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on April 14, 2014
Overall, this treadmill seems solidly built and works fine. I was a little dissatisfied with the delivery provider, who dropped it (as I watched) from the back of the truck from a height about about 18 inches on the coldest day of a brutal midwest winter. Non-critical plastic parts were broken. (I realize this isn't really the manufacturer's fault, but it factors into my experience of this product as purchased from Amazon.)

Assembly was relatively easy, although the unit is very heavy and awkward as other reviewers have mentioned, so make sure you have plenty of help to move it, especially if you're taking it up or down stairs.

With fewer than 50 miles or so on it, my treadmill is what I would consider annoyingly squeaky and creaky, although it feels very solid despite not sounding like it. Each footfall above 4 mph or so produces a high-pitched squeak or a lower-pitched creak, and I have a pretty normal gait. I am almost 200 pounds, though, which could factor, and I'm still breaking it in and giving it time, but it concerns me that it could be an issue with the frame at this point. I have not lubricated the deck yet, as the manual says I shouldn't have to with normal use within the first three months.

The preset programs are nearly worthless in my opinion, as the speeds vary much too widely (1.8 mph to 8.1 mph in the same program) and each segment is a rather bizarre 1/16 of the entire programmed time (user-selected). While it's possible to create custom programs, it requires setting speed and incline for 16 different segments. I'm a little mystified as to what HRC is supposed to be, as I would assume it's heart rate control, but there is no documentation and it doesn't recognize my heart rate monitor, so other than holding my palms to the side rails the whole time, I'm not sure how a person would use it--maybe I don't have the right type of HRM. I wouldn't know, as there's no information in the manual about it.

I find the cup holders--which I'm sure I'm not alone in repurposing to house various remote controls and gadgets--to be too shallow, and the display unit is too far away from the walking deck to make a comfortable stand for a tablet, even though it has a ridge to rest one on. The built-in speakers are actually decent for amplifying a tablet, as long as you can figure out a way to prop the thing up to be at an angle you can actually see it from.

All of this with exception of the very significant squeaks and creaks is nitpicky, I know, but you wouldn't be reading Amazon reviews if you didn't want some random guy's opinion, right? Overall, I don't regret the purchase at all and it seems a good value for the price point, but I'm not wowed either.
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on February 16, 2013
I have had this treadmill for a little over a year now. My wife and I both use the treadmill quite frequently during the winter months and much less frequently when it's warm enough to run outside. The treadmill was very easy to set up and had average to good performance for about the first year. In the recent month, the treadmill would shut off after getting about 30-35 minutes into a workout (suspecting something is overheating). The belt has been lubed regularly since the purchase date and it has been kept very clean. I've contacted Smooth directly in an attempt to get them to honor their 2-year labor warranty. I've gotten absolutely nothing but the run-around from their customer service since the communication had been initiated. It's very disappointing to make this kind of an investment in a product just to have it break down after a short period and have to deal with a company that doesn't appear to stand by their work. Maybe they will come through in the end and make it right, but my recommendation is to be cautious and expect lots of delays and unfilled promises if anything needs to be repaired. So far, it has not been worth the hassle.
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on September 21, 2012
After using a $200 treadmill for the better part of a decade (kudos to proform for making a cheap treadmill that took the beating this one did), I finally decided to jump into the middle of the pool (this isn't top end by any stretch, nor is it a cheapy).

This things is so well made...My wife (who hates running on treadmills), loves this thing. The deck is solid yet forgiving. It's so much longer than our old one that we are both taking a bit of time getting used to how far back we can position ourselves.

As of the writing of this, (I've only had it for a month or so, so who knows what evils may lurk down the road) I'm very happy with this purchase.

Things worth noting:
As previously stated, I love the deck. I love the sturdiness of it. The fan is silly (tho my wife appreciates what little "breeze" it creates), the speakers are not good (again, my wife uses them happily, I use my headphones). The programs are easy to adjust, but some of the settings seem odd to me (this doesn't impact my usage as I have a few variations of HIIT that I do on the fly when I'm running. Again, my wife loves em...she's very happy on p6). It's actually pretty easy to move around if you need to. The fold angle of the deck is a but funky. I wish it ended up perpendicular to the floor, but it's a minor nit, and doesn't impact its storage in my office at all (strictly cosmetic)

For $850+/- this was a great upgrade and is used many times a week...After days / weeks / months of researching (and wtg for the right time to buy), I'm impressed and happy w/ the Smooth 5.65
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on July 14, 2014
I did a lot of research on treadmills and eventually came to this one. It was rated #1 in it's price category by Treadmill Dr.

The treadmill is very quiet and comes practically pre-assembled. I had this thing up and running within 20 minutes. I think it took me longer to remove all the packaging than it took to assemble. The assembly involves screwing in 4 bolts, 2 hand screw on bolts (has a plastic head), and 2 covers. Done.

The only thing I dislike about the treadmill is that if you remove the safety magnet (the one that you clip to your shirt/shorts) and the treadmill is plugged in (not running), it beeps constantly. I've resorted to turning the treadmill off at the base.

I have two little ones (2 YO and 1 YO). The treadmill comes down so softly that I don't really worry about it coming down on them. As a precaution I still keep items stored under the treadmill while it's up to discourage them from playing underneath it.

Overall I'm completely satisfied with this purchase.
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on March 14, 2012
The treadmill was relatively easy to set up and ran quietly for about 2 months.
After the 2nd month it began to squeak. I used the supplied gel and it stopped for a week. Reapplied gel again 1 week. I lubricate 1x a week and it still squeaks after about 5 days. The treadmill is only used for walking so it is not taking the additional pounding of running. My 10 year old treadmill was lubricated less than this 5 month old and it never squeaked like this - you can not watch TV it is so loud.

A bolt broke which drops the treadmill down. The phone system for repair puts you on hold until it says we are going to disconnect you please send us an email. Their promise to respond is within 48 "business hours." Unfortunately they only have a 6 hour day. So the estimated response is 6 business days - 8 days in actuality since they do not work on the weekend. On the 8th day I finally received a call stating they were OVERWHELMED WITH NEEDED WARRANTY REPAIRS AND CAN NOT GET TO ALL THE REQUESTS. Then they could not find my paperwork - please send over. Emailed over immediately. 3 days later, after my emails, they apologized and said their system was down will call as soon as the system is up and running. Unfortunately they do not have a repair person in my area - I am 30 minutes from their warehouse. It has been over 3 weeks and have had no response.

Also, the treadmill hesitates/almost stops when you begin to slow down causing a jerking motion on the belt which puts stress on your knees and back because of the jerking motion.
The on/off switch is on the front lower part of the walking belt. Therefore, you can not put the treadmill behind a couch or anything unless you leave it on 24/7. A $3 wire and the switch could have been in the handle.

They do an excellent job of marketing the internet but the quality of the product is awful. If you walked on this in a store you would not buy it. I called the sales phone number and they answer immediately and state no problems etc. Call the repair number and no one answers. They will be out of business due to the poor quality and then open under a new internet same selling junk.
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on July 25, 2012
We bought this treadmill in August of 2011 to increase our walking speed for 1/2 marathon. The price was right and it can fold up out of the way which was a big plus. As our luck would have it we had a problem after the 3rd use. The company's customer service over the phone was excellent, our problem was with the local repair service provider. He was slow to respond and surly when he showed up. The three trips involved for the repair took about 3 weeks, including a replacement part being sent to our home. (I think Smooth Fitness should monitor the local repair people they contract with.) After the repair we have not had a problem, it is still going strong. We are not runners yet but the treadmill seems able to handle whatever we do. Love the little fan, the music port and the bottle holder.Smooth Fitness 5.65 Folding Treadmill
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on September 3, 2012
I was looking to get a treadmill but most that I looked at were too expensive or were cheap and cheaply made. Then the Smooth Fitness 5.65 Folding Treadmill appeared on Amazon's Gold Deal of the Day for $799.99 and it was too tempting not to pass up.

Shipping was interesting, as it was shipped by ABF...my first time getting something from them. In order to get the treadmill, I had to call ABF to schedule the delivery and then leave a signed piece of paper on the front door that it was ok to leave the treadmill in a certain place on my property. I will give them props...it was left exactly where I wanted them to put it.

I think every single reviewer here may say this next part, so I may as well join in...it's HEAVY. It's well packaged, but having only 1 person bring the package into your house/apartment/etc. is extremely difficult, even if you strap it onto an appliance dolly.

Setup is relatively easy...maybe 30 minutes or so.

Using the treadmill: What can I say? It does what it's supposed to do. I love the programs that are installed on the unit...though I think my settings have well more than 15 pre-installed. My favorite is 13. These programs will vary speeds and inclines for a default 32 minute workout (plus a 5 minute cool down), though you can change the speeds and inclines during the workout and can also change the length of the workout before you start.
During the run, you can see your heart rate either by using the included chest strap (I believe it also recognizes the signal from my Polaris strap too) or holding onto the bar in front of you. If you've set up the user settings, you can also see calories burned during your workout too. A countdown timer, a mph display and how far you've gone are also viewable during the workout.

I big thumbs down however to the design flaw of the safety feature of this treadmill. The strap that you're to apply to a piece of clothing while you're running and attach to the treadmill via a magnet will stop the treadmill when pulled out and reset the unit to it's first starting point upon putting it back on. What they should've done is paused the unit if that happens instead of resetting everything. It's especially a pain when you're in the middle of one of the programs.

The on-dash fan has 2 speeds...neither really cools you down much, but they do move the air a little bit. After 2 months of heavy use (once per day), a few of the "buttons" are starting to crack, similar to what you'd see at a gas station pump. I have started to notice a noise that sounds like the plastic near the end of the treadmill is breaking...or maybe just loose.

I do wish that you could put in your desired distance and time and it would plot out a speed for you (say, to run a 5k in a certain time...or even better, have a 5k training program). It supposedly has a place where you can enter in stuff to make a custom program, but I haven't messed around with that yet.

I can't really comment on the speakers/audio input as I tend to watch TV while I jog. Also, I'm not really sure why the unit "folds" the way it does...it doesn't fold up all the way, so it doesn't really save space or anything. In fact, the folding aspect makes it REALLY difficult to move the unit, should you have to move it to a new location (such as downstairs).

Overall a really good piece of equipment that I've added to my home workout routine. On days when it's extremely hot and humid outside or cold and blustery, it's always nice to be able to get in a good run...and I can thanks to the Smooth Fitness 5.65 Folding Treadmill.
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on September 24, 2012
The Smooth Fitness 5.65 Folding Treadmill is very sturdy and heavy duty. It operates quietly and smoothly. It has many nice features including the power incline, multiple walking and running programs and instant modification of speed and incline. The speakers worked well. The arm positioned heart rate monitor preformed satisfactorily. I don't use the folding feature. Mostly, I liked this treadmill because it is such a great value for the money.

There were some annoyances. Although putting the treadmill together largely consisted of installing 4 bolts into the base of the 2 uprights holding the console, I could not, for the life of me, get bolts to screw effortlessly into their respective threads. No amount of trying or re-trying with different bolts in different holes made the least bit of difference. In the end, I literally had to force the bolts into place. I bent the supplied Alan wrench. With Herculean effort, they eventually went in, but I am certain one, if not all, are cross-threaded. I seriously believe the threads on the supplied bolts and nuts don't match up, but I can't prove it now. Those bolts are never ever coming out.

I cannot get the BMI feature to work. The calorie counter can not possibly be accurate not knowing my height and weight.

If you 'pause' your workout with the switch, the treadmill lowers the incline to the floor and stops the belt. When you go to continue your workout, it will NOT reset the incline and speed to where you left off. Pain in the posterior.

The power switch is on the front of the machine near the floor. I have no idea why they put it in such an inconvenient place. Rather than mess with it, I just leave mine powered on all the time. I can only hope the LEDs in the console don't use that much electricity.

As I said before, these are just annoyances. Overall, I like the machine and use it daily without any difficulty.

I have not had any experience with the manufacturer so I cannot comment on the warranty or service. You can read the reviews of others for that information. I will update this review if future experiences warrant it.
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on May 23, 2012
I'm not one to write a lot of reviews for products I've purchased, but the purchase of my Smooth Fitness 5.65 treadmill warrants a positive review. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Being the frugal, quality-conscious person that I am, I did a great deal of research before I selected the Smooth Fitness 5.65 and purchased it from Amazon. It was indeed a difficult choice, one I was anxious over. After all, it's not every day that I spend that kind of money for exercise equipment. But after doing my due dilegence in research, I pulled the trigger and clicked "Order." I'm very glad that I did.

The first thing that blew my mind was the speed of delivery. I ordered the treadmill online on a Monday evening, and I got a call on Wednesday from the local delivery firm to arrange a drop-off time for Thursday. Unbelievably fast - and the best part of all, totally free shipping!! Amazing. Wonderful. So much for my worries about how I would haul it home from the big box store I considered buying it from.

With a little help from a friend we wrestled the boxed and crated package into my basement. Assembly was straightforward and simple: took about an hour and it was up and running. And it's been running ever since, for almost exactly one year, having purchased it on June 3, 2011.

Just a quick note on several features I especially like. First, I LOVE the speed and incline controls on the handrails - very helpful and handy. Also, I am glad I got the 5.65 with the longer belt, which makes it much easier to run or just to stretch out with longer strides. That is so much better than my old, standard length, treadmill. The fan is little more than a gimmick to me, but my wife says she thinks it works well. I don't really use the integrated sound connection for my Ipod, preferring my earbuds. But I love the smooth and quiet running motor and the solid, quality feel of the unit. It's not like the cheaper big name brands with all their bells & whistles, but without quality motors and rollers. This is a solid, well-built machine that should last for a long time. I love it, and would purchase it again if I had to choose.
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on May 22, 2012
I purchased the 5.65i from Amazon and couldn't be more pleased with the quality of this treadmill. In looking for a new treadmill, my main criteria were quality / reliability and quietness. I researched treadmills on the Internet and learned about the Smooth brand. Up until then, I had been lured by more popular brands like Proform and Nordic Track. The positive reviews I read were definitely on the money.

The treadmill was delivered to my door. Aside from the handles and console, the treadmill was pre-assembled. All I had to do was unfold it and install these items. At first sight, I was struck by it's low profile -- It wasn't as bulky as my last treadmill (Body Guard). Although less bulky, it's just as stable and well designed. Most importantly, it's really really quiet (even at jogging speeds). With my former treadmill, I used to have to turn up the volume of my TV to overcome the noise of the motor -- Not anymore with this treadmill. After a month of use, I did notice a slight squeaky noise from below the deck. I called their customer services department and got the help I needed. The issue was very minor and fixed in less than a couple of minutes -- the best part of this experience was that they were prompt, knew the product well, and provided a fix that worked. I don't think I would have gotten this level of customer service from other treadmill companies.

The 5.65i provides ample programs to choose from so workouts never get boring. My favorite are the heart-rate based ones that keep my heart rate in a range that I specify.

I'm sold on the Smooth brand and look forward to using it every day.
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