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on April 15, 2013
I purchased my TrekDesk about 6 months ago but it sat in it's box for a few months before I got around to pairing it with the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill (also bought from Amazon). I was pretty skeptical at first - especially after reviewing the most negative review video.

I work mostly at home as an IT consultant and have lived a very sedentary life as a result and have put on at least 50lbs too much and really needed to make a change in my life. If I was going to do this - I really needed to 1) keep it under budget (we have 5 kids at home etc.) and 2) I needed enough space to hold all my stuff (I use three monitors with my PC) and it had to hold it all steadily. It's now been 8 weeks since I started using my new desk/treadmill and I wanted to tell my experience.

Pre-workout and building courage phase:

Once I received my treadmill I was finally forced to open the box for the desk and to begin to build it. I was pleasantly surprised at the build construction. From the negative video - the guy makes it look like it will fall over and collapse by barely touching it so I remained skeptical still. It took me only about 45 minutes (in total - in between visits from my little guys asking if they can help every 2 min.) I am only 5'8 (got shorter due to paratrooper days in the Army :) and found that I the default height of the lowest setting fit me perfectly. With the treadmill in place I stand very comfortably with my hand easily being able to reach my keyboard and other items I need to use without issue. There is at least enough room to raise it another 10 inches for those less vertically-challenged like me.

I proceeded to move all three of my 27inch LCD monitors, two laptops, a speakerphone and still have plenty of room for water bottles and other misc. stuff that adds up without being too cluttered. In the end, found that not only did I have enough space for all of this, but it was all quite stable (unlike how the guy in the video tries to show you that it is all very unstable and cheap). In short - I am very pleased with the construction. The desk is foldable like a folding table and can be easily moved - love that too.

Now I have my TrekDesk next to my old fat guy desk in my office so I can easily switch as needed.

Now on to actual use..

Week 1: Ouch! My feet are killing me! This will take some time to get used to for sure.. Typing and talking - well not too easy to do at initially. It took me a few days to get used to it if I concentrated. I started off at a speed of 1.0 to get used to things ending at 1.2 for the week. I would run in 30 minutes 'sets' as long as I could stand it - but I had to take frequent breaks too.

Week 2: OMG my feet HURT. I am using regular gym shoes but really have not gotten used to the standing bit. I have increased my pace from 1.5 to 2.0 though and I sweat pretty strongly at this setting. I where shorts and tank while working - that's pretty cool huh? By the end of this week I was starting to get more encouraged though.

Week 3: Ok - feet are beginning to adjust and don't hurt so bad. I have some soreness in my legs and back but it was ok since I was actually feeling pretty good about it. I have started to really get into drinking water. So far - the desk hasn't broken down at all - everything remains functional and stable. The treadmill I bought has been holding up as well. The noise level is quiet enough that I can be on my USB speakerphone (Using MS Lync) and no one on the call complains and when asked about it they tell me that they don't hear anything :)

Week 4: Now I am starting to feel like this is a habit. I decided to go out and buy a FitBit Ultra (yes Amazon as well) so that I can keep track of my steps, calories, and distance. I have also started a push program that when I pause I do some sets of pushups in-between meetings etc.

Week 5-8: Using the FitBit has really made a difference now as well. At the end of week 8, according to the FitBit, I am averaging over 10,000 steps a day (over 4 sets of 30 minutes at ~2.0 MPH), burn close to 2,000 calories a day, and have greatly reduced my calorie intake. I am now losing weight at a clip of around 1.5 to 2 lbs a week and have not felt this good in a long long time. I now have loads of energy and when I wake up tired, once I get going, I wake up and stay awake all day (before I started I was tired all the time and really had a hardtime staying focused.).

I really have to credit the TrekDesk people with making what I consider an economical but well designed product, as well as low cost Confidence Power Plus Treadmill and FitBit. I spent around $800 for all of this and I consider it truly a life change for me. Please take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. If you have the money - then naturally you can spend more but for me, I am very happy with this purchase.

On a last note - I built a small stand for the middle monitor to sit on that is open in the middle with two 10 inch sides and the top is 18 inches across - both being 10 inches deep. This lets me reach the treadmill controls and be able to see the timer on it without issue.

I hope you find my little review informative!
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on February 4, 2015
I researched various desks, and the TrekDesk provided the most space for my double monitors and office supplies. Yes, it is an investment, but so is your health!

I canceled my gym membership, because I never had time to go to the gym. I was getting about 2,000 steps per day. Now with my TrekDesk, I am hitting my goal of over 10,000 steps per day by noon! All while working!

I started out at 1 mph. Then, I moved up to 1. 5. I sometimes get to 2 mph, but I have found the best pace for me is 1.8 mph. At this pace, you can still type and operate your mouse very smoothly. I'm sure everyone has their own "perfect pace", but remember to start out slow.

Wouldn't it be great if every classroom and every office in the country offered these as an option for students and staff? Imagine the productivity and healthy benefits!

I want to convince everyone that this is a great purchase, and I have not regret it for one moment.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on April 12, 2016
Pros: I do really like the concept of this desk but there is also room for improvements. The desk is large and can hold a lot. It is a nice thick plastic and height is adjustable. It is easy to clean and has different options to put the cup holders. It also states that it fits many treadmills and it did fit mine as well which is an older Sportcraft. I am only 5' 2" and the desk is on the 2nd whole and the treadmill is on the highest setting. This was a perfect fit to ensure my arms were aligned appropriately when typing. I did some research and this really seems to be the only option for a full size adjustable desk that I could find. All others appeared to either be fixed or much smaller.

Cons: You need power tools to put this together. You also have to drill into plastic; there are no pre-drilled holes. In paying this price, you would think it would be an easier assembly with holes pre-drilled. Instructions are easy to follow however not all items seem to fit perfect during assembly. For example, I think I stripped one of the screws and the rubber ends didn't go on easy. Also, there is a seam down the very middle so if it doesn't butt together perfectly then you have a gap. And, as other reviews have stated, there is a side to side wobble. I don't notice much when I use on an every day basis but again for the price you pay you would think it would be a bit more sturdy.

Overall: Does it do what it is supposed to? Yes, it is a desk that you can adjust and can put lots of items on it and walk. This is a great way to get up and move while working.
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on October 8, 2009
I have been waiting for months for the Trekdesk to be released. I ordered mine minutes after receiving the email that it was available to order (I was on the waitlist). I had lofty expectations for this product. Now that I have been using it for a few days I can safely report that Trekdesk has met all my expecations. I am thrilled with my new office routine!

Let me start with the bad to get it out of the way. I am nit-picking here. These are fairly minor complaints.

- Assembly instructions could be more helpful. It took me 45 minutes to assemble the desk, although I admitedly am not much of a handyman. Others could probably assemble it in half that time. The instructions were detailed, but do not have drawings/pictures which would have been very helful to me. The video helped some, but I wish it also was more detailed in showing assembly steps. I was surprised at the number of parts to assemble...and the number of screws. It would be helpful to have the different size screws in separate bags instead of all in one bag.

- Difficulty accessing the treadmill control panel under the Trekdesk. I believe Trekdesk recommends a treadmill with a side panel instead of the panel in front. However, my treadmill has the front panel, which sits under the Trekdesk. I can't see the treadmill display without performing gymnastic contortions. Also, must reach under the Trekdesk to press the start/stop buttons on the treadmill. However, after a few hours I was used to the routine. I haven't changed the speed or incline on the treadmill since the first day anyway, so no need to have easy access to the control panel.

- cord control. They should add features for tying down cords somewhere. Between the computer, monitor, phone, printer, etc....lots of cords running from the desk.

- Not a full-time desk. I found that I like to alternate between a chair and the treadmill during the day. I work/walk for a couple hours and then spend a half hour sitting at the desk. However, I have only been using the treadmill for 2 days and noticed that today I spent a lot more time on the treadmill than I did the first day. Ok, you have probably guessed I am not the picture of fitness (yet).

Now for all the good stuff...
- solid construction. When I ordered I was a little worried this would be a cheap product because the price was a fraction of other treadmill workstations. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the desk when unpacking the box.

- packaging. Speaking of unpacking..no way this desk will be damaged during shipping. All parts are fit into layers of custom-molded styrofoam.

- video tutorial for assembling.

- adjustable height. I am 6' 3, and the Trekdesk fits me perfectly when I am on the treadmill. I could still raise it a couple more inches if I wanted to.

- customer service. I emailed customer service with a question and received a response and helpful instructions within an hour.

- large desk. Plenty or room for a work area, even with a laptop docked and a monitor/keyboard/mouse.

- the best news of all is that it works! I feel great during and after work. I have been working from home for quite some time now, and have been feeling more and more lethargic sitting in my chair all day long. What a difference the Trekdesk makes! I had more energy today at work than I have had in a long time. It only took minutes to get used to walking while typing away at the keyboard or using the mouse. The setup feels quite natural now. I use all the accessories that came with the desk, especially the cup holders. Those are a nice touch. Overall, I have no reservations about recommending the Trekdesk. It has been well worth the purchase price to me.
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on May 29, 2013
My Work needs: I must work at the computer 8 hours or more a day. My health needs: I have fibromyalgia, had a hip replacement 6 months ago and arthritis in both knees. These 2 needs do NOT go together and I am always behind in one of them. I shopped around and this product was the only one priced in a range where if it didn't work for me-- it was OK. Also I already had a treadmill that was not getting much use. I got the TrekDesk in about a week. It came in a very large box. I de-boxed it no problem and put it all together myself with no help at all.... leisurely and slowly, a few hours. I even moved it to the treadmill and made the adjustments all alone. I do have my own drill and I am handy with tools. But I think anyone with basic tool knowledge who can follow the pictures can do it just fine. The first day I got it, I put 1.5 miles on it and every day after that. I really can work on complex legal documents, email and use the phone. I'm building up to more time. 1 MPH is comfortable. I can work at home some days so it's great for those days. I'm so glad I did not let the negative feedback influence me. It is STURDY, just the right weight. I'm 5'6" and use the #4 height slot for my Nordic Track treadmill. I cannot fathom anyone regretting this purchase. Tip: DO use the drink cup. I put my water on the top and right away I hit it with my hand (I've done that even without a treadmill). It aint' the prettiest thing you've seen but it has fabulous bone structure and a great personality. I really like the paper stand accessory that comes with it. I would make the metal paper tray accessory optional. It's very heavy and I don't think many people would use it. I suggest a book holder accessory instead with a flexible arm.
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on February 3, 2015
I have had this desk for a few months now and I LOVE IT! My office is situated so I have my trek desk and my normal desk - but I actually never use my normal desk anymore. My husband has a different model treadmill desk but even he prefers mine. I spread out when I work and I absolutely love the size and shape of the trek desk. If I don't want to walk for whatever reason it just becomes a standing desk. I have been walking between 5 - 10 miles daily and feel a million times better. I was starting to suffer from backaches etc sitting all day (I'm a writer so I am at my desk for hours). Several friends come over and insist on trying my desk - people think it'll be hard to walk and type at the same time - but it's not! It feels so natural and getting that left/right brain action going only helps, in my opinion. I truly believe treadmill desks are the best invention and want to get one for each of my kids too - start 'em all right while they're young.
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on April 10, 2015
I had wanted to order one of these desks since seeing a show (20/20 or something like it) where a doctor and his entire staff used treadmills while they worked and saw patients. I have a computer-based job at home and spent way too much time sitting in my chair. My days can sometimes go to 10 hours when busy and getting up to walk around regularly wasn't enough. I purchased this in September 2014 and am absolutely thrilled. This is an affordable option for me, since I have a treadmill and did not want to spend $1500 for some of the ones I see available. While I have not relly lost weight with it, I feel so much better. My blood pressure has gone down, though it was never high. I feel healthier. I walk rather slowly 1.5 to 2 mph), since I have to type and write, but it fits all my equipment and the sound does not seem to go through my headset to people on calls. I do find I am hungrier, but especially in cold weather it has allowed me to walk and keep moving. I have walked through my whole day which can be about 7 hours and find that does get to my feet. I wear running shoes for the cushioning and even with that, I feel somewhat sore in my feet. The days where I walk in 99 minute intervals (my treadmill shuts off after 99 minutes) 2 or 3 times seem to be the best option. I do take a lunch break and sometimes I just stand at my desk for periods of time. The walking does prevent back issues. I really thought my back might hurt spending work days walking on my treadmill and it is important to note that the act of walking prevents that. I really think this is a great solution for technical workers and look forward to getting my biometric screening done to check my levels and cholesterol and all that. My heart must be healthier. It was relatively easy to assemble and has been very sturdy. I am so glad I purchased this and recommend it highly.
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on December 30, 2015
I never write more than a one or two sentence reviews on products but the customer service I received today makes me feel a little obliged to. Just today I wrote TrekDesk directly letting them know one of the plastic caps went loose. These are the same caps that go on the feet to not pinch the carpet as much but are also what keep the desk surface part from moving (hard to explain but you'll see if you get one). Anyway they wrote back within a couple hours that they were sending me a new one and all they did was encourage me to write a review. Fair enough indeed.

This is my second TrekDesk but not because of a poor product. I tried this with two previous jobs and found I could not do the work properly. One was investigating properties for environmental problems and the other was drafting work. Hard to explain why the first one didn't jive well but if you are familiar with drafting you could easily guess it.

The product is fine, great maybe, but now I have a job selling furniture online and I find it works amazing. Its BIG, but it gives me plenty of room for triple 27" monitors. This is great because 95% of what I do is digital and there is plenty of space for my phone, headset, keyboard+mouse and I write in a couple notebooks to my left. Still there is room left over and I'm considering sawing off a few inches of each side and sanding down but I'm afraid of how it will turn out.

I recommend that if you are looking at this to lose a ton of weight do some research. You will not drop pounds like crazy right off that bat. You need to follow a proper diet and exercise smart. This will however amazingly compliment a healthy lifestyle. It will help against being sedentary and all the chronic illnesses that accumulate from that. It will make you feel better about how you spent your day; which should not be taken lightly in regards to the effects your mental well being will have. It WILL help you lose weight but it is small and cumulative. I probably walk at 1.5 mph for about 4 hours a day (I stand when I write and I also have a tall stool that I sit on sometimes). That can't burn that many extra calories but they add up right.

So does your job allow the room and tasks that work with walking? Sales and customer support I can vouch hands down it will. Anyone who spends more than 50% of there time engaged with the keyboard can...well count on about 50% of their work to work with this setup. Can you afford it? Its $500. I've gotten MORE than my money out of it and will continue to do so for I suspect a long time (not many things to go wrong with the product really).

Oh ya Definitely assemble on as flat as surface as possible, and plan on needing a lot of room for the actual assembly. I don't know I love. I think after 5 years my treadmill is almost dead so I'm planning on getting a new one.
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on February 10, 2015
I purchased my TrekDesk about 3 years ago. I work from home and although I live an active, healthy lifestyle, I just knew in my heart that sitting 8 hours a day was detrimental to my health. My hips were hurting, I was sluggish and tired at the end of the day and had put on a few pounds. I went on a web search for exercises to do at my desk and stumbled upon this, and It was the best purchase and decision I ever made. It took me a while to get use to being on my feet all day, but after a while I was walking 16 miles in a day and all while being more productive at work than I was before.
My hips not longer hurt, I have lost 10 pounds, I feel AMAZING at the end of the day with more energy to go to the gym and do my heavy training I now do.
I am studying to become a personal trainer now and I Constantly tell people about this and how beneficial it has been to me and how I wish everyone who has a desk job would buy one of these or have the company they work for buy them, the productivity would surely increase!!
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on October 17, 2015
I've had my TrekDesk for over 4 years, and have used it almost every day since I got it. Except for one step where I needed an extra set of hands, I put it together myself with no problem. I've moved it several times from one room to another, and even to a new state. It's very easy to move: just fold it up, move it, unfold it, and you are ready to go. Note that it is BIG. There is plenty of room for my 3-monitor setup, with room to spare. My initial concern that my monitors might fall off the desk due to instability turned out to be completely unfounded. I've never had any problems with the stability of this desk. Since the height of the desk is adjustable, I've been able to use it both with and without a treadmill. When not using a treadmill, the desktop sits slightly higher than I would like, but the extra height gained by standing on an anti-fatigue mat helps. The desk looks and functions exactly the same as the day I put it together; it's extremely durable. I like the fact that I can use whatever treadmill I choose with it. I expect to get many more years of use out of my TrekDesk. The only con I can think of is that I have much less tolerance for sitting at a desk now. There have been situations over the last couple of years where I've had to sit at a desk or conference table all day, and by the end my back is killing me! I don't know how I sat at a desk all those years. Going from sitting all the time to walking or standing is an adjustment for sure, but after the first couple of weeks, you won't ever want to go back. Very highly recommended.
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