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on January 5, 2011
I caught it free just HOURS before the price went to [...] and you couldn't get me to pay ANYTHING for this book. That's too expensive for this trash.

This book starts rather slow but the middle hits the good peak then the ending tapers right off. A literally bell curve of a book.

The "hero" is decent but I hated the rape in this book. You read that right. And yes it's not "technical" but tying a person to a bed so you can have sex with them IS rape and THAT should be mentioned. It's shoved aside because the heroine finds pleasure in it and THEN later in the book the hero is raped by his "ex-wife" because she wants a baby and he's not willing so she has him kidnapped and tied to her bed so she can make him rise to the occasion and she can have sex with him. But he excuses her behavior both the rape and kidnapping because she's insane and because of their past. Now that's insane.

It's INSANE for Maggie Robinson to have written it that way. That was disgusting and ruined many parts of the book.

The ending half of the book was just one jumble or a mess and Ms. Robinson's attempt to wrap everyone up in a neat bow. After reading the story, by the end NO ONE cares what happens to Deb but somehow she shows up and sullies the mood, and then a host of no-name characters take up the ending.

I give it 2 stars for the beginning and few good parts but the casual writing of rape can making it a "seduction" is ridiculous.
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on January 14, 2011
I cannot deny that Mistress by Mistake has an interesting plot. Sir Michael Bayard mistakingly takes Charlotte Fallon for his mistress. This one mistake starts an intense sexual relationship between Michael and Charlotte. Charlotte is a prudish middle age woman who denied herself love for too long. Therefore, she is instantly in a trance when Michael claims her. In the end, Charlotte and Michael realizes their relationship is special and they find happiness with each other. On the surface, this plot seems interesting and unique. For example, Charlotte is a thirty year old woman. This is very rare that an older woman is the main character in a historical romance book. However, there are many elements of this book that is hard to stomach. First, the language is very crude. There is not one page without a curse and extremely detailed sexual encounter. I was a little shock that the language was so rough for a historical romance. Secondly, it was basically porn. Michael and Charlotte did not talk much in this book. Every encounter they had ended with sex. It got tired after the second half of the book. I wanted Charlotte and Michael to form an emotional bond to make the book more substantial. Thirdly, the plot became ridiculous at the end of the book. I won't give any details but the situation with Michael and his ex wife was not easy to understand and stomach. Rape seems to a minor inconvenience in this book. I did not like how it was rushed and every problem was brushed under the carpet. Finally, this author often made middle age seem nightmarish. Charlotte is thirty years old, but already has gray hair. She often depicted herself as an old maid who feeds cats. I was often hard to remind myself that this book was an historical romance. Though the setting was historical, the plot was made for modern times. Finesse would have truly helped this book in maintaining the important values of the time period. Plus the plot would have flowed better and become more believable. Overall, this book is graphic and not substantial, but not hard to get through.
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on September 16, 2012
Charlotte "Charlie" Fallon is a thirty-year old spinster who lives a secluded life in a small cottage in the country with her stray cats and flower garden. She receives a letter from her sister Deborah to visit her on Jane Street in London. Deb is radically different from her older sister. She lives on Jane Street in homes for the mistresses for the aristocratic ton. Deb is set-up on Jane Street as the mistress for Sir Michael Bayard. Bay interviewed Deb was pleased with what he saw and paid her a tidy fortune to be his mistress. Unfortunately for Bay, he hadn't warm up the sheets with Deb before he was called away to Dorset because his grandmother passed away.

Charlie would've thrown Deb's letter in the fire if she had known her sister wanted her to stay on Jane Street to explain to Bay she'd a marriage offer. Bay arrived in London late at night quietly crawl in bed mistakenly took Charlie in his arms. Charlie was asleep. She was becoming easily aroused by his caresses. Last night for Bay it was heaven. The next morning, he tried to take his mistress again but this time she resisted his touch. Charlie is awake knew it was Bay. She succumbed to his touch and Charlie lost control of her clear headedness. Bay had to learn to trust Charlie and believe that she too was a victim that was caused by her sister Deb. Bay discovered the truth about Charlie and it shattered his defenses. Charlie and Bay made a delightful couple.

Bay realized he had made a mistake when he thought that Charlie was a liar, trollop, and swindler. In the beginning, Bay thought Deb and Charlie were involved in deceiving him. He later came to the conclusion it was Deb alone, and decided he would not press any charges.

Bay's ex-wife Annie is completely off-balance. She hired four thugs to kidnap Bay. And then another night, Annie took Bay by gun point and raped him for the second time. Annie decided that she wanted a baby. Bay has a friend Jamie who's a doctor in Dorset. Bay consulted with Jamie about Annie in what course of action to take to keep her away from him and Charlie.

There were secondary characters that lived on Jane Street who were interesting and Lady Christie I was impressed with her strength... Lady Christie and her husband have been separated for five years. He purchased the house for her on Jane Street without her knowledge. Baron Christie was quite aware that Jane Street was home for the mistresses of aristocratic ton. Living on Jane Street Lady Christie has been shunned by society. She is making the best of the situation. Lady Christie is a famous writer. She writes romantic novels about courtesans. Lady Christie is kind of like a mother hen on Jane Street, who would take care of everyone. She invites the girls every Thursday for tea.
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on May 7, 2010
I have to say, it has been a while since I have read such a funny, sexy, romantic "romance" novel. I loved the characters. The H/H were great. I liked their sexual chemistry as well as the dialogue. The wording had me in stiches. This writers has a way of phrasing things that is so witty and funny that you will laugh and chuckle all through out the book. I don't want to give too much away but I will say that I am happy that I didn't hesitate in getting this one. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more books from this writer. I noticed some possible set ups for "The Janes" to possibly have their own stories. I sure hope so, I would buy it without hesitation.

Very well done!
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on September 27, 2011
Well, the second read through of this book was more satisfying than the first. There were things I remembered and things I missed. Of course I knew who the crazy was but even on the second read through, I still cringed at the way she acted.

Charlotte "Charlie" Fallon has rushed to London, afraid that her baby sister has taken ill. Wrong. Her sister Deborah, the most sought after courtesan in all of London, has decided to run away with the third son of an earl, and intends to have Charlotte take her place as new mistress to one, Sir Michael Xavier Bayard. Of course Charlotte, ever the proper lady, decides to straighten everything out with Bay the morning after Deborah runs off.

Cue in the sinfully delicious Sir Michel Xavier Bayard. He arrives in the dead of night, after spending a month away being with his grandmother before she passes and making funeral arrangements. Bay can no longer wait to take Deborah so, upon his arrival at the Jane Street house, he crawls into bed with her. She's not what he expected. Well, duh! It's Charlotte, not Deb. But he doesn't know that.

Charlotte wakes up to Bay trying to make love to her and screams. Well, you would too if a stranger was sucking on your nipples and you're somewhat aroused by it. Charlotte tries to explain to Bay what happened and how she came to be in his bed. Turns out, Deborah stole a necklace that belonged to Bay's deceased grandmother. Until the necklace is returned, Charlotte must take Deborah's place as Bay's mistress. Eep!

And the story gets crazy. Charlotte is physically attracted to Bay. I mean, who wouldn't be? He's got magic fingers, lips, [insert body part here-- yes, even THAT body part]. They carry on a very steamy relationship while trying to deny their attraction. Pfft. We know how well that will turn out.

Bay has a man looking for Deborah, he's got a fantastic sexual relationship with Charlotte, then his crazy ex-wife blows into town and all hell breaks loose. She's a total looney. Apparently she was married to some other man who they thought dead, then he comes back so that makes her marriage to Bay null. Got that so far? Bay is still semi-head over heels in love with her which turns him into a drinking fool. Sheesh! Men! Now the ex-wife wants to get back together and have a baby with him. Then Charlotte and Bay fight, she turns into a watering pot, she destroys property (okay, those cherub figurines are pretty ugly and quite creepy), and in the middle of it all, Bay gets kidnapped.

I fell in love with both Charlotte and Bay the second time around. There were scenes I'd forgotten about and scenes forever imprinted in my memory.

I must say that Ms. Robinson writes like her hero, Bay. It is pure poetry, meant to seduce, titillate, excite and ensnare the reader from the first chapter until the last. I'd forgotten how hot Maggie Robinson can be, just ask my Kindle. The creaking was audible as I gripped it tightly, my heart racing, my toes curling as I sighed from the sexual chemistry between Bay and Charlotte. It's almost like a soap opera, complete with mistaken identity, kidnapping, crazy ex-wife, expert lover hero, self conscious heroine, and a floozy of a sister who ends up being content with someone you didn't expect. Oh, and a few plot twists. Ms. Robinson, I'll be putting the rest of the series on The List.

***Kindle free reads on 10/31/2010. Original review posted at Romancing Rakes***
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on February 20, 2011
I don't mean to mean but I didn't care for the writing structure. Maybe it was just my formatting on Kindle I don't know. Usually when there is a break in time, there is a literal space or a chapter change. I was constantly confused when one moment the character was thinking something and then the very next line, she/he is doing exactly what they were just thinking. For instance, one moment she was thinking about cutting out and stealing paintings and the very next line she was tied to a chair and caught at a pawn shop awaiting punishment. I was so confused. There should have been a break. This happened alot.

The next complaint is that there seems to be introduction of characters that weren't needed. On Jane Street, what was the purpose of the plot to introduce Laurette or Lady Christie? They offered no advance in the story at all. I see that this is book 1 so maybe it was necessary to introduce them because they are going to be the new characters in the next book but it was a terrible set up. After Charlotte left Jane St, there was no mention of them again and they did nothing to further the plot. They were not interesting enough to capture my attention for a follow up book. Generally if there are going to be a series you have to make those secondary characters apart of the plot or story so that readers will want to come back. As it is right now, I am done with the books.

The beginning plot itself was good and it caught my attention right away. With Charlotte's sister leaving her behind to replace herself as the courtesan as she ran away to get married. Of course the set up to dislike Deb was immediate and I did want to read on to see what would happen.

For the life of my I have no idea why Sir Michael Bayard found Charlotte interesting or why he fell in love with her. Nor do I get why Charlotte fell for him. Especially when he tied her to the bed. I am ALL for kink and if you read my other books and reviews you'll see but that was bodice ripper to me. It also took a long time for all the love to sink in and in the mean time, I could barely tolerate them.
I did like how they eventually got together at his estate and I did like that part of the book. It helped me try and forget all the stuff I didn't care for in the middle.
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"Gorgeous prose, a wonderful love story, and scorching heat makes Mistress By Mistake a stand out debut."

How do I love thee, let me count the ways. Seriously, it's the perfect beginning for my review of Maggie Robinson's Mistress By Mistake, the first book in her Courtesan Court series.

The truth is I really wasn't going to read the ARC when Maggie sent it to me. I planned to give it away on the blog because that's what I do to most of the books I receive. I opened it to the first page just to get a small taste of her writing. I knew the story had something to do with courtesans all living on some special street--Jane Street--and I'm not particularly fond of courtesan stories.

I read the first page and I was hooked! Hooked I tell you. I discovered that the heroine, Charlotte Fallon, a spinster who lives in a cottage with several cats, is not in fact a courtesan. That honor goes to her rather self-involved sister, who in a certain light could be her twin. Do you see where I'm going?

When the hero, Sir Michael Bayard, is finally able to join his new mistress, he discovers--belatedly--that he has bedded the wrong sister. Or has he? Well in the end we know he hasn't but I do digress.

So anyway, the problem is Michael has a contract with Charlotte's sister who he discovers has absconded with the family jewels. No pun intended there, she stole a ruby necklace. He wants the necklace back or Charlotte must fulfill the contract. Now of course he's not serious about holding her to the contract but it's the threat he makes to make her stay.

I loved Bay (Michael's nickname). To me he was the perfect balance of brooding alpha male and sensitive lover. He acknowledges his growing feelings for Charlotte earlier than I expected. And he doesn't do a lot of vacillating about whether to marry her. That was so refreshing.

I also loved Charlotte. And I don't usually love the heroines in the books I read. I'm just satisfied if they don't aggravate me or if I don't actively dislike them. Charlotte is fiery and passionate and prissy and proper at the same time. Despite her widowed status, she discovers her passionate side with Bay .


The exquisite tug and tinge on her most private place went beyond anything she had ever felt. His lips, his teeth, his fingers worked in wicked concert. The man was a fiend. A talented one who knew precisely how to unlock the prim Charlotte from her prison and set her free. Too free. She would drown and disappear in her freedom, swept away by the forces she'd never imagined.

The waves came hard, one after another until she lost her voice completely. How had she lived for thirty years not knowing such a thing was possible and so necessary. Two days with Bay had completely ruined her for her cottage and cats.

End of Excerpt

The loves scenes are scorching hot and the two of them together, both in and out of bed, are combustible.

I did experience some very angsty moments while reading this book. Bay's sort of ex-wife (there's a story behind this) is a pain in the neck. She is willing to do anything--and I mean anything--to get Bay back. Her methods are ruthless to the extreme. Things got so bad, I even emailed Maggie during one of the tenser moments, and threatened to commit 'hari-kari' if a certain situation didn't resolve the way I wanted it to. But I did love the heart in my throat feeling as I flung obscenities at the book--a very interactive experience.

All in all, whether my heart was being wrung dry, or I was smiling, or I was fanning myself silly (because the book is HOT), every word in Mistress By Mistake (because boy does Maggie's prose sing) kept me completely enthralled until the very end. I look forward, more than ever to becoming better acquainted with Jane's friends, some of the other ladies on Jane Street as Maggie continues her Courtesan Court books.
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on February 3, 2011
First time I have ever written a review....
The writing in this book is excellent. Robinson knows dialogue and internal monologue. The characters are complex and have the ability to see all sides to each situation, not just his or her own selfish interests. I really was impressed. However, the book depends way too heavily on the sexual nature of their relationship which, to me--while an important and valid point to any romantic relationship--undermined the true excellence of this novel. Also, the manufactured excitement of the former wife's involvement was also a bit cheap for the caliber of Robinson's writing. Robinson clearly has the capability to create a much less trite crisis around which the hero and heroine could unite. Nonetheless, I am really impressed with the quality of Robinson's writing and character development and have purchased the next book in the series. Don't see much else to purchase from Robinson but if this is the start of her career, she is in for a long, successful career as an author.
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on May 12, 2010
Mistress by Mistake was a fun book to read. Although the plot was a comedy of errors in many ways, there were glimpses into some serious aspects of life at the time -- the treatment of women, the severe punishment for thievery and the vast gaps between the classes. I liked how the heroine accepted some of her regrets in life and also had an understanding and forgiving heart to those in her family and life who had really betrayed her. She managed to survive and actually build a life for herself and then when she was once again betrayed by a love one, she accepted her plight and tried to work her way out of it. Literally! The heroine was honest with herself and her wants in life, although she did some afraid at some points that she would be denied what she really wanted (can hardly blame her!) This was a fun book to read and I look forward to reading it again someday!

It's not often that a romance novel is actually funny (in a good way!), but I really enjoyed every page of "Mistress by Mistake." I had to re-read the first couple of chapters because of how it all starts out. Then it slowly sinks in... OMG... now that is what I call a dream! Too funny! The whole tit for tat and constant bickering about the lacy caps just makes me laugh out loud. This is a hot, steamy and hilarious read AND packed with action. Enjoy!
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on November 22, 2010
I lucked out and got this for free back in May. Got started on it and made it halfway through, at which time I misplaced my Kindle for awhile. Found myself with some free time this weekend, and I found my Kindle and finished this book.

After 6 months, I only had to re-read 2 pages and I was back into the story. That's some kind of record for me. The characters never left my head. I was completely engrossed in the second half and it's quite a satisfying ending. It is one of the best books I've read in the last few years.

Now, I was a bit shocked at first at the sexual activity in it, and I'd guess this technically may be soft porn just like all racy romance rags. I usually read biographies and history, so I was not prepared. Even that is described abley and interestingly by the author, however. And her imaginative plot twists make this book. Two thumbs up, and three if I had that many.
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