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on November 17, 2010
I ordered this TV from Amazon about three weeks ago, and received it one week later. Although I was concerned about safe shipment of such a large object, it arrived in excellent condition. The packaging, with foam plastic inserts to support the TV at all four corners, was quite impressive.

Set-up was very simple. I only had to look up a few points in the manual. The manual is even written in legible English!

The picture quality on this TV is excellent. I watched a football game on broadcast TV, and that was a completely different experience from watching the same games on my old CRT TV.

I bought this TV for use in my "Home Theater" system that I am still putting together. Playing movies from my HTPC or watching Blu-ray movies really demonstrates the excellent picture quality of this TV. Just as an aside, the remote is easy and fairly intuitive to use. That's not a big point, but a poor remote can frustrate the user of an otherwise excellent TV. This remote works well enough that it doesn't add any irritation to the total experience.

It was when I hooked up the TV to my existing stereo receiver/amplifier that I discovered one point about the TV that is less than perfect. I had not noticed any deficiency in the sound while watching broadcast TV or even watching DVD movies on the TV. But once the stereo receiver/amplifier was hooked up and I could hear the sound over that set with top quality Altec-Lansing speakers, the sound quality was much better. In short, if you want the best home theater experience with this TV, it will need to be supplemented with a good amplifier and speakers. But I expected that going in. I'm not downgrading the TV set just because its audio performance, with its small speakers, isn't quite up to what I get out of my 100 W amplifier and 15" speakers. Heck, each of those speakers cost almost as much as this TV!

This TV set is great for what it does - providing an excellent picture. The fact that it isn't also a professional sound system is irrelevant to its function. Besides, if we have a home theater system, we will have the tuner/amplifier and speakers already for other purposes.

Hooking up the audio output from the TV to a separate amplifier may be a trap for the unprepared. The TV sound out is via TosLink, which is an optical digital signal. I knew that from the Amazon description and pictures of the input/output connections for the TV. I had already ordered a TosLink optical cable and an optical/digital to analog sound converter and two RCA cables to connect to my amplifier. The total cost of those items was about $50. Not a big deal, but just an advance notice to any purchaser of this excellent TV that you really do need the cables and D/A converter, because the sound from your existing home theater or stereo amplifier and speakers will be needed for the complete enjoyment of this TV. If you have a more modern amplifier with optical digital input, only the TosLink cable will be necessary.

All things considered, I don't have any complaints, and I would buy this same TV again. In fact, I'm thinking about buying another one for my bedroom!

Five Stars! No doubt about it!
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on March 13, 2011
I bought this TV on a Saturday and received it the following Thursday undamaged. Packing is great, 4 huge Styrofoam corners, and padding on the TV.

My very first LCD flat screen TV, I have been watching a 27 inch CRT TV. Wow, this TV blows that one out of the water. What a different experience. I have my DVD hooked up with component cables, and the people seem as they are going to jump out at you. The only thing that kind of bothers me, is that the movies kind of look like a soap opera kind of picture, but then I read about turning off the clear frame, so I'll give that a try.

The other thing is I have my VCR, DVD and TV hooked up to a Sony surround sound system. The surround sound system works fine, but the only problem is that if I have the TV sound and the surround sound system both on I get an echo, there is a second sound lag between the TV and surround sound. I didn't have that problem when I had my CRT TV. Don't know what to do about the lag.

Anyway, I love this TV, can't wait to get my new Dish HD receiver next week and watch TV in HD.

Also best part is I bought this TV for only $452 at Amazon brand new. Amazon must have been having a sale on this TV, because 2 hours after I bought it, the price went up $127.
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on January 18, 2011
I started out with a 37" Vizio LCD 1080p. After a few weeks, I decided to return it, as the picture was sub-par. I was now left to decide what to buy. My father in law has a Samsung, and everyone says Samsung is the best TV, but in the end, you pay MUCH more for the Samsung. I finally decided on the Toshiba. I set it up, connected the cable via HDMI, and WOW. It blew the Vizio out of the water! The picture is so nice on this TV, that I would say it is on par with the Samsung my in-laws have.
I got the TV at a great price too. On top of that, a week after I purchased it, I noticed the price was lowered. I immediately called Amazon, and they credited me the difference in price. Excellent policy they have, but you MUST notice it and call to get an adjustment; they do not do it automatically.
If you are on the fence about this TV, I say get off the fence and click to buy it. Sound is great. Lots of connections to choose from (although I only need the HDMI:). This TV costs less than a comparable Samsung or Sony. I say save your money, get the Toshiba, and you will be glad you did.
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on January 29, 2011
***CHANGED TO 4 STARS AS OF 8/8/12***

The TV got buggy for a while (after about a year of owning it), something with the software, but after resetting the TV the software bugs eventually went away. Hopefully it will continue to function properly, but even with the minor software issues I still believe it is well worth the price.


This TV is probably the best value you'll find for a 40" LCD. The picture quality is very impressive and with "QSound" turned on (in the menu under advanced audio settings) the built-in sound ain't bad either. I do find myself changing the picture settings sometimes when watching sports or movies, but it's worth it because the quality is so good.

Here's a tip when using this TV: Start with one of the pre-set picture modes. Then go into Picture Settings and turn DynaLight off (it's supposed to adjust the brightness as the the picture changes, but there's a lag and it looks like crap) and then just adjust the contrast to your preference. It's a quick and easy way to get the picture looking good right off the bat and you can just adjust the contrast for sports and movies. I rarely have to mess with the other picture settings unless I'm watching a movie with an odd color tint, like Fight Club or the Matrix.

All in all this TV is a great deal, is easy to use, and looks and sounds like it should cost more than it does. Get it!
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on February 20, 2011
Hello Everyone!

I will share with you a brief but I hope helpful review with you. And I will appreciate your comments regarding to it.

PRICE! C'mon you all know between $540 to $590 is a very good price.

4 HDMI, very good quality, I just tested them with my new HDMI Cables attached to my PC and played a 1080p video. Looked great.

GAMING MODE is very good, no delay at all.

120 hz (Clearframe) Rocks! It is a very nice visual addon for this TV

Speakers are good, they are normal and effective, but if you want awesome audio quality buy a home theater.

Video and TV looks great too.

The TV is very light weight.

Nice looking TV.

Remember the TV has other inputs like PC port, usb, component and composite.

Brightness and backlight are also excellent and you can also adjust them.


The remote control sometimes didnt get recognized inmediately. But I believe it was because of the bad quality batteries included. I used Nickel-Methal Hybrid batteries and worked totally better (just remember to point to the lower left of the TV)

The menu is kinda difficult to understand, but after you read the manual (I know its boring to do it, but it is needed) and you play a little bit with it, it will be good and with nice options/combinations in order to set the TV the way you want.


I know some of you are having flickering and/or flashing issues, you can get rid of it by TURNING OFF the Film Stabilization.

If you do not like the SOAP OPERA effect in your TV turn off the Film Stabilization option.

Film Stabilization is located in Advanced Picture Settings.

For Support regarding this TV go to the Toshiba Support Website.

Also I recommend the firmware update which can be found at the Toshiba Support Website.

Now the basic question for every review... DO I RECOMMEND THIS TV? .... YES I DO! It is not perfect but it is a very nice one! So do not feel afraid of buying it. It is a very good quality device.
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on October 30, 2011
I really do like this TV and the price was right when I purchased it from Amazon last year. First let me say I do not expect perfection for the price I paid but hardware issues hurt this TV.

Things of note is blacklight bleed when the device transitions from a signal to a black screen. Again not so much a big deal as I tend to use the TV with ambient light available. Here are some issues that I can't overlook.

1) Screen developed a green tint throughout. It was fixed by installing v1.07 firmware.

2) Recently the TV intermittently goes black (loses signal) while using HDMI cables to my Xbox 360 or PS3.

3) Today the TV locked hard and had to be unplugged while changing menu settings.

Overall the TV has good color and contrasts but fast moving objects like a thrown football or baseball tends to have a ghosting effect. And for a TV that's 120Hz refresh rate that's a little disappointing. My opinion has no bearing on Toshiba as a company as i'm a firm believer you get what you pay for. I can deal with performance issues but it's tough to look past reasons #1-3.
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on March 14, 2011
This is my second Toshiba LCD screen now, and it is lighter than my old 32 inch. It isn't thin as a LED screen, but it is fairly light at 33-34 some pounds.

Picture quality is somewhat lacking, especially when I hooked it up as a HTPC. The colors seemed a bit washed, but that could just because I need to calibrate the TV setting. I watched Community on DVD, and it looked great. 4/5 here.

One thing I found interesting is that nowhere does it mention the TV's contrast ratio or response time. I found out that the response time is 8ms, which is actually worse than most of its competitors. I was a bit disappointed on the Response time, but again, it works fine. I have not experienced any kind of blurring or ghosting as a result of this.

I cannot find anything about the contrast ratio. Given this, I have to say the contrast ratio is OKAY even without looking at the numbers. It's hard to compare it to a Samsung or Sony without having it side by side, but I have little complaints about the contrast ratio.

There has been talks that the screen which Toshiba uses is a-IPS (alpha IPS), I'm not sure if this TV uses a MA, TN or IPS screen. Could be any of the three.

Overall, this TV is a solid 3 1/2 - 4 stars. There are no glaring problems with it (other than a terrible menu screen GUI) nor is it anyway shape or form outstanding. I'm sure there are better TVs out there, but for 450 dollars that I paid for it, it is really hard to beat!
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on February 11, 2011
I have a 32" Samsung that has an incredible HD picture. The picture adjustment controls are why. I am not a technophile or anything but I have done my fair share of research on LCD HDTV's. I purchased this TV based on reviews I read here and the fact that I could get a 40 inch 1080p 120Hz for under $550. I see why now.

The Toshiba does not give you nearly enough picture adjustment settings. It is very hard to get the white levels and black levels to a satisfactory picture. I am watching a movie as I type this and as many times as I have tried to adjust the settings the picture looks pixelated and grainy. I ordered a good action movie last night to test the picture HD quality and I was very dissapointed. The colors in the Toshiba are certainly inferior to the quality of Samsung. I was not really impressed with the 120 Hz aspect. The picture looks like a soap opera....kind of weird.

I am sending this TV back after only two days. I looked at others and found a Samsung for just a little more. Amazon has a return policy in which they will pay for shipping! I love Amazon.

Good things to say about this TV is that it is 40 inches. That is it really.
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on January 6, 2011
I bought this TV to be used as a third monitor on my office computer. Overall I think it is an excellent value, it does everything I need it to while staying on the cheap!

)Very light weight and very thin for a 40" LCD. It may not compare to an LED but I only paid $500 for this so I think it is a great value.
)Game mode has relatively good input lag reduction. I had bought a similar Phillips TV before this one but had to return it because input lag was too bad.
)TV menus are good; just the right amount of settings including the option to turn the logo backlight on and off.
)The physical construction is very slick and nice looking.
)Above average sound quality. At lower to medium volume it sounds great but if you want to watch an action flick with all the epic explosions up loud then consider also getting an external speaker set-up.
)Many different inputs.
)120Hz means a clearer picture with less motion blur.
)HD movies look great.
)Back-light bleeding is minimal.

)Game mode is not 1:1 That is, if you set the output resolution on your PC to 1080p (1920x1080), there is a 1" border around the entire screen. This happens using the HDMI input, I have not tested with VGA. This is the reason the set gets 4/5.
)When you turn the TV off, some settings get reset. The only one that bothers me is it reverts off of game mode.
)On the back of the TV where the wall mount screw holes are, the plastic in that middle area seems flimsy.
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on December 25, 2010
I am very happy with my purchase of this TV. The picture is absolutely beautiful. I have a regualar DVD player and it upgrades the picture from this player. Just after setting up the TV, I watched a movie that I saw at the theatre in 3D. The picture was so clear, it appeared as if it were 3D. The only drawback is the sound. I am slightly disappointed but not enough to bring down the rating. I have the DVD player connected to external speakers which make it more like theatre sound. Compared to other tv's I reviewed prior to purchase, the inputs on the Toshiba are also a bonus. It has 4 HDMI, a component, a composite,
USB, LAN and VGA. It also has an SD slot for viewing your pictures from a camera. This is enough for any purpose. The price and features make this TV an excellent buy.
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