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on January 23, 2011
I wanted a dedicated scan-only scanner that was small, could do multiple photos, some scan from albums, some slides,and be covenient to scan while playing on-line poker. The primary purpose is to convert a few thousand family photos from 40+ years of marriage and some family photos and slides going back 100 years.

The Epson has done all of that. And very well. The scans are quiet and quick. Several photos may be done at once. Color and B&W may be mixed. It is easy to correct some photo flaws, and to re-orient photos. Once in a while the scanner does not perceive that multiple photos are discrete and captures them as a combined image. This is easily corrected.

I would purchase this again.
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on December 22, 2012
I purchased this scanner due to a recommendation from two friends who used one to scan in slides. I have hundreds of slides of our kids growing up, fishing trips, camping and so on. This scanner does an EXCELLENT job. I scanned them in on "Full Auto" mode at 600 DPI. 600 will do fine. You have much greater resolution available, but it is unnecessary for slides. Showing them on our 55 inch LED TV is outstanding. No pixeling etc. Just great looking images. And at 600 DPI, printing them results in great images.

Before scanning, I used cans of compressed air with the little straw-like tube to concentrate the air spray, to remove dust from both sides of the image. Worked perfectly. One tip on the slides: ALWAYS have the image rectangle in the HORIZONTAL position in the slide holder. Doing so will give you the full image. If you put them in vertically, the top will be chopped off slightly.

When needed, you can use your photo review software to rotate the photo to the proper orientation, while the next slides are being scanned.

This does 4 at a time and separates each slide into its own separate image. Excellent scanner, not only for the money, but just excellent in general.

For anyone who has old slides to scan and was thinking of sending them out for scanning, I'd recommend you do this instead. It dawned on me that if I had sent them out, I'd still have had to sort and name them IF I could remember the details of which tray they came from By scanning them yourself, you take them out of the slide tray and are able to name the images while the next ones scan.

Another tip: you scan slides in what is called "Full Auto" mode. But you need to customize the settings. Takes 30 seconds. Select the file you want them saved to; and have them saved in jpg format, for normal use. 99% of people you may want to send them to, will be able to open a jpg file, but perhaps not a TIFF file, which is also an option. So select .jpg for the format. Also select "Dust Removal" and "Color Restoration" in the Customize dialog box, as well as Auto Photo Orientation.

To select where to save them and what format, click on "File Save Settings" and select your location by choosing "Other" and then locate the folder you want them in. Regarding Image Format Type, select .jpg as I mentioned.

Easier than it sounds from this lengthy note. Literally takes 30 seconds to do the above and you are all set.

Great scanner for slides. I'm doing more now as I type this.
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on April 30, 2013
I've been a professional digital image specialist for over 12 years, literally starting this career path scanning book covers. Over the years, I've found that Epson is the finest consumer grade brand for scanners and printers.

The V330 is no exception. The build quality of the scanner is rock solid with no feeling of flexibility or weak joints. The quality of the scans is superb, even when scanning something small at higher resolutions. And the accompanying software allows for excellent flexibility. This is also one of the least expensive units you'll find that can do slides and film. And it does those with the same aplomb as other scans. That's the five star side of things.

Where we lose stars first is the bulk of the thing. Maybe there's a good reason for it, better motors, larger CCD, I don't know. But I feel like these days an 8.5x11 scanner should be thinner, more compact. And that's not counting the lid, I realize that has to be thicker than average to accommodate another light. Whatever the reason, this is a bit of a desk hog. The second lost star is for speed. Not much to say here, it's a little slow. On higher res scanning, a slow down is expected, but it's slow for average stuff. If you're just doing one or two things, no big deal, you'll be fine. But if you've got 3000 slides you inherited from your grandfather to scan, be sure to pack a lunch.

Overall I'd say that if you need a scanner that can do slides and film but can't drop coin on one of the more professional models, then you really can't beat this. Even a unit twice as pricey won't really offer anything twice as good.
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on December 13, 2012
I bought this scanner to replace a not very old Epson that had seen only moderate use but one day decided to stop working (hardware issue). I chose it because I have something like 30 years worth of negatives and I had scanned only a few with the old.

The holder for the negatives is extremely complicated to load and flimsy, so I wonder when it is going to break on me. Generally the construction appears shoddy, but that's something we should get used to with all electronic products. My old Epson scanner had a much better slide holder and felt much sturdier, but didn't last that long either, while a 10+ year old USB-powered Canon still works OK.

The design is ridiculous, with the USB and power inputs at the FRONT of the right side. Doesn't anybody in Epson have any common sense? Or don't they care? I ended up placing the scanner backwards. I never use the buttons anyway (incidentally, the old Epson had a mechanical on-off switch, this has an electronic one and turns on by itself when I power up my computer - I hate it).

But the reason for my 2 stars: I was scanning just the second set of negatives when the scanner started adding a thick magenta line in all the images! (if you read the reviews, at least two more people had the same issue, so it is a defect of the scanner, not just my bad luck). Sometimes the line became fainter, sometimes it turned green, but it was always there.

I decided to return the scanner to Amazon (it was within the period I could return it for free and get a replacement at no cost), but I wanted some info first so I contacted the customer service. Even though I had not asked for return/replacement yet, only some info, their answer included a return label and shipping instructions! And because I needed some more clarifications, they sent me (with apologies) the replacement with 2nd day air before I had even shipped the defective unit (I returned it yesterday, with the new one already received). So I have nothing but praise for Amazon's service.

As for the new scanner? I was scanning the third STRIP (from the first set) of negatives when lo and behold the magenta line reappeared (in a different position, naturally). I rescanned and the line was gone, and the next two strips were scanned without any lines. So I hope it was only a temporary hiccup... but at this point in the life of my first scanner, the line had not even appeared yet. So I am not optimistic. But I cannot keep returning defective scanners for replacement... I will keep it and hope that the magenta line will be a rare occurence. But I am disgusted with Epson for making and selling such an inferior product. Naturally, I will think very hard before buying another Epson product.

Apart from the magenta line, the scanned images are quite decent, that's why I didn't give only 1 star. The scanning is slow and the settings cannot be saved in their entirety (I can save the resolution but not the image manipulation instructions like unsharp mask etc.), and the instructions are not very clear, but these don't bother me much. I have not scanned a document yet, nor tried any of the included software (I don't expect much, it was free after all), so I don't have an opinion about these.

(A FEW MONTHS LATER): Since I wrote my initial review I have done a fair amount of scanning. I scanned documents, too, and I had no problems with them. When scanning negatives, though, I still get an occasional magenta line, but until now it always goes away if I scan again. So I have kept the second scanner. But this has not changed my low opinion of the product.
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on March 28, 2012
I will relate my experience installing the software using Windows XP Professional 32-bit. The software installed easily using the included CD, but there were some concerns: During the installation it requested I install updates, which I could refuse. I chose to accept the updates even though it warned me that my system could become unstable due to the fact that the updates did not have a proper Windows XP signature. After installation I had no problems with my OS (operating system) or the scanner. The software auto mode was able to handle everything satisfactorily (photos and documents), and I did use the professional/custom mode when I wanted complete control or very fine resolution. Overall, I found the software easy to use, but there is a learning curve for the professional/custom mode. Although good, I did not like the format of the software user-manual (online or Windows-XP window); I would have preferred a PDF file instead. I called Epson about the warning, and this is where my problems began. Perhaps they have another service center, but I was directed to the service center in the Philippines. The connection was poor (I was disconnected once), the English was difficult to understand, and the fist level of technical support could not answer my question: Why did the updated software not have a proper Windows XP signature, and would it cause instabilities in my OS? After insisting on speaking to someone who could answer my question, I was transferred to someone who was able to answer it. The updates are for Windows 7 (therefore no Windows XP signature) but are backwardly compatible to Windows XP. So, the scanner is an excellent buy for the money, but the customer service needs improvement. Since my rating is for the scanner, it gets 5 stars. I especially liked the included OCR (optical character recognition) software included (it worked really well for me), but I have not yet used the included ScanNStitch software (for scanning items larger than the scanning surface).
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on July 14, 2012
I'm extremely pleased I selected this photo scanner instead of one of the stand alone slide scanners. My primary purpose for the scanner will be to scan over 5,000 35m slides. When I'm done I'll still have a use for it since I have thousands of still photos to scan. I found the quick guide instructions easy to follow and set-up took about twenty minutes. Scanning slides is a breeze and rather quick. Without rushing I'm getting four slides scanned and stored into "my pictures" in less than 3-minutes. I have no trouble with the slides falling-out of the included bracket for slides and negatives. They stay firmly in place and the process involves pressing a button on the scanner and clicking the scan button on the PC screen. Using some of the software features I able to turned aged 35m slides into quality digital photos, which can be edited with other programs. The Epson software intergrates with window explorer to automaticlly store the scanned slides into "my pictures" where they can be retrived for editing. The scanner works terrific for regular photos. I have placed up to four photos on the glass, spaced apart, and the scanner recognizes each one as a separate photo for accurate quality scanning. I tried stand alone slide scanners in the past and each has been a big disappointment. The Epson scanner is ideal for me and it offers multiple functions for other projects. Bottomline, the price of the scanner is far less then cost of packaging the slides and taking the chance on a photo developer like Costco to do the scanning.
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on October 22, 2012
I purchased an Epson V330 through Amazon to digitize my collection of slides. The scanner arrived quickly and in perfect condition. (Kudos as always to Amazon.) I set the scanner up on a table with my netbook and began the arduous process of scanning slides, four at a time, at the highest physical resolution. Each set of four takes 12 minutes, so over the past week, I've been able to scan over three hundred slides.

My netbook screen is quite small and the thumbnail previews of the slides have little resolution. However last night I noticed a horizontal line across the previews, about a third of the way down from the top of the images. Sure enough, the horizontal line effects each and every image that the scanner is producing. I have gone back and quickly surveyed my scans and discovered that the line began to appear after about 100 slides and its been getting more contrasty ever since. I cannot photoshop it out without destroying the images.

Epson support determined, after a lengthy test of this and that, that this is a hardware defect. (Knock me over with a feather...) and I am awaiting my replacement scanner. I will go MUCH SLOWER in the future. I'll work in smaller batches and check the results on a big screen more frequently. The image quality of the scans more than meets my expectations but I lost hours and hours and hours of work due to this defect. Now I have to spend time determining which images must be re-scanned. Aargh.

Amended: a replacement arrived after two days. I don't know if it is new or refurbished but, in either case, it is working well. I have analysed my past scans and determined that the defect presented itself after about 200 scans. I will continue my work in smaller batches, checking often to avoid redundant work if problems creep in.

2nd Amendment: The replacement scanner continues to work flawlessly. I have adequate control of adjustments and every scan is quite good. I have realized now that the scanner crops slides pretty aggressively. There is approx 0.125in lopped of all sides, which is quite substantial for such a small image. When this ruins the framing (which is not uncommon at all), I have to resort to manual selection using the marquee tool. This is quite easy but means that the image must be scanned separately. This is slowing down an already glacially slow process.
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on February 5, 2011
I have had this a couple of weeks and scanned about 200 slides with absolutely no problem.

I haven't really played with too many settings but at 1200 dpi I get a great image and the jpeg file size isn't too big. I think most are about 200k +/- and the image quality seems very good both viewed and when I had prints made at Walgreens.

I use Adobe Photoshop elements import feature which opens the Epson scan. It seems to take about 3-4 minutes for the preview and the actual scan and I typically use the scan time to decide on a file name to save under.

I am not Mr. Photographer and realize that my slides are snapshots not what you would call a true photograph. I have played with editing in Photoshop mainly just a little lightening and am happy with the results. The color and contrast seem to match the image as I remember it so I am pleased.

I did scan one black and white negative and very impressed by the results.

I also had a few 2 1/4 X 2 1/4 slides that will not fit in the holder. I found that if I layed one slide over the number 4 position, I could capture the 35mm portion of the slide with good results. I tried using position 1 and the scan software seemed to get confused "thinking" there was no image just the empty holder. If you do this, there is no thumbnail view but there is another tab for normal view or something like that. It is basically for a marquee where I guess you combine multiple images into one. The on-line manual doesn't really explain how this works. Anyhow, I select the 35mm area then it only scans that and I get one usable image.

I like the near instant LED lamp and the sound is the basic whine that I have heard on every scanner I have ever used. Not loud but I could see where it might be annoying to other people in the room.

Like other reviewers I have slides and prints from years gone by that I want to put into electronic format and this scanner does exactly that for a reasonable price and in my opinion, excellent quality. I just wasn't comfortable sending my originals to a service to do this. I wish I would have picked up a slide viewer so I could pick out the ones I wanted to scan but it is easy enough to un-select a slide in preview.

I cannot say this is the best scanner out there but I can say that there is nothing about it that does not meet my expectations. For me it is worth every penny so I can look at the old images and share them electronically with friends and family. I think some people expect miracles but even with software enhancing, you are limited to the quality of the original.

The Amazon price and delivery was excellent as always.
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on April 13, 2012
I bought this scanner with the hopes of scanning a lot of old photos. - - Bad mistake - - . When scanning semi-gloss photos I get vertical light lines in the scans and when I called Epson support ( which was an interesting experience) I was told that I could not scan semi-gloss photos because they reflect the light. I sent it back quickly and got an all in one HP machine that does not seem to have that problem.
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on April 4, 2013
I bought this scanner to replace an aging one that required a parallel port, something my new PC is lacking.

The V330 installed easily though it would have been helpful to know what all the utilities were about before having to install them. So far I've not used any of them and am not so sure they do much for me.

One thing that attracted me about the V330 was that it would scan slides. I have big collection of slides I'd like to digitize but my earlier attempt to do this several years ago yielded poor results but quite a lot of tedious work. My estimation is that with the V330 the results will improve but the amount of work will be at least as much.

With my new scanner I first scanned a photo and was impressed with the results - very clean and bright. I also tried four slides and was equally impressed. One image showed some noise in the sky - perhaps scratches or perhaps dust. It took a bit of work to remove those small black dots but the result was worthwhile.

However, setting up the scanner for slides was tedious. A maximum of four slides fit into the tray and they are not held at all securely. On loading the third or fourth one it is easy to knock the first ones out. It takes a lot of care but perhaps with practice I'll get better at it.

Slides are very small, so I scanned them at maximum resolution - giving me a very slow scan. I didn't time the operation but I did eat lunch while it happened and I finished lunch before the scanner finished the four slides. Otherwise it worked like magic. The scanner picked out the images and cropped them precisely.
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