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Magellan eXplorist GC Waterproof Geocaching GPS
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Price:$159.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 23, 2014
I use the eXplorist GC for goecaching only, but the base map is great. Almost every road is loaded onto this unit, making geocaching in the city a breeze. Auto-zoom feature is nice. Backlight is controlled by a timer of inactivity. Running the backlight will reduce battery life quite a bit. Toggle button is sometimes hard to use. If this is something that may frustrate you, you may want to look for a touch screen instead.

It's also slow to get a signal. So turn it on well in advance. I've found it's more accurate in geocaching than my Iphone.

Geocaching with Multi's or puzzles is a challenge since the software does not have support to add additional waypoints associated with a cache. The work-around is adding waypoints with obvious names. Downloading caches is a breeze. Just drop gpx files onto the device as if it were just another file system.

The free month of geocaching.com Premium was also a plus.
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on April 8, 2012
I have had this GPS for a few months. I actually bought two so that I could take visiting family geocaching with me. I've liked that I have easy access to the cache description, previous logs, and hints to refer to as I geocache. I've used it to geocache in Florida and many Caribbean islands.

My first issue with this GPS is that, even with programmed updates, the maps are not accurate. I actually "walked on water" on St. Thomas (according to the Explorist anyway).

The reason for the "1" rating is the claim that this GPS is waterproof. Today, while pursuing some caches in my kayak, I tipped the kayak enough that everything that was not lashed down went into the drink. Two GPS's went in (the Magellan Explorist GC and my el cheapo yellow Garmin eTrex). The water wasn't deep...maybe 3 ft...I found the Explorist within a minute and fished it out...it was a good five minutes before I found my eTrex.

The Explorist was absolutely DEAD...the eTrex...still tracking like a trooper. Note that approximately 10 minutes prior to the dunking, I had replaced the batteries in the Explorist and as part of my standard protocol checked the back lock and the seal over the charging connector...both were sealed tight. Took the unit home, removed the batteries, opened the charging seal and let the moisture evaporate. Still DEAD : (

I think I'll go back to relying on my el cheapo eTrex so I won't have to suffer future disappointments like the Magellan Explorist. I plan to write the company to let them know that this product is FAR from waterproof.

**Update 4/14/2012...after NO response from Magellan, I attempted again to get their attention by sending another note via email regarding the problem I encountered and also posted on their FaceBook page...hopefully, this will yield a response. (I am a realist...I know the response may not be what I may desire, but a response is expected...no response is just plain disrespectful to the consumer.)

**Update 11/9/2012...after posting on Facebook, I did finally receive a response from Magellan. My faith in their customer service is restored. They authorized return of the damaged unit and replaced it with a new one at no cost to me...kudos to Magellan for handling this professionally! I still wish the unit was truly waterproof as many of the geocaches I pursue are water based. Time will tell how the unit holds up. In the meantime, I truly do appreciate the capabilities this unit provides.
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on June 17, 2012
I've been using handheld Magellan GPS units for as long as they have been available. We used them for hiking, motorcycling, and off-roading. Our older models are a little too tedious to use for geocaching so we purchased the eXplorist GC to use specifically for geocaching. My wife and I love to walk and bike and the eXplorist gives us a purpose and destination for putting some miles on our soles or bike tires.

The eXplorist GC is simple to use but it does require a little familiarity. I always purposely try something first without reading the instructions completely just to see how intuitive the device is to use. We found our first cache doing so but it did get frustrating navigating through the unit's features as the day wore on. I now had a basic familiarity with the unit though so I read the instructions and found it extremely easy to use from then on. The center togle takes a bit of a learning curve to move without pressing "select," but it works as designed. Plus, to truly enjoy the features of the unit you do need a $30 online subscription.

If you only want a unit for geocaching, especially around town near roads, bike trails, and in parks, the eXplorist GC is simple to use and fills the need. If you want a hand-held unit for geocaching plus hiking, off-roading, etc, the eXplorist 110 or 310 is a better choice.
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on March 5, 2013
I did receive a replacement and it works.
I will update this review once I get a replacement unit.
I bought this for my son's 17th birthday. He opened it in front of his friends and was so excited. We planned a surprise geocaching party. We put the batteries in and no power. Another set of batteries, still nothing. one more - nada. We gave up and went geocaching with the app on my phone.

Magellan customer service has been terrible. First they told me that I'd bought the unit more than 30 days ago - it had been two weeks and the item had just been sitting wrapped up waiting for the bday. I had to send a copy of the receipt. They decided I was telling the truth and said I could return it. It took 4 days to get the approval. I had to spend $14.85 to send it back Fedex - they don't allow returns via USPS. I'll get my new one in 7-10 days.

What a disappointing birthday, followed by a headache and slow service, not to mention the expense to return a unit that never worked.
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on December 30, 2013
I am new to Geocaching. I bot this for my 11 yr old son as motivation to leave the Xbox and go outside more : ) I was really torn over choosing this model due to the "love" it or "hate" it reviews.
Here are my first impressions:

I personally prefer Garmin GPS devices. However, I had to remind myself this was for my 11 yr. old son. So he would probably be more impressed with a color screen, and a GPS that is made for geocaching. Once we received this, I have to admit it is a REALLY cool GPS - it is vibrant and made for geocaching. It holds all the Geocache info. The writing is small, but I find it completely legible. It is actually easier to read outside. My son was "messing" around on it in the car while we were traveling to some relatives, and the mapping was spot on. I have not taken it in the woods as of yet, but I am not anticipating any issues.

*********************This unit DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 8 operating system*************** I cannot believe more reviews have not pointed this out. If I am wrong in my conclusion please let me know.
FORTUNATELY, I have access to an "older" computer, so I was able to save GPX files directly from geocaching.com.
However, I was unable to get the files to directly save to the unit by clicking on the "GPS" icon. I had to do it as a SAVE AS command.
If you purchase this unit, make sure to go to Magellan's website to download the "Connect to PC" driver. Again, this would not work on my Windows 8 computer, but works fine on my Windows 7 computer.
Overall this seems to be a GREAT geocaching GPS. I just really wish this would work with Windows 8. If it did, I would rate it a 5 star!

My Son used it for the first time, after I went to geocaching.com and downloaded [manually] some caches from our area, and it worked flawlessly. It took him within 10 feet of the cache, and he found it on his first geocache adventure! He is very excited about his next hunt : )
There is a new update v2.15. Mine came with v1.8, but the updates seem really beneficial. As someone already noted, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the Magellan website for new updates to fix bugs. still hoping for a Win 8 fix :(
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on March 31, 2015
I thought I would like having a GPS that is solely designed for geocaching as that is the entire reason I purchased one. As it turns out, there are a lot of features that you need for geocaching that are not in this basic model. I also found that this one drops the signal frequently and also takes several minutes to even find the signal when turning it on. You can't put it in your pocket or the signal is instantly lost. It does not work well under tree cover or in between buildings or overcast days. It works best in direct view of the open clear sky. It might be sufficient for young kids to learn how to use a GPS but I wouldn't recommend it overall.
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on April 21, 2016
no expandable memory, but the joystick works better than most up/down buttons. it's made for geocache, and makes a good starter. only downside is having to download the cache files to the device, where most smartphones now days get better readings. but this will work in places where cell signals are not welcome. also the water. it will not be my primary.
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on June 26, 2015
Purchased this for my husband and son who have just started geocaching. From the description, it seemed like the perfect tool for them to take out on their adventures. Unfortunately, it is not at all user friendly. The set-up itself took us a number of hours and even then it still wasn't working quite right. Once we finally got a few geocaches loaded in and took it out into the hills, it could barely pick up a satellite signal. We had been using a cell phone with a geocaching app previously, and honestly the cell phone got better reception, even in the hills and under tree cover. Also, the screen on this GPS is very small and hard to read. We really, really wanted to like this item, but unfortunately, it is not worth the trouble. Sticking with a cell phone/geocaching app combo for the time being....
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on December 25, 2016
You can't go wrong with a Magellan. They've cornered the market on Geocaching, something that Garmin failed to do in my opinion. Bright readable graphics coupled with paperless caching and field notes capability. I've beat this unit up stumbling through the woods, the snow, across creeks, and into the wilderness and it just keeps on ticking like a Timex. I have ordered this spare just to make sure that when or if my unit finally dies, I can grab the spare and keep on with it!
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on October 10, 2011
I've had the Explorist GC for about 2 weeks. I love my Garmin but it can't keep descriptions & logs in particular. It's difficult to load hints and then get to them. The GC, or Kermit, is built to do these things with ease - and it does. That was the primary reason for buying this tool. Another very pleasant feature is the ability to sort the caches in the machine in more ways than my Garmin (not a geocaching specialty one) - very useful! I haven't really tried the paperless caching yet. In addition, it has a good satellite receiver and so is accurate - without having to re-calibrate the compass. This is a well-know ritual for Garmin users anyway. I've had a slower learning curve in using the Kermit but my wife picked it up and was using it with relative ease from the start. That works great because I still use my 60CSx primarily because of its mapping ability.

That brings us to the downsides of this device. One of the major ones for me is its inability to providing routing. I'm researching whether this is possible with this model. Other downsides thus far include the gyrations it takes to toggle between the map and cache views, and the very live compass that takes a while to settle down. Finally, I'm not sure about the device's utility outside of geocaching - I use my Garmin handheld (a much more robust model and $$$)everyday in my job.

All in all, I think the Kermit is going to be a great addition for Geocaching. It is MUCH cheaper than most alternatives for geocaching (and paperless geocaching), an important consideration for our purchase. It has quickly become my wife's GPS of choice and is already a great resource in the field with all of its available information. I expect it to go to five stars soon for these features alone.
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