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on December 14, 2011
This is a good bath seat, provided your child can fit in it. My little super chunk weighs 20 lbs and the seat sort of pinches his thighs due to the narrow leg openings. This happens regardless of where I position his bottom (towards the back of the seat or more forward doesn't seem to matter) -- his thighs are that enormous. It's really quite impressive now that I think of it. No wonder everyone asks if they can squeeze them all the time. And here I thought that's how strangers say hello to babies.

In any case, Chubby McTalks-a-Lot doesn't seem to mind it since sitting up is totally the bee's knees right now. The upright position allows him to take in all the wonders of bath time, from splashing to rubber duckies. And oh dear lord does he love him some rubber duckies!

The rest of the seat is quite open and allows for reaching, twisting, and all the squirming your little tike can muster. And to chime in with the other posters, it REALLY IS a pain to have to use both hands to undo the T-bar latches. But it's less of a pain than attempting to hold, lather, rinse, and generally avoid drowning a slippery drooling miniature version of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. So it's a winner in my book.
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on February 25, 2010
Before I purchased this seat, I read-over all the reviews. Upon receiving the seat, I messed around with it quite a bit to "test" the most common complaints. There are a few funny quirks with it, but I think a majority of the complaints are due to improper use or unrealistic expectations. This seat is the best bath seat on the market; the only legitimate "issues" it has are issues that would be shared with most any bath seat because of the general nature of restraining a floating child. I'm going to addess the most common complaints based on my experience.

1. The seat can float and it moves or doesn't stick: Well, sort of. If you stick the seat to the tub and then fill the tub with water, it traps air under the seat, which can break the force of the suction cups and make the seat float. However, if you partially fill the tub before putting the seat in, you trap much less air underneath and it sticks just fine. Once the air is out, the seat barely moves at all. If you push firmly on the seat, you can get it to slide a little, but that's kind of how suction cups operate when they are wet. I don't think the movement is worth the worry; my 2-yr old braced himself on the seat to stand up and it didn't move.

2. The plastic is hard and cuts into the skin, leaving marks: There are no sharp edges on this seat and it doesn't really dig into the skin. The one issue I did see is that the leg openings in the t-bar are small and designed to securely hold the lower thigh or knee. If the baby is sitting all the way back in the seat, with his back pressed against the back-rest portion, this is not an issue. BUT, as anyone with an infant can attest, a baby's bottom wants to float/slide forward. My son ended up with his chunky thighs squeezed in there because he wouldn't sit back in the seat. It was tight fit, as my son is 20lbs, and he did end up with red marks on his legs. This bothered me, however, he could have cared less. He was so happy "free-sitting" in the water that he didn't seem to notice the tight fit. Also, I think it's important to realize that the seat is a restraint designed to keep a very buoyant baby from floating or tipping over. Please tell me what seat restraint wouldn't leave some red marks? Or what design would prevent the baby from sliding forward?

3. The suction cups break off: This is the most ridiculous complaint that I read. First of all, the cups are SCREWED to the bottom of the seat. Like, with metal screws. I'm sure if you just grabbed the seat and ripped it out of the tub, you *might* be able to tear the suction cups off. However, I think we all know you aren't supposed to remove suction cups that way. The seat has four large cups, each with an easily-accessable release strip. If you pull on each strip, the suction cups pop right off.

4. The T-bar locks are difficult to operate: Freshly out of the box, these latches are incredibly difficult to slide. I was anticipating a huge struggle when it came time to get my son out of the tub. However, I discovered the that latches slide so much easier once they are wet. It's still slightly awkward to unlatch because of the angle, but not impossible or overly aggravating. And, honestly, I would rather have the latches be a little tight then have them pop open on their own.

Bottom line: This seat makes bath time soooo much easier and is well worth the purchase (BTW, I got it for $15 less at Wal-Mart). Four stars only because the locks are a little annoying.
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on October 14, 2012
My son is 5 months old and has outgrown his infant tub (Fisher Price Whale Tub). He cannot sit up independently for more than a few seconds right now, but he is great about holding himself upright on laps, in his bumbo, and now in this seat. We used it for the first time tonight.

I had concerns after reading others reviews, and after our first use tonight, the following concerns were put to rest.

1. Sharp Edges (negative)..There are no sharp edges. None. Yes, if he leans up against the support bar, he gets a red mark on his very pale skin, but he gets read marks on his skin when I hold him in my arms.

2. Obnoxious Warning Label (affirmative), that rubs off onto baby's skin (negative). Yes the warning label is loud, unnecessary, and printed in black ink directly onto the support bar, but it does NOT bleed. If it does on your model, it is defective. Of course, I say it is unnecessary, but I read one reviewer who claimed they were disappointed because it didn't allow him/her to leave their child alone in the tub. What??!!

3. Suction stinks (negative, with exception). The suction is great. It is still stuck to the bathtub now after draining. I did take the advice of another reviewer, and pushed the suction cups on after filling the tub an inch or so. Also, my tub has those rough "dots" on the bottom to provide traction, but they don't interfere with the suction at all. However, if you have a truly textured tub, you would have to use the suction pads provided, and from what other reviewers state, they do not stay on long term. So those with truly textured tub bottoms will probably want to steer clear of this bath seat.

4. Need to use a lot of water (affirmative). This is wasteful in the water department since I want to be able to fill the water high enough so his toys will float at the level that he can reach. I wish I could say that I am concerned about the environment, but watching him splash with a big smile on his face makes me forget mother Earth.

5. Doesn't fit big babies (negative). There is so much room in this seat. My son is 18 pounds. Now I don't know about older babies, but unless his/her father is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, I believe that most babies will fit.

6. Difficult T-Bar Locks (negative). The locks are incredibly easy to slide, and I was most baffled by statements that made it seem as if you needed to hire a bodybuilder to get your child in and out. The latches are easy to slide up whether fresh out of the box or in the water. I mean easy. Even when new, even when slippery, and they click back into place perfectly. Yes, you do have to use both hands, a thumb on each slide to push up. I can't speak to the durability because we just started using it.

7. Can't wash bum well. (affirmative) My husband would give this bath seat less stars because you can't get to the lower parts of your baby very well. So, I just do that washing as I am putting him into the seat, and the rest of the bath he is free to splash and play.

8. Quality is bad (negative, so far). I think it is sturdy and appears durable. Only time will tell I suppose.

I think those were all my concerns. I felt that I needed to write a detailed review, because more so than usual on Amazon reviews, I was just so confused by most of these claims and how divided people were on a baby bath seat.
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on February 7, 2013
My 7 month old daughter has recently outgrown her infant tub. She can be very squirmy and difficult to hold on to, especially when wet! I have found this to be a great solution to help her transition to the "big girl tub".

Some of the reviews I read complained about the product not sticking and floating around in the tub, but I have not had this problem. The suction cups stick very well, so well that sometimes it is slightly difficult to get them to un-latch after the bath. But I'd prefer that over a floating, unstable seat.

I also read about the latches being difficult to lock/unlock, but I havent found this to be a problem either. Sure, they are a little stiff but you dont want them to come off to easily with a wiggly baby inside.

My daughter does have chubbier legs and I do occasionally see a little red mark on the top of her thigh when I take her out of the seat but I have noticed that it only happens if she isnt sitting with her butt all the way back in the seat; and when it does happen she doesnt seem to notice anyway so I'm sure it's not hurting her.

Overall I like the product very much I feel that she is secure enough inside the seat that it allows me to have my hands free to wash her hair and help her play with her toys instead of struggling to hold on to her and bathe her at the same time. It makes bathtime more enjoyable for both of us!
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on January 22, 2013
I have been using if for a few weeks now. My 6 month old daughter sits in it, sometimes she slides forward and sometimes she pulls her leg to the other side. The plastic could be a little smoother on the edges, but doesn't seem to interfere with her or harm her in a any way. When she does slide forward I just re-position her and she then sits right again. When I re-position her I think it helps with her realizing how to sit in the water, in a tub. I let her sit and play for a little while, of course under full supervision. I then un-suction the seat and move it away (be careful the fold down bar gets water in it if you put the water up high enough). Then, I let her actually sit in the real tub while i hold her and then let her experience the real tubs scene, and she loves it. I usually wash her bum and such before I put her in the seat or after i take her out. That is the only problem I had with the seat is the washing part. The pull down bar has no problems, it clips in good for a reason, because they lean forward on it. My seat suctioned just fine to the tub, the bottom of the tub has those grips things, but they are faded. I did wash the tub thoroughly before each bath, due to myself being a germ freak. That is my breakdown of what i think. I gave it a 4 stars just due to the washing difficulty and the sides of the plastic that's all. All in all I think it works just fine, my daughter is already trying to pull herself up, so she won't be in it for long!
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on May 29, 2011
I have triplets who are 6 months old (9 adjusted). They don't have great head control or torso control, but are out growing the little baby tubs. I bought just one seat to start with to see how it worked. Two of my guys loved it, while the one with good head control didn't seem to like it. The back goes up very high so I don't need to worry about them throwing their heads back. I think that's why the guy with good head control didn't like it, he seemed to crumple in on himself. I tried another seat for him and that one didn't offer enough support. So I'm returning it and going with 3 of these seats. I do have to put a little wash cloth where the bar goes between their legs as they seem to slide forward to much. As they get bigger and better control I'm sure this will resolve itself. As a note, my 2.5 year old seats in it for fun and loves it. She's on the small side, but it fits her perfectly too. So if you are looking to bath more then 1 baby at a time or have a preemie with less then ideal head control this seat seems very secure for bathing.
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on October 11, 2012
It may seem strange, but my infant son was horrified by baths. I'd tried several different infant tubs, the foam cushion types, the mesh seats... Nothing seemed to keep him from having an almost panic attack when put into water - until a friend of mine introduced me to this amazing thing. By allowing my son to have something to hold on to (the safety bar), support to his rear, and an upright position, he finally started to get more comfortable in the water. He is nearly a year old now, and only 17 lbs, so I certainly cannot just leave him alone (this seat does NOT hold the child independently. It's a seat, not a safety or floatation device), but since he can sit upright on his own, this just gives him a comfort zone of something around him, something to hold on to, and it does keep him from sliding under water at the least provocation. Until I was introduced to this seat, the only thing I could do was sponge bathe my son, unless I wanted to deal with complete hysteria. NOW, I can give him a bath, and he plays, splashes, and almost enjoys himself. At least, right until I have to rinse his hair!
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on December 14, 2012
I was really hesitant to buy something like this for the cost and the broad range of reviews.

Solid seat
Easy to open

My son did get some red marks when rubbing against the seat but they went away in a few hours.

Know before you buy:
-A LOT of people complained that the suction cups wont work in their tub. You can't put it in with an empty or full tub, you have to wait for the water line to be a LITTLE above the bottom of the seat for it to work properly. If that doesn't work you can try the traction pads that came with the tub.
-My son was able to slip and slide a bit in the seat but he was able to right himself right away.
-I know it says that you shouldnt use this tub for children who can stand, but my son isn't able to sit in the tub himself (he thinks hey I can just thrash around and not get hurt) and he was using it perfectly fine.
-There will be redmarks from where they rub against the tub, but his went away in a few hours.
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on January 30, 2013
I ordered this seat as soon as my son began to outgrow his infant bath support. He was getting to squirmy, that we needed something new and more secure, and this is it. I think it's wonderful, but let me address a few complaints I read in other reviews:

1. The leg openings- I have a chunky baby, and his legs fit just fine. No red marks, nothing.
2. The suction cups- no issues with them. In fact, the seat comes with appliques to put on your tub if it has the non-slip kind of surface. Once they are set, all you have to do is position the seat on them and you won't have a problem. Also, I have not had an issue with them sliding around or being hard to release.
3. The locks- duh, they're supposed to be a little of a challenge. You wouldn't want them to be so easy that you kid can undo them. Aside from that, they're not impossible. Maybe other reviewers had weak thumbs.

I think this is a great seat, and it has enough room that LO has space to grow. I totally recommend it.
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on March 16, 2012
Using for our son since he was able to sit by himself. Currently he is 22 pounds and almost 30 inches long and fits quite fine in the seat with lots of room yet to grow. Seat is easy to use and keeps him upright without difficutly.

Comments in response to other reviews:
- No, this seat will not suction to textured tub surfaces (like mine). The seat does come with 4 smooth adhesive discs that you can adhere to your textured tub surface, then suction the seat to the discs (instructions included w/ the seat).
- Yes, the seat might un-suction from the tub as the tub fills with water. This is easy to deal with. Just wait until there are a couple of inches of water in the tub, then suction the seat down. I have not had any problems doing it this way.
- Yes, there are occasionally pink marks on my son's abdomen or back where he has leaned up against the seat while playing in the tub. These don't appear to bother him at all and are gone by the time he is dried off after bath. The plastic is all smooth with no sharp edges or areas.

Other caveats:
- If you use the adhesive discs in your tub, keep them and the suction cups on the seat clean and the seat will adhere just fine. When my seat started coming un-stuck from the discs during the bath time, I simply cleaned the discs and suction cups (rubbing alcohol works fine) and they worked like new again.
- If you use the adhesive discs in your tub, do definitely wait until there are a few inches of water in the tub before suctioning down the bath seat. I didn't at first, and eventually over the course of several instances of the seat pulling away from the bottom of the tub, it also loosened the adhesive on the discs. I was able to order new adhesive discs from the company, re-adhered them to the tub, and now that I wait to suction the seat down, I haven't had any problems.

Bottom line, this seat has been working very well. I am glad we have it; I would buy it again. And it is relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other seats available.
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