are part of the same parent company (Nautilus Inc).
-Perhaps Nautilus is rebadging its less expensive product line(s) into Schwinn.

So I thought, o.k. the Schwinn 840 must also be good and at the least would share mechanicals/structure/design/sturdiness with the Bowflex 3. All of those assumptions turned out not to be true.

The Good.
1. Amazon Delivery was just fine, price was "reasonable" I thought.
2. Schwinn 840 has a small integrated fan.

The Bad.
1. THE TRACK. This is the only reason to buy one treadmill vs. another. The track RUBS THE DECK at the front WITH EVERY SINGLE STEP. The deck ends about 2 inches prior to the front roller. When you walk, the track rubs the front edge of the deck. Vrrrt, Vrrt, Vrrt, Vrrt! as you walk along. 30 minutes of listening to this and I need therapy. I lubed the deck and track underside with approved Bowflex silicone based lubricant specifically for this purpose. Still Vrrt Vrrt Vrrt. Probably this will wear out the track in about 3 months. This is super SUPER frustrating. If I had walked on this prior to purchasing, I never ever would have wasted my money. This problem alone is reason not to buy this treadmill.

Note, it is possible to walk further back on the deck which decreases (but does not eliminate) the Vrrting sound, but then you literally cannot reach the controls, water, heart rate monitor, etc... The design is thus very poor. I wonder how stuff like this actually makes it to market.

2. Deck. It is nothing like the Bowflex 3 deck. That deck is sturdy (I'm a big guy. I jog, I walk, and it totally can handle it). The Schwinn 840 feels like it is gonna break. It gives and squeaks in an inappropriate way. The deck design is thus inadequate.

3. Display. It is an LCD that is unreadable, or barely readable in a high light areas, such as my workout room. Red LEDs are much preferable, probably less expensive, and are present on most treadmills. The display/readout design is thus poor.

4. Cup holder, display, etc... Really flimsy looking and feeling. I can't get one of the screws into the plastic cupholder base. Just can't do it, and I am (pat myself on the back) very nearly a zen master of prepackaged assembly. Very different from the Bowflex 3, which feels nothing but Sturdy. I used to think that all that plastic framing on the Bowflex 3, 5 and 7 was goofy, but now that I have walked hundreds of miles on it (leaning on the display, etc..) I know better.

5. Incline is adjustable in single degrees, not half degrees like the Bowflex 3. Incline goes to 10% not 12% like the Bowflex. I knew the 10 vs. 12 issue before purchase. Still, with the other issues, the whole vs. half % incline issue remains irksome.

6. The controls are not intuitive and not that amenable to totally manual control, which is what I primarily use.

It is very rare that I buy something this disappointing, particularly with so many positive reviews/comparison shopping on Amazon. I am contacting Schwinn/Bowflex and Amazon and will explain to them how disappointing this device is.

I assumed that since the Amazon site stated this is a "newer model" of the Bowflex 3, it would be similar. In my opinion, is not. I personally find that labeling deceptive. Probably the manufacturer is responsible for that labeling, not Amazon.

I have endeavored to make this review informative and not an angry missive. I am quite upset by this purchase though. As someone who uses a treadmill daily, I also really don't think you should purchase this machine.

On a positive note, you can still buy a Bowflex 7 series treadmill, for about $300 more than a Schwinn 840. ($1300 vs. $999). The Bowflex 7, (and discontinued 3 and 5) are gym quality treadmills in my opinion, with very modest prices (relative to their performance). The Schwinn 840 quality and design is so poor that it does not matter how much (or little) you pay. It is not useable without considerable frustration.
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on December 23, 2009
The box did arrive damaged, but everything appeared to be okay inside. It is fairly heavy yet easy to move on a level surface, but I'm not sure how getting it up stairs would work. The top of the console comes in three sections, there's one bag of tools, one bag for the cord, and then the rest of the unit. I was able to move the unit from my garage to my living room myself without too much problem, but I'm over 6' with enough muscle to do it, most people will need help moving it and all the directions call for two people to set it up. All the tools are included and it took only about 15 minutes to tighten a couple of bolts and unscrew a few screws, put on the console, and replace the screws. Fairly simple.

Just a test run today to see how quiet it is which I was concerned about, but it is very quiet, even more so than I'd hoped. So far it appears to be very solid and I hope to get a lot of use out of it. The instructions do say to use some silicon lubricant prior to use and after every 50 hours or 3 months, which I didn't know about.
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on February 29, 2016
I purchased this product in 2011 from Amazon and have used this for just a few months in the last few years. During that time the motor has broken down and required replacement, after minimal usage. Took about a month for delivery and had to replace it myself. Now after another couple of months of actual use, product displays errors and doesn't work. Looks like it's either the motor again or the mother board, E1 error and belt doesn't move. Nautilus is not very helpful in providing assistance. Their suggestion, put more lubrication. Guess what, it did nothing. Have a 10 yr warranty on motor and would like to see them honor it. Very poor quality product and parts. So far unable to get any further with their customer service despite the claimed warranty. Also when I bought it, price was under $800, it looks like they keep hiking up the price for this old and useless treadmill
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on February 13, 2012
Item set-up fast and worked great -- was initially very happy with product. After two weeks, the machine would quit whenever the incline function was used showing error code e4. A call to customer service (50 minute wait time) had us troubleshoot a few items with no success. They decided to send a new incline motor and set-up an appointment with a technician to install it. The machine collected dust for 9 days until the part arrived, when the technician installed it, the same error code appeared. The next step was to send a new circuit board. 8 day wait for part to arrive, technician installs it, now we get error code e1, and the belt motor will not work. Technician states we need to call the manfacturer and request a complete troubleshoot of the machine as he only installs the parts, and clearly they are not accurately diagnosing the problem.

Call to Nautilus produced a 35 minute wait time. Customer Service puts in a request for us to receive a new machine, states that the request can take one week for approval. One week goes by and we hear nothing. A follow up call to Nautilus (43 minute wait time) they agree to send a new machine, but we must set it up ourselves and must arrange for removal of the defective machine. Rather disappointing from such a quality name.

All told, we have over 2 hours of wait time, 6 weeks of non-fucntional equipment, with the hassle of the new machine yet to come. Here's hoping that one works.
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on December 30, 2009
1. Quiet
2. Easy to assemble ( I did assemble by myself within 1 hour)
3. Stable (Good for running)
4. Variety programs and Quick start program.
5. Quick delivery
6. Easy to move after folding
7. Easy to fold and unfold.
8. Safety key (Stop treadmill when you lose control)

1. Only griping style heart rate (No telemetric heart rate)
I recommend it.
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on July 31, 2017
Failed after five years. Light to normal use, well maintained. Smoked the motor or controller board. Unhappy camper on this one.
Some controller boards not available - will have to go parts shopping now...
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on August 6, 2011
This review is for the ladies: I wanted a real gym-like treadmill, not something flimsy. This worked immediately with no problems--I can easily hear the TV with it on, and it feels like a real treadmill. I'm pleased with the fan--the rest of the features are typically what you would find on any gym treadmill. It dwarfs my tiny house and looks ridiculously out of place in the living room, but I don't care. I chose this because of the good reviews and sale price. I worried I wouldn't be able to assemble it alone, but it was actually not that hard to move around and easy to assemble (I'm a 5'7" female weighing 135 lbs with absolutely no technical skills). The hard part was getting it out of the 7-foot box, and that's the only reason you might want help. I read that the delivery men wouldn't come inside your home--not true--the guys brought it in. I had to cut the pieces of the box away since you can't just pick up a 200lb item out of a box (make sure the outside garbage can the city picks up is empty for all the packaging.) It's got wheels, but it's still really heavy to push around. Since my floors are wooden, I was able to move it by sliding it around on its side with a cardboard piece still underneath (key for sliding). Once I got it where I wanted, I carefully laid it flat and rested until the next day because getting it out of the box and fitting the packaging into the trash can was a major work out. The next day, I had it together in less than an hour. Also, I have a pet pig who hides when she hears a vacuum or lawn mower, so I worried this thing would paralyze her with fear. For reasons I can't explain, she is completely unaffected by it. One little annoyance is the plug comes out from the front and isn't very long. I plugged it into a surge protector which got me a couple of extra feet (the directions say to use a dedicated outlet, not an extension cord or surge protector, but there was no other option. Nothing has exploded, so I think it's ok). Assuming I use it regularly, this was an excellent purchase.
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on October 27, 2012
I love this treadmill. It has a nice, powerful motor, it's quiet, has a 2 speed fan that really does cool you down. I've not had any problems with it, save for the fact that the serial number is nowhere to be found on it. I also had a small, cosmetic dent on one of the front "legs" that rests on the floor, but that was probably damaged in shipping. Certainly nothing to warrant sending the machine back. I'll update this in a month to leave more detailed feedback.
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