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on June 2, 2011
I've had my Otterbox commuter case for about a month now and have been very happy with the product. It fit perfectly over my HTC Incredible S with the silicone buttons and covers in all the right places.

Here are the positives from my experience with the product so far:
- Gave my phone a little more bulk which actually helps me hold the phone better
- It still fits well in my pocket so it didn't bulk up too much
- The silicone buttons helps improve my button response. I'm less prone to accidentally hitting the volume buttons and power buttons while using the phone. I have the proverbial "fat fingers"
- Dropped the phone once from table height ... and the phone survived!
- The screen protector is smooth and stays on quite well. With damp fingers, the gorilla glass had always created unwanted friction making it hard to swipe properly. I don't have that issue anymore with the protective film.

The negatives so far:
- The cleaning cloth left some lint behind the protective screen when I accidentally touched the sticky side with it. When I tried to clean it off, I got other lint stuck to it. It was a downward spiral. Now I have 5 pieces of lint visibly stuck under an air bubble. I wish there was an easier way to get that film on lint free.
- The silicone grabs all the lint in my pocket. What was once a nice black silicone layer is now dark grey. Maybe my dry skin contributes to it too. In either case, it makes it look old.

Overall, I'm very happy with the product which helped improve my experience with the phone. I'm not sure why others have said the plastic shell is too slick. I found it gave me more friction to hold on to the phone better. In any case, I would certainly buy this product line again.
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on January 30, 2015
Our fourth otter box (four different devices) due to the performance by the past three. I have dropped my phone and ipad numerous times with no damage to the device or the case. This box is for my daughter's first phone and I am confident that it will protect it perfectly. The only gripe is the screen protector. Unlike the iPhone case where the protector is integral and requires no real work to install, this one is one of those you squeegee onto the phone. Invariably some dust, dirt, volcanic ash, rhino hair, etc gets under it during install and leaves a huge air bubble. Good luck getting the dust out of there. Had to buy replacement screen protectors and it still looks terrible. Told the daughter if she didn't like it she would have to pay the people at the mall to install one professionally. Other than that nice case.
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on July 11, 2011
The case is nice, it looks good and helps me get a better hold on my phone. With the phone being so thin I was having trouble holding on to it without hitting buttons before I got the case. Now everything is great. My one complaint about it is the headphone port. All the other rubber port covers work great, but my headphone one doesn't want to stay in and keeps popping out, but is not enough to make me not like the case. The case seems very protective ( I have yet to drop it) with the hard outside and rubberized inside layer. A screen protector is included and went on easy, I read a trick that seemed to help when applying it; go into a bathroom and start the shower before you apply the screen protector. The humidity cuts down on static and greatly reduces the chances that lint will get under the protector. The screen protector also comes with a nice kit to help you put it on.
Bottom-line: I recommend this case.
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on July 10, 2011
You'd be hard-pressed to find a better case for the HTC Droid Incredible 2. The Otterbox Commuter-series case offers great all-around protection in an easy-to-install package. The screen protector fits well, and is easily replaced separately with a third-party product should be the need arise. The silicon and hard plastic shells attach firmly, but are easy to remove for cleaning (which you'll need to do, read on). Otterbox makes a slightly more rugged (and bulky) Defender case... but that has a belt clip, and no one looks cool with a cell phone clipped to their belt. That's what pockets are for, people!

The Otterbox is not without its drawbacks, however. The main thing I've noticed after a couple of weeks of use is that the silicone is a dust and lint magnet. I could have seen this coming, as the Speck PixelSkin Case I use for my iPod touch 3G suffers from the same problem. Also, the fit could be a little better in places. Along the top and bottom, the silicone pulls away when you remove the phone from your pocket; I imagine it will get stretched out over time. (This shouldn't be a problem at all for ladies who keep their phone in their handbags.) The covers for the headphone and charging port are sometimes difficult to close completely, and tend to pop out easily with the slightest touch.

Despite these drawbacks, the Otterbox is still a winner. The name of the game is protection, and on that count, it can't be beat. I dropped my phone in a parking lot the other week, and there isn't a scratch on it. Incredible! (Pun intended.)

The Otterbox Commuter-series case is "Designed in Fort Collins, Colorado" and "Assembled in China."
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I have had many cases for many different phones over the years. I have always loved silicon cases because they don't scratch the phone but hated them because I can never get them in my pocket and they attract lint like crazy. I have always loved solid cases for the protection from drops, but hated them because they left tiny scratched on the phone. This otterbox is the best of both worlds. It slides in and out of your pocket easy and protects the phone with silicon. It doesn't add that much bulk to the phone, I barely noticed it (though that may be because i'm used to large phones). the port covers are easy to open and keep crap out of the usb and headphone port. The case is very stylish, i think, and makes the phone look a lot cooler. It has a nice professional look to it. The power button is just as easy to press with the case as without the case. The case comes with a screen protector. I didn't use it on this phone because I already had one, but I did use one on my Droid Incredible 1 when I got an otterbox for that. The screen protector is easy to install and protects the screen as good as any other protector. It has a nice finish that makes it easy to use with your fingers, unlike other protectors. This case is a perfect fit and doesn't cover anything it shouldn't, except for the two little hole on the back of the phone near the camera (I don't know what they are, maybe noise cancellation). I haven't noticed and drop in call quality or video and audio recording since putting it on. Overall, I would give this case 7/5 stars if I could.
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on July 1, 2011
I just purchased this case for my Droid Incredible 2. I was looking at various cases and thought this was a good combo of design and protection from a name brand company with good products.

To put it simply, it fits great. Some folks complain about some things, so I'll give my opinion on them.

Complaint 1: Lint
My answer: Yes, it gets lint. The silicone is visible on the top and bottom and around the display abit. The rest is covered in the poly shell. Is it annoying? slightly. Does it really look bad? not really. I have more issue with my solid deoderant flaking and the powder dusting on the phone. That was with all my phones. I cannot use an invisible or strong smelling one, so i'm doomed.

Complain 2: cleaning cloth lint
My Answer: I never had this issue where the lint from the cloth stayed on the screen. I held that bad boy up making sure there wasn't anything on it prior to starting the adhesion. BTW, the protector fooled me so much, I thought it didn't go on since it looked so good.

It adds a bit of bulk around the phone, but not much to limit it from putting it in my pant pockets.

the main negative I have with this is that silicone at the top. I wish the poly shell wrapped around the corners a bit. If this thing lands at a slight angle front a vertical position (top or bottom), the silicone will be all that will protect it. Granted, its very thick material, but I'd have wished for that shell to wrap a bit around more.

Also, the port cover for the headphone MAY NOT work well with your headset/AUX line. I have a Griffin cable in my car, and the size of the plug doesn't allow it to get in flush. I have to pull teh silicone back. I may consider trimming down the plastic on the plug so it will fit better. Those are my two knocks.
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on November 11, 2011
I purchased this case after using the "BODY GLOVE 9216601 HTC(R) DROID(TM) INCREDIBLE 2 SNAP-ON CASE" for a couple of weeks. While I liked the Body Glove case, it was too bulky and didn't make me feel like my phone was protected. I received the Otterbox Commuter-Series case today and am thoroughly pleased thus far. It comes well packaged, and includes a heavy duty screen protector which is a definite plus. I've seen screen protectors of this quality go for as much as 30 dollars, so I'm very happy with that aspect. It's much easier to apply than most I've used, being that it's not too flimsy. The cheaper-made flimsy protectors seem to create tons of air pockets that are nearly impossible to get out. I got this protector installed in minutes and it's a perfect fit. The only drawback is that it doesn't have a notch cut out for the front-view camera. I've tested it since installing and it doesn't affect the quality too much, especially since the front-view camera has pretty crappy quality to begin with. Now, onto the case itself...

The rubber inner-case fits the phone a little loosely, which actually is a good thing. This way it provides a bit more cushion if the phone is dropped. You could, in fact, use the case without its external shell but with the loose fit I wouldn't recommend it. The buttons on the phone are covered, which is a plus also. Other cases I've used left cut-outs for the buttons, leaving them unprotected. This case covers them, and is positioned perfectly so that pressing them isn't a problem. The external shell fits nice and snug over the rubber case. Once applied, your phone just feels like it's well protected. The best part about this case in my opinion, is that it doesn't add a lot of size to the phone. I use a holster-case that fits on my belt while I'm at work, and with the Body Glove case I was using I would have to struggle to pull the phone in and out of it. With the Otterbox, it fits perfectly.

All in all, I think that for the money you will not find a better case. Of course, you want to protect such an expensive device and I feel like this case does that well while still leaving the phone easy to use and carry. I hope this review has helped. If you have any specific questions you cannot find answers too about this product, feel free to email me at
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on September 25, 2011
I'm pretty much in love with this case. I just got my new phone and wanted something that would protect it without adding much bulk. The Otterbox Commuter did the job. One of the main selling features for me was that the case includes a screen protector. Sure, these can be purchased separately for fairly cheap, but if it comes all in one, that's great.

- Extremely easy to put together
- An absolute perfect fit for my phone - openings are perfectly aligned and I love the slicone plugs for the ports. It seems like everything's nice and protected.
- Hardly adds any bulk to the phone, so will still fit in my small clutches or pocket
- I like the combination of silicone and hard case.

- As other reviewers have said, the screen protector has a sticker that doesn't easily peel off. I thought the others just didn't know how to put the screen protector on properly. Nope, I'd consider myself an expert and sure enough, it stuck on there. It came off immediately with a little goo-gone, but you shouldn't have to do this.

Except for the one con, I absolutely would've given this 5 stars. I think it's worth the extra $$ to have such a high quality case that's a great fit and will certainly protect my phone from the many drops my last one experienced.
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on April 5, 2013
I bought this case for my phone about 1.5 years ago. I loved did not make the phone too bulky but protected everything very well. It seemed sturdy enough to withstand most drops. The few times I have dropped my phone (usually from my hand to the floor/ground), the case did its job. I have been very pleased with it until this past weekend, when a large chunk near the top on the right side broke off without warning. I don't know exactly when it broke off...I just know that I reached into my purse and felt sharp, broken plastic edges near the power button. It had not been dropped anytime recently to cause the damage. For a case that cost over $40, I would expect it to last the life of my phone (at least 2 years, the length that most people are under contract for a phone). At this point, I can get a new phone in a couple months so I'm just going to live with it. But it will make me think twice about shelling out big bucks for the Otterbox case next time.
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on August 26, 2011
I usually keep my phone in my pocket. Women's jeans tend to have shallower pockets than mens so it was important to me that the case wouldn't add too much bulk- especially since a good 30% of the phone is usually sticking up out of the pocket! I also have my phone on me at work- I work in a laboratory and frequently go into production and need my case to be able to stand up to intensive heat (130-160 degrees F)as well as high humidity.

This case has been great! It doesn't take up too much room in either of my pockets (work or my jeans). The soft rubber does tend to pull out any lint or crumbs in my pockets, but it is easily wiped off or you can run the case under some water. It protects my phone very well, I've dropped it a few times and the phone survived. I also like the amount of bulk it does add to the phone- makes the phone easier to grip than just the phone itself. The harder case is slightly textured which helps in gripping it. All the sockets are covered, which is nice so things don't get deep down in there like they use to do with my iPhone.

The only downside about this case is the hard protective casing doesn't encompass the top and bottom of the phone as much as it does the sides. When I slide my finger down on the screen to unlock it, I sometimes pull the bottom of the case down too. The same goes for the top, which I think its part of the reason my screen protector is lifting a little bit. But really all in all, this is a very minor issue and I am not changing the case cause of it.

Would also be nice if they came in different colors than black. It's so hard to find a black phone in my purse!
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