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Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399
Color: Black/Chrome|Change
Price:$299.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Top Contributor: Petson March 18, 2015
 This is an excellent rower, especially at this price point. It is second only to the Concept2, which is much more expensive and has a far larger footprint. I am a 5'4" woman and I work out regularly (heavy lifting and cardio). The Stamina Air Rower definitely gets my heart rate elevated and provides a very good leg workout so long as you row using the proper technique (otherwise you'll mostly get an arm workout). Assembly was very simple, but I do suggest having a 2nd person to help tighten the pedals.

My cousin (5'8" male, incredibly fit) and I both use this rower daily. It fits perfectly in my tiny (10' x 10') home gym, along with my weight bench, assorted Olympic weights, other small equipment, and TV stand. It is loud, but all air rowers are loud. My home gym is in the basement. When using the rower, people upstairs hear what sounds like gentle snoring in a different room. I can use this rower early in the morning without waking my spouse.

The resistance is excellent. There is no damper to control the air flow but as with all air rowers, you can increase the resistance by rowing harder. (The reviews that complain about the inability to "change" resistance settings do not understand the way air rowers work. When you row an actual boat on water, you can't change the resistance setting on the water, either. You get a better workout by rowing harder/faster.) I highly recommend this rower for a home gym.

I've uploaded a video so that others can get an idea of the noise level and range of the rowing strap. Obviously I don't recommend rowing in jeans. ;)
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on August 17, 2016
Like many other people, I struggle finding the right amount of time to get in an effective workout. I have used the Concept 2 machine before at my local gym and I liked the workout that I got while using it. Since my new place of employment has a small workout room I will be cancelling my gym membership. As I said before, I liked the full-body workout that the concept 2 provided me and so I had to find a similar and affordable machine. I purchased this machine and have not regretted it since.

Easy to set up. It took me about 30 minutes or so, I was taking my time.
User friendly.
Low impact.
Great for any age.
Plenty of space for leg extension. I'm 5'8.
Convenient set up for easy storage in a closet.

The fan can be a little loud. I have a stereo on in the room so this doesn't really bother me like it might for others.
The digital interface is basic. I have no problem with that though because I just watch the time and speed. No bells & whistles for $300.
No setting for resistance. Like I said, no bells and whistles for $300. I'm fine with that.

I have been using the machine for the past week and I am satisfied with the effective workouts that I am able to get. I get a good full-body (legs, core, arms, back) workout. Will it build muscle for you? No not so much really. Will it aid in TONING UP those muscles that you haven't used for a while? Yes definitely :) You can expect to lose weight and increase cardiovascular development. The machine will keep an estimate of calories burned, but the reading doesn't appear to be too accurate. I have a chest strap and heart monitor Polar USA Unisex FT7F Red/Orange Watch that I use and it is very accurate. Your workout results will depend on your intensity and output.

As with any new exercise or piece of equipment form and technique is important. Just browse YouTube for some videos on form and technique then check out some vids on actual workouts. This is a great machine, and for the price, to integrate into your workout routine. If you plan on making this machine your primary workout then you are off to a great start.
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on July 27, 2016
 The Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is a welcome addition to our home gym!

UNBOXING: It took my husband and I about 4 minutes to unbox the product. We carefully arranged the pieces to make sure everything was included. We were happy to see detailed instructions in the enclosed booklet as well as all the tools and hardware conveniently packaged together. Each item in the tool and hardware package was clearly labeled in English.

ASSEMBLY: It took just under 30 minutes to assemble. I read the instructions while my very handy hubby put it together. There were no difficulties in assembling it due to the clearly printed instructions that include detailed diagrams of what goes where.

*Rubber feet on both the front and back bar to protect your flooring and prevent the item from moving while in use. We put our Stamina X on a large yoga mat as well.
*Velcro foot straps which hold your feet securely while rowing.
*Comfortable padded seat
*Removable pins on frame to allow for folding of the unit for storage
*Wheels on the front bar which allow the rower to be moved easily
*Monitor display to track your miles, calories burned and time spent exercising. (Note: Batteries are not included - requires 2 "AA batteries)
*Comfortable padded handlebar grip which is easy on the hands when rowing
*Really smooth gliding. The movement when you're rowing feels very natural

As an owner of a gym quality treadmill I wasn't certain how impressed I would be with this home equipment. I was pleased to find out that it's extremely well-made, sturdy and operates really well. I am very happy with both the quality and the performance. I've never done rowing before. I would categorize it as a FUN way to exercise not tedious or boring. I know the Stamina X is already working because my abs, glutes, thighs, forearms and mid-back muscles are sore (in a good way!) I haven't been able to do a lot of running on the treadmill due to pressure on my knees and the rower is way easier on my knees.

The included guide has Warm-Up and Cool-Down instructions with suggested stretches. I was able to find a video with correct rowing form online. I would suggest if you're not familiar with proper rowing form to make sure you research this before beginning your workout. As recommended by the manufacturer also check with your doctor before beginning any workout routine.

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my fair and honest review. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity and would definitely recommend adding this to cart now!
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on July 13, 2017
I decided to take up rowing to manage a medical condition. I wanted a cheap, simple, reliable rower. I didn't need fancy features, just a rower. It broke within a month.

The good:
* Cheap
* Functional enough when first set up
* Pretty good looking

The bad
* Complicated set up. I assembled it without problem, but to have a smaller package, they divided it into many more parts. It took around 45 minutes with two people.
* If you are even somewhat flexible (or maybe long armed), you may "bottom out" returning, preventing a full range of motion.
* The handle isn't very well designed. The machine's "chain" is actually some polyester. Like what a seat-belt is made of. Its looped around the handle in a recession in the grip, and will slide from one side to the other, forcing you to apply more force from one side than the other. The handle is also narrow and can be uncomfortable.
* There is nothing to adjust drag. And the setting it was on was way to high. I would be at 17 (mph? m/s?) and it might go down to 3-4 on the rest/return portion of row.
* The "computer" was very simple. I believe distance tracked is miles, rather than km. It updates very slow for speed.
* Rowing at even a relaxed pace will cause the machine to slowly slide forward on the ground
*The box you receive it in is small, and stapled together. This will make it impossible to ship back in that box, unless you want to remove many staples to prevent from having to rip the box apart
* The foot holder is also badly designed, and doesn't really enhance range of motion very much.

The Ugly
* I used it for ~25 days of rowing, at around 45 minutes a day average. The spring return mechanism then broke. The manufacturer knows of this defect, but will not correct it with a more durable mechanism. Another amazon reviewer said that the manufacturer told him the product should be expected to wear out with their "heavy" 45 minute a day use. Another reviewer had this part break twice. Like I said, I am using this to manage a medical condition, and I'm not an athlete. This breaking is ridiculous.
* There is is a reason why it only has a 90 day parts warranty. Don't expect it to last much longer if you actually use it.
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on August 9, 2017
After less than 50 uses, the belt ripped out and will not recoil. I tried pulling it out some more to see if it would snap back and it just keeps coming out.

I contacted the Stamina company and they said the parts warranty is only for 90 days on this product, indicating the level of confidence they have in their own product. They sent a generic PDF with troubleshooting tips but for the WRONG model, and it's written for someone like a mechanic, not an average person!

Now counting on Amazon customer service to come thru for me... still holding my breath but not sure how long... will update!
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on February 4, 2017
-seat is pretty small if you have a big butt, I had to modify and put a plank and cushioning on top for it not to hurt me
-seat stoppers on bottom have limited range but that can easily be fixed by removing the rubber stoppers
-plastic parts feel flimsy and easily breakable but the rest of the parts are very good quality
-very loud, you won't really be able to hear your TV etc. unless you put headphones on
-resistance didn't feel too strong in the beginning but as my muscles have gotten sore it actually isn't bad
-you lose a lot of resistance toward the end of the pull and the recovery but maybe because I'm used to the weighted gym machines

-for those worried about the strap being cheap or breaking don't worry ;) it's woven and almost as strong as a dog leash
-everything except for the plastic parts feel solid and nice from the handlebar to the steel frame
-I come close to the 250IB limit on this and it's so solid I'm sure it can handle way more
-rubber grips on bottom have good traction and stay firm to my wooden floor
-at first I didn't think this machine was working out much but after a few days my shoulders, back, abs, legs, arms were all very sore, if you get a good rhythm and go over 10min your heart will race pretty fast, I'm very happy with this purchase especially for the price
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on April 17, 2017
Was having issues walking due to some issues with my leg and was unable to do my normal cardio routines (plyo, running, walking, kickboxing). Needed to find some other form of cardio and this worked great. The rower works my legs, back arms and core - without pain to my legs! I used the Concept2 at the Crossfit gym and really liked it but couldn't afford the 1K price tag. Though this is much cheaper, it is still a fantastic rower. I am able to use my little fire tablet with it (see photo) and Bluetooth headphones to watch Netflix since it is too loud to hear the t.v. I was afraid I would have to rig something to hold the tablet but it was not necessary. It held my larger ipad just fine too. The rower is not quiet but it doesn't bother me. There are 2 resistance settings for me - hard and harder - depending on how fast and hard I pull it. The resistance increases greatly when you pull hard on the handles. It's great workout but tough so will be like a running program where I have to steadily increase my workout time. It doesn't bother my legs or knees (even though rowing involves use of the legs too), but I do have to stop and stretch my lower back. I also purchased the seat cushion from 2K Fit to lessen the discomfort on the tush from sitting too long on the machine. My only gripe is the foot rest - first it is a velcro strap instead of a quick release buckle so it tends to come undone sometimes when I move my foot on the higher exertions. Second, I have small size 5 feet and the straps sits high up - towards my toes - the ones I used at the gym sat further down on my foot. However, I consider it minor issues. I would highly recommend this rower for those on a budget!
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on March 26, 2017
I am a beginning rower, but I exercise regularly. In the past I have run a few miles a day or done the Insanity workouts, I also throw in some weights, qigong, and yoga. This rower may be difficult for someone who is not already used to regular exercise. I looked into a rowing machine because I live in a very small house, my treadmill has been in storage for quite some time, and I was at a point that I needed something. Because of my work schedule, I do not have 45 minutes a day to work out anymore. I needed something that would fit in my small space and give me an efficient work out. Rowing was the answer for me.

My friend has a Concept 2 rower, which is considered top of the line, it is very nice, however, in some ways I prefer this rower. The concept 2 uses magnetic resistance and if you pull too hard, you have to wait for the machine to "catch up" otherwise you will lose resistance. This is not a problem with this rower (or any other air rower) the harder you pull the more resistance you get and you don't have to stop when you get a good groove going. I had to have my friend turn her resistance up when I used her Concept 2, I was afraid that if I got a lower end magnetic rower, I would work past the resistance levels quickly. The other thing I really like about this rower is the rail. The concept 2 has a flat rail. (Maybe this is adjustable, I don't know, but my friend's is flat). I felt like I was overextending my legs when I was on it, or I was struggling not to slide back too far. I am 5'4" so I can't get much distance anyway, however, the incline on the Stamina X helps me feel like I am stopping in the right place. Of course where you really lose out between the Concept 2 and the Stamina Air Rower is the electronics. The Concept 2 has programable workouts, it shows wattage and your distance in meters. The Stamina X's display is very simplistic. It gives your speed, distance (in miles), your time, and a poor estimate of calories burned. A heart rate monitor would be in order if you really want to keep track of calories. The miles can be converted to meters easily, however, I think it is silly that Stamina doesn't just put the distance in meters. It seems like that would be a simple change for them to make.

Some people complain about the noise level. It isn't bad. It is certainly no worse than my treadmill. The air rower has a fan, and it sounds like one. Think of an old box fan, depending on how hard you are rowing it sounds like you are turning the fan from low, medium, and high. I have used it with 4 year old son in the same room asleep and it did not disturb him and he is a light sleeper, but again, since it sounds like a fan, it is a kind of white noise.

What I cannot speak to is the difference between the Stamina X, and the Stamina Air Rower. I was able to buy the X on sale for the same price as the Air Rower. From what I've read there isn't much difference between the two. All in all this is a well built machine, it was easy to put together and it gives you a great workout.
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on January 19, 2017
The rower came and broke on the 3 pull. Husband called the manufacturer and they IMMEDIATELY sent a replacement rower and told him that "No one's Christmas should be messed up trying to fix a broken gift. Keep the first one for parts."
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on January 12, 2018
I assembled this according to the instructions and I kid you not, the first time I tried using it, I heard a noise (like something snapped) 15-20 seconds into it and the fan stopped spinning, so no resistance. Unbelievable. I am waiting to hear back from their customer service department, but am debating simply returning this and opting for another model.
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