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on December 2, 2012
Before the hurricane, Amazon, with some arm-twisting, got this to us in time. Electric power stayed on, however, so only have initial impressions to report. First, DON'T overfill the oil. Fill it to overflow, as directed, being sure to keep the unit flat on the ground while filling. More importantly, don't underfill. Check before each use. Unit started fine after the initial transit of fuel to carb. Runs great. Gas-saver (load-regulated engine speed) is a nice feature. You can get a lesser, but name-product at PJ's, or sim. outlet for half the price but this rig is extremely well-built, with great carry handles and has the reliable Briggs & Stratton engine, a step above Honda's awful yard products. Once I've had the opportunity to run the unit under load for an extended period, will update.
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on November 5, 2011
I purchased this generator August 31st 2011 and then we had "The Great New England Power Outage" less than 2 months later. Talk about timing. Having not even unpacked it yet, we set it up, added oil and fuel, and proceeded to run it non-stop for 7 days and nights. It worked flawlessly, started every time on no more than 2-4 pulls of the starting cable, and ran as much as 7 hours on a 1-gal tank when lightly loaded. 4-5 hr with heavier loads. It ran our refrigerator just fine. For other loads, we'd unplug the fridge and it would run a hot plate and toaster oven without a problem. Only saw the "overload" light once when we tried (and backed off) trying to run a microwave. Quiet, easy to use, and dependable when we needed it: I give it 5 stars.
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on March 16, 2011
After reading the reviews I thought the Briggs & Stratton would perform the same as the Honda or Yamaha with the exception of a little more noise. Nope. Not the case. When I was picking up a boat I bought, the seller was pulling a Honda 2000 off of it and told me it powered the A/C and everything else but to be mindful not to run the water heater when running the A/C. Well, when I plugged in the the Briggs & Stratton it kicked out immediately when the A/C was turned on no matter how I configured it. I tested the boat's A/C with the 15amp plug from my home and it worked fine. Then I tested the B&S generator with a skill saw that states 15 amps on its label. Again the B&S kicked out even when I tried to "feather" the trigger to get it going. Then I plugged in a 250watt light (2.1amps) and a 4.8amp drill. Everything ran fine. Then I added a 4.5amp jig saw for a total of 11.4amps, the B&S kept working but the red overload light began to flicker. When I let off the triggers for the drill and jig saw and then pulled both triggers again at the same time, the breaker kicked out immediately. This led me to believe that the B&S is capable of 11.5 to 12 amps but not the 15 or surge to 16.7 as its rating claims (2000/120=16.7amps). I put an amp meter on the line from my home and found that the boat's A/C spiked at start up with 17.8 amps then dropped to an average of around 10.

Also, there is no reset button to get the juice flowing again after the circuit kicks out. You have to shut the generator down and then restart it. This began to get old pretty quick.

As far as noise. It was quieter than a contractor type generator but louder than the 5kw on-board Kohler I had on my last boat. There was no way I could have slept at night with the noise of the B&S even when placed all the way to the back of the boat on the swim platform. This is with the Eco mode off and the generator running fast as I would have anticipated to keep up with the A/C. It was much quieter in Eco mode but the lower speed and noise level was not realistic for my anticipated use and demands.

Keep in mind that this is NOT a returnable item at Amazon because it uses gas. If you have any chance that you'll want to return this item then keep the return policy in mind where ever you purchase it. To be fair, the local Yamaha dealer won't accept returns on their generators either so it's not just Amazon.

Edit 4/01/2011: To follow up on powering my boat's A/C, I purchased the Yamaha and it did power my boat's A/C without complaint and even in Eco Mode. Turns out it was a 16,000 btu unit in my Regal 2860 (just in case there other boat owners out there doing their research). I ran the B&S next to the Yamaha. There was a definite difference in the noise levels between the two. You do get what you pay for. The Yamaha performed better, was lighter, and was also quieter. It was definetly worth the extra money to me. I could hardley hear the Yamaha running when inside the boat. I'm leaving the rating at two stars for the B&S. It does work but it doesn't perform as expected. Lesson learned...
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on January 16, 2013
I just bought this generator for use around my house and on camping trips. I have a larger contractor-style generator but was attracted to this model because of a review I saw in Popular Mechanics and decided having a second generator around may not be a bad thing, especially not one that can safely run electronics.

I received my new generator last night. Adding oil was a bit of a chore though the included funnel thing they include made it a bit easier. Mine was VERY hard to start the first time, I ended-up priming the carb with some starting fluid and then it started right up. Subsequent starts later in the evening (even after it had cooled-off) were one-pull deals.

One very important thing I found which was a bit troubling was that the air cleaner (a foam filter) was bone-dry! This type of filter is supposed to be soaked in oil then squeezed-out (the oil traps the dirt). Mine was dry, no oil on it anyplace. Easy to fix (foam filter oil like you'd find at your local dirt bike shop would be best, but even a small amount of engine oil would suffice). The owners manual has instructions on how to do this as well. Without any oil on the filter, dirt will pass straight through and into your carb/engine (a very bad thing)!

Other than that the generator seems to work well. I checked the output with a meter, un-loaded I measured 121VAC, 59.95HZ and 13.1VDC-15.3VDC from the provided 12V port. I also added a digital hour meter to keep track of maintenance.

So far this looks like it's going to be a great little generator for my family and I!
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on May 20, 2011
Well, as usual, I am very happy with Amazon's delivery of the merchandise. I decided to purchase this particular inverter generator primarily because I cannot afford to drop close to a thousand dollars for a Honda or Yamaha generator that will primarily be used to power the RV once a month. And being as how I rarely need to power serious construction tools at a remote job site, this was an affordable generator that offered similar performance to the higher priced ones. At least that was my thinking.
I received the generator this morning after my morning coffee. Great! Being as how we are leaving on Wednesday for our first camping trip of the year, the timing could not have been better. I took it out to the shop, opened the box, took out the instructions and read them thoroughly. I poured in the supplied engine oil (the little oil bottle spout was indispensable), poured in one gallon of gasoline, pulled the starting cord slowly five times to prime the dry system, and then pulled it quickly to start the engine. One problem. After failing to start on the first pull (I really wasn't expecting it to start THAT easily), I pulled again, but when I pulled the cord out fully a second time, it failed to rewind. UGH! A few sips of coffee and a cigarette later, I returned from my expletive laden break with a plan - Remove the front cover and see what happened to the reel.
After removing the panel, a minor love tap on the reel got it rewound by itself. Put it all back together, pulled the chord, and the sweet sound of a generator coming to life echoed throughout the shop. Life was good. Allowing the generator to warm up a few minutes (as per the instructions), I plugged a few low amp tools in to make sure the outlets were working. A few tools later and no problems, I went for the big boy in the amp department, my Porter Cable circular saw drawing 15 amps. In theory, the generator should power this. Wrong. I pulled the trigger and was rewarded by a quick spin of the blade and then nothing. Red light on the panel indicating generator overload. Shut the machine down, waited a few minutes, and tried again. Same result. Disappointed, I plugged the camper in. Now, I know some of you may start yelling "Stupid- it won't power the rooftop AC!" I was aware of that prior to purchasing, but money always outweighs comfort. Besides, I'm supposed to be roughing it. Anyway, it powered all the lights and appliances (including the microwave) in the camper at one time, even in Power Save mode. So for that I am happy. I let the generator run for about two hours while it charged up the camper batteries with the supplied 12v cord (very handy).
Bottom line: If you are looking for a quiet camping generator to recharge batteries and power some small appliances while camping, you will be happy with this item. However, if you are thinking of running power tools or other high amp devices regularly, spend the money on the Honda or Yamaha portables. I gave it four stars for quietness, portability, simplicity of use, and supplied extras (small tool kit and 12v battery charging cables). The letdown about the cord and misrepresentation of surge capacity cost it a star in the ratings. The B&S website claims the unit puts out 16.7 surge amps, which should have powered the saw, but obviously didn't. I know the Honda at work can handle it.

Update 31 May 2011:
Went out for 5 days at the campground with the new B&S generator, and it performed flawlessly, even after I left the choke on for 3 hours while it was running and ran it out of fuel. (Damned Mudslides!) In total, I used about 1 and 1/2 gallons of fuel over the course of 5 days with the generator running an average of 4 hours a day to charge house batteries, cell phones, the water heater and run the all important blender. I did notice you can leave the generator in Economy or "Stealth" mode and if you plug in the camper via the shore power cord to the 120v -15 amp duplex receptacle it will still charge your batteries quite efficiently. If you use the supplied 12v battery cord, the manual says you have to turn economy mode to off. All the electrical appliances were able to be powered adequately, although I tried not to turn on too many things at once. Although the 13,000 BTU A/C was not able to be used, the fan itself was useable to keep air moving around. I am leaving the 4 star rating where it is for now, but will update in the next few months.

Second Update 3 Jul 2013:
Having had the unit for 2 full years now and having used it on well over 20 camping trips, the unit has held up fairly well. I keep it stored in the winter in my unheated shop, with a full tank of gas with no fuel stabilizer. Every spring I pull it out, inspect thoroughly, and start it and let it run for about one hour on economy setting with a very small electrical load. Has started every time on either the fourth or fifth pull after sitting all winter.
During Hurricane Sandy, I was without power for 8 days, and this little generator kept my refrigerator running, cell phones and DeWalt 18v batteries charged and 5 CFL lamps lit for the first two days until I got a bigger generator to run the whole house. It never faltered, did not tire, and refused to fail.
Am extremely happy with this unit. I read EVERY review before I bought this. Maybe mine was built on a Wednesday, I don't know. This little unit has exceeded my expectations to date. I hope you give it a chance. Well worth the money. If I could give it 6 stars, I just might.
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on August 12, 2015
I have a Honda 2000 and this B&S. This is quiet at lower loads, but loud at higher loads. Much louder than the Honda. The little cover where the pull cord comes out, breaks easily. You have to really use good technique to pull straight out, if you use it on a regular basis.

Its a tad more finicky than the Honda. Sometimes it starts on the first pull, sometimes it takes more. I think it delivers a tad more power than the honda as I used it to power a room a/c and the Honda struggles a bit more with the hard start of the a/c. Gets similar gas consumption to the Honda. The pull cord retract eventually broke...stopped working as well. But I used the bajeebees out of this thing.

For the price, it is a good compromise to the Honda.
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on October 8, 2010
Update: 6/12/12
Last time I used it was this winter at the cabin. Had to take into shop for repairs ........enough said.

Update: 07/25/11
See the note from other reviewer who had re-coil problems. Ditto! I don't use this much, but during hottest week of year in Northern Wisconsin the re-coil decided to break on me. Took the thing apart (which is incredible chore) and couldn't get it fixed on my own. Not real happy with the product at this point, although when working, it has been just fine for me. If this is a "unique" experience, then fine but it seemed kinda flimsy when i did get it apart and thought i should be able to fix on my own.

Update: 10/25/10
Took the generator to the woods for a week of camping and it worked fantastic. Very quiet and more than enough power to run my camper lights and general electric needs (coffee maker, lights, & battery recharging unit for tools). And, amazingly good on gas. Ran forever on full tank of gas (honestly, i'd guess it was over 10 hours). Not the lightest thing ever, but certainly manageable and really did a great job for me. Very happy with the product!!

Received as promised and finally got a couple of minutes to try it out. Package was delivered and it included the Generator, Oil, Funnel, tools, and 12 volt power cord for battery recharging.

Very easy to get ready; simply add oil & gas - Then took about 4 or 5 big pulls to get started. I read (after the fact) that i should have given a couple of slow pulls just to move gas through the system and then really try to start it but didn't read that til after i got it started.

I let it run for a good 30-45 minutes without any load and it ran very smooth and quiet. I've used the Honda in the past, but without having them side by side it's impossible for me to judge which is quieter. I'd say they both are pretty darn good when it comes to dB level.

Planning a trip north in a month and will use extensively there. I'll repost at that time as well but for now i'd say it's a very good value. You can always trust a company from Wisconsin!!
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on August 29, 2011
I ordered this generator a few days before Irene hit with next day shipping and Amazon delivered it to my door as promised. I wanted a generator that was manageable in size and had just enough power to feed my Fridge/Freezer, 1/3HP sump pump, and a couple of lamps. This little guy did the trick. And with the PowerSaver feature on, I got 8-9 hours out of 1 tank of gas. My only negative comment is that it took many many pulls to get the unit started the first time. Something I learned the hard way is that I should have let the unit run for 15-20 minutes vs. 2-3 minutes on that first run because when I went to start the engine the next day (in the storm), it was flooded. Once I got it going though it starts on the first crank every time. If you need to power multiple items in your home, this generator will not be right for you, but if you just need the essentials juiced up this is the way to go. Just make sure you do your homework on running watts vs. starting watts before making your pick.
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on January 16, 2011
Ordered first week in Dec 10. Arrived less than a week later. After prepping as outlined in the manual tried to start it. Had to go at it for a while. Finally got it cranked and ran for a few minutes then shut off. More trying to start and finally got it going again. This time no issues. Had a bit more noise than the Honda generator I had been thinking about buying. Used it a week later as the power for the lights on our pontoon boat in an X-mas parade. Started easy and ran for two hours. Performed as advertised. Have started it several times since then. Normally starts on the second/third pull. Saved some money and got what I wanted.
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on September 25, 2011
I got this just before hurricane Irene. Set it up as per instructions and it started on the third or fourth pull. Ran it for a while and tested it on the fridge (large but efficient, Energy Star unit). Ran it easily. Not as quiet as I had hoped but not too bad when running at 1/2 power. I'm sure the Honda or Yamiha units are quieter. But for 1/3 less $$ I'll deal with the noise on the occasions that I use it as it more for emergency than regular use. The 1gal tank is really too small if you want to run it all night without having to wake up to fill it. Stupid designers. Something like that should have been a top design criteria.
The unit is attractive, seems sturdy and is easy to transport with the well designed handles. Not too heavy (I'm average+ strength and can carry it with one hand).
I bought this instead of the ETQ as they seem to have bad service (according to reviewers and I called ETQ and the guy didn't seem to know much about their unit). Reliability and serviceability are important considerations.

Update 6/2012
I started the unit several times during the winter and spring. It was stored outside in a shed. It was not easy and took many pulls, but it did work. Good.
Also used it charge a battery. Works but it takes several hours. Slow charge which is probably safer.
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