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on August 2, 2015
Severely disappointing product. As the pictures show, in the shower for less than a month and it is rusted. I would give this item negative stars if we could.
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on January 7, 2013
I purchased Good Grips Lift and Lock Shower Caddy eleven months ago, so I have some experience with it. On the plus side, the metal does not rust, which is the problem we've had with most of our previous shower caddies. Plus it was easy to install. I really wanted to like this, and had I written this review shortly after purchasing it would have probably gotten four or five stars.

Unfortunately after six months the caddy started bowing noticeably, to the point that we had to take it down lest it fall on us. The problem is that the metal segments are joined together by plastic inserts, and those are the weak parts of the structure--with constant pressure on them the plastic parts start getting separated from the metal cylinders. See the pictures I posted above.

To OXO's credit, they sent me a replacement part after I told them of the problem. But after a few months' use, the replacement segment started to show exactly the same problem. I do not want to get yet another replacement segment, so I am now looking for a different shower caddy after less than a year--not something I was expecting after paying a lot of money for this one. I am posting this review here so that others can avoid having the same problem.
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on August 24, 2015
I love Oxo products because they are so well designed. This was fairly easy to put together, but it does have one flaw. The instructions tell you to lift fhe connected pole until the top of the pole presses against the ceiling. We wanted a really snug fit because we didn't want the grandchildren to be able to pull it down on top of them, so we lengthened it one click past where it hit the ceiling so it had a snug fit. But then we couldn't press the bottom lock in place, because there was too much tension. We tried to shorten the pole, but there is no apparent way to do so. You can't twist the pole or push it back down. I am assuming that we should have just let the top of the pole barely touch the ceiling and then when we locked the bottom down, it would provide the necessary tension to keep the pole in place, but it would have been nice if the instructions had made that clear. Now we are stuck with the bottom unlocked.
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on May 22, 2013
I like many other customers was a little hesitant to purchase this item because of the price. As soon as it arrived and I installed it, I could tell this caddy was going to be different. The first thing that impressed me was the solid feel. As I was installing the pole, I was pleasantly surprised at the design and ease of applying tension. All you do is pull the ratcheting bottom out such that your pole is as close to the ceiling and floor as possible, line up the pole where you want it and pull down on a lever to create a tight and solid hold. (If you want, there is a section of pole that can be left out so that the pole goes from the top of the tub to the ceiling.) There is no bowing of any kind like so many other pole caddy's I've had in the past.

The second thing that impressed me was the shelves. When they say adjustable I was a little nervous that they might be a little on the flimsy side like other caddy's. NOT SO! There is a rubber coated hook that goes around the back to prevent sliding and then there is a 1" clip that snaps around the pole to hold the shelf right where you want it. With the wire "rail" that is on 3 of the 4 shelves mixed with the deep dish shelves, you end up with 4" of protection. On other pole caddy's, things were always falling over because of a slight bump. I have knocked bottles over but they stay within the shelf. The bottom part of each shelf is easily removed for cleaning the soap scum and other buildups that come with showers. The strength of these shelves is amazing. I use a pump dispenser for my soap and I never take out the dispenser to get soap. From right there on the shelf, I have pushed down over and over again and there has been no slipping down the pole and no bending or twisting of the shelf it's self. I can't say that of other pole caddy's and their shelves.

My last point is this. I have waited to write this review for over a year now just to report on this particular point. I purchased this in February 2012 and to this date I HAVE NO RUST! Because others had said no rust and solid feel, I took a big gulp and paid what seemed at the time like a VERY high price. I now feel it is worth every penny and will buy another one when or if this one ever needs to be replaced.

* Solid
* Easy installation
* Easy adjustability
* Easy clean
* No rust

I don't know what more I can say other than "Buy this product and you won't regret it."

I have now been using this caddy for 2 years and other than a little soap scum on the shelves (it's time for cleaning again)it still looks like I just installed it. I still have ZERO rust anywhere on the pole, it hasn't fallen down once and it still has a very solid feel. Every once in a while, I have to adjust my bottom shelf up because I use a pump bottle for my soap which exerts a fair amount of extra pressure. Don't think of this as a negative because these "adjustments" have only had to be done 2 - 3 times over the course of 2 years. Shelves are easy to clean, easy to place where you want with the confidence that they will stay there. Just thought I would update and will update in another year or so.

****UPDATE 3****
I have now owned this caddy for 4 years now and NOTHING that I have stated up to this point has changed. I still agree with and endorse everything that I have said about this caddy. It is still rust free and just as stable and solid as the first day I installed it. One suggestion I might add is that when you remove the plastic shelves to clean the soap/residue buildup, take down the pole and clean the base as well for the same reason.

If it were possible, I would give this a million stars. The is the BEST shower caddy bar none. It is the best value out there because you won't be fighting with it or replacing it (unless it is after a very very very long time).
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on May 25, 2016
I realized while cleaning the shelves on my OXO Lift and Lock Pole Caddy just how much I liked it. I purchased this item 5 years ago and have been happy with it from the first day. Yes, it does cost more than other similar products but it is money well spent. It is easy to install, easy to clean, very solid and does not rust. It deserves a top rating!
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on April 19, 2010
This is a phenomenal product. I'd give it ten stars if I could, and while it's certainly expensive, the price is more than matched by the quality. I was a bit reluctant to shell out the money for it, especially given there were no reviews here, but I'm very glad I did. I've had a different tension-pole shower caddy for several years, and it was amateur-hour compared to Good Grips' offering. The old pole was flimsy and bowed slightly in the middle from the tension. The shelves were held in place by plastic sleeves that used friction to keep them in place. The joints in the poles were covered with metallic tape, and the ends were capped with rubber stops that were so flimsy the pole actually cut through them. In addition to all that, the shelves were very shallow, and items placed on them frequently fell off with the slightest bump or knock.

The Good Grips caddy, however, is night and day different. The pole is really sturdy #no bowing#, and is joined with heavy-duty plastic screw ends. In addition, there are several pieces to the pole, so you can adjust it to fit various heights. I've now moved it to a part of the shower where I wasn't able to put the old caddy -- which is a huge space-saver in my situation.

The locking mechanism for the shelves is brilliant. Whoever designed it should get a raise. Shelves are easy to adjust, but are also sturdy and very secure when locked in place. They're also quite deep, and the idea of having holes for putting bottles in upside down is genius. I haven't had any trouble with items falling off, either. Oh, and I really like the fact that I can remove the plastic trays from the metal frames to clean them. That's a nice touch.

Finally, the ratcheting mechanism the caddy uses to create tension is very easy to use and adjust, and creates a very secure lock. Also, the end caps are made of heavy-duty rubber, and are shaped to take advantage of corners.

I couldn't be more pleased with the caddy. I never write reviews, but this was just such a great product that I felt compelled to share. It's got so many intelligent design features, and it's easy to install, easy to move, and easy to clean. I can't think of a single negative thing about it, and I also can't think of anything else I wish it had. Seriously, the designers of this product should get an award! I wish all products were as intelligently designed and as well made as this one.
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on March 1, 2017
I love everything about this product. I live in an RV. A shower caddy is very important and nothing can hang on these shower heads. I've owned many of these, floor to ceiling, tension style caddys. This one solved all the problems I have had in the past. The shelves stay put, after having shelves placed with a set screw that ultimatley would fail. This one locks securely in place without using a soft hammer to nudge it in. I love the footed locking device for this. After all the functional attractions, it's aesthetically pleasing. All the ones I've owned rusted where the bar of soap would sit. This is a plastic shelf insert so I expect that to not be a problem. Past products used silver tape to cover the vertical joints. These screw into place with plastic bushings. A lot of thought went into this product. As I stated I love everything about it. I strongly recommend it. If this is your first tension caddy, buy it, you won't have to suffer through all the faults of the other products.
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on January 11, 2018
After purchasing a flimsy shower caddy at Target and having it fall down twice in six months, I purchased the OXO Good Grips caddy. I am delighted! The lift and lock system ensures that it remains securely fastened in the shower. Finally, I have a shower caddy that is attractive, stores a lot of bottles and is well anchored. I find OXO Good Grips products consistently good, and this caddy is no exception.
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on September 25, 2011
I used cheape caddies that rust in no time and dishes fall off. This is supposed to be all stainless so I will see. If it shows rust, I will come back for edit.
The pole come in sections that need to be selected for height. I ended up not using one piece. For a shower stall, I will use all pieces. I have standard tub (about 14-15" high) and 8 foot ceiling. Press lever gives the final tension.
The dishes hold on by friction from rubber insulation around the hook. One dish can hold 2-3 standard shampoo bottles without slipping.
Even for the price, I had to give it 5 stars, and this is an early usage review.

edit, 7-29-2012: On the top section of the pole assembly, there is a pin size rust. My guess is that the designer of this caddy called for cheaper metal for the upper section of the pole, betting the upper section is less sprayed with water, therefore, less likely to rust. No rust anywhere else, so far. The caddy itself holds 2 Costco size shampoo bottles.
Downgrade to 4 stars, but I still may buy this caddy. I don't know of any better product, for the price.

1-2015: This caddy is definitely not stainless steel. Both the pole parts and the metal frame for the trays are rusting. Now I am wondering if I read the descriptions correctly, and doubting myself. I don't think I would have paid over $100 if I weren't sure about it. This puts all of oxo's stainless claim into doubt. I liked its shower caddy design, but I will look for all plastic.

sometime 2015: 2 trays broke. The plastic part that is leveraged to the pole broke. The plastic fatigue, I think, although it's disappointing to find such weak plastic in a product this expensive. Oxo replaced them promptly on one phone call.

June 2016: Need another shower caddy and buying another Oxo. It's been 5 years, so it's actually paid for itself for lasting this long. There is some rust, but not bad enough to stain the tub or throw away. Replacement service was excellent. Edited and feel now I have to give it 5 stars. There is nothing like this brand in its class. Buying second caddy because the kids want their own.
7-8-16: another plastic ring broke on the old caddy. Emailed OXO about it and report back on its service. I am still perplexed why the ring part is so weak. I am hoping OXO continues to replace the broken parts.
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on May 9, 2015
This was so easy to install. It's study, and the locking mechanism holds it fast into position. It will never rust, being made of stainless steel, not just "stainless steel finish." It holds everything we need. I have to sit on a shower chair for now, and the lower shelves put all my things in easy reach. The over-the-shower-head caddy I had wouldn't work with the two-in-one shower head we installed, because the basket was in the way of the hand-held shower head's handle.

The plastic shelves are adjustable, and the plastic liners snap out for easy cleaning.

Even if you don't need a caddy for special accommodations, this one is attractive and the best.
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