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on December 27, 2010
Based upon details and previous reviews, here were my concerns:

1. As a Macbook user with the larger glass touchpad(no separate buttons), would I be able to use this product as-is?

Answer: No(see below)

2. Was the material worth it? Seemed like I could make one myself.

Answer: Yes. Worth it.

3. Would I regret buying a foam pad instead of gel?

Answer: Nope!

4. Could I keep the pads on my Macbook and close the lid enough to put it to "sleep"?

Answer: Yes!


Going in, I knew this wristpad would partially cover the touchpad of my Macbook(2010 13 inch). I tried to keep the pads in one piece but it interfered with how I have my touchpad set up(bottom right corner used as right mouse click). I also use bettertouchtool for gesture shortcuts. So, I took some scissors and cut the two strips that keep them together and bam, I now have two little 4x3 inch pads to place on either side of the touchpad. They are grippy enough that they never slide around. In fact, if I "pump" them a couple times, they'll actually stick like a little suction cup(your results may vary).

Also, instead of gel materials which usually don't breathe and leave my wrists sweaty, I can use these for hours with no problems.

The other important note is that they are low enough that I can keep them on the laptop and the lid will close far enough to put the system to sleep. I also use them as extra padding when I carry around my laptop in my messenger bag.

So, this gets four stars due to the required modifications but since I can now not imagine using my macbook without them, I highly recommend them for purchase.
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on January 27, 2010
The description says it works for Macs, but that's really misleading. The window in the center is far too small. I have a MacBook Pro, without a button, just a touchpad. So I thought it wouldn't be a problem. However, using the wrist rest, I found that I kept constantly accidently clicking on the screen. I ended up having to cut the connecting strips, turning it into two separate pads. Now it works ok, but I wish I had just bought two separate pads to begin with, since now the pads have jagged edges from using scissors on them. Very ugly. :(
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on March 31, 2017
A really necessary companion for anyone that uses a laptop/desk with rough edges. I use an Alienware 17 R2 and I can say that this definitely helps in keeping my wrists from getting pierced by the laptop's rough lower edges. Very recommended, although they are a just a bit too small for my particular laptop. Be sure to measure things out before purchasing!
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on March 8, 2017
This thing is awesome! It sits right on my laptop and helps to put my hands in a better position for long-term typing. And since it doesn't stick, it's easy enough to remove it and close the laptop.
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on September 13, 2009
As a student, I spend HOURS in front of my laptop at a time. I was developing RSI's after studying intensely for a previous exam, so I did some research online, read product reviews, and eventually came across this (as well as the "Latosta Portable Laptop/Notebook Stand"). Used together, I've had no more wrist or forearm strains, and I'm noticing a greater flow of blood to the skin to bottom of my wrists (which were getting darker and calloused). Very much recommended!!!

One more thing, I just wanted to qualify their statement that this works with "ALL LAPTOP BRANDS & MODELS"--my laptop is a Lenovo X61T, and I had to modify my intelligels wrist rest in order so that I could access the mouse buttons properly. I just cut out the thin part, which is supposed to border the top of your touchpad, quite easily actually with a normal pair of scissors.
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on January 18, 2013
I started noticing some wear on the palm rests of my laptop which is all black. This has definitely helped and is definitely more comfortable. And just a little tip, I've washed this by hand with some dish washing soap and after letting it dry for a while it seems no worse for wear.
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on April 2, 2010
These don't work on my 15" 2.4ghz Macbook Pro (pre-unibody version). The pad covers the mouse button, so resting your wrist on the pads as designed clicks the mouse. Obviously this is unusable as-is. I cut the two halves apart and now it works fine. It's comfortable, supports my wrists and prevents my forearms from resting on the sharp corners of the MBP. Unfortunately, it's not an elegant solution.
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on March 8, 2011
I was hesitant to buy this for my macbook because I didn't know how it would affect the ability to use the button behind the track pad. Although I agree with some of the reviewers that you can use the button despite the intelligel wrist rest on top of it, I decided to just cut that part away from the wrist rest. Now it works great! (the two pads are still connected by the smaller black strip at the top of the wrist rest so it's still in one piece).
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on March 4, 2011
The rest came in a nice box and includes a nice protective cover. It is made of nice materials and is comfortable on the wrists as claimed. As others have pointed out, it is too small for a 15" MacBook Pro. There should be different sizes for this product. I purchased the product knowing others had said it was too small thinking that I would simply cut it into two separate pieces. There is a review where someone did this and had problems with fraying. I think they must have used child proof scissors, because if you cut this thing with an X-acto knife or good pair of scissors, I don't think you'll get a fraying problem.

Overall I like it, just wish they made a range of sizes.
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on December 17, 2009
I'm using this on a 17" MacBook Pro unibody. Although I find it a bit small, I think it's better than not having one. It keeps the carpal from acting up. I actually cut the top strip of foam above the opening so the item looks like a wide U. The allows more of the trackpad to be used.

Because the my trackpad doesn't have a button, I don't find it difficult like the other Mac reviews.
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