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on September 25, 2013
I was skeptical about buying this because I was doing a good job with my manual toothbrush. This electric does a better job of doing my back molars and it reaches deeper in between the teeth. My teeth feel noticeably cleaner with this as opposed to a manual brush. Battery lasts for many brushes on a single charge.

I bought this specific model because the higher priced models from Sonicare are a waste of money. The higher end models are the same hardware, but with a different outer skin and more software programming. The extra software options are not useful: they just vary the length of time and lower the intensity of the brushing action. Most people will not use these extra "features." If you need more time, you can turn the brush on again. Lowering the intensity defeats the purpose of an electric brush. A lower intensity is only useful if your teeth are very sensitive due to poor hygiene or due to injury.

The lower end models use the older style brush heads. I don't know for how long Sonicare will continue to provide replaceable heads for those, so I went with the cheapest model that uses the newest heads.

Sonicare's highest end model (DiamondClean) claims to clean even better than this model. That is only true of the brush head that model comes with. Those particular DiamondClean brush heads are compatible with this EasyClean model and can be purchased separately; therefore, cleaning performance between the two models are exactly the same.

Bottom line: This EasyClean model is the only model I recommend. Anything more expensive does not really provide anything extra (despite what the marketing department wants you to believe), and anything less expensive uses the old brush heads.
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on August 20, 2011
I have used Philips Sonicare elect. toothbrushes for years. This is the first toothbrush of theirs that solves my problems with the other designs. This EasyClean 500 Series has a slim compact handle--slimmer than any of the others I have used. Love it! And the best design change they made is the easy-to-clean attachment of the brush head to the handle. The brush head has a very small attachment connecting mechanism: simply a very small recess in the bottom of the brush head component that pushes onto a slim metal rod in the handle. Finally no cavities to harbor mold, grim, old toothpaste, saliva, etc. I was shocked and disgusted when I pried open the insides of my old brush head bottom--I had to use a screw driver to pop off a plastic disc up inside the old brush attachment. They should have made these changes years ago!
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on October 28, 2015
I have purchased 4 Sonicares since 2011

Philips Sonicare HX6972/10 FlexCare Plus Rechargeable Toothbrush June 2011 $136.99
Philips Sonicare HX6972/10 FlexCare Plus Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush February 2012 $156.11
Philips Sonicare HX6972/10 FlexCare Plus Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush October 2012 $136.24
Philips Sonicare HX6921/02 FlexCare Plus Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush January 2014 $155.99

First of all, I am an idiot. These Sonicares come with a 2 year warranty. I should have been returning these toothbrushes whenever they broke. That aside....As you can see, the first Sonicare lasted 8 months, the second one lasted 8 months, the third one lasted 15 months, and the fourth one lasted 20 months. None of them lasted 2 years. These things break fast. And they're expensive.

When my last Sonicare broke, I was tired of paying so much money for brushes that kept breaking. Did I really need 5 cleaning modes? I've owned Sonicares for 4 years, and I personally have never used any cleaning mode except Regular and Gum Care (which just adds an extra minute)
Seeing that Sonicare had discontinued its old models, I thought that I would just purchase a "cheaper" model from their new line up. So in September 2015 I bought a Philips Sonicare 3 Series Gum Health HX6631/02 for $84.95. That thing was like brushing your teeth with a chain saw, it was that loud.

Frustrated with the inflated prices of the newer models, and the spectacular failure of my one attempt at using a cheaper version of one of these new models, I purchased an older, discontinued model, the Easy Clean.

This toothbrush reminds me of a Macbook Pro. Unibody. One mode, one button. Whisper quiet. It just works. You can feel how sturdy it is. It doesn't feel delicate like the more expensive models with more electrical doodads that might break

Also, so far, none of that "gunk between the brush and the head" that plagues Sonicare. The brush head fits snugly on the brush body, which is why it's so quiet.

I've only had this Sonicare Easy Clean a month, so I may change my review in the future if this dies on me early. But I've already knocked it over a few times, and this brush just shrugged it off with a "meh" and kept working.

As someone who was tried many different Sonicares, I would highly recommend this model, and only this model.
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on May 6, 2015
Excellent value and love how clean my teeth feel. The toothbrush allows you to ramp up gently to full power if you are not used to an electric toothbrush. After a few weeks of use, gums already feel healthier and less sensitive.
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on July 1, 2013
My first try at a sonic brush, takes a little getting used to but worth the practice. My teeth feel cleaner after using. Battery lasts insane amount of time between charges. I use it 2x a day and charge it once every 3rd week. Highly recommend.
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on February 24, 2015
This is my second Sonicare - the first one lasted 5 years - and there seems to be a change for the worse in terms of quality control. My second Sonicare started to not function properly just shy of the one year warranty and Philips was really great about sending a replacement body. The process was quick, easy, and efficient. Sadly, just a few months after receiving the replacement (which I assume was refurbished) it crapped out in the same way as the original. The brushing "power" was greatly diminished and it made a loud noise. I cleaned it as well as the charging stand thoroughly but to no avail.
For $80 I expect the item to last longer than a year. When it works, it's a 5 star, but since the performance was so limited it gets an "okay" in my book.
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on June 23, 2015
Do not buy this model toothbrush! Buy any other Sonicare but the Easy Clean! The base is very light weight and small, it tips over all the time! After two weeks of owning the Easy Clean the little tiny metal part that it sits on to charger base snapped off! I have the part to show them that this was a defective product. The toothbrush is to heavy for the base.. . . .keeps falling down. So, I am thinking no problem it has a year warranty. Customer service each time I have called them have been very understanding, delightful and apologetic for my inconvenience .. . but still two months later.. . .. I am still waiting for a shipping label and a new toothbrush. Every time I have called customer service I give them the case #. . . . they tell me that they so sorry and will send the information to the right department to get this resolved! I asked for a supervisor, and was told there is no supervisor? They will send my complaint to the proper department? This is not resolved many, many months later and they do not stand by the product or warranty. I have called over 10 times waiting for an email with the shipping label on where to get this sent to back to them. I read the reviews on Amazon saying they have had excellent customer service from Phillips. .. . .I
have not had that experience at all! They have the model number, the serial number and my date or purchase. The only emails I have received is on how do I rate their customer service. . .ridiculous? This tooth brush cost me $69 for two weeks of usage! I would never ever buy anything from Phillips again. . . .going to replace it with another top leading brand!


Update. .. . .after waiting over 3 months I finally got a return label to send back the broken Easy Clean. It has been months later and still waiting for the replacement?
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on February 19, 2015
My first electric toothbrush, loved it at first, and it worked really well in the beginning.. well, the first 10 months, then it's broken. The battery won't get recharged. After charging it for a whole day, it still dies after 5 seconds. Have to drive to gas station in the middle of the night and get a normal overpriced cheap-quality toothbrush. Very disappointed. And when I emailed to get a warranty policy on this product, I was expecting a straightforward answer like "it does not have a warranty" or "it does come with 1 year warranty". However, that wasn't the case. Amazon emailed me back two days after and sent me a link back to the product page. Is it really that hard just to answer a simple question?
People, don't get fooled by the 5 star reviews, the only reason they rate it high is because they have not reached the "breaking" point yet.
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on November 7, 2013
I bought this thinking it would be the same as the Healthy White model but without the extra functions. I had been using the healthy white toothbrush for years before giving it to my wife and buying this for myself. I was immediately disappointed - it is noticeably less powerful than the healthy white model. My wife and I both did blind comparisons with brand new brush heads, and the years old healthy white toothbrush is definitely noticeably more powerful.

Pay the extra $20 for the more powerful "Healthy White" sonicare model
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on May 5, 2015
Clean very well, but last only 7months of use (2 times/day)

This is so far the most expensive toothbrush I have ever bought. I love the clean feeling after use and I cannot live without it. Sadly the unit stopped taking charge and would randomly start on and off by it own. I did a little research and people said moisture might have gotten inside to the inside circuit board and caused a malfunction. They would recommend to remove the base with a flat head screwdriver and blow dry it. OK, I did that and upon opening the base, I realized there were 2 tiny copper wires that connect the base cap directly to the circuit board, as a result (it worked like a trap!!!), they broke. As you can see, there were a lot moisture got trapped inside the unit (I always wiped clean and dried the unit after every use, this thing is an expensive toothbrush!).

This unit was sealed pretty good from outside, there would be no impossible way to get in and blow dry the inside on a daily basis(you would think it should be sealed and stayed dry inside, but no). This is more like a design flaw, moisture got in and could not get out, tiny wires connect directly to the opening cap....

I will not waste $70 again on a toothbrush that can last only half a year. I still have 2 refill heads and not sure what to do with it. May be I will use them as ordinary toothbrush, lol
review imagereview image
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