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on August 27, 2015
Okay, I spent the past 2 months researching generators. Here is a quick reason why I picked Yamaha over honda.

- Brand name: yes like Honda, it's a brand name, so is the third party 500$ gens, but this brandname is held to a high standard with Yamaha motor sports engines. Which relates to customer service. Try getting warranty repairs on the 500 generator you bought.

- Fuel Gauge: really Honda? 1k and you can't put a fuel gauge on the thing, the Yamaha has a simple gauge to tell fuel levels, EXTREMELY useful.

- Turning the fuel line on and off, big for me, you can turn off the fuel line and let the carb run try without having to worry about clogging up injectors.. You can have fuel in it and have it ready to go on a moments notice, the Honda, you have to worry about the clogging and whatnot, to burn the fuel off means you have to either empty the tank of gas (pain in the butt) or run it all dry. No thanks.

- Comes with the car AC cables, Honda doesn't...
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on September 7, 2015
Decent build except for one fatal flaw.

Now, if you plan to use this thing only a few hours here and there when the lights go out, or for tailgate parties, this probably won't be as big a deal for you, since you'll probably only put a few hundred hours on it in a decade - but if you plan to use it a lot, read on.

I've purchased and put three of these things through the paces, one every couple seasons.

After you put a few thousand hours on these things, they start eating oil like candy.
I'm talking 8-12 hours from full crankcase to low oil shutdown - like fill the oil every time you fill the gas.

A search online shows I'm not the first to run into this, either.

I'm not sure what the design flaw is, but the other yamahas, the 1000is and the 2400is, haven't got this issue.
Then again, those were made in Japan, these are now made in China.

All three of these EF2000iS generators used to run the whole oil change interval without any change in oil level, then abruptly that changed.
Your mileage may vary. Still, three out of three, as the hours piled up. I kind of got sucked into the deal, as we have other yamaha generators (2400 watt and 900 watt) and when the first 2000is began to eat oil, I figured it was an anomaly. By the time we bought the third, a pattern had emerged that this particular model has oil issues with increasing age.

As of this writing the first two are dead, and number three is going downhill fast, but won't be quite bad enough for Yamaha to service it before the warranty expires. Their service shops leave a lot to be desired, when you can find one, and the techs view 5 ounces of oil use per tank of gas as "normal"... None of these 3 machines made it past 3000 hours.

That's three of three of these things, dead of oil issues, despite good maintenance.

Yeah, we put a lot of hours on them. Same goes for the 2400 watt one, and the 900 watt one.

Here's the point: The 2400is and the 900is are still trucking along, though the sun has faded the plastic housings, and a few nonessential parts have fallen off them, and they were bought several YEARS before the first of these 2000is generators.

They're still doing fine - in fact, the 2400 is outside in a thunderstorm, running as I write this - it was bought many, many years ago and with a conservative 25,000-35,000 hours on it it still DOESN'T USE A DROP OF OIL. Not a typo, man. Tens of thousands of hours of run time. The 900 has been everywhere and done everything under all conditions and in all weather, for so long I can't even guess at the hours on that puppy and it DOESN'T USE A DROP OF OIL.

But then, that engine was made in Japan, not China.

My point is simply this:

I have two other models of yamahas that date to around 2003. They are faded from being from the sun, but you can't kill them, or their Japanese engines.

I have three of these EF2000iS's that date from 2010 to the present. They, and their Chinese engines, are now junk.

Let the buyer beware... and if you really need a generator in this class, I don't know where to send you, as honda is now outsourcing their engines to Thailand, apparently.

Update - we've added a Honda eu2000 to the mix and I've run it a good bit. Now, I believe I do know where to send you.

The Honda is a bit less fuel efficient, but a good deal more robust as far as starting heavy loads without huge voltage dips.

I hate the Honda fuel filler, it's too small in diameter, the choke is a plastic tab, and I'm not a fan of the on/off switch and fuel shutoff being the same knob, would prefer a Japanese motor, but zits amd all it scores over the Yamaha in a few key areas, at least so far. It's more powerful, significantly better in starting heavy loads even from the eco throttle setting, and locally serviced by people who actually can fix it. So far, it holds its oil just fine, too.
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on August 7, 2016
Yamaha EF2000iS(v2) series Gen Inverter Break-in (parallel cable connected) testing. Got nearly 5 hours (4:45 hrs + extra 5 min to intentionally run out fuel for shutdown via the petcock switch) on 2/3 a tank of gas each (1.1 gallon tank per generator).

13.5k A/C with thermostat set at 75,
Refrigerator on,
TV on,
Stereo system on,
Dining room & bedroom lights on.
84 degrees/81% humidity at Start,
78 degrees/74% humidity at Shutdown.

Did this a week or so ago with 98 degree/90%+ humidity and got 5:25hr (used full tank) with a/c set at 70 degrees intentionally so a/c would never cycle off at all throughout. Wanted to load test.

Overall, small, lightweight and incredibly easy use: easy to pick-up and move around, starts instantly (even brand new, both each out of the crate started on the first gentle pull), and they really are quiet, all things considered. Substantially more quiet than my 5k portable house generator (used only for hurricane preparedness). Very impressed and pleased with first 10 hours of engine break-in usage.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I received the generators that even though I had ordered the EF2000iS version, I received the latest and greatest iSV2 (version 2) model. Thank you Amazon!!

I will update more as I get more use of these dual units. They will be powering an RV, so many hours of usage is planned.
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on November 19, 2015
I spent quite a bit of time looking for a lightweight portable generator to take camping with my small travel trailer, as well as use around the house such as remote power tool use, lights and outlets in my shed, and charging the battery on my tractor.

The big contenders in this class are this unit and the Honda 2000 watt inverter generator. I selected the Yamaha after several features stood out:
1. Fuel shutoff allows the carb to be run dry, which helps prevent starting problems after extended storage.
2. Carb drain gets every drop of fuel out for even more extended storage. (such as over the winter.)
3. Gear driven valve train instead of belt driven.
4. Closable vent cap to prevent fuel spills and fuel level indicator in the cap.

Prices were competitive and main features similar, but the Yamaha just stood out as a fuller featured machine for about the same price. These small units won't fun larger A/C units on RV's, but work with my single small RV A/C unit, although it won't run the A/C and microwave at the same time. It's also been very helpful for tasks around the house. I have a large shed that is several hundred feet away from the house, and I added a simple electrical system for lights and outlets, with a 2-breaker electrical box and extension that plugs into the generator sitting outside the shed. With the generator running, the shed becomes a remote workshop.

As with most inverter type generator systems, this unit is very quiet, especially when placed in the economy mode. The big advantage to the inverter technology is that the engine can vary in speed according to load, reducing noise and fuel consumption at low power output. The Yamaha case does a good job dampening the sound output and the controls react quickly to a surge in demand. I haven't had any instances of the unit shutting down due to excessive demand.

This generator comes with all the accessories needed, including DC battery charger cable and spark plug wrench. It does not come with any oil, so a quick trip to the auto supply department for a quart of oil is needed.

The generator is light enough for my wife to move it around and the large comfortable handle gives a good grip. The controls are all grouped together with the pull starter although you do need to tip the unit back so you can see which button you're pressing. The economy mode and on/off switches are covered with a protective rubber membrane to prevent water incursion.

It has a manual choke. It's a bit fussy to get started because you need to make sure several switches are set in the right position, the gas cap vent is open and the gas shutoff is open, and the choke is set. I wish I could say it always starts with one pull, but since I run out the gas in the cab when I'm done using it, it takes several pulls to get the carb primed and the engine started, but it does start reliable even in colder temperatures.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and I can recommend it to anyone who need lightweight, portable A/C power source.
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on June 29, 2016
I am pretty disappointed with Yamaha on this one. I owned it for just over 3 years and it had MAYBE 50 hours on it. Always started right up (although I condition the fuel in all of my equipment). The control unit went bad in this - it produces 12v but no AC. The control unit costs $700, not including labor to replace. I wanted to stay away from the cheap-knock-off-throw-away generators, but the Yamaha has even less value than the cheap ones now. I can see a replacement part of $300, maybe $350, but really? $700? Things go bad, but you've got to make the parts some what reasonable. In the trash it goes...
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on November 20, 2015
Arrived in good shape from Amazon so was happy about that. I only have done initial set up and so far, the quality of the genset seems excellent. Some small complaints I do have is that I'm disappointed in Yamaha out sourcing to China, I've heard Honda did the same but haven't verified this. If Honda is still made in Japan I'd of gone that way in retrospect. Though I really like the fuel shut off and gauge on the Yamaha. That is what sold me. The cast iron cylinder and metal valve train is also nice. I added the Motocross Hardline hour meter and the magnetic oil pick up. Initial oil fill was exactly 400ml of 0W-30 Royal Purple Break in Oil. I'll switch to Castrol 0W-40 synthetic European SN rated oil (German made) after 20 hour break in. I'll also break in with ethanol free fuel (Trufuel, Husqavarna, VPT4 etc etc).
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on May 13, 2016
Great Generator, it took half a pull to start this puppy up. I used premium fuel and mobile one synthetic oil. It has a gas gauge and is super quiet. My dad and I had this generator 3 feet away from us running, and we could talk without raising our voices. I don't really know whether it's technically and mechanically superior to other brands, but It does what we need it for, run lights and chest freezer in case of power outages, which had happened several time in the past. I plan to buy another one and connect them together, and convert them to run on natural gas. I did a research before deciding to buy it, and you can find a lot of guys on forums go into mechanical and the littlest details about Yamaha vs Honda. As for me, it works and does what I need, Very fuel efficient, 1/4 gallon of gas was used after running for 3 hours and putting out 500 watts.
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on May 16, 2014
This thing is great! I chose this over the Honda model mainly because of the fuel shutoff valve and the fact that the Yamaha had twice the emission engine durability rating. I cannot believe how quiet and amazingly fuel efficient it is. It's very portable and simple to use. Mine almost always starts on the first pull with the rare second pull getting it running. As long as you change the oil on schedule and run the carb empty by shutting the fuel line off this will start up with no problem after a long storage. I'd also recommend quality non ethanol fuel as well, especially if it'll be stored with fuel in the tank. In the end wether you choose the Yamaha or the Honda you'll be satisfied, just research the subtle differences and see which suits you best.
*****UPDATE 03/06/2015***** I'm still one hundred percent satisfied with this generator. After over five hundred hours of use it starts, runs and sounds like new. I've used it in negative nine degrees as well as just over one hundred degrees and I've had no issues. I've found the maintenance to be simple to perform and reasonably scheduled. I'm considering purchasing a second one so I can combine the two together and power my air conditioner.
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on August 16, 2015
After reading other reviews and having mine for about two years now, I thought I'd add my review. It seems others, like I did, considered this and the Honda as the top contenders. And I'd guess that those who got Hondas that failed also wrote reviews that said "I should have bought the Yamaha."

Fortunately, I got one that seems to have worked flawlessly. Got me through a week without power during Sandy. And a godsend that used fuel very frugally as you had to fight for a tank of gas. If you could find gas at all. At one point I was siphoning gas out of my motorcycle.

Not only has it worked without problems, but has lived under a tarp in the weather most of its life. The only time it failed to start was when I forgot to flick a switch. Enough power to keep a refrigerator running. Or in the cold, power a 1,500 watt heater, a TV, and a few lights.

Very happy with this purchase.
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on December 7, 2016
This product is great. Starts very easy so the wife can use it if I am not there. We live on the gulf coast and it is nice to know I have something that will allow me to keep my fridge working so I won't loss my food and can run TV so find out what is going on in the area. It is also very quite. You can hear it run but it is not totally distracting like the larger units. I also think for my use which would probably be around 1 hr per day or so if power is out that the low rate of fuel consumption will be awesome. I also have a boat that always needs the batteries charged. I am excited to see how it does on that. Start it up and let it run until it runs out of fuel. Come back and the batteries should be charged enough to actually use the boat.
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