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on June 13, 2014
Recently the power went out here in SC due to a thunderstorm. After sitting dormant for 5 months this generator started on the second pull with the choke on.

That night I ran 2 full size refrigerators, a deep freeze chest freezer, a lamp with a 14 watt CFL spiral bulb, phone charger and one of those square, window, box fans.

This generator has 2 AC outlet plugs. I ran one fridge and the deep freezer off one outlet with a 15ft extension cord. I ran the other fridge, lamp, and fan off of the other outlet on a 50ft cord with a power strip at the end.

On a full tank of gas with all appliances listed above plugged in and running I got 6 hours out of a full tank of gas.

The generator was smooth and reliable the entire time. When plugging in items, plug/turn on one at a time and give about 30 seconds between turning on/plugging in another appliance as to not overload the generator all at once.

The temperature at the time was 90 degrees F outside, which is about 32 degrees C. This generator did not overheat.

This generator is easy to start, it does not require hefty pulling to start. My wife is small and petite and can easily start this generator. It is not extremely heavy either. While it does have bulk weight to it, a normal adult should be able to move this generator around easily. In Example, from the storage unit to a truck bed, or from the garage to front porch.
My wife stands 5 foot 3 inches and weighs about 110 pounds and she is able to handle this generator unit.
It is very convenient for her to use when I am away at work during power outages.

September 2015 update. So far I have owned this unit for 2 years and it is still working flawlessly. At one point the unit leaked gas due to a stuck float I assume. I tapped the carburetor with a small screwdriver to get the float to fall back down, after that it ran great. I have a large yard and and own electric bush trimmers and weed eater. I got tired of dragging around a long extension cord to do yard work. I started toting this small generator around with me with a 10ft cord to run my weed eater or trimmer. It's actually easier than getting a longer cord tangled up.
So far we have had multiple power outages and we have used this unit to run our refrigerators as noted above. The unit still runs smooth and quiet. I suggest running full synthetic motor oil in this unit, I run the Wal-mart brand "Super Tech" full synthetic and the unit continues to operate smoothly.
Typically after using a generator it is a good idea to let the generator run without a load to cool down. When I am finished with the unit I simply turn off the gas while it is still running (without a load) and let it burn off whats left in the carburetor, this usually takes 3 minutes and turns out to be a good time frame to let it run without a load.
While camping in my 1977 Ford Coachmen motor home I ran this unit to power the fridge, water pump, air purifier fan, interior lighting and a 500 watt microwave. The unit ran great non-stop for over 30 hours in South Carolina fall temps around 80 degrees F (26c) during the day and 60f (15c) at night.
I recommend this product- I change my oil every 50 hours with full synthetic 10w-30 Wal-Mart brand "Super Tech"

October 1st-5th of 2015 South Carolina had historic flooding from Hurricane Joaquin. And yes our power went out again. We were isolated to our country community as roads and bridges were washed out in both directions. On the 3rd night our power went out for 9 hours. I pulled my trusty Champion generator out and with the first pull it started. I ran it for 9 hours with 2 full size refrigerators, 2 chest freezers, 4 lamps (3 blubs were CFL 14 watt spiral bulbs the other was a 40 watt incandescent) and a square box fan. Generator handled this load very well. I did not get an accurate fuel consumption tho when I started it, it was full, about 4 hours into it I topped off the tank, it needed about a 1/3 tank or so. Very reliable unit. Served us well thru the flood power outage.

October 2016, Hurricane Matthew knocked power out for 3 days here in South Carolina. The generator hadn't been ran in a year since our flood October 2015. It started right up with the first pull with the choke on and ran non-stop for 72 hours until power was restored. I ran 3 full size refrigerators and two chest freezers for 3 days straight. Not a single problem.

power randomly went out August 2017, generator had not been used since Hurricane Matthew Oct 2016. The carburetor leaked again due to the float being stuck when I moved it out of my garage. I tapped on the carb with a screw driver to get the float to fall back down and the leaking stopped. started generator right up and used it to power a light, TV, DVD player and internet modem. Ran fine without any problems. I test ran the generator December 2017, it took several pulls to start. This may be due to the spark plug age. I will replace the plug next time I use this generator.
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on December 30, 2016
My intention is to be able to power the AC on my camper but not have a generator so heavy that I can't move it around. After reading the reviews and looking at the price and weight of all the generators available on Amazon I decided last July to get two of these 2KW Champion generators because when I only need to charge batteries and run the microwave one of these will be easy on fuel and if I need to run AC I can use them both and run everything I need. I got the first one in July of 2016 and have used it a lot and been very happy with it. I saved my nickles and turned in my pop bottles and was able to get another one just before Christmas 2016. When the second one got here I ran it and it was making a rattling noise so shut it down and took it into the garage and discovered what looks like shipping damage that I hadn't noticed earlier. One of the things that made me decide on Champion was people were saying customer service was very good so I thought rather than packing the damaged one up I would call them and see what we could do. I called on December 30, 2016 at about noon and got "James" and told him that I had just gotten it and there seemed to be a crack in the case in the front and a rattling when running, James asked what I wanted to do, send it back or just see maybe something is lose, I thought Yes lets just look at it and see if we can just fix it. James told me what tools I would need and I had them ready and in 5 minutes we had it apart and could see a bracket was missing its rubber grommet and the plastic cover that is cracked and James said he would get those parts right out at no cost. Great customer service experience. When I get the parts and put it back together I will add to the review. In a way working with James has shown me how to take the cover apart because its like a Chinese puzzle and without James help I would probably break something trying to get it apart and with James help it was quick and easy.
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on June 29, 2015
Bought this as a portable power source for my motorcycle racing for those times when the tracks I go to don't have power or have stable enough power. The unit shipped to me came sort of defective in that the choke was calibrated incorrectly. I couldn't turn off the choke completely. This allowed to the unit to work for about 30 minutes before shutting off on it's own and it did not provide enough power under load.

I was on the brink of processing a return, but decided to give their customer support a shot. Great customer service! I got a person right away that was willing to walk me through checking everything and that's how we found that the choke was incorrectly calibrated. After a quick adjustment, the generator runs flawlessly. It runs a set of tire warmers rated at 1000 watts plus lots of small extras with no issue.
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on September 6, 2016
I purchased this generator about a year ago to use for boondock camping and it's been great. Runs everything I need (I haven't bothered to run the air conditioner) in my camper, is very quiet, and sips fuel. I have run it side-by-side next to a Honda, and it's very similar in terms of noise output (overall noise is about the same, but the frequency is a bit different than Honda). In any event, I've run it for about 100 hours or so and so far it's been flawless. I have a buddy with the Yamaha 2000w inverter generator, and the Champion is quieter, uses less fuel, and has a higher output as the Champion will run my microwave, but his Yamaha won't. For the record, the Honda also runs the microwave without skipping a beat.

Based on my experience, I'd recommend this generator to anyone mulling over the more expensive options.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 14, 2017
Last weekend I went to break in the unit as prescribed. After about an hour and a half the unit just quit running. I went back through the startup procedure a couple of times with no luck. I tried to call tech support but they were closed for the weekend. I opened the service panel and the picture explains it all. I emailed Champion's customer service and included the pictures. I have yet to hear back.
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on September 20, 2017
I had ordered this 2000kw inverter generator just before Hurricane Irma with plans to use this while camping. I did not expect to use this as a primary source of power while we recovered from the storm. When the power went out due to Irma (and stayed out for 7 days) I was able to run a 7 cu.ft chest freezer, full size refrigerator, box fan, and LED lights. The one gallon tank allowed this level of operation for 10-12hrs a day! That meant I could sleep when I needed to sleep, and didn't have to worry about getting up every 4hrs to fill the tank. Granted, I wasn't running a window air conditioner (because I didn't have one), but that runtime was amazing to me. If you've ever run a non-inverter type of generator you that efficiency is more like one gallon an hour. The hurricane was the best test I could have possibly had.

Without running this side-by-side in a direct comparison, I can still say it is just as quiet as the Honda model that costs twice as much. I also really enjoy the design of this being stackable if I want to order another one and run them in parallel. That means a smaller footprint and no tripping hazards beyond what you have plugged in.

The only downside I have is you will make a mess filling this with oil, and the spark arrester is not that easy to remove for cleaning. Also, the 4 screws that hold the accessible side on does not have captive screws, so they could be easy to lose if one is not careful. Besides that, for the cost of a single Honda 2000kw unit, you could buy two of these and the patch cables.
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on January 18, 2017
I wanted a generator that was quiet for rainy days battery charging in campgrounds. Batteries even on a fast charge can only take about 12 amps, with two batteries in parallel that's 24 amps at roughly 15 volts. multiply these two together and that would be 360 watts... divided by 120 volts equals 3 amps. So a super big generator is not needed. I found that there doesn't seem to be any difference between 1000 watt and 2000 watt generator sound wise so 2000 watt will do.

This generator did the trick. It charged a deep cycle battery at 12 amps (using Fast charge external battery charger) on idle. Then I mowed the lawn with a 12 amp 120VAC electric mower. The electric mower was louder than the generator on full Load. It was noticeably quieter than my 2000 watt Generac for about the same price.
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on March 18, 2017
Couldn't be happier! Costs half as much as the Yamaha and Honda offerings, and so far I've gotta say that Champion has knocked it out of the park! Read lots of good reviews on this one before I bought it so thought I'd take a chance. Really glad I did. I was skeptical of all the reviewers claiming it started on the first pull, thinking "yeah right".... Turns out they WERE right! Started on the first pull like a "champ", and works great for boondocking with my 16' Casita camper. Recommended!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 20, 2017
Generator was delivered with the rear panel broken and no damage to the box. There is a tab that was not inserted, yet all the screws were tightened, breaking the rear panel. Immediately called Champion and they agreed to send a replacement.
Added oil. Added fresh fuel. Fired it up as instructed and it started on the 2nd pull. I let it run for 3 minutes, turned the fuel off until it died, let it cool off and started it again. Started on 1st pull. So far I was pleased.
Let the unit run for another 5 minutes then placed it in to economy mode. Idle dropped way down and it ran a little quieter.
***** Note *****. It was notably louder then my old Honda 2000W generator.
Anyways, after approx 15 minutes of no load break in, I connected my inline meter and noted no load was running at 126VAC and a nice even 60hz. I plugged in my little pancake compressor (rated 10A) and noted the generator was lagging on economy, while me meter was showing 883W draw. Turned off the compressor, flipped the generator off of economy, flipped the compressor back on, and again noted 860-930W draw. At 930W, the generator flashed "overload" and shut down. I let it cool for a few minutes and tried to restart. It took 27 pulls before it fired back up.
I repeated the same test, this time with my old Honda right next to it. The Honda ran my compressor to 125psi (like it always does) and the champion shutdown at 942W again.
I tried calling the Champion 24 hour tech line and was told that number was only for emergencies. I will be making arrangements to return this tomorrow and will just purchase another Honda.
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on October 13, 2017
Living in S Florida I wanted a new generator for hurricane preparedness. I bought a Coleman 3500 Kw in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina and it has served me well, but it is LOUD. Neighbors complain. It's fine for running two refrigerators during the day, but I wanted a quiet generator to power a small wall unit a/c at night and to run our flat screen TV. I ordered this and it arrived 5 days before Hurricane Irma. (Good timing) Knowing the storm was coming I immediately ran it for the suggested 5 hour break-in and changed the oil. After the storm it powered my needs for 5 days and was run hard. This has a 1 gallon tank and the Coleman holds 3 gallons yet they both run about 8 hours (econo mode). I couldn't be happier. This thing is quiet, powerful and fuel efficient. It runs my two refrigerators at the same time in econo mode. It also runs our small a/c in econo mode. I run the fridges by day and a/c at night. I'm thinking of buying another one to link together and give the Coleman to my daughter and family. I only expect to take this from storage for use every few years. A few suggestions for others. Change the oil regularly. I also replaced the dip stick with a magnetic one to attract metal filings from use. I also installed a small in-line gas filter I bought at an auto parts store since refueling from jugs can allow debris to get in the tank. Lastly, before storing for any length of time, run the tank dry of gas. Regular gas with 10% ethanol is fine, but make sure the last gas is pure, non-ethanol gas (Rec Fuel). Ethanol gas will gum up the carburetor if left in the engine. I don't know about longevity of this generator, but taking good care will certainly help. I'm a short time owner of this generator, but I really recommend it.
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