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on June 10, 2016
The best tasting soy milk currently available on the market, hands down. I only wish that the original version was still available, as it did not contain any added vitamins like this one does. I don't need everything I drink and eat to contain extra vitamins- I take care of that myself by taking my own supplements. It is easy to get too much of certain vitamins by consuming fortified foods and beverages, and usually, as here, they are the synthetic forms, which are not so good for you.
The taste is great, it is organic and non-GMO, and if only it had no added vitamins, I would give it a full 5 stars.
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on September 1, 2016
The first comment I want to share is our family understands we may have had a unique experience. Yes we are dissapointed with our Soy Dream purchase however as I write this review it is not intended to sway people away from purchasing this product. It is just to make purchasers aware of what we experienced.

Each month we receive nearly 50 items from Amazon's Subscribe and Save. This fabulously convenient service brings staples such as dog food, laundry detergent and coffee pods.

Mid-July 2016, we decided to try SOY DREAM Organic Soymilk. In addition to gallons of non-fat milk, our teenage kids buy soy milk at the grocery store a carton at a time. It was hilarious how excited they were (LOL) when it arrived. My husband and I were happy saving a few dollars...we thought.

Yesterday I watched our son poured SOY DREAM on his cereal. Oh my, it was chunky and rotten smelling! Another one of our children commented that they had to throw out a carton for the same reason.

With 2 of the12 cartons tossed out and now 5 remain unopened, our plan to save on failed miserably. We are not quite sure what went wrong. Perhaps I am naive and soy goes bad quickly and it is best to buy it a carton at a time at a retail store? We were careful about storage re: the temperature would have been our house temp 71 degrees.

We were past Amazon's 30-day return policy so this became a very expensive and disappointing purchase.

As shared, this review reflects our personal dissapointment with SOY DREAM. I shared our experience in hopes if others had a similar experience then customers would be aware or perhaps our experience is unique and we added to this spoiling. Not knowing much about soy milk I did not want to just toss out a complaint without owning some responsibility such as the need to drink the cartons faster than 30-days.
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on July 7, 2015
This soy milk has an entirely different taste than (Silk , my usual go-to brand) Soy Dream has is a stronger soy flavor,and not quite as smooth as Silk, not bad though. I really like the cartons, as they have an actual round threaded cap that can be securely closed, ( as compared to the rather flimsy tab on the Silk brand) The price Amazon is comparable to the supermarket, and it does store well. I am sure it will be a great second favorite!
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on August 27, 2013
Soy Dream product has the best flavor of any soymilk on the market.
The packaging by Soy Dream was good, however Amazon's packaging
was bad. The first order was not delivered by UPS because of damage.
The replacement order made it to me okay somehow, Amazon's should
know that a 24 pound liquid package cannot be packaged in a bigger box
with only around 4 sheets of newspaper as packing, even though the
Soymilk product was wrapped in bubble wrap. This bubblewrap was
flattened on the long side because the outer package was 2200 cubic
inches and the soymilk box was only 980 cubic inches, leaving a lot
of space for the soymilk box to move around.
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2015
My shipment arrived quickly and was perfect. The soy milk is among the best I've tasted--lots better than most of them (which are often too watery or thin for my taste, kind of like skim milk). This one is much like regular milk in consistency, color, and flavor. I am allergic to both dairy and gluten so I have this for breakfast with corn flakes and fruit. Works great! I don't tire of it. I drink my coffee (and tea) black, so I can't speak to how it works with coffee or tea (if you take it British style with milk), but I expect it would work well.
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on December 24, 2013
I like the taste compared to any Silk product. Before Silk was bought out years ago I used to use their soy milk for making frothed milk for my cappuccinos, then one day without warning the milk stopped frothing so I had to look for another brand. This milk makes wonderful foamy peaks, perfect for cappuccinos and actually tastes better than Silk to me. Been buying this brand for years.


Now the seller is pulling a fast one and doubling the price for the same product! I've purchased 5 times prior and when I went to re-purchase the price went up considerably.
Total rip off and do not buy from this sellers. Way cheaper at They seem to be competing with Amazon's lousy sellers since pricing fluctuates daily here so I'm taking my online grocery purchases with free shipping at Walmart.
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on April 17, 2017
Love in my chai tea and on cereal, since I can't tolerate milk.
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on July 10, 2016
I have ordered this product for our vegetarian family via subscribe and save for a couple of years to use as a backup for fresh soy milk and when we travel. All of the tetra paks in the most recent case (received in March 2016) were bloated and spoiled. The best before date is January 10, 2017. I will no longer purchase without examining the integrity of the Tetra Pak first.
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on April 12, 2017
Vegan baby!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 21, 2014
I am reviewing ONLY the soy dream soy milk. (more on this statement later). This is very tasty and good for you. I enjoy it and once you kind of get used to it, you look forward to it. Personally the first time or two I had a problem with it warm, but as long as its not "hot" its ok and I think its a mental block about calling it "milk" and having warm milk at school when I was school age. We ordered this and about 1/2 of the boxes were crushed and leaking all over. Called amazon, and of course, they are awesome. They replaced it immediately, no questions asked. The second (replacement) came, worse than the first, and many of the containers were physically damaged and empty, obviously making a mess somewhere, but dry by the time we got it, so who knows where. My hunch is it had to happen at Amazon, because its 2 days, and that much liquid leaking in a cardboard box, would take some time to dry out. Anyway, amazon again was great, and gave me a refund. Sadly, I will not order it in this size again, the small ones make it perfect but they are not available so we got these and these do not work --the way that amazon packs them and the way the carrier handles them, no good. 5 stars for product, and 1 for shipping which is a separate review on the order page, and I took care of that there. Thanks
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