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on June 26, 2011
The economical Flip does what it says and despite the rumors of the parent company selling out and etc, etc. seriously who cares at this price? I remember the huge,sit on shoulder camcorders at $1800 back in the early 1990's and the $800.00 mini camcorder we bought (still a handful) just a few years ago which, with their smaller videos, could not be loaded directly onto our computer or viewed without other pieces of equipment or a pro to upload to a disc. LOL and then within a month of buying it, the digitals popped up. So from a 20 year perspective of evolution of the camcorder, we love it!

So the FLIP was a welcome little jewel. We went for the 1 hour rather then the 2 hour at a lower price and it has been great. Quality rivals our previous expensive camcorders, it is simple to use, lightweight, and uploading to the computer is as simple as popping it onto the computer.
So don't sweat over the future of the original company. By that time something else will be out and at this VERY affordable price, you can't go wrong.
We stuck with the basics and are delighted with the results. We use it not only for personal use but our business where we can easily upload a YouTube tutorial as well as use it on short clips on Facebook.
Not bad for someone who remembers when computer programmers had to read punch out cards!
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on May 11, 2011
Got the camera and was surprised at the quality of video it produced once I plugged into the computer. It exceeded my expectation in this very important area, so I will give it 3 stars "to be nice".

HOWEVER - I was a bit disappointed to find out that the unit that I purchased came packed with, and took 2 AA batteries (non rechargeable). I was also a little disappointed about how fast the unit seemed to eat through the batteries about 20 - 25min with the ones that came packed with.

Amazon seemed very careful not to disclose what came with the unit (probably because the unit came with hardly anything at all) the unit comes packed with absolutely no accessories other than the instructions and 2 "old" Duracell AA's. A simple case and male to female USB cable extender would have been thoughtful... I would recommend that you do your research on the actual flip web site prior to making your purchase. If I would have followed my own advice here, I would have spent the extra $60 bucks to get the upgraded 2 hour model that would have included the re-chargeable battery unit. Also keep in mind that this will probably be the last flip camera produced, so don't expect to find any new accessories or special batteries etc to appear or stay in stock.

Otherwise all of this, it is a great camera for $100 bucks "sort of".
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on January 1, 2011
I bought the Flip UltraHD (4GB, 1 hour, white) camera on December 26, 2010, and it arrived on December 31st. I played around with the camera and the software yesterday and today, and I love it!

This camera is -so- user friendly. You literally turn it on and press the red button to start recording. Also, the time to turn it on and start recording is about 2 seconds. It's not one of those cameras that takes forever to start up, making you lose your video opportunity.

Viewing the videos directly on the camera screen is simple as well. Just push the play button (a button with the triangle play symbol on it), and it starts playing the most recent video you've recorded. From there, you can delete videos off your camera as well.

The FlipShare software it comes with is amazingly user friendly as well. The first time you plug your Flip camera into your computer (with the super convenient built-in USB arm), just open up the Flip folder and run the Setup file. Super easy.

Using the software itself is great. My favorite feature so far is to "take a snapshot" by essentially saving one of the frames in the video as a jpeg. The way you do this is simple. Just click the video clip you want to use, click the snapshot button at the bottom, and in the little window that opens, play through your video. When you get to the part you want to take a snapshot from, pause the video. When it's paused, you can select the specific frame you want to save. Waaay easy.

There is one, and only one thing I would add to this camera. There is no battery life notification until your battery is running low. I would make it like a cell phone, where it shows your current battery life in a little meter. The Flip only shows what would be my phone's low battery symbol: The red, mostly empty battery image. However, that's not a huge problem. Just something I personally would like to see.

Overall, this camera and the accompanying software are ridiculously easy to use. Seriously. :]
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on November 18, 2014
Works great. I actually bought it used on Amazon. Also I had an older Flip camera in the past (I believe first gen). I'll sum up my Pros and Cons

Very simple, easy to use.
Very easy to upload with it's USB plug.
Film quality is good.
Small size and easy to carry around

Limited memory ~1hr (but if you plan to upload and delete, it's not that bad).
Battery life - I initially tried is with very cheap generic batteries and they drain fast. Using better lithium batteries, it works pretty well. I have not tried any of the rechargeable batteries made for this camera
Film quality is good, but I'm sure there are many cameras that are better, but cost more.
When aiming the camera in a "selfie" like manner, it feels like the zoom is a little too close, even when being completely zoomed out.

So, I think it's a pretty great, easy-to-use camera. Depending on what you need a camera for, I recommend it for anyone who wants to use casually or does have the demand for a fancy higher-end camera
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on August 12, 2017
This is a totally awesome camera that I am so sorry they stopped making it was very easy to use download the content and Cher it is a shame but they discontinued good products
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on August 20, 2011
I saw this camera for 59 bucks at Walmart but my Walmarts were always out of it so i saw it on Amazon for 54 dollars! I said oh what the heck i will order it.It took it about 4 days to get here from Arizona which I would have loved to had more tracking information. But thats on another note. And the camera got here and ANYONE can learn it. The people complaining it about not being a flip camera dont let that stop you from buying this. I love it but I wish i had more memory cause the concerts i go to are more than an hour LOL. Anyways I wish it had more zoom also, but hey you gert what you pay for right? I wasnt expecting SLR quality out of this which alot of people was. But to get to the point this is a GREAT camera, its pretty and its alot of fun to shoot quick videos! And you dont have to worry about loosing a cord. And it comes with batteries!! People are always gonna find something to complain about. If you dont like it send it back. I WONT be sending mine back!
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on December 6, 2012
I bought this product because it would be great to shoot product review videos that I could upload onto my youtube account. What attracted me was the USB chip which I thought would make my life very easy. After having owned this product for a year and a half, here are a couple of pointers that everybody should know before buying it.

It felt really awkward using this device because the design is way too oversimplified. There are only 5 buttons and there isn't really much effects that you can use while recording on your camera. One of the most important things that I wanted the camera to do was focus up close of certain products that I would review. Instead, it was just a complete blur and I realized doesn't have any focusing capabilities at all. The screen is so tiny that it feels really unsatisfying to record things because you can barely see what is going on. Not only that, but navigating through videos can be very complicated since there are only a limited amount of buttons and sometimes I accidentally delete videos that I really want to keep.

I've used the product for about 4-5 months until I got sick of it and I decided that I was just going to leave it in my drawer for future use. After staying in the drawers for another 3-4 months, I decided to take it out for another shot but now it won't even open anymore. It completely stopped working and I really can't find out what the issue is with it.

Overall thoughts:
This product really is not worth $170 even though they say that it takes HD videos. It's way too simple of a product and it is not versatile at all. All it does is just take simple videos and I feel like this was more for a child than a adult like me. You're better off paying a few extra dollars to get a smart phone that actually has the capabilities of focusing on things up close. I hope this review helps
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on November 12, 2015
Can't stand this P.O.S.
I had one a while back that was great, but this one truly blows, and it makes me extremely furious that i spent so much on such a crappy device. It records and starts up just fine, but it wont record for more than like a few minutes, an once it does get the longest duration it can theyre shorter and shorter durations, it ends up turning itself off, and ive tried everything and i cant find information on the device, save yourself the hassle and the money and buy a much better camera. wish i could atleast sell mine but its not worth $50 becasue its such a load of rubbish.
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on April 7, 2014
The product description says it only shoots in 30fps, but when I play the videos in AVS Video Editor it says the content is shot in 60fps.

I made a test video spinning in a chair in my room, and the version before uploading to YouTube had more details displayed during motion than the version uploaded to YouTube.

This is because YouTube discards half the frames to convert to 30fps.

Or maybe this is just the difference between 10,000kbps in AVS and 4,500kbps in YouTube.

What happened is I can read headlines on a magazine while spinning in AVS but not in YouTube.

I'm not sure if this difference is from the compression or from halving the frame rate.

Maybe I really need the 8 Gbyte version if I want to shoot in 60fps. I'm not sure.
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on July 3, 2014
The Flip was one of the best Video camera ever made and the easiest to use. Unfortunately they are out of bussiness.
The Flip is small and light to carry in pocket, no chips, one button function, easy to charge. It also came with a disk that would load
the program into your PC add an icon & all without you doing anything. All you would have to do is plug into your PC and sit back, see your videos make pictures, movies and E-mail directly to your friends. So easy a child could use it. I still have it and use it, the program is still in my PC and I use it.
I just bought another camera from Sam's Warehouse needs a chip, will not load any program into your PC and it's a pain to use, bunch of settings little heavy,bulky and delicate.
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