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on January 21, 2010
I'm a Mac and Unix guy but I bought one of these for my wife who is major computer-phobic for Xmas and it's been a big success. This is a very capable PC lacking only an optical DVD drive. The HD is hugh and plenty of cpu/gpu for most things except hard-core gaming which usually requires more powerful graphics and a CD to be in a CD/DVD drive to run. Java apps and Javac compiles runs very well indeed. I haven't bothered to expand ram from the 1 Gb supplied since it seems fine but if you're one of those folks who frequently has lots of concurrent apps or windows open it might be a good idea to go to 2 Gb. It has a nice comfortable keyboard, almost full sized and not at all prone to fat-fingering which is a common problem with Netbooks. The mouse buttons are on the side of the touchpad to save room but not really hard to get used to at all and touch scrolling works great plus the pad does double tap left key-klicks same as my MacBook which is very nice.
HP has a nifty instant-on OS which comes up immediately and is just fine for browsing or email. Why HP doesn't feature it I don't understand. Anyway, from there you boot into Windows 7 which being an OS X guy I grudgingly have to say is really nice. And a deal on this PC. I just spent nearly half the price of this entire PC for a single copy of Win-7 for a Bootcamp partition on my Mac. A real bargain on this little thing.
Intel has released an update of this cpu which puts the gpu and memory management on the cpu chip for power savings and that will make already outstanding battery life even more so but when these Mini-110's will get the upgrade I don't know.
I think when the Mini-110 is available in a dual-core version I'll get one for myself to develop on when on the road. It's that good.
You will be delighted with these....
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on January 23, 2010
I bought this after a few weeks researching netbooks online and in stores and am very happy with my decision. I wanted something small and light with a long battery life, to carry on trips, but am finding myself instead carrying it around the house and to bed to check email, surf the web, etc. It set up effortlessly and maintains a better connection to our wireless than our ASUS EEE-PC netbook that has a hardwired connection! As many other reviewers have noted, the HP Instant Web program is a great way to quickly get on the web or email. I do recommend trying netbooks in person if at all possible- I originally was going to get a Toshiba (that was my first laptop, many years ago, which I loved, and Consumer Reports rates the Toshiba netbook highly) but I really didn't like the feel of the keypad (too squishy). This one has a satisfyingly solid feel. A few other things: it is the only netbook I could find with an anti-glare screen; it does seem to help. Also, the battery does stick out (see picture); I like it- it lifts it up so it's not heating up your lap, and it makes a great handle for carrying. Highly recommended.
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on November 26, 2009
I got it with 2gb memory as some reviewers suggsted. The IOS (Instant Operating System) boots in about 6 seconds (I didn't know it had the option when I bought it). Awesome! It provides internet email, internet, and music and pictures (nothing else). If you want Windows 7 you just click on bottom left screen. The KB is close to being full sized and very clear. My first few days of use had the battery going 8+ hrs. The only downside (and this is true for all notebooks) is the small screen which requires a lot more scrolling to view info. One reviewer rated it 1 star because of the battery doubling the thickness, but I found this positive as it 1: gives a good grip when carrying 2: elevates the KB to a good angle for typing (and BTW, one of the side photos clearly shows the battery)
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on January 25, 2010
The HP Instant Web is GREAT. You're up and online in a few seconds without the entire OS turning on. This feature alone beats all the other mini's out there. Its light and portable as well, plus I love the white designs. The bigger 6-cell battery is not as bulky as some reviews have mentioned. I actually like this battery, its almost like a tiny built in stand so the mini sits on a very small angle instead of flat; its only an inch if that. The screen is small of course. It takes some getting used to if you have anything bigger than a 15 currently. The battery doesn't quite last 8 hours, more like 6 but that's still good for me. I haven't updated to the full Windows 7 and the starter so far is fine too.
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on December 11, 2009
I've had my netbook for a couple of weeks now and I'm very happy with it. The keyboard (as expressed here) is very comfortable. I've typed in Acer and other minis and my hands usually hurt or cramp when I type, but It's very different with this mini.

The battery extends like an inch at the bottom of the netbook, but It doesn't look exaggerated at all, in fact, this prevents dust from tables and places you put the mini from choking the fans (It has happened to me with other laptops and its a nightmare). And It also provides a comfortable tilt for typing.(for pics of the 6 cell battery, look for this same product in the black edition, there's a picture of the battery dimensions there)

The computer looks very stylish (and trust me, I am very selective with computer styles. One of the things that disappointed me was that the Windows 7 starter has a lot of limitations (hey!nothing is perfect lol).I had to upgrade to the professional edition in order to personalize my mini and increase my multitasking. W7 starter doesn't allow background and display changes. Also, sometimes video tend to play glitchy and the computer freezes, but I've notices that after downloading some updates, the problem has stopped (It may also be a slow internet connection). The volume of the speakers is somewhat low, but it has very good quality. Overall, I would recommend this product . Remember that mini technology is relatively new, I wouldn't be surprised if in the future better processors and applications will make this computer -and others to come- A LOT more efficient. Its a very comfortable netbook, not god for heavy multitasking, but perfect for networking, typing projects, school/office jobs, etc. I really love the product... :)
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on December 27, 2009
This seems to be a great product. I bought it for my wife for Xmas, along with the Amazon-recommended 2 GB memory. Be aware that this system has ONLY ONE memory card slot, so you have to remove the 1 GB card to install the 2 GB card.

I thought there was an extra slot, and I would have 3 GB total (the max that Windows 7 can use). Not so. Anybody want to buy an unused 1 GB memory card?
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on February 10, 2010
So easy to use. It is perfect for anyone traveling. Lightweight and fits in even a medium size purse. I'm new at Windows 7 so I will need more time to get used to it. I also like that it has an "airplane mode." The media slot will accomodate most camera cards. I bought a 8gb flash drive so I can transfer photos and music between my other computers. (I haven't learned to network between computers yet) It's just perfect for this traveling grandma. I also think it is perfect for a first time computer for a child.
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on May 9, 2011
I bought this notebook one and half years ago and i used it very carefully; i took it with me to classes and used it at home and almost everywhere. The computer was absolutely great. My only problem was the webcam, it stopped working for about eight months; It is good for a college student; however, my notebook fell from my desk and the hard drive is ruin and i lost every thing i saved in it. At least it's worth trying.
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on May 21, 2010
I have a mack book pro and this netbook, I have to say the wireless card on this one gives me better performance. also the battery life it worth you can work the hole day with it, it compensates for the bigger battery size. LED screen give reliable colors (photography) and the SD slot turns out to be very useful. The include HP OS is really useful for quick checking email, web and even photos and music.

Lot of advantages on a package this price.
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on December 25, 2009
Love it. I got this laptop from my parents and i think its absolutely adorable! I compared it to my mom's desktop which made it even more unbelievably stunning ...just the color on it!! The size is perfect for me i can carry it around ...especially with the wifi. The man who helped us set it up said i could get only ten feet away from the connection...but it allowed a LOT more!!! I recommend it for ANYONE looking for a great mini !!!
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