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on September 21, 2011
I bought two of the these generators to use with my RV when dry camping. Both of the generators were made in 2008, and as others have mentioned the original packaging was not great, but the generators were undamaged out of the boxes. You cannot beat this price. After filling them with oil, they both started up easily, with a couple of pulls, had a very low idle and ran very quiet without a load. I used an 1875 watt hair dryer to test the units, and with the hair dryer on high, each generator had no problem supplying the power to make the dryer run hot and and at full fan speed. Under this full load, the generator ran at a high RPM, but it was very quiet compared to my 4000 watt standby generators with a Subaru motor that I keep in my shed in case of power failures. This generator seems to be built very well. The covers appear to fit well, and overall it seems like a solid unit. At just 58 pounds it is easily transported and is well balanced at the handle Even the carburetor has a separate screw on the bottom to facilitate the draining of gas when not in use. At less than half the price of a comparable Honda generator you cannot go wrong which is why I bought two. The parallel cable is available on ebay for around $25 which will allow the generators to be run together to achieve 4,000 watts. I have already ordered a cable.
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on August 24, 2011
*update from 2016 ive had this generator since 2011 and its till running i've put hundreds of hours on it and it still runs like the day i purchased it.

I have put about 15 hours on it and it still running pretty great. Starts in one - three pulls.

I have run this next to a honda it is only slightly louder than a honda and weighs just about the same.

The only bad thing about it is the oil fill container isn't really large enough to change the oil in one filling you have to fill the container up several times to fill up the oil. It's not a big deal cause you can just use a funnel.

The fuel drain overflow tubes aren't exactly well designed and in transport it's possible that they get moved around and won't vent to the outside.

The chassis screws aren't fold down wingnut type ill probably change these so that they are so you can check the oil with out a screw driver. Honda does not have these ethier a 5 dollar part that will make all the difference in the world.

I wish it had a primer ball of some sort when you run it out of fuel it needs 5 or 6 pulls to get it ready to run.

I don't know what all these other people are talking about complainging about the date of manufacture. It's not a bottle of milk its not going to go bad cause it sat on a shelf for a few years. And down raiting because it was dammaged in shipping, come on that has nothing to do with the product and everything to do with UPS.
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on July 14, 2011
I purchased this unit based on the reviews, i would have to say that this generator is probably one of the the best purchase i ever made.First i would have to say that the unit arrived safely, second i turned the unit on with a couple of pulls with no problem i installed a mini refrigerator for the test an it ran flawlessly... the unit is very quiet not to mention i can have a conversation next to the generator without yelling at anyone, i wanted to make a video of this unit but you can never hear threw a video if is loud or not since all the electronics microprosesors are to sensitive, that been said i would definetly buy another of this unit without even thinking about it. I tested the honda portable as well and loved it too but the price is way to high,thats when i decided to give this one a try and you can't barely tell the difference on how quiet they are. I highly recommend this generator is really steardy and and very light...picture picking about 50lbs but with a handle..i am very very happy with my purchase not to mention this was the last one amazon llc had on stock and i got it for $467 with free shipping can't wait to get another one for this price.
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on November 10, 2011
Just bought #2 & #3 generator for my business / RV / shop. Bought my first 2000 in 2007 or 8. Has worked perfectly since. After buying a pair of 2000p's, I am still extremely happy. These were NOS from 2008 and have not disappointed me in the least. Still starts w/one to three pulls every time. Including after running them out of fuel. I am averaging 5 to 5-1/2 hrs. a run time with RV hook-up doing the normal things. No complaints.
Hooking them up in parallel works flawless. I would put them up against a Honda any day. The only thing I do is run Opti-4, 30 wt. oil and Optic fuel stabilizer. That's it. Change your oil on a regular basis and all is well.
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on July 27, 2011
When the box arrived I had the same reservations that Jim had, although I didn't find any broken pieces inside. The box was pretty worn and it was poorly padded during shipping. Funny thing is the access door was not properly installed, just as Jim described. The build date on mine was December 2008. So it is more than 2 1/2 years old but supposedly unused. I decided to go ahead and try it out. It runs great and it is very quiet at idle. When the engine ramps up after pulling 1000 Watts or so it gets a bit louder, but still reasonably quiet. I used it over the weekend and powered an 8000 BTU AC along with a fan and lights. It ran great all weekend, so I am happy so far.

But something doesn't quite seem right here. Maybe its just old stock, or maybe even returned items (in which case Amazon is being misleading). For me the price was right and I'm happy so far. Amazon is also selling the IG2000P under a different link for $799, so there has to be a reason why this is more than $300 less. If I had unlimited funds I would buy a honda for $879, but this is the next best option on a budget IMO. Sam's club has a Champion 2000W for about the same price, and after my research the Kipor is just a stronger generator and can handle greater startup demands.

UPDATE almost a year later:

Just got back from a trip where we relied on this generator for power about 15 hours out of the day. It ran about 45 hours on an extended fuel tank (works great) and burned no more than 5 gallons of gas. Mostly it was running lights and a box fan, but we also used it for an electric griddle and coffee maker. I would start it up and not even think about it for about 15 hours. Didn't even know it was there except for the fact that we had power when we flicked on a light switch.

It takes quite a few pulls to start, but once it gets going it runs great. Overall I am extremely happy with this little generator. Paid $492 for it to the door, so what a steal its been.
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on September 10, 2011
I just received this unit and I have to say I am impressed. It is like others have said a 2009 model year but other than that it is as advertised. My box was in sad shape but the generator inside was fine and started right up after I added oil and gas. Look this thing is not a Honda, it's close, but it's just not... It is very quiet, runs well, and provides the power it says it can. Like anything else if you take good care of it, don't abuse it and use synthetic oil it should give you years of service at half the price of the Honda. Make sure you follow the owners manual for instructions on long term storage, always clear the fuel system including the fuel pump and carb. of ethanol mix gasoline before any storage and keep it stored indoors. Any small engine repair man will tell you that the new ethanol mix gases corrode the inside of carbs in no time and because generators are rarely used make sure you get the fuel out of the fuel system.

I am very critical and have evaluated this generator thoroughly and I have not found any reason to be suspect other than the fact it is a few years old. Everything inside was new and I checked the following: the pull cord was clean and perfect and it turned grey after a few pulls from the aluminum grommets so I know it had not been pulled too much before me. The inside was clean and oil free with only a few bits of plastic shaving from the mfg process. The air cleaner, owners Manuel and exterior show no signes of use.

I am, like everyone else confused about why this few year old unit is being sold by amazon at a discount but I would gather they got a deal on them from china. Mine came in a few days despite it saying it would take a month or two and with generators being hot now with all of the disasters I was glad to get a good one at a good price.
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on July 26, 2011
Ordered on July 13, 2011 and delivery on the 25th, it was later than estimated. Upon arrival, the box was intact, but looked rather worn. Once opened, I noticed only two small bits of foam padding on the top. The bottom of the unit simply rested on its rubber legs. Hmmm... Something was odd too, the unit just didn't appear to be new. Then I noticed the side cover was ajar. The cover didn't seem to fit properly. After removing the screw holding the cover on, I noticed the cover had been installed incorrectly. The plastic bottom tabs were not inserted into their slots, and the tabs showed signs of stress damage. With the cover off, I took the time to inspect the inside of the generator. I soon noticed a few pieces of broken black plastic laying inside. I then shook the generator and found more. Ultimately about a dozen dime to quarter sized broken pieces were fished out. I have no idea where they came from, nothing appeared to be broken inside. Further inspection of the unit revealed a 2008 build date. That was enough. I sent it back.
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on September 27, 2011
I use this generator for football tailgating and could not ask for more. This is an affordable and quiet unit that fits my needs perfectly. I only bought the parallel unit because of the price (I paid $500) and am thrilled with its performance. It ran all day and most of the night on one tank of gas. It sat right next to Hondas and several other brands of generator. The only one that performed as well as the Kipor was the Honda, but at almost twice the price it is not worth it to me.
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on October 31, 2011
I ordered two of these to power my RV with 13.5kw A/C. They arrived quickly and in great shape. Fuel/Oil and they fired right up and made good clean power. Eco mode works great. I can't say that they are superior to the Honda..but...I saw so little difference in the two setting/running right next to each other that there was no way I could justify the additional $425 each for the Honda's.
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on October 8, 2011
These generators are made my Kipor, an overseas manufacturing company that had a 10 year contract with Honda. Excellent running, quiet, save many hundreds over buying a Honda.
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