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on March 21, 2014
I chose to purchase this item as a gift for someone that is wanting to get into geocaching. I have used Garmin's in the past, but this product boasted of being perfect for beginner cachers, and even created specifaclly for that purpose.

When I received the unit, I took it out of the box, put in fresh batteries, powered it on and... nothing. I thought, "maybe I need to hold the power button." Still nothing.

I attempted several more times and eventually I got to what looked like a start-up screen. It had the magellan logo and what appeared to be some sort of compass or timer. The compass/timer thing didn't move, but remained static and the unit never loaded up-it just froze on that screen. Now, I couldn't get the thing to shut off! I had to take the batteries out to get it off.

I tried calling Magellan for support and the only help they could give was to say I should try using the re-set button. Did that, and it started up, great! So I shut it off, tried to restart it normally, and was back to a frozen start-up screen.

I'll summarize the next 6 hours I spend trying to get this to work properly. I researched every fix, work around, and firmware update possible. Nothing ever worked.

But at least I'm not alone. In fact, what I discovered when doing a Google search for "explorist GC problems" was an entire ocean of people with bad explorist GC units, regardless of where they bought them from. Many people even had the EXACT same issue I had right out of the box or another related major problem. Any product with this many bad reviews and out of the box experiences should be recalled. I've sent this item back and will likely NEVER buy a Magellan product again.
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on April 28, 2015
This is a great GPS for Geocaching! YOU MUST update to the latest version software when you get it. I got it and it worked fine, but a few days later it started freezing at the startup screen. Just google "Magellan Explorist GC Update" to get the latest update. You simply download the update to the computer, plug in to GPS, and follow the directions on the screen. I did a back up of the GPS cause I had caches already saved on the device. I have been using this GPS 2 months now, and it leads me directly to the cache. It is easy to create waypoints, which is helpful when hiding a cache. I love that it actually shows streets, unlike the other brands that only show highways. I live very rural and you can get lost trying to find a cache if you cannot see the streets on your device.

The only downfall is the battery life is not nearly what they say it should be. Otherwise it would be 5 stars. I just bought rechargeable batteries to save money on batteries.
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on June 5, 2013
We are beginner Geocahers, but have caught the "bug" so to speak. I was tired of using my expensive Android, and was worried about letting others handle it or taking into wooded/swampy areas to keep track of the GPS. We invested in this one and I don't care who has or where they take it! I'm a bit of wuss for crawling into wooded areas (didn't grow up in the country), so I let the ones don't mind take the GPS with them into those area and they keep track of where to go for ones off the beaten path/trail. With the phone, we couldn't do that, I would have to stand at the edge of the trail and say, it's there somewhere! I don't find the screen too small at all, once I updated the latest software, it got even better. The battery does not drain fast and you can charge it up with the USB cable. Lots of great settings, especially with the new software update, it's even better. A few bugs, but there are work arounds that you can find on the Geocache website. I suggest you set the background to pure white and leave the back light on all time (it will turn off in sleep mode, which you can set) for best viewing in sun or shade. I tried the fancy, pretty backgrounds and they were annoying. Beginner or expert, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It got us right on top of the caches, and there was only one we couldn't find, but I still suspect it was stolen.
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on April 8, 2012
I have had this GPS for a few months. I actually bought two so that I could take visiting family geocaching with me. I've liked that I have easy access to the cache description, previous logs, and hints to refer to as I geocache. I've used it to geocache in Florida and many Caribbean islands.

My first issue with this GPS is that, even with programmed updates, the maps are not accurate. I actually "walked on water" on St. Thomas (according to the Explorist anyway).

The reason for the "1" rating is the claim that this GPS is waterproof. Today, while pursuing some caches in my kayak, I tipped the kayak enough that everything that was not lashed down went into the drink. Two GPS's went in (the Magellan Explorist GC and my el cheapo yellow Garmin eTrex). The water wasn't deep...maybe 3 ft...I found the Explorist within a minute and fished it was a good five minutes before I found my eTrex.

The Explorist was absolutely DEAD...the eTrex...still tracking like a trooper. Note that approximately 10 minutes prior to the dunking, I had replaced the batteries in the Explorist and as part of my standard protocol checked the back lock and the seal over the charging connector...both were sealed tight. Took the unit home, removed the batteries, opened the charging seal and let the moisture evaporate. Still DEAD : (

I think I'll go back to relying on my el cheapo eTrex so I won't have to suffer future disappointments like the Magellan Explorist. I plan to write the company to let them know that this product is FAR from waterproof.

**Update 4/14/2012...after NO response from Magellan, I attempted again to get their attention by sending another note via email regarding the problem I encountered and also posted on their FaceBook page...hopefully, this will yield a response. (I am a realist...I know the response may not be what I may desire, but a response is response is just plain disrespectful to the consumer.)

**Update 11/9/2012...after posting on Facebook, I did finally receive a response from Magellan. My faith in their customer service is restored. They authorized return of the damaged unit and replaced it with a new one at no cost to me...kudos to Magellan for handling this professionally! I still wish the unit was truly waterproof as many of the geocaches I pursue are water based. Time will tell how the unit holds up. In the meantime, I truly do appreciate the capabilities this unit provides.
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on October 5, 2013
I bought this for my hubby so he would have his own GPS when we geocached. I had purchased the Magellan 310 for myself but thought since this one was particularly suited for geocaching, it might be better. It has less features than the 310 but satisfactory for geocaching. My only complaint is on the map feature. The "track line" that shows you the path to GZ is not very visible. In bright sunlight you cannot see it at all. The 310's track line is big and bold and easily seen in all light. Otherwise, it does what it is designed to do and the accuracy is just as good as the 310. If you don't mind using the compass and distance rather than the "track line" to get to GZ, this unit does OK.
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on July 23, 2014
I use the eXplorist GC for goecaching only, but the base map is great. Almost every road is loaded onto this unit, making geocaching in the city a breeze. Auto-zoom feature is nice. Backlight is controlled by a timer of inactivity. Running the backlight will reduce battery life quite a bit. Toggle button is sometimes hard to use. If this is something that may frustrate you, you may want to look for a touch screen instead.

It's also slow to get a signal. So turn it on well in advance. I've found it's more accurate in geocaching than my Iphone.

Geocaching with Multi's or puzzles is a challenge since the software does not have support to add additional waypoints associated with a cache. The work-around is adding waypoints with obvious names. Downloading caches is a breeze. Just drop gpx files onto the device as if it were just another file system.

The free month of Premium was also a plus.
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on August 14, 2015
I love this GPSr. Love it. If you have been caching for a bit you know that pretty much no device is going to put you dead on the thing. It just isn't going to happen. Yes, you may need to pair this with a map. I would. Trying to drive and figure out where all the little roads lead? Nope. Pair it with maps or with your car's GPSr. I'm cheap. I don't have one of those. But...
Tired of dropping your phone on cement and rocks, getting it wet in the rain (or worse; in the river), the battery dying halfway through the woods... basically all of the bad, bad things that has happened to all of our phones while caching? This solves the problem. No technical review here, although I am not knocking those, they are helpful. But they're already here. All I am saying is it works great and you no longer have to be those people at the cell phone store the employees know by name. Yeah. You know what I'm talking about.
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on August 12, 2013
We purchased this item the end of May and used it 2 times before it developed a problem. When you try to turn it on it seems to be loading then skips to a white screen and then back to the loading screen. It continues doing this. If you are lucky it will work if not it will continue to do this until you remove the batteries. I cannot get mine to start past that initial loading screen. I have used this unit 3 times but because it is past the 30 day warranty they will only replace it with a refurbished unit which probably had the same problem at some point. I paid all that money for a unit that does not work and still has the plastic on it its so new but all the company will do is replace it with a used unit. That is just not acceptable. We had planned to use this unit on a family trip in 2 days. For months the kids have been looking forward to the big GC trip and now we have no unit to do that with. I would not buy this unit. Customer service is not in this country and does not back their products. This is obviously a known computer glitch in the system and should have been replaced by Magellan. If you buy it know that you might get a good one or a bad one. Use that unit a lot in the first 30 days to make sure its a good one.
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on December 30, 2013
I am new to Geocaching. I bot this for my 11 yr old son as motivation to leave the Xbox and go outside more : ) I was really torn over choosing this model due to the "love" it or "hate" it reviews.
Here are my first impressions:

I personally prefer Garmin GPS devices. However, I had to remind myself this was for my 11 yr. old son. So he would probably be more impressed with a color screen, and a GPS that is made for geocaching. Once we received this, I have to admit it is a REALLY cool GPS - it is vibrant and made for geocaching. It holds all the Geocache info. The writing is small, but I find it completely legible. It is actually easier to read outside. My son was "messing" around on it in the car while we were traveling to some relatives, and the mapping was spot on. I have not taken it in the woods as of yet, but I am not anticipating any issues.

*********************This unit DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 8 operating system*************** I cannot believe more reviews have not pointed this out. If I am wrong in my conclusion please let me know.
FORTUNATELY, I have access to an "older" computer, so I was able to save GPX files directly from
However, I was unable to get the files to directly save to the unit by clicking on the "GPS" icon. I had to do it as a SAVE AS command.
If you purchase this unit, make sure to go to Magellan's website to download the "Connect to PC" driver. Again, this would not work on my Windows 8 computer, but works fine on my Windows 7 computer.
Overall this seems to be a GREAT geocaching GPS. I just really wish this would work with Windows 8. If it did, I would rate it a 5 star!

My Son used it for the first time, after I went to and downloaded [manually] some caches from our area, and it worked flawlessly. It took him within 10 feet of the cache, and he found it on his first geocache adventure! He is very excited about his next hunt : )
There is a new update v2.15. Mine came with v1.8, but the updates seem really beneficial. As someone already noted, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the Magellan website for new updates to fix bugs. still hoping for a Win 8 fix :(
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on March 31, 2015
I thought I would like having a GPS that is solely designed for geocaching as that is the entire reason I purchased one. As it turns out, there are a lot of features that you need for geocaching that are not in this basic model. I also found that this one drops the signal frequently and also takes several minutes to even find the signal when turning it on. You can't put it in your pocket or the signal is instantly lost. It does not work well under tree cover or in between buildings or overcast days. It works best in direct view of the open clear sky. It might be sufficient for young kids to learn how to use a GPS but I wouldn't recommend it overall.
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