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on April 27, 2012
I bought my treadmill on December 1st of 2011. First issue was that even in the flat position, the treadmill had a significant incline. I'm a very experienced runner, I run 5 miles every day of the week, and I've been on all sort of treadmills, so I know this is not normal. But customer service was very unhelpful and told me that was probably normal, and left it at that. After using the treadmill for three months, I discovered a hole in the walking belt, that became very large after running for another 10 minutes. The area around the hole was boiling hot, I assume due to frictions. That was in mid-March. So I called customer service. The walking belt was covered by the warranty for parts, but it was in back order. I eventually received a new one after two weeks. A technician came to change the belt (which is not something I would recommend that you try to do on your own, it took him 1 hour and he's supposed to be a pro). The next day, I ran twenty minutes on the treadmill, and after 20 minutes the brand new walking belt was ripped open in the middle, and almost caught fire. So my treadmill was useless again. Either the technician screwed up when he installed the new belt, or more likely, there's a defect with the frame. So I called customer service. The lady was nice, we exchanged several emails, I even sent pictures of the treadmill to help them figure out what's wrong. The lady eventually told me that a technician would come to see the machine again and see if it's something that could be fixed or if they needed to replace the whole treadmill. She told me he would call me "in a few days". It's been two weeks, I haven't heard from anyone, even the nice lady is not replying to my emails anymore. My brand new treadmill has been out of order for almost almost two months, with no solution in sight. Nautilus could have simply sent me another unit after the walking belt broke for the second time in two weeks, but instead, they are choosing to just ignore the issue and to screw their customer. So I just decided to just throw away that piece of junk and buy a new treadmill from a different brand. Buy a Nautilus treadmill at your own peril guys!
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on May 5, 2011
I'm very disappointed in this product and want to warn people about purchasing it. I realize the price point is good for many people but I want to want others about the horrendous customer service and short warranty offered by the maker, Nautilus. The product has a three month warranty on everything but the frame, which is a year. But here is where the customer service really is shameful == when you call the office, they charge you $169.00 plus tax to have a Nautilus technician come out to service your machine. You pay that no matter what is wrong with the machine. And, if the machine requires parts that ARE under warranty, you have to pay AGAIN for the technician to come out and install the parts. That is almost $400.00 for something that is covered under warranty. Also, the wait time to hear back from a technician is 5-7 business days. I just talked to Chris who is a supervisor (ext 5022). He told me there is nothing he is willing to do to help me. I would encourage all of you to stay from this product and this company.
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on November 12, 2010
I've added customer pictures that go along with this review, from opening the box, to completely assembled.

Tips for assembly:
1. Be sure and have the location where you want to treadmill to go ready. The manual suggests using a rubber mat underneath to prevent electrostatic and also to protect flooring. I purchased the Treatmat by Super Mats on Amazon and it fits perfect.
2. If possible, have the carrier bring it into your home very close to where you want it placed. The treadmill is packed very well in the box, so it takes quite a bit of time just getting the box open (cutting the sides, removing plastic/Styrofoam).
3. There are 5 simple steps to assemble the treadmill, I accomplished them on my own. The rails simply fold out and then you put in some screws and get the display all set up.
4. After assembly, I folded the machine and rolled it off the box, moved all the materials, swept up a bit and then rolled it back onto the mat. It was difficult getting the wheels to roll, they were in the grooves of the box pretty well, and then the treadmill was so heavy that it didn't easily get up on the mat. With careful maneuvering of the stability bar at the end/underside of the treadmill, I was able to move this 250 treadmill with ease. It is actually very easy to move on flat surfaces, it was the transition from box to mat that was a little troublesome/ The folding mechanism is excellent, you lift the end of the machine up (you need a moderate amount of muscle to do that) and then it locks in place. The unlocking is easy and it lowers hydraulically, which means it goes very slow, but keep a hand on it just in case.
6. I purchased the LifeSpan 100% Silicone lubricant on advise of other reviewers and the manual reiterated that, so after checking belt alignment (it was fine), I lubed it up. It wasn't very easy because the spray is a pump, however the manual did not recommend aerosols because of the additives. The manual states that it was lubricated at production, but that it does dry out over time and it would be best to lubricate before using it. (I recommend watching a YouTube video for an idea of how to do this)

Other notes:
- Total one-person assembly time (including lubrication): 1 1/2 hours
- The frame feels very sturdy, does not move when I get on or off the machine.
- Display is fine, but the beeping with every button touch AND minute marker is a little annoying. I will be researching if there is a way to turn that off.
- This is my day-of review, I will update after a few weeks of using it.
- I find the power switch at the back of the machine handy because I have two nosy toddlers. I will always turn off the machine and remove the safety clip when I am not using the machine.
- Definitely plan for the short cord, it fit fine in my "breakfast room."
- Amazon customer service: Ordered treadmill on a Friday, received it by special carrier the following Friday.

I feel like I got a good deal and I am satisfied with my online purchase. This is my first treadmill (or equipment) purchase. I would consider myself a person who likes to exercise, but is not currently in top form. I'm looking forward to my first workout tomorrow!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on September 7, 2010
I read all the reviews and was very apprehensive about ordering this product. Others talked about receiving the u nit damaged in transit and others complained about needing to grease the gears, the short cord and location of the on/off switch. When it was delivered, I was waiting with my box cutter and opened it when the delivery man was still there. Surprise! No damage, not even a scratch! Assembly was a snap, my dog Sophie could have put it together.

There is no longer a need to grease anything, Obviously, someone listend and the unit is now greased at the factory. The cord is short and this is necessary by the high current motor and this also explained the location of the switch. I planned for this and located the unit appropriately. The unit is high grade, very solid and meant to last for years.

I have diabetes and could not jog outside regularly in the Texas heat. I wasan effort for me to go out there once again to jog around the same neighborhood. I now watch my favorite TV programs and jog on this machine for 5 miles every night. Now I don't have to worry about the weather, the dogs or the snakes and I am doing something other than SITTING while watching TV. I waited for years to buy a treadmill and this was the one I was waiting for.
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on August 21, 2010
A "six months later" update:

To sum it up: no regrets. Still runs well and am enjoying it. It's held up just fine under my big butt (well, not as big as it was since I've been using this thing) and I've gotten used to the treadmill's "personal profile" feature; as I said below, it just took tooling around with to get used to. I'm glad to see I snagged it when it was on one of those Amazon sales, because I'm not so sure I'd pay over 1K for it; depends on what a comparison with other current treadmills of a similar price would reveal. Still, if you can get this treadmill below that, I'd take it.

Original review:

I've owned this treadmill for a little over a week now, so take this review for what it's worth.

I had no issue with the delivery experience. Amazon really seems to have their act straight when it comes to this part of the process as far as I can tell. I imagine delivery problems are akin to what makes the nightly news. Everything works just fine 95% of the time; it's only the 5% that goes wrong and makes the cut (and, subsequently, you get the rant reviews...understandably so; I'd be ticked too if I bought a $900 broke up piece of machinery). So I was lucky to be part of the 95%, with only a small irrelevant gash in the box with no damage whatsoever to the treadmill itself. As most of the reviews say, the thing is heavy. You can slide the box on a smooth surface if you're fairly strong, but unless you're a 'roid monster, don't think you can pick this thing up by yourself. Have a second pair of hands ready if you need to move the box around.

Putting it together took, maybe, 1/2 hour - 45 minutes. Most of the time took in getting the packing material off the parts and putting the thing where I wanted it. Aside from that, it's only a few steps in the process. Most of the nuts and bolts are already in place; it's just a matter of getting a few key ones in place and you're done. It does help to have another person to get certain things lined up so you could insert the bolt with no problem, but I don't think it would've been impossible to do it by yourself. The only glitch I had, and a minor one at that, was the need to get the treadmill's running mat centered once it was all put together. No biggie. Just needed to turn it on, a few twists of the accompanying allen wrench, and it was done. The manual shows you how to do it.

Turned it on for my first go and away I went.

I do like the white/blue digital display.

There seems to be enough different programs to keep me entertained for a while.

You can have 2 personal profiles to keep track of your calories and time spent on the treadmill. For some reason, it doesn't store distance. Perhaps I'm not doing it right. That's one of the minor gripes I have on the profile setting. Setting up the profile is no big deal, but it's not pretty intuitive as to how to retrieve or store the data. I get nervous I'm about to erase my profile and find myself having to refer to the manual to be sure I don't goof up. But I'll just attribute that to only having it for a week. The more I tinker, the more I'm "getting" it.

Unlike other reviewers, I actually think the little fan in the dash does a pretty good job. It has a low and high speed. Just enough of a breeze on the face to keep me comfortable. But that's just me; I suppose everyone has their preference.

A couple other minor quibbles:

I agree with another reviewer. Why the engineers thought to put the on/off button at the bottom-front of the machine is a mystery to me. Since the power chord is up toward the front too, I have the treadmill facing my wall (where the outlet is). So I have to duck under the handlebars to shut it off and on. Makes me think I'm going to slam my head someday if I'm not thinking. So yeah, the on/off button and the location of the power chord probably should have been thought through a little better.

I'm also not too keen on the beep sounds that happen every single time you push a button. Be nice if you could mute them.

But as I say, these are a couple minor quibbles in my mind.

To sum it up, a good experience so far. The treadmill has a real solid feel (and I'm a fairly big guy: 6' @ 250 pds.), doesn't make much noise at all (we have it downstairs and the only thing you hear upstairs, if you listen close, is the beep-beep-beep of pushing the buttons to set your profile or chose you program), and seems a really decent price for the quality (nothing like avoiding that sales tax on these big ticket purchases!). For peace of mind, and since this is a big ticket item to me, I bought the Square Trade warrenty. But I'm fairly confident I shouldn't have to use it if first impressions are of any indication. I'll try to remember to do a follow up in 6 months or so.

This is my first treadmill, so I'm certainly no expert, but if you're looking for one this one has this buyer's recommendation.
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on March 5, 2012
Positive Experiences:

The shipment arrived sooner than anticipated and the freight forwarding vendor was professional, courteous and kept me in the loop. Product set up took about 2.5 hours with the help of my teenage daughter, who is better at assembling things than I am. As my condo was built in the late 1960's, I did have an electrician come in to insure that the wiring had the bandwidth to sustain this product.

I am severely out of shape and morbidly obese........bordering on "beached!" Having the treadmill in the house eliminates all of my "excuses" dressed in the cloak of a reason! My current goal is consistency and preventing further damage to my knee joints. I would be lying if I said that exercising on this machine has been pain free, however, it is a lot less painful for me than walking on concrete. I wear my Vibram FiveFinger shoes while on this treadmill and I have not had any problems with slippage, traction, foot or ankle pain, etc.

As I am getting back into a fitness regimen, I have opted to use the "Quick Start" manual workout. This affords me the option of adjusting incline and pace, at will, based on my heart rate specifications. As I have hypertension, I have to be vigilant about heart rate monitoring during exercise. For now I am doing two 30 minute incline vs. speed workouts per day followed by a 10 minute cool down. I have no doubt that with this machine I am well on the way to better health and fitness!

Negative Experience:

When I went to register the product, I could not find the serial number on the machine. It was not located where the Qwner's Manual specified it would be. As this is a 300lb machine, it is not easy to manipulate in order to hunt around for this information.

This being said, I contacted Nautilus/Bow Flex Customer Service. I was not impressed with the Customer Service Representative assigned to assist me. He was rude, abrasive and made me feel as though I was "stuck on stupid" for not being able to find the serial number on my machine even though it was not where it should have been placed! He did not understand why I was making "such a big deal" about a serial number. At this, I reiterated that my concerns were as valid as that of a person purchasing a car that could not find the Vin Number!

I eventually found the serial number on the under body of the machine......at which point I bit the bullet and purchased a 4 year Canopy Protection Plan for my treadmill so as to avoid having to deal with Nautilus/Bow Flex directly in the future!
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on December 10, 2010
After reading the reviews, I was a little apprehensive about buying the treadmill but decided to give it a shot because of the price. Nautilus treadmills are good quality so I was hoping for the best.
Much to my delight, the box arrived without a single dent. The delivery guys carried it into my basement (thanks to those who suggested having a location selected ahead of time) and offered to open it so that I could examine it.
No problems at all! And it seems very well packed. Guess they have resolved that issue.

I set it up by myself very quickly. Not sure why they recommend having two people set it up. While it was heavy, I was able to push/drag it around myself.

The cord length, the on/off switch location, and the emergency switch are all standard features of health club quality treadmills.

I'm looking forward to running indoors this winter.
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on October 8, 2010
Let me start by saying I'm not an expert on treadmills. I have been running mostly outdoors and I still find that less boring. I got the treadmill because I often have only the early morning and it's just too easy to stumble on uneven pavement running outdoors in the dark.

It was relatively easy to put this together. My wife and I did it in about a half hour. It does require two people to do this I think.

I usually run the 10K program. For some reason this defaults to 6 miles, but it only takes a couple of clicks to make it 6.2. It has programs that are time-based (count down from a set time), distance-based (count down from a set distance) and a calorie based program which I haven't tried. It has a nice-sized running area so even a klutz like me has no trouble staying on. The display is easy to read.

The only annoyance is the "safety key". You're supposed to clip one end to your clothing while the other plugs into the treadmill. If you fall off it yanks out of its slot and the treadmill stops. Nice in principle but it's just too easy to pull it off accidentally. Once the key comes off, everything resets to power up state. I found myself doing this too often and I've decided I'll forgo the safety feature and not clip it to my clothing. If I could just continue from where I left off after an accidental key pull, it wouldn't be so bad.

The Heart Rate Monitors work well. If you want an occasional spot check you can just use the handle grips. If you want a more constant rate display, you can use the wireless chest belt.

I think this treadmill is an excellent value.
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on April 2, 2012
I bought this treadmill in early February, 2012. It has ran decently up until now (April 2nd, 2012).

I set it to go to 8mph and it went from 3mph to roughly 15mph within 2 seconds. I had to jump off of it to avoid losing my footing. About every 5 seconds while set to 6mph or more, it will "burst" and send the tread speeding 15+mph. It's impossible to run on it like this. I've since emailed customer server and will update when I get the issue sorted out.
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on January 13, 2011
I was looking for a fold up treadmill with speed/incline > 10. This unit is fantastic. Important notes:

1. Amazon Shipping was great. A local company called and scheduled delivery, and were actually early!
2. Unit is very easy to put together.
3. It's not light. My wife would have no shot moving this thing around.
4. It doesn't fold up 100% vertical/90 degrees. I'd say more like 75/80 degrees. "/" is a good estimate.
5. Motor is great, tread is long, and the incline/speed controls on the arms are awesome.
6. Has a wireless pulse monitor you can wear.
7. Not a super long power cable.

I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend to anyone. It doesn't have quite the shock absorption that something at your Fitness Center might, but for $1000, it is an absolute steal.
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