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on November 5, 2010
I've had this camera for about a week now and have been loving it ever since. I've used another "flip" camcorder and the Bloggie Touch puts it to shame.

1. Love the quick on and record. Great for spontaneous videos of the little one.
2. The touch screen interface makes it both useful and fun to use the big screen.
3. The still pictures come out brilliant, when the lighting and focus is good.
4. The battery charges up super fast and stays with you for a whole day of shooting.
5. The image stabilization is good. You can take decent video while walking around and panning too. Note that it is not optical, but electronic SteadyShot stabilization.
6. The lens is very good quality and the pictures are crisp.
7. Really like the "snap picture while recording" feature. I find myself using that feature the most. The video doesn't stall while the picture (full 12M resolution) is being taken and since the focus and exposure are usually locked well while you're in the middle of the video, the pictures come out great.

1. In low lighting, there is quite a bit of graininess and using the digital zoom makes it much worse.
2. While the lens is good quality, the auto-focus mechanism is really very slow. If you move around the camera too much before focus has locked on, the auto-focus will almost never lock.
3. What I really miss with this camera is a flash. Even a tiny one would help with low light pictures.
4. Minor annoyance: to preview a picture right after you take it, you have to go through at least two clicks. Sony could have designed it so that it always goes to the last picture taken by default, instead of the thumbnail list of all pictures/video on the device.

I decided to purchase this camera over a still camera that can do video because:
1. This one is dead simple. One button to turn on, one to take video and one to take stills. This makes it both easy and quick to use.
2. This one can do 1080p video and 720p at 60fps.
3. Its under $200 and is smaller than your phone.
4. Its got internal flash and USB connector - no more SD cards or cables. 8GB is enough to get you through the day before you can come back to your laptop to dump the pictures.

I decided to purchase this camera over other ones in the same category because:
1. Its got a big display and the touch screen is fun to use.
2. Its got a better lens system than the others.
3. Its got (some) image stabilization.
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on June 24, 2017
I am going to be frank. I own this video camera, actually I own three bloggies and its been working out great for me. Its not meant to use professionally its basically a compact video camera that is easy to carry for any occasion. It does great in the day out doors and its pretty good in doors if there is enough lighting. The touch screen is pretty reponsive. The files are easy to access and ready to go. I recorded my wedding with the three bloggies and if it wasn't for the amatuer camera man I wouln't have had to edit so much but over all it did a great job. You can get a lot of recording time out of these guys depending on the setting.

Now the price that is on here is rediculous considering that it sold for about $80 when it was first introduced.
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on February 15, 2012
I originally got the Bloggie thru HSN and of all the camera's I have ever tried including the iPhone 5mp, this is the nicest for quality video. One issue I have with taking video is shaky results. Most image stabilization on camera's doesn't really work that great, this Bloggie works great. The best video I've ever taken. Extremely effect image stabilization. Excellent photos and video. And these camera's work GREAT with the iMac. Plugging in the camera to the iMac usb port or extension USB cable, iPhoto pops up with this camera, the Bloggie, as the devices attached. Then simply import your photos and video into iPhoto. So simple. Battery life is great. After a week my Bloggie still shows full charge. I returned the HSN purchase and bought the Bloggie from Amazon just to get the 8GB 4 hour version for near the same price as the lesser 4GB bloggie at HSN. Forget HSN, get the better version from Amazon for a few dollars more. Great image stabilization, long battery life, mac and iPhoto support. No need to install and further 3rd party software. Plus, the HD video is easily editable using the mac iMovie software. This camera was made for the iMac. And for people that tend to take shaky video, this is the best solution for smooth perfect video. (Video added created entirely using the Sony Bloggie and iMovie)
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on February 23, 2013
I checked so many reviews and video samples before deciding to buy this camera and I got to say I'm quite satisfied even with a few drawbacks.... Let's face it there's not a whole lot of choices for this kind of video camera out there , there's about 3 or 4 others and every single one of them has something that will make you cringe... Sony Bloggie doesn't support memory card which means once the internal memory is full you have to erase some to shoot some more and the battery doesn't come off as well so make sure to charge it before use... When I used my bloggie on my vacation trip I had to bring my laptop with me so at the end of every day I would upload all the videos to my laptop then erase it on my bloggie for the next day and the battery usually will last you all day even after shooting for 4 hours worth of 1080P ...I never had a day where we completely used up 4 hours worth in a day so memory and battery wasn't much of an issue for me as long as I can empty the internal memory on a regular basis... The HD Video looks sharp and the stabilizer works well, the only problem with this camera is that when you start shooting vertically you cannot turn it to the side (wide angle shot) without stopping it first or else when you upload your video it will be tilted since it doesn't automatically rotate the video if you shoot it in one continous motion (same with the iphones)... and just like most other pocket vid cams this one doesn't shoot well in the dark as well... My suggestion to everyone before buying a pocket vid cam, instead of looking for the perfect cam, try to find the most that will fit your need because there is not a perfect pocket vid cam out there yet.
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on December 9, 2010
I originally wrote a great review for this camera until I had it longer and realized the large flaws it has. Apparently there is a loud clicking noise that plagues some of the cameras including mine. Not only that when I went to update the firmware on Sony's website, I downloaded it to my camera and went to turn it on and the camera stopped working!! It wouldn't even turn on! I had to send the camera to Sony for 20 days to get it to come back on. When I get it back after missing weeks of my childs 1st year of life, it makes the clicking noise even louder and more frequent than before!! How great is it to be shooting the 1st steps of your child or their 1st words but all you hear is a loud clicking noise overtop of your video? I call Sony about this and they act like this is not an issue and aren't aware of anything like this, yet their "support" forum has peoples posts talking about this flaw. Google "bloggie clicking noise" and tell me this isn't an issue. Yet they will do nothing about it.

DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA. It has a great design and function but unless you want a loud clicking over your videos forever, don't buy it. Plus Sony can't even own up to their flaws and will give you know way to fix it. Unbelievable
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on April 8, 2011
While it boasts HD, this device is aimed at social media...swapping family pics, etc. The software is decidedly unsophisticated and made for sending cute videos of the kids frolicking with the dog and posting them to folder pre-named Mom and Dad (I'd have to do a bit of digging to get the videos to where they are) and other categories aimed at the Super Average Family with 2.3 children living in Anytown USA. The camera itself is fairly capable, but trying to use the video files in a sophisticated (or even simple) editing program is clumsy.

The auto-focus overrides everything. There are no manual settings...just idiot-proof settings guaranteeing mundane images.

We needed to have a number of small HD cameras and the automatic settings just made for lots of mediocre and useless images. As usual, Amazon took them back without complaint (love Amazon). We bought the Sanyo Xacti HD cameras. Amazon had a super sale on the pink ones (some guys online had a Freudian problem with the pink). The Sanyo Xactis produce excellent results for our needs and the videos are almost imperceptible from those shot with more professional equipment. Also, the memory is removable on the Sanyo.
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on March 2, 2011
We bought this camera for a very specific purpose. We wanted a camera that we could use to film parkour, free running, and skateboarding with so portability was key. What we ended up with was a camera that not only performed for those purposes more than adequately but was found to be a great camera all around.

The camera is very light yet felt very solid. The 12.8MP still image sensor performs very well and even catches slight movement VERY clear. The video recordings are taken in mp4 (ipod) format which all of my video editing software accepts fine. We needed to update Windows Movie Maker to get it to work with that though. Once set up, you can mark pictures and videos to be uploaded and/or emailed, then when you plug the camera in to your computer it does it for you. The USB is attached to the camera itself so there is nothing extra to carry. If you need a quick charge, borrow a USB port from a comp and get charging. The camera also comes with a USB dongle for those ports that are not in the most convenient spots. The screen on this looks fantastic. 8GBs of storage is plenty for me. If I have 4 hours of video on it and have not uploaded then I am doing something wrong. The power up time is minimal. I havent timed it but I would say its about 2 seconds from power button push to ready to shoot.

The touch screen is really sensitive. Now it is not so sensitive that it causes a great amount of frustration, but in my opinion it is a little too sensitive. An option would be appreciated in which the screen sensitivity could be adjusted. That might be asking a lot, I dont know but it is just how I feel. The same could be said about the accelerometer (the thing that makes the screen adjust when you turn the camera). Sometimes I feel like I barely tilted the camera and the screen will adjust on me. Now, its not a big deal because it easily comes back. They may have made it like this to be responsive while shooting. The manner in which I take pictures and video, that amount of sensitivity is not necessary. The USB dongle that comes with the Bloggie is a little short. I am not sure if it will actually make anything better if plugged in to a front USB port on a full size tower PC. Unfortunately in retail, its not the thought that counts.

If portability is the name of the game then this camera provides a lot of options at a decent price. Of course there are better cameras on the market that will do one thing much better than this camera but the Bloggie does all sorts of things really well. At the time of this review Amazon was selling it at 155 dollars, Prime eligible and worth every penny.
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on March 16, 2011
I just purchased a Sony Touch Bloggie MHS-TS20 camcorder.

The camcorder has a nice sleek look and the packaging is superb. It comes in a good quality felt lined box and looks better than the usual vacuum packed item.

I have not yet been able to truly evaluate the picture quality of this device although from what testing I have done it looks very adequate for the price.

I am rushing to do this review because I want to alert anyone considering the purchase of this camcorder to the fact that when you are out shooting beautiful things, you will be able to see the video you have captured, but you will not be able to hear the audio that you hope you have captured. Even with the playback volume turned all the way up, the sound playback is just slightly audible if you really strain to hear it. I contacted Sony and was told to transfer my video to my computer and then play it back. The sound should be normal.

Unfortunately I cannot do this because right now I am having computer problems and my computer sound is completely dead. I have ordered a mini HDMI adapter so that I may play my video through my HDTV. However, I will not receive that until next week sometime.

But, why do they have sound circuits and a volume control in the Bloggie if they will not function normally on play back? I sent Sony another email and this is part of what they said: "Please note that, the Camcorder records the sound at a standard level for consumer models, ensuring linearity. Therefore, the recorded sound is lower than non-consumer devices. As the noise level is also lower, there is no problem with signal-to-noise ratio of the sound. Please turn up the volume of both the Camcorder and the other device, to increase the sound during movie play back."

Gooble-dee-gook. A fancy way of saying, "So you won't know if your sound is any good until you GET HOME from your once-in-a-lifetime outing. Life is tough all over fella!" Had they said that it would have been better than not saying anything until after you buy the product.

The camcorder has quality and is certainly worth the price. Too bad Sony had to skimp on design. They could have at least included a headphone output which would have improved the audio tremendously. But lying by ommission, puts a very bad taste in the mouth of anyone who appreciates knowing all the facts BEFORE they buy a product.

This is a revision of my above review.

When played back through another device the sound is adequate except video and audio can play back all chopped up. However, if you play that video again it can show normally. The bottom line seems to be that you have play around with it to get good results. You will learn by doing. The complaints some reviewers had about this product were based on ignorance and lack of common sense plus the inability to have a little patience while learning to use it.

My contribution to ignorance was that I was completely unaware that I could not expect to play back sound in the field and felt that it might be a defect in the unit. But Sony should have seen to it that their advertising removed the chance of someone having that ignorance.

All in all, you could not get a better mini camcorder for the price.
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on May 6, 2013
A pro photographer friend recommended this device to me after extensively asking me about my uses as a podcaster. Since I needed a better camera than what's on my cell phone and has a better battery, I need stills and video capability. I worked using the stills mode over the weekend and the shutter speed is awful. From the time I push the button there is 2 seconds delay before the picture is actually snapped. There's no way to capture people without them looking elsewhere by that time or getting decent candids. Out of about 20 photos, 3 were too blurry to even post.

There was also almost no instructions whatsoever. I plugged the device into my pc hoping a digital set of instructions would come up but instead I got to an app for SONY that wants my credit card information for billing me for some account I don't want. The information makes it sound like it's so easy to share images and files but it isn't at all. I didn't want to give my credit card information even for a certain amount of "free" storage so I didn't get to test the uploading out. Just trying to make an album was awkward in that software and then changing a name on one of the built in contact lists didn't let me go much further; I changed the name of "My Best Friend" distribution list, then what? There was nothing to enter their email address, cell phone number for texting an image, nothing. It's a clumsy tool.

I also couldn't find any way to make the camera front-facing which would be especially useful for people looking to essentially have a better version of what cell phones offer these days.

I had bigger expectations for this overall. It's compact so I can use it easily but the features and ease of use are seriously lacking for a SONY product.
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on December 31, 2010
Received as Christmas gift, and have already used this recorder numerous times. It is very handy and easily fits in a coat or pants pocket. Very lightweight considering its capabilities: HD video recording with digital zoom, 8GB storage, etc. (see specs). Touch screen is a bit flaky but could be the result of using the screen protector that was included - recommend purchasing additional screen protectors. Have not tested the HDMI output capability but have seen a few products including cable, case, and screen protectors for ~$17. Takes a couple of seconds for the auto-focus to kick in - don't count on turning it on and getting immediate clear video recording - count on up to 5 seconds for focusing. Amount of storage is superb - able to capture hours of HD video recording at maximum resolution. Also able to take hundreds of digital still photos. Digital camera is okay with good lighting, but not ideal for someone looking for a good digital camera for stills. Bloggie is optimized for video recording however. One suggestion for improvement would be WIFI support - such a feature along with minimal browser capability to allow immediate upload of photos and videos to Facebook and YouTube would make the product much more attractive to techies. Regardless, the included software makes importing, organizing, and archiving video and pictures a snap. Have not seen the Flip in person so cannot compare, but very pleased with the Sony Bloggie. Lives up to the Sony name.
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