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on October 4, 2011
We recently remodeled one of our bathrooms. The new tub and surround are fiberglass and even though the bottom of the tub is textured, it was very slippery getting out of the tub after a shower.

I didn't want butterflys or flowers stuck to my new tub and know that most of the anti-slip stickers get nasty looking before long. I considered a mat, but they are not recommended for tubs with a textured bottom and I figured a mat that will allow water to flow through freely will also trap hair and be a pain to maintain.

The reviews of this product convinced me to try it.
Installation is incredibly simple and once in place, the discs are nearly invisible.
The 10 discs were enough to prevent any large slippery spots on the bottom of the tub surface. While they are not really rough, they provide enough grip to do the job and don't seem to collect hair or dirt.

I'm pleased I chose to purchase them.

Update 2 years later:
It's been a couple of years now and a few of the discs have do seem to have become dirty in spots. It's likely because our tub has a textured bottom so the disks aren't a tight seal with the surface in all spots. A little bleach water in the tub reduces the discoloration that is underneath the disks, not on the surface. I use a brush to clean the surface area.
None of the discs have come loose in all this time and they all still function well to prevent slipping.
Even with the discoloration issue in a few spots, I don't regret installing them.
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on September 5, 2015
Looked and looked and looked for something anti-slip for my shower floor. My 87 year old father moved in with us and needed something better than a bulky mat. I didn't want to go with the long strips (as I read they get dirty and black looking). I also decided to stay away from color shape decals as well. I started reading about applications to use on the shower floor but found that they were quite smelly in a toxic way after being applied, had to have serious ventilation during and after application and then, even after scrubbing/preparing the shower floor for application, the stuff didn't last anyway - a lot of reviews said it peeled off in large sections. I thought I sure didn't want that! I just wanted something simple and easy and didn't want to see that there was "something" on the shower floor. Anyway, finally found these 4" round decals (clear) from Germany and decided to try them. So far so good. I cleaned the shower floor with Comet, let it dry and took a towel to wipe out the powdery residue that the Comet leaves behind. Peeled the decal somewhat back from the paper, placed on desired area and applied to shower floor peeling off rest of it at that time. Pressed decal with my fingers to make sure no air bubbles were underneath. Decals have a feel of fine sandpaper. Hope this helps.
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on March 10, 2011
This is the best anti-slip product I've seen. The disks work great, are thin, adhere well and are virtually invisible. We've had them for several months now and there is no sign of discoloration, cracking or peeling. All of the other products we've tried were junk made in China (try finding anything else in the big box stores these days). This is a high quality product made in Germany. Just keep in mind that since this ships from Germany it takes a little longer to get here, but it's well worth the wait.

One package contains 10 large (approx 4") disks which is more than enough for the typical bathtub.
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on November 12, 2013
Prior to applying these, my current bathtub was so slick I could not shower without some sort of bathmat in place. I did not like previous anti-slip stickers I used (raised, scratchy texture made showering safe but were uncomfortable to sit on when taking a bath). I tried bathmats but found the suction cups would not hold them in place well. These Safeore anti-slip stickers are the best product of this type I have found. They are barely noticeable, both when showering and bathing, but do offer exceptional non-slip protection.

I found these very easy to apply. After cleaning my bathtub with my usual cleanser, and then giving it a good scrub down with Dawn dish soap (to remove all oils), I waited for the tub to dry completely. The package insert did not offer much instruction on spacing the stickers. I applied the circular stickers in two rows with about three inches between each sticker. The number of stickers in the pack meant that to follow this pattern the extreme ends of the tub were not covered - but I find I do not walk in those areas so this pattern was adequate. I then waited 12 hours before using the tub/shower to allow a good stick (no mention of this on the packaging, but it seemed like a good idea to me). I have not slipped once in the six weeks I have now had these in my shower.
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on April 25, 2011
We bought these along with the animal ones. These are definitely true to their claim. We placed these in the slipperiest part of the tub, near the water drain and it works well. Since installing them I haven't had any slippage, which is about 3 months now. My daughter, who is a toddler does not slip on these when she is playing in the tub. I just wish that I ordered more of them. I have them about an inch away from each other and if I had to do it over again I would have ordered 3 packets to fill the entire tub. Safety is paramount, especially if you have a toddler walking in the tub. P.S. I would not recommend the animal ones made in china, my daughter slipped twice on those and luckily for me I caught her both times.
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on April 29, 2016
Had these in for almost a week and have had no problems. If you get the clear ones please know that they are very hard to see on a white surface that is lit...installation was like a yoga session for me...lots of glare, I was afraid to overlap. I do agree with other reviews on one very important point, there are not enough of these in one pack to cover an entire full-size bathtub/shower. Buy two packs if you have a full size-size bath. Adults may get away with using one pack (I guess), but little kid feet require more dots.
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on June 25, 2015
I love these. I've had them for a year and they have served their purpose very well. I put them in the entrance to our roman shower. They were put on tile with grout so I did not have a tight seal. I first cleaned the area very well then dried it, let it air dry, then rubbed the entire surface with alcohol to remove any residue, let that air dry completely. Then stuck them down. Because of the grout lines they did not stick all the way down but have lasted a year. They still stick well but the dirt was getting in where the grout lines area. That's ok, I got a good year out of them and now I'm going through the process of putting down new ones. Definitely worth it to me rather than falling as I get out of the shower.
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on June 13, 2011
Very fast delivery. These stickers are definitely superior quality and do improve traction more than any others that I have tried. Have to disagree with other reviewer about the quantity being sufficient though. Needed more than the 10 stickers for just one small stand-up shower, there are still 2 slippery spots. Quantity should be at least a dozen, 20 would be more like it, especially at this price.
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on April 29, 2017
We have just re-ordered these anti slip stickers. Our original order was in August of 2011, so they have been down in our walk-in tub for almost 6 years. We are very happy with the quality and effectiveness of the product. They went down trouble free, and have never lifted in the 6 years they have been down. We are replacing them because the anti slip property has been reduced by daily constant use. This was not an unexpected event, as everything wears with time and use.They do have a higher price point, but, for my money, they are worth it.
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on February 10, 2015
I slipped in our large, tiled shower several times, fortunately without incident. It was clear that I needed to find a solution to the slick tiles and decided to try Safepore Stickers after reading some reviews. They seemed way too expensive but decided to try a package of 10, following the simple instructions, including cleaning the tiles with alcohol. They worked so well I wanted to cover more of the shower floor and ordered another package. Well now I am up to 5! I have had no trouble at all with their coming unglued, but did have bubbles in a couple when I was sloppy with the application - easily remedied with a pin prick. Not noticeable on the tiles. Highly recommend.
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