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on March 16, 2015
To be honest, I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of this projector considering the low price. We use it for family movie nights in the backyard and love it! I think this projector would only be ideal for you if you plan to use it in generally-dark areas. I've included some pics.. This is using a projector screen, in our backyard, with a porch light on directly behind me, hope this helps!
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on October 2, 2013
The DG-757 is a low-budget, no-frills 720p projector. If you are any sort of visual snob, don't get this. The individual pixels are visible up close. The keystone adjustment is mechanical, which means that adjusting the keystone causes the internal LCD on which the image is shown to be physically tilted one way or the other; this is in contrast to the industry-standard digital keystone correction, where the image is digitally warped prior to being fed to the LCD.

The problem is that tilting the LCD screen causes the top and bottom of the image to come noticeably out of focus. The only way to get the entire image in focus is to not adjust the keystone at all. This would be less of a big deal if the projector weren't designed to throw the image directly in front of the projector, rather than slightly up like most other projectors. This means that you can't tilt the projector up very much to get the image higher on the wall/screen, because if you do, the keystone warping becomes very noticeable.

What we ended up doing is getting the projector as high as we could (by stacking chairs) and then just leaving the keystone alone, despite the slight trapezoidal shape of the final image. It's fine as long as no one needs to sit directly behind the projector, because you won't be able to see over it. Customers planning to mount the projector from the ceiling will probably be very happy with what they get.

I'm happy with the value I got for the money, because I really just needed a basic standard-res projector that could handle HD occasionally if called for, and this one does that pretty well. We can tolerate a lot of image imperfections and didn't want to spend more for quality we didn't need.

Edit: I have now had the opportunity to test the photo slideshow function. You can plug a USB flash drive directly into the projector and then use the remote control to play a slideshow of photos on the drive. FAT32 formatting works. ExFAT formatting does not work. NTFS may work; I didn't test it. The default duration and transitions were fine for our needs. Again, it's a budget model, so know what you're getting. The manual says that you can do the slideshows to music, but we found it simpler to set up the music separately since we didn't need it to sync to anything.
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on July 24, 2014
This projector is perfect for us. I wanted an outdoor projector to use in our backyard, we live in the middle of town and there is a lot of ambient light. the projector works well, just like I'd expect it too. Obviously the brighter the movie the better but we've had a lot of fun projecting giant movies on the back of our house. We use wireless external speakers and sit back from the house and you don't even notice the siding lines. It's great and you can't beat the price. I am sure there are better projectors out there, but this is perfect for us, our friends and kids love it.
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on October 27, 2015
I've had this projector for almost 3 months now and I think it is a great unit for the price. I have used it probably 20 times either in my front yard, my garage, or on the ceiling! No complaints at all about the picture! I don't notice a loud noise from the fan, but I'm also not keeping the audio down low, just doesn't have the same effect watching Goonies in my front yard! ;)
The light output is good when the sun goes down, I don't keep any outside lights on, maybe I'm satisfied because I caught the end of the Drive-In movie generation and don't expect much more than that.... Who knows!
I suggest that if you buy this projector and get a DOA unit or a premature failure..send it back and get another one...stuff happens.
I think that if you want a good projector for your movie night, this will fit the bill.
And I'm not just a viewer of Digital Galaxy products.... I'm also the President!......NOT!!!! (little inside joke for those old enough to have seen the commercials)
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on April 17, 2017
Don't expect a high quality projector for a low price.

I bought this projector because I was in a pinch and needed something to show a cheesy photo slide show during my wedding reception. I planned for it to ha a 1 time use so I went for cheap but decent reviews. With those expectations, this projector has been at least 4 stars.

Since the wedding I have used it multiple times to show movies in the back yard. It is kinda quirky with things like weird menu navigation that is not covered in the manual, finding "tricks" to make things work (example, the sound will stop playing but if you change the picture aspect ratio it comes back), etc...

So this projector has met and exceeded my expectations. But if I decide to make the backyard movie night a regular thing I will probably upgrade to a better one.
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on November 17, 2011
So far I've had my projector for about a week and it works perfectly.I bought this knowing the cost and not expecting the performance I'd get from a $1000 projector.I assume anyone looking to buy this doesn't have 500-2000 dollars to spend and just wants a projector on a budget.So far this is it.

I bought a refurbished one and got it shipped for $230.I've been using it everyday about 9-12 hours as a second monitor.It came with a extra bulb and all the cables listed in the description.The cables and power cords are short so unless you plan on having it close get a longer cable.

It says 800x600 but I have mine set at 1024x768 and it accepts the signal using vga cord but anything over and the screen turns blue and says no signal.I tried s-video hdtv out on my card but nothing displayed right unless I put it to 480.I plan to get a vga to hdmi adapter and try the hdmi input on the projector.I hope then it will display 1080 without it being scrambled.

I hooked up coaxial with expanded cable tv and ran the scan.It picked up the stations but it must have the old style because none of the hd in between stations worked(ex-10.1,10.2).Some of the stations were wrong and i'd have to go under each one to manually adjust the frequency to get the right channel and get the clearest picture.Also have to set the sound to the right kind to get that to work.I then tried a antenna and nothing worked so you will need a converter box to get those channels.

I've spent much time tweaking the contrast ect. on the projector and my graphics card to get the picture right.The keystone adjustment is just up and down so you need to project straight parallel.The picture size depends on distance from screen so i recommend a ceiling mount so you don't have to have it setup on a table in the middle of the room.It has adjustments for both ceiling(flipped) and rear(reversed) modes.

For pixels and clarity I have mine setup about 9ft away with a screen size of almost 6ft wide and about 5ft tall.From 3 1/2 feet and closer it has a obvious looking through a screen effect.The pixel size with my screen size is 1/16 inch square.Right now i just project on a white wall and looks good from 5ft back and beyond.

My dislikes are;
1.The fan is loud
2.it has blanks on the input side for usb,scart and card reader.I assume in the next model those inputs will be put in but its a bummer not having them in this model and seeing the spots for them.
3.I have a longer vga cable but with the location of the input on the projector(cover is too close) the screws weren't long enough on the one side tighten it in.

Overall I recommend this to whoever wants a projector but can't spend over $300.What convinced me to buy this is the fact bulbs are 30-40 dollars and last 4000-6000hrs.I could have spent $250 on a used projector that blows this one away in picture quality and specs but then I'd be stuck paying $200-300 every 3000hrs on a new fixture.What I wanted was a huge picture I can use as much as a tv and not have to ration out the hours i put on the bulb.

If you have any questions feel free to comment and I hope my review helps.Just remember if you want perfect quality expect to pay for it,don't fool yourself into thinking this can compete with a $600+ projector.
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on June 3, 2015
I fell in love with this projector. Its not as heavy as another 720p projector that I had tried and it had a few features that i felt were missing from the other. Even though I know it crops into the censor to give you a zoom function and when you use it you loosing resolution, I love this function as i don't have to move the projector to fill up a blank wall at my apartment. The picture quality is really good and because of if my sons don't want to use our regular 50" flat screen 3D tv anymore as they ask for movies on the "big screen". My only annoyance with this projector and the only reason I am giving it a 3 out of 5 stars is that the internal speakers don't turn off when you plug a external speaker. For the most part I don't mind it too much because when we watch movies what I do is turn the external speaker all the way up diminishing the sound from the internal projector speakers. But i really wish there would be a way to completely turn them off. If i ever permanently mount this projector some wear I'm going to have to open it up first and turn off the speakers or re-rout the sound some how.
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on July 26, 2013
I was looking for a projector I can use to watch a movie outside. Something that could make a pretty big, clear picture. The first time I used it was on my 10 x 12 garage door and the picture was crystal clear. Very bright. I never heard the fan while watching the movie, Only after the movie was off. We have only used it a few times on movie night and while camping but so far a great product.
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on November 8, 2015
I've been doing some renovating, and haven't had much time to experiment with this projector, but the limited time I have had with it has been excellent. Bonus for the fact that after a visit, my brother was convinced to buy one, with no persuading of my own.(He uses it regularly, and has thoroughly enjoyed the purchase so far.)

The Image:

The image this thing provides is nice, large, and clear. I've tried everything on it, games, anime, TV, and movies. They all looks great, and will definitely provide an exciting experience if it's your first step into projecting.(Up until this review, I had been projecting on the wall, which is a cool slate color, and still got great results)

The Sound:

Yes, this projector is a little noisy. For any gamers reading this, think the original Xbox 360. For non-gamers, if you focus on the sound, it'll bother you, but otherwise it'll just fade into the background. In terms of audio output, I can't say. I have an external setup.

Potentially Bad News:

If you want to hook this up to your computer you may be out of luck. My laptop just has VGA, and that's the one thing that doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure how nicely a converter will work, but that may be my only option.

Final Thoughts:

If you're just getting into projecting this is a solid purchase. If you're getting this expecting the quality of a $500+ projector, you're probably going to be disappointed.

Bonus Info:

When I first took this out and turned it on, the image was blurry. I very delicately tried twisting the lens, but nothing happened. I referenced the manual, which isn't that great, and tried to work my way around the menus. I've seen other people comment about this, and not get any answers so i was beginning to think I got a defect. If this happens to you, just twist the lens. It's a little stiff.

Update: 4/25/16

It still works amazingly (for the most part). I use it almost daily, and haven't experienced anything too bad. I've been using it without the sound bar for a while, and the audio is surprisingly good. Doesn't beat an external setup, but better than I imagined.

The Issue:

Occasionally, the projector is unresponsive. Press the power button on the remote? No response. The button on the projector? Nope. If you leave it as is it may take awhile. But if you switch of the power and unplug it, the plug it back in and try powering it up, it usually cranks up in a few minutes. It's only happened a few times, so I'm not that torn up about it, but it's a little obnoxious.
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on July 23, 2014
I just received this projector today 1 day early. So far I have hooked it up and it works great. The keystone adjustment being manual is as mentioned in other reviews as a little tricky since it will blur the top and or bottom edges. I have not done my first outdoor movie night yet. But i will update my review once I do this weekend. So far everything I was expecting from a entry level 720p projector.
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