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on March 7, 2011
Excellent Hd and Sd picture. Plenty of inputs and outputs. Sound quality for built in speakers more than adequate. The colors and sharpness are not the best but in this price category cannot be beat. The picture is just a tad below that of Samsung 60" LN60C630 LCD, but not by much. Colors are vibrant but not overly saturated and false like Sharp Quattron. Clearer picture than Sharp 60" LCD LC-60E77UN or LC-60E78UN. I prefer LCD over plasma. The room the TV is in has a large picture window with a lot of light during daylight. The matte screen effectively reduces glare unlike many plasmas eg LG - 60PK550C. The screen is much more vivid than plasma and does not appear artificial in movies. The 120 hz motion control appears effective.The original price was $1479. Tigerdirect had a 2 day special on this unit and Amazon kept its price match guarantee(14 days). The final price including free shipping , total was $1299 for a 60" HDTV. Cannot be beat. Amazon service is as good as brick and mortar. The set was delivered on time but was not set up as promised. Complained to customer service and was given a partial refund which resulted along with price match to the final price of $1299. However to be sure you get the price guarantee and return policy(30days from receiving they will take tv back including I believe free shipping) the TV should be bought through Amazon not a third party vendor. The set does not have internet capability but can be add eg with x box. No 3d.
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on April 26, 2011
I bought my KDL-60EX500 60" Sony Bravia From after extensive research.
I consider it a very shrewd purchase.
The shipping was free and very fast.
I compared prices with the less reputable brands, and even the Walmart specials were not as reasonably priced as my new Sony.
The Picture qualty is outstanding, especially after a little tweaking! I like the presets for the Sport Scene Selection. That really makes the picture pop. My new Sony has a picture that is so crisp and life-like that I sometimes feel like I'm watching in 3D.
I put in Avatar, and it looked like it did in the theatre, except I didn't need the glasses.
I'll be watching a movie I've seen many times, and I'll notice a tear running down a cheek that I never seen before.
The sound quality is good, too.
I have always thought Sonys were the best, as that is all you see behind the scenes in TV studios.
This is my fourth Sony Bravia and I will buy nothing else.
To all you nay sayers: "tweak before you speak".
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on January 19, 2012
Sony KDL 60EX500 delivered on time. Cosmetic condition of TV as described in Amazon Marketplace Ad. The TV is watchable for bright content, but has what appears to be multiple bad pixels appearing as a red oval streaked area on lower portion of center of screen in darker scenes. This was not mentioned in the product condition description. I got a great price, but it was not a "perfect TV" as advertised. I give it three stars for the low price,($807.00 with shipping) relatively good cosmetic condition for a used TV, good picture with bright content, sports, etc. Sound is average. I deducted two stars for the apparent bad pixels evident on video with dark content, night scenes, dark blank screen etc. which may require technician repair or panel replacement to bring TV up to factory specifications, and the fact that the company who sold the TV thru Amazon never responded to my Email about this problem.
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on July 1, 2013
love this tv. great picture. sound is ok. fills up my wall with the image. love it. a b c
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on April 17, 2011
We love the tv. The sound is different for movies/shows that we on the dvr and is much softer than when we're watching regular television. We love it, and especially for the price!
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on October 15, 2012
If you like the bright picture of a LCD but can't stand the motion blur, This TV does a great job of eliminating the blur. It has a great picture, but the awesome thing is you can watch sports and movies and not be bothered by a slow refresh rate. I am very skeptical of LCD technology for this reason, but I must humbly admit, this TV performs very well. It's natural, but warm, and doesn't need much adjustments from the factory setting. Plasma's still have the better technology for motion and deep rich colors, but if you have a bright room this LCD is a good choice due to no reflection or glare from the screen. I would rate this tv 8.5 out of 10
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on February 15, 2011
I watched side by side at bestbuy, this model and the ex700 LED version.
I can hardly tell much difference. So I saved $400 and bought this model.

Hook it up with a laptop and a PS3, I watch IPTV a lot.

This size if perfect for my great room, my 52 inch Sharp was too small.
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on April 7, 2011
I bought a Sony BRAVIA KDL-60EX500 in Feb 2011.
I wish I kept the box as I would return this thing
I hope it gets hit by lightning this year.
I am wondering if this CRAPPY Sony TV is supposed to SUCK compared to the Sony XBR series...I have 2 Sony XBR 52" and they are MUCH higher quality but more money too.
I can get the screen ACCEPTABLE if I don't use VIVID or STANDARD.
Instead use Custom and adjust the crap out of it.
It does not have the HD appearance...or come out and grab you but at least the digital noise is tamed down.
I will only buy Sony XBR series for now on.
I don't like that Sony don't have a USA call center anymore so my phone call gets sent to the Philippines to someone that don't speak the best English.
I hope this helps someone else thinking of buying this model
Rick Thompson
Humboldt, Iowa
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on December 29, 2010
The SONY 60EX500 arrived on time and undamaged as usual from Upon setting it up, I was very close to sending it back. Compared to older SONY big screen TVs,the picture quality is marginal. Not nearly as sharp or bright as my son's 60-inch 3-year old DLP SONY, and not as clear and sharp as a friends one year old SONY 55-inch LCD. The picture settings are not effective. A brightness setting above about 45% immededially fades into the white. The manual claims a setting called "picture" controls the contrast. It doesn't. It simply darkens the image overall. The only way to get a reasonable image is to set it toward lower brightness. The ambient light sensor must be turned off. I called Sony for help. They said install newer software downloadable from their site with a flash drive. I did. It did nothing. Also if you have older analog DVD players and surround sound, you will probably not find enogh connection points for hook up. You need everyting using HDMI. The sound is okay even though the speakers are on the backside. The TV is too heavy for one person to lift. If you want to hook up a wireless head set, forget it. The analog outputs for them cut off if you turn on a surround sound. Rapid motion smears. I would suggest you shop around for a better picture. This is not SONY's best work.
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on September 8, 2010
I researched which new TV to get for several months. I went back and forth between Plasma and LCD or LED. I went to all the usual stores and looked at the TV's side by side, trying to figure out which picture I liked the best. For a larger TV (bigger than 55") I liked the Sony 60EX500 the best. The colors looked the most natural to me. Some of the LED sets, the colors seemed a bit too bright and exagerated.

I have had the set about 5 days now, and I spent all Sunday watching TV. I watched a bunch of sports in HD. I watched some football that looked great. I watched some baseball that was so clean, it was better than being there. I watched some golf, and the details on the greens and course made me think I could read the puts as good as the caddies.

I watched a couple episodes of Wild Russia with the kids, and the colors were so bright and clean, while the blacks were dark but didn't bleed at all. I even watched the 5th Element in HD, and was amazed at how great that movie still is all these years later.

Overall, the picture quality is very clean and realistic. I was very impressed with the black levels of this set as well. To me, it had the best picture quality and features for the price.
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