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on June 15, 2012
I love civil war stories, and this one is a good read. However, it seemed to me that I had read it before; so I checked my library, and sure enough, This author's book "Shades of Gray", is the exact same book, except for the ending. I truly enjoyed Noble Cause - the ending was better. But a reader shouldn't have to buy 2 books that are the same story, with just a different ending.

I'd recommend this book; but if you've read the other one, don't bother.

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on November 28, 2015
Noble Cause is magnificent beyond measure, an epic story that reaches out to seize your heart and soul with a power that takes your breath away. It transports you to a place beyond time and distance, another life just beyond the edge of memory but more vividly real than any dream. I laughed, I wept, I felt alive, and I understood much - about honor, duty, sacrifice, freedom, conviction, truth, belief, pride, trust, loyalty. And through it all the anguish and hope of love unending. I am reminded of a phrase from Dante's Paradiso: "But at last my will and my desire, like a wheel moving evenly, were revolving from the love that moves the sun and all the other stars." It is a journey from darkness into light, from confusion to understanding, for the reader as well as the characters. I am forever changed; I cannot view the Civil War and the souls of those men and women who fought and struggled in the same way ever again.

This is truly an exceptional story. Buy it - I don't believe you'll be disappointed. I have been an Amazon frequent buyer for years, and I have been so moved by this book as to write my first review. Oh, and yes ... I'm planning a trip to northern Virginia to walk the battlefields, the towns, the hills and valleys to pay my respects. It's time.
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on February 5, 2015
I usually read Christian fiction and am, in fact, a writer of Christian/inspirational fiction. However, I am also a Civil War enthusiast so Ms. James' book intrigued me. I must say that aside from one short scene in which the H/H make love (which was not explicit), and some curse words here and there (realistic, coming from soldiers), I was not offended. In fact, there were more positive references to God in this book than some "Christian" novels I've read. That said, I enjoyed this story immensely. It actually kept me up reading until 3 AM one morning, until I dropped my Kindle Fire HD 6" on my forehead and realized that I had fallen asleep. :)

Hunter is the hero and he is a mix of fictional character Rhet Butler and the real-life legendary hero and Confederate colonel John S. Mosby. In fact, Ms. James states at the end of the novel that Hunter's character was modeled after Mosby. Andrea Evans (aka Sinclair) is the heroine and a Union spy who then turns and defends the Confederacy. She's fighting for all that's honorable, and discovers that most men on either side of the conflict feel that same sense of honor and duty to country. When circumstances throw them together, Hunter and Andrea become embroiled in their own set of conflicts, arguing about who is more honorable, the North or South, and why they've taken their particular stances.

Ms. James writes with often beautiful prose and masterful description. That said, there was almost more description than plot in this book and an overuse of how tall, long-legged and handsome Hunter is with broad-shoulders and muscles like steel. Some repetitions such as other reviews have noted exist although they didn't deter me from finishing the book and enjoying the story. However, by Chapter 60, I was fed up with the Hunter and Andrea's bickering, much of it brought on by the character's actions themselves. I also would have liked to know more about the locations of the characters. For example, there was no huge battle near Winchester in November/December 1864 (Cedar Creek was in October). According to Ms. James' novel, it's November/December and Andrea states to a wounded Hunter that the nearest field hospital is in Winchester. There were skirmishes everywhere in Virginia and battles near Saltville during that time, but then Winchester would not have been nearest field hospital. Plus it's a fact that Winchester was overrun with wounded from the Cedar Creek battle and the previous battle in that town in September. I think some explanation of what battle Andrea refers to as that "huge battle" and where in Virginia she was at that time would have been helpful.

Overall, I would recommend this novel to romance readers who enjoy Civil War settings. Well done, Ms. James. Well done!
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on November 25, 2015
“Life is sufficiently short without shaking the sand that measures it.”
Before the serious commencement of hostilities in the War Between the States both parties thought that the conflict would be short lived, so the when the Union forces met defeat at the First Battle of Bull Run the Federal side retreated in horror; fully believing that the war was already lost. On the winning side, the Confederate forces were unable to follow up their victory by entering Washington and many thought it was unnecessary; for them the war was already won. Both sides couldn’t have been more wrong; the war would continue for more than four more years at the cost of tens of thousands on both sides. As the war that pitted brothers against brothers and sons against fathers continued it eventually became the most bitter and bloody conflict in American history.
Captain Alexander Hunter owns and breeds horses, making him a perfect horseman and cavalry officer. Like the Gray Ghost of the Confederacy, Colonel John Singleton Mosby, he commands a small contingent of horsemen that expertly operate on the fringes of the conflict; scouting for the army and capturing both arms and supplies from the enemy. He and his contingent of mounted warriors are a thorn in the side of the Union Army.
Andrea Evans, aka Andrew Sinclair and Maryann Marlow, is a beautiful, green eyed, high spirited and reckless woman with an unbounding love for the Union cause. She started this quest with the light feelings of a game but is eventually faced with the realities and horrors of war. During her dangerous antics she falls in love with Daniel Delaney a colonel in the Union Army. He is mortally wounded during the Battle of Fredericksburg in December of 1862.
Mixing facts with fiction, this story brings an American society and way of life on its out and making way for a new one. The rich and elegant plantation life has the troubling open wound of slavery as a sobering backdrop. As the power of love transcends political turmoil and mixes peace with war Andrea and Hunter are thrown together into a relationship neither expects but are unable to change. With strong and memorable characters, this story reads as a classic and is sure to impress all who read it. I highly recommend it to all.
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on December 9, 2014
Okay, I read the first version Jessica put out and cried my eyes out at the end. So I read her other version with a 'happy ending', that one left me cold. I would have enjoyed her to finish the tale with her strong characters, like she did in the first version. Still, all said, this book is great history telling, truly splendid characters divided by their duty yet yearning to be loved or hated because of the terrible war and their cause. Good story telling. James did a great job in helping the readers understand the various opinions of the time as to the cause and effects of the Civil War, nor did she overtly villanize either side. Thanks for a good read.
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on June 9, 2012
Having previously purchased Shades of Gray (which I loved despite being furiously depressed with the ending), I was interested in how the author would revise the story. While I appreciated the happily-ever-after ending, I was somewhat disappointed to find some of my favorite details missing from this version. Had I only read this, however, I would have raved about the characters and the events depicted in the story. While die-hard Civil War historians might scoff at the lack of detail, I found that the battle scenes were well-researched and believable...particularly for a romance. This is a book that I will read again...and again!
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on August 14, 2015
I actually enjoyed the first 5% of this book. It was moving at a good clip and the story is very interesting... after that... it was like the author didn't know where to go with the story so the heroines of the book were stuck with mundane conversation after conversation while looking at stars, moon or horses. I actually quit reading it because I was bored to tears. Such a shame when you have a riveting time like the Civil War as your background.
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on December 5, 2012
Being a true southerner, I must say I enjoyed reading from both the Rebel and Yankee side of things treated equally.

This book is refreshing in that it doesn't focus so intently in the slavery issue, which spurred the war. Yes,slavery was very wrong, but from this story you learn that many southerners fought not because they owned slaves, but for their property and family heritage and honor. It shows that two opposite sides can come together in the end. I've always been saddened by the fact that, many times, southern brothers would find themselves on opposite sides of this war and faced each other in the battlefields, and that issue is dealt with in a very respectful manner.

Thanks Janice for a wonderful read and two fiery personalities that are literally "lightning in the sky"!
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on July 23, 2015
Absolutely a great novel for Civil War Romance readers. The characters are so interesting and complex and by the end you feel like you know what direction they will take next based on the authors excellent character descriptions. I am an avid Civil War Historical Novel enthusiast and would rate this as one of the best I've read, and there have been many, many. Can't wait to begin Above and Beyond, just need to savor this one for a while first.
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on January 6, 2016
I enjoyed this book. It,'s the story of a young woman, Andrea Evans, dressed as a boy working for the union and taking chances. Once she is caught she ends up in prison. Hunter is her sworn enemy, but he made a promise to his dying brother that he would protect her. When he found out she had been imprisoned, against his orders he went to save her. She sustained a very serious leg injury and was taken to Hawthorn. His family home, to recuperate. This is a story of two very strong willed people who try each others patience in many ways and how they fallible through the war even though she is union and he confederate. I believe you will enjoy this novel.
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