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on July 12, 2012
I have a rare nuromuscular disease and have been unable to soak in a bath tub in over four years. Some info that some might find helpful. I am a big girl, 5'8" and 260lbs. My tub is the original porcelain tub that has been here since the house was built in 1940.
I love this bath lift! I choose it because it is one of the nicest quality bath lifts in this price range, its highest seat is higher than a lot of other seats, and it reclines. Because of my size, I can not soak my entire body, but I am able to soak my lower back, and hips which I have the most pain. A smaller person will of course be able to soak more of their body. I am also able to shave my legs so much easier. It is very sturdy going up and down and I feel very safe in it with no fear of falling.
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on November 20, 2016
This is very easy to put together and get going . There are a few videos on you tube that show how to put it together, as well as the large instructions and color directions that are packaged with the item.
This worked right away. It does feel funny to sit on at first. Then to lower it feels odd due to the fact that it is not a normal chair and you're in water, so my senses were confused.
I'm female, 5'2" and 140 lbs. I bought this because I'll need both knees replaced and that will happen over the next year. But it is still to impossible for me to sit from a standing position. Just about as hard to get up. I can get into the tub and sit on the edge, but my knees are shot from various sports.
So to invest in an entire walk in tub right now just seems like a stretch.
I have a garden tub, it is triangle in shape. Just about 22 inches high. So I can step over the side and into the tub and then sit on the chair. It lowers slowly and feels safe. When done it doesn't take too long to raise to high position. Some people may want to have a towel near or a heater. It takes maybe 30 seconds to raise . ( I didn't time it). In that time I did feel chilled. I think just covering with a towel as you raise would help. I have a small towel that's fine, but there is also a heater in the room. My bathroom is way too big and doesn't hold heat like a smaller bathroom. There are pros to a small, cozy bathroom!
Overall this chair is just what I needed at this time. We have a separate shower and my hubby does not need to use the bath for any reason. However, if he did, this chair is very light and would be easy to move to the floor depending on space.
I've had this for close to 2 months and so far, so good. I'd recommend this.
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on May 29, 2016
Buying this has been a disappointing experience. I have just put it into our tub. I struggled to figure out dimensions and how it would fit with our Jacuzzi jets. A question about modifying it on Amazon got an answer was a liability lawyer "Don't do it." not whether it was feasible, from the manufacturer. I wanted to look at one, but no shop I could find in either Boise, ID, Idaho Falls, ID, or Jackson WY had one or seemed ever to have sold one. Given astronomical list prices, I didn't want to impose on them, so I told them they would have to compete with Amazon on price.

Design. There is a structure at the back of the base that keeps the seat base about 6 inches from the back of the tub. The base is 22 inches from front to back [The mysterious 22 inches listed as seat length] so the front of the seat is 20 inches from the front of the tub bottom. I should have bought the Aquajoy line. The rigid-back one, which wouldn't work for us, has more legroom; hard to tell about the reclining back model. Drive doesn't have a picture that shows that one down in the tub.

Drive Medical could do a better job for people who may be limited in their capabilities or may be caregivers without a lot of time to go beyond what Drive gives them to find out what they need to know. They can't even list the phone numbers of their "dealers". This is a potentially very useful product for a small but needing group of customers. Drive should bet their marketing act together, although poor design and marketing seems to be endemic in the health care product business, except for the deep-pocket-targeted scooter business for example.

In use, it is great for one who hates showers and likes to soak in a Jacuzzi. She was able get in even though the wings don't rest on the tub edge, to slide down off the sea when it's down, which is not too high and immerse herself. The front is tapered enough to make that OK, although a firm apron there would make that easier. This compensates for the length the chair takes up in the tub.
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on May 24, 2013
Bought this model because it has a very high lifting capacity [our tub is a deep whirlpool ], and because of the reclining seat back. The instructions were not so hot re installing the suction-cups, but otherwise it was a piece of cake to put together. [The chair needs to be raised to install the suction-cups; The manual lists this as the first step, and does not note that point]. The seat pad[ which is white,not blue] is held at the outer ends [the foldable entry wings which rest on the tub rim] by a thin plastic loop on the bottom. This was quickly cut by an entry wing edge on first use. However, we had some two faced carpet tape on hand for a quick and easy fix. The control is intuitive to use and easy to charge. Really a nice, smooth operating product at a good price. Suggest that you install the lift with the seat back reclined to be sure there is clearance at the tub back. Recommended! [ If your tub has a moulded-in non-slip texture, and the lift will be left in place, consider a dab of Plumber's GOOP at outside edges of suction cup feet].
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on January 12, 2013
This is a GREAT little lift. It is light. It works. It fits our clawfoot tub. Everything about it is so EASY. My mom (92 years, 140 lbs) is very happy to be able to soak again, to be able to be lowered into the water! But the instructions are inadequate for putting on the suctions pieces, it just doesn't make sense (frustrating!) and the videos don't show the style of connection that was on the actual lift we ordered. Also it is very easy to put the two pieces together and take them apart again, but at first it doesn't seem right and there is nothing to assure it will work, or how it works as you raise the lift. Company needs to make a better video. And company needs to have good phone service for new customers.
If you are ordering this with no local support, the telephone number is one of those " wait forever" recordings. Still haven't registered my product. Need much better customer support for those of us who are ordering this product. Have used 4 times. Will update after we see how well it lasts. Really very satisfied with the product itself.
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on September 29, 2014
I originally bought this 9/13. I have almost no knee caps and cannot get up out of a bathtub and this seemed to be the perfect answer. It worked great until January 2014, when the hand control would no longer work. Without the control, you can't raise or lower the chair. There is no other way to do it. I contacted Amazon who offered to replace the chair since they couldn't replace the control. When the replacement chair came, I just switched out the controls, and returned the package.

I have used this lift chair about once every 2 weeks when I want to soak in the tub; otherwise, i shower. On 8/27/14, I had back surgery, so I couldn't use the chair until 9/26/14. After I charged the hand control, the green light came on, so I thought I was ready. but when I unplugged the control from the charger, the light went out. i plugged it in to the chair, and nothing happened. I tried to charge it again, and it wouldn't take the charge. So, i had the chair sitting in my bathtub fully raised, and the control again would not work. I contacted Amazon and was told they would authorize a pick up and return on it, and then refund my money.

But I had the fully extended chair in my tub and no way to lower it. i found "Drive Medical" on line and attempted to call them--but they aren't open on the weekend. Finally on Monday, I contacted their "Tech Support" about the chair. I just wanted a new control. I was told that the control could be reset. So I went through that exercise with their representative. That didn't work. i found out that they couldn't replace the hand control either--since I couldn't get the control through Amazon I couldn't get it from them. I said how do I pack this thing for return since the chair is fully raised. I was told by phone and in a follow up Email: "If the bath lift is stuck in the upright position and the hand control doesn’t work to move it back down , it is the standard procedure to cut the gear rack because that is the only way to get the seat to fold saw through the gear drive (that opens up the chair)."

So for lack of a working hand control, we had to saw up the chair in order to get it back down. WHAT A WASTE. The chair works if the hand control works. If not, you have to saw the chair up! Nuf said.
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on February 22, 2014
I purchased this lift in order to aid my wife in exiting the bath tub. A knee replacement restricts her from lifting herself from a flat sitting position. The lift works very well. Its sits low in the tub, and is secure even though we have a 'dimpled' tub and the suction cups don't secure themselves as they should. This surprised us about the restrictions that the tub texture caused but even so we discovered that it wouldn't move around without the cups sticking to the bottom of the tub because of the weight of the user keeping it in place. I was informed that a small amount of vasoline placed under the cups would aid in securing a suction seal but as I said - this really wasn't necessary. Why I rated this a four and not a five is because although we have a 48 inch tub , which I understand is standard, a person using the lift is able to cover their legs, privates and up past the belly-button but not able to cover their chest. So if a 'soaking' bath is expected it won't be possible using this lift in a standard-sized tub. Still, it provides a safe and effective way to lower oneself into and out of a tub without needing to use a bent knee to do so. The bath that it allows is certainly a good one by using a hose mounted shower head to spray the parts of the body not covered by the bath water. It's made well and the battery-control unit is easily removed when recharging is necessary. A short person (less than five feet) or a bigger tub would allow this lift to be used at 100% of expectations. But I can't install a longer tub and am not allowed to get a shorter wife.
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on September 11, 2010
This is a perfect product for those whose legs have become too weak to stand up after bathing is done. It works exactly as described (perfectly)and is easy to keep clean even when leaving in the tub between baths. The battery unit is easy to recharge and its enclosure is waterproof. I had previously considered buying a walkin tub ($10,000 - $17,000 installed) and am glad I bought this chair instead as it permits many seating heights whereas the walk-ins have a fixed height seat. All in all, a perfect solution for those with old and/or weak legs, hips, or backs. I would buy it again without hesitation.
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on May 5, 2013
My tub is an oval shaped fiberglass unit with jets. The chair takes up half of the inside space, leaving little room for your legs. The bottom of the tub is textured and I could not get a good connection with the suction cups. The unit itself looks very well built. I hope the seller refines his listing to include a warning about using this unit with such a tub as mine. I am still in need of something to help me get out of the tub.
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on October 31, 2016
Heart lifting device for me! I have spinal stenosis which prevents me from being able to get in and out of a tub without assistance. This device has allowed me to raise and lower myself with ease into my small 4 ft 6 inch tub. It is correct in other reviews that the knees cannot be straigtened out, but it does allow me to have the warmth of a tub bath above my lumbar area where I have my pain. My only negative is that the padded removable covers for the back as well as the seat slip and slide out of position with just the slightest movement. It is a minor complaint and should not be considered a major issue.The suction cups are easy to install once you raise the seat first. If you don't do that, then it is very difficult to put them on. I had no problems with suction on the textured tub design that my Kohler bathtub has. The remote control is waterproof with rechargeable lithium battery. Charges within 4 hours when empty and comes with an ac adapter. All in all the product is worth it's investment for me.
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