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on September 20, 2015
Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan - Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Noise Reduction Technology This is the first not so good review I've ever given on any product. There are so many mixed reviews on this fan. Some think it's great, others hate it. What I hate is that in my opinion the air flow isn't nearly as good as I thought it would be considering all the reviewers who said it was. So I'm very disappointed in the force of the wind output. I wanted a fan that would really blow the air around my 15 x 20 foot room.

The other thing is that on the Nature and Sleep modes, the fan wind output goes fast, slows down, goes fast, slows is totally annoying. I read one other reviewer who said the same thing. I can see the Nature mode doing that, but on the Sleep mode it's ridiculous. The Normal mode is one steady flow, so I will use it the most.

That said, it makes a very nice personal fan for me. I can put it about 5 feet away and the wind on me feels very nice and cooling. That I like. To me all the other features are nice. And my remote works great. I like it very much because I can adjust every one of the fan's features wherever I am in my bedroom. It's a powerful remote and works even 15 feet away from the fan. I tested it.

As another review said, it is difficult to return such a big item. And I think it will be difficult to take apart the base. So I am just going to keep it for what I like about it. I'd like to have a fan that truly has a strong output of air, but it's not going to be very warm here in the Bay Area much longer. So I'll wait till next summer and buy a more powerful electronic tower fan and use this one in a smaller room.

Side Note: I don't want to put down the company totally. They do make one fan I know is good, the Ozeri Breeza that I bought before the tower fan. The Breeza is great little fan with a very good wind output. It's small and good for a personal fan, and even for blowing wind rather farther. It has three good speeds without oscillation, and three speeds with oscillation. And it has a head, that although it can't be aimed at the floor, it can be adjusted straight up to the ceiling, and anywhere in between, which is very handy.

So if you want a nice little fan I suggest this one. Though I know we all take a risk on the products we buy online despite good reviews, after reading about any product, read as many reviews as you can, good and bad -- and then make your decision and hope it's the right one. This was my mistake with the tower fan. Though I read all the specs of the fan, I ignored the bad reviews. I've decided that if there are too many bad reviews of any product, I should take them seriously and consider another product.
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on May 17, 2016
**Updated review**
The replacement for the smelly one stopped working over night two weeks after getting it. The lights still worked, the fan still oscillated but the fans stopped spinning. Amazon, great again, sent a replacement and a call tag. The third replacement arrived within a day. Set it up (getting really good at this) and almost two weeks later, it too, stopped working. Same problems. Fans won't spin.

I have asked for another replacement as they can't be all bad. the Ozeri Ultra is the top rated fan in it's class and it does blow the most air. The fans in the other one I purchased two years ago is still working (knocking on wood),even though the oscillator doesn't.

There is a fuse in the plug that some reviews have suggested is bad, but if the fuse is bad, the lights would not work.

I'll see how this 4th replacement does.

This is the third Ozeri Ultra fan we have purchased in the past two years. The first two are great, they were easy set up (a screwdriver). They move the air from room to room. The third one was a great disappointment. After a few days of use, I kept smelling a fuel oil smell when it was operating. This problem has been reported by a quite a few purchasers. I asked for a replacement from Amazon. The replacement and the UPS call tag arrived two days later. I have only had the replacement on for a few hours, but it is not producing any odors, yet. Time will tell when the weather warms up and the fan is on more often. The only reason I gave this product the 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the smell. They really need to investigate and find out why some units are emitting this odor.
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on July 19, 2016
This Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan arrived right in time! Our summer temperatures are 100 - 105 here in Nebraska this week, so I was able to put this together and put it to good use right away. The fan arrived packed nicely in its box. The box contained the main fan unit, 2 pieces for the extension column, 2 pieces for the base, a small bag containing the remote and 2 AAA batteries, and a small bag containing the screws necessary to put the fan together. Assembling the fan was a pretty easy task but you do need a philips head screwdriver to do so. You simply put the 2 pieces of the extension column together, slide the 2 pieces of the base together, thread the power cord through the 2, and then install 4 screws and 4 wingnut screws and you are done! Here are my main pros and cons for this fan:

* Easy to assemble
* Runs very quietly
* Multi-speed settings
* Sleep timer
* Easy to read LCD display
* Remote works well from across the room
* Moves air effectively

* May be a bit wobbly on carpet

The fan moved a lot of air and cooled down my living room pretty quickly today. I am very happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a nice fan!

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Just like most other Amazon shoppers, I too rely heavily on the customer reviews in order to get a good opinion of a product before purchasing. I am by no means obligated to leave a positive review of any product that I purchase, and my opinion of this Ozeri Ultra 42 inch wind fan remains true.
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on January 18, 2016
This fan is cheaply built coming out of the box I thought it would break but it has held up for almost a year. Purchased March 2015 and here it is Jan 2016 and I have ordered a new fan today because this thing has what sounds like bearing and spindle sounds coming from worn out Bearing and or bushings however the thing turn inside it is out of round and making noise.

I have been through 3 of these types of fans the first two were sharper image tower fans they lasted roughly 5 years each of daily use before the impregnated bearings either became bad or the motor started making odd electrical noises, that his could not make it 1 whole year is a disgrace.

The sound has been getting worse and worse over the last few months now it is not tolerable and this has got to go.

I just purchased another ozeri here on Amazon hopefully the regular round fans (3 total) will last longer. Cheap construction and these types of internal wind generating squirrel cages I guess one would call them with shafts mounted top and bottom are a bad idea.

Hard to believe how many fans I had to look for and still wound up coming back to Ozeri as the other brands appear to made out of cheap crap and have so many bad reviews. Don't mind paying manufacturers just give me something good to spend my money on and I will. Next Ozeri fan arriving better be really good or it is going right back.
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on July 18, 2016
So I just received my new Ozeri ultra-quiet oscillating tall wind fan. The fan was easy to put together- a few clicks of plastic being put together, four screws from the stand to the fan (flathead or phillips screwdriver needed here), and four wingnut screws from the base to the stand (fingers needed here). Or you can opt for not using the extended length of the stand and just mounting the fan to the base. I like the extra height. The remote as shown comes with a pack of batteries, which were easy to install- and the remote is easy to use. Point, click, the fan responds. The varying wind speeds, timer, and mode controls are so easy to figure out, and the instructions are well-written. The display is sharp. This looks like a higher-end fan that would belong in an office building or hotel. It's fans have some power! And truly are quieter than our older oscillating standard floor fan that we've got in the attic. And this is so much more convenient, being able to sit out of the way in corner and stores in the closet easily when not in use. It's really a "modern" fan and I love that about it. Seems very high-end. I'm impressed with the Ozeri brand.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for completing an honest, unbiased review. All thoughts are independently mine. I see a lot of people complain about people leaving this disclaimer and writing reviews for free or reduced cost products- but the truth is that we're free to freely speak our mind and test out products prior to posting reviews. Whether I'm paying full price or reviewing a free or reduced-cost item, these thoughts are my own. If you're in the market for a fan, this is the one for you!
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on January 22, 2018
I have had this fan set up for the past three days. The thermometer display stayed on 75 degrees for several days then finally moved to 74. I know this is not correct because my home thermostat is set at 71 degrees and even my indoor/outdoor weather station says it is 72 degrees in the house. Also, I have a Swissler SW99111 tower fan that I pulled from another room to compare temperature. I have attached a photo to show that the Swissler fan reads correctly at 71 degrees. The main reason I purchased this fan was because of the temperature display. I like knowing the temp in each room because it can vary, especially in warmer months. As much as this fan costs I would expect it to work correctly straight out of the box. However, I do really like the fan in regards to the sound, air output, and appearance. It is larger than I expected, but I am fine with that. I guess I will have to take it back apart, try to box it up, and return. That's a big pain. But I will ask for an exchange because like I said I love this fan other than the temperature issue. Hopefully the replacement will work!
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on September 8, 2016
This fan is amazing and worth the price point. The first thing I noticed upon opening the package, it's a gorgeous fan. Assembly is super easy, you don't need tools IF you don't use the height extender. I chose to use the extender, so you will need a phillips head to secure it, but that's it. Super easy, takes no more than a few minutes to set up.

I plugged it in. Man, this puppy really puts out the air! It has 3 speed settings... and I see no reason to put it beyond the second one. You'll also notice the awesome display, which will show you the temperature, speed, and if it's oscillating.

MY fan does not wobble on OSC and seems perfectly sturdy. Unlike other reviews, MY fan does not click when it is on OSC.

I'm super pleased with this fan, and it was well worth the extra money. I would highly recommend this fan if you're in the market for a quality tower fan.
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on November 29, 2017
I've owned 3 of these fans for about 6 years now and they really are great. They've taken a tumble now and then and withstood with no problem. One took a hard fall and it's a little bit tilted now but it did not affect functioning at all. Not a single problem with any of them, which is a lot to say for electronics these days! The remotes work perfectly and one can control multiple units, which comes in handy when one of the remotes is misplaced. I do a lot of research before purchasing an item and even then sometimes it's a miss, but not with this fan. I am currently shopping for a tower heater (have spent at least 10 hours reading reviews and researching, no kidding) and this fan just happened to show up in the results. I had to stop and review it while I stare at one right in front of me :)), because I really appreciate the years of excellent service I've gotten from these fans, with many many more on the horizon. I think I will buy the Ozeri tower heater too, even though it's considerably more expensive than other units, only because I've had such a great experience with this fan. If you're tired of reading reviews, buying, being disappointed, returning, and then on to more research, go no further and buy this fan with confidence! If you read my reviews, I'm equally passionate and outspoken about the products I don't like as I am about the ones I do, and no one pays me for reviews either. I bought these fans when they were new on the market and at full price, so this discounted price is another plus. Wish I had more rooms to put a couple more in! Great job, Ozeri -- expecting the same experience with your tower heater, so the pressure is ON :)). Stay tuned for that review...
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on July 13, 2017
I don't know how anyone could say this "screams quality." The base is flimsy and the tower wobbles on it when you try to move the base. The cover over the controls and place where you put the remote is fragile and just plain unnecessary. I opened it, put the remote in and closed it. When I opened it the second time to get the remote out, the spring popped out and now the lid doesn't pop open as designed. The remote is great, but I'll never take it off of normal mode because that's the only one that doesn't change fan speeds. I ignored the negative reviews here in favor of the good ones because I thought this fan looked sleek, but I prefer the $40 Honeywell I bought because it is MUCH sturdier and has the same output and noise levels and 5 fan speeds. Pass on this fan.
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on January 26, 2018
I've used this floor fan a lot last summer--you might remember the triple digit temperatures in No. California. The assembly (very little
required) was easy, directions clear. I didn't use the adjustable section, but mounted the fan directly to the base. The fan will rotate like this.
I didn't feel confident that the adjustable section would be secure--with it I felt the fan might be top heavy (reason for 4 rather than 5 stars). The controls are easy to use. The remote feature is a plus. It functions quietly--very nice.
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