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VINE VOICEon February 25, 2017
We have purchased or received no fewer than FIVE baby bathtubs and this one was our favorite. The major downside is its size - our baby grew out of it at 8 weeks when she was around 12lbs and 23" long. Also, you must have a very specific sink size in order for this tub to fit perfectly (6.5-9" depth x 12-15" length and height; see photo of packaging). I really feel this info should be more prominently placed!

We had a slightly wider than ideal pedestal sink, so used a shoebox sized plastic tub on the right hand side of the sink counter, which we filled with warm water that we used during the bath, to serve as a "backstop" for the right side of the tub, making it stay together easier. Our sink had a ledge on the sides, which anchored the box in place, and thus kept the puj from sliding.

You may need to play around with a similar set up, based on your sink/counter configuration. If you can come up with a good hack (or have the ideal sized sink), this is a really wonderful tub for your newborn!
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on November 9, 2017
I've had this tub for almost three years, and I love it. Since I've had it, I buy it as a baby shower gift because it's such a versatile product. I have two children with whom I used this product from infancy to around 7-8 months, or whenever baby started crawling for efficiently.

When in use, it's easy to set up, fits into all sinks I've tried (two different kitchen sinks and three different bathroom sinks), and contours well with baby's body. It is made in such a way that if you keep the water running over it, the water drains through the bottom flaps, so you don't have to worry about it overflowing and possibly putting baby in danger. It's soft for baby's comfort but still has grip so baby isn't sliding everywhere. Both of my children that used this never showed any sign of discomfort and actually seemed to enjoy bath time. Because it has no base, you can adjust it at different angles in the sink to elevate the head at your discretion, or lessen the elevation for babies that are not able to sit up on their own yet.

My second favorite part about this tub is how easy it is to maintain and store. It unfolds flat for easy washing. Many tubs have little nooks and crannies that require more effort to clean, but the Puj tub is flat so I just wash it down with a handheld shower then hang it on the wall above the tub to dry. When we travel, it folds easily into our large luggage.

I have two kids 14 months apart, so I used this tub A LOT until my youngest was old enough to sit up and control his balance in the normal tub. I used this product almost every day for nearly two years and never had a problem with it. I highly recommend it, and will buy it for you if I'm invited to your baby shower.
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on December 8, 2014
Given to me by a friend at a baby shower, who said as soon as she used one, it became her "go-to" shower gift because it was so perfect. now, along with the baby 411 book, it is my "go-to" baby shower gift. This tub is really truly PERFECT for newborn through 6 months baby. I used this tub from newborn through about age 6 or 7 months, when baby had the muscle control to really sit up in the sink on his own. I also own an baby/ toddler plastic tub which I switched to shortly after this one. Although the plastic tub had a newborn "sling" it really did not compare in terms of ease of use for several reasons.

First, the puj sits at a good angle in your sink allowing baby to recline. You wash baby as baby is reclining, without having to manipulate baby's position while wet. So much safer. With the other tub, I felt that I always had to keep one hand on babys back at all times, whereas with this tub, the baby is safely cradled so that you have both hands to use to wash. Water pools slightly at the bottom of the puj so baby stays warm, however. drains fairly quickly. I usually kept the water running through the bath and let the water run on the side of the puj, which kept baby warm and the tub slightly filled with water. Also, it is SO much easier to give baby (0-6 month) a bath at sink level rather than bending over to use the tub or infant tub on the shower floor. Especially if you have a c section (I did) and bending over those first few weeks was painful.

The foam backing is soft and very flexible, and I took this with me on trips and seemed to fit different sinks with ease. Also, just fyi, it comes in one large piece that you fold together along lines to create the reclined position. Very, very easy to clean up: just flatten, run water over, done. Also stores easily: I put mine in the shelf with the cookie sheets in the kitchen.

This was one of those miracle items that made the very scary idea of bathing a newborn and small baby very safe and easy. it also just gave me a lot of peace of mind about baths. H-I-G-H-L-Y recommend to new parents.
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on December 8, 2017
Bought this because someone I know used it for their baby and swore it was the best thing ever. The thing I like most about this tub is that it holds enough water in it while constantly draining water out of it. For those of you first time parents looking for a tub trust me when I say you want a tub that drains because you will get (dun dun duuuun) bath time blowouts and the last thing you want is for him/her to be bathing in it. The foam like material makes it easy to clean and quick to dry. If you don't mind spending the money I would get this tub and if you don't want to spend the money just make sure you buy a tub that drains ;)

- Easy to clean
- Light weight
- Seems to be pretty comfortable for the baby
- Its easy to pack into a suit case or duffle bag

- Its a little pricey
- May not fit all sinks
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on March 23, 2016
This thing doesn't hold up when you place your baby in it. My son is roughly 10 pounds and this thing collapses in the sink. Better for a pad than anything.
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on June 10, 2018
This infant tub got such rave reviews that I thought it was a must buy. After owning it, however, I would say it is nice to have but doesn't work well in large sinks and at the same time is too large for our bathroom sinks. :( In our kitchen sink, it is a little too small and with our infant it would try to float and tip when he didn't weigh enough. This got his face wet and would upset him. We will use it again with our second son, but only because we already have it and it's convenient. Well built, easy to store & drys quickly.
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on March 1, 2016
The idea of this product is wonderful, but sadly it does not work! I do like the fact that it is lightweight and easy to store, but that's about all the possitive things I can say about this tub. The magnets came undone as soon as I put the baby in. The water will drain out of the holes and left you with almost no water to wash your baby. When the tub is folded, it creates almost a cone shape bottom, which makes it very unsecured and an improper fit in the sink. I had so much faith in this product that I purchased it way too early and before I had a real baby to test it in. I wish there is a way to return this faulty product.
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on February 21, 2018
My neighbor told me about this bath, as she saw me struggle with the other baths for my newborn like the Angelcare Bath Support bath. We have used this bath for about 2 baths now for my newborn baby boy and we are loving it. It is soft and fits perfectly in my upstairs sink (which no other bath would). It fills up with water to keep the baby warm but not submerge them which is important to me in bathing a newborn. The only concern I have about the bath is that where the bath is supposed to fold the magnets don't stay so it tends to unfold in the sink sometimes but this is very rare. I also wish that it would come with the hanging knob for the shower so after I am done using it I can hang it. This part is sold separately. I have used the Angelcare Bath Support and the 4 Moms bath and in terms of functionality and ease of use this is my top choice!
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on October 17, 2016
I like this, and I'm glad I bought it instead of a large baby tub, since we have very little space in our apartment (Since it has magnets, I store it stuck to the side of our washing machine in the bathroom - that way it dries and takes up no space.) However, it doesn't stay folded well when we use it in our sinks. Our baby kicks her legs, causing the magnets to "unsnap," and the funnel shape to fall apart. But even semi unfolded, it still acts as a soft lining within the sink.
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on May 21, 2011
LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Our baby is 2 weeks old and my husband and I are not baby people. We love ours but have never really hung out or handled other people's babies - so we are complete newbies when it comes down to baby care.

Anyway, after reading a bunch of tub reviews I thought I was ready and had purchased the Eco Spa Tub in addition to newborn toiletries. We've been focusing on organics and Eco friendly products but who's kidding who - in the middle of the night when he floods his changing table and is covered in pee you need to react. Our first bath was sheer panic. My husband and I were trying to balance him in his Eco tub with one of us holding him and the other washing him. It was SCARY. We decided to sponge bath until he grows into it, but after a few days of that decided we needed to something else that would get him cleaner.

I then found the Puj online and it just arrived yesterday. We were going to try it out this weekend, but we had a diaper explosion last night around 3AM - we opened and set up the Puj in record time. It didn't fit in our small bathroom sink, but it did fit in the kitchen sink (side by side). Once we set him in it a hush fell over the room. He was supported so we were able to breath and the baby stopped screaming to look around. This tub supports him, is small, easy to set up, and easy to store. Honestly, I can't see this working when he's big, but it will work for at least the first 6 months.... Well worth it and we can still keep our Eco Spa for when he's older.
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