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on November 14, 2015
I really really love this toothbrush, I bought one each for myself and my husband. I've had it for over a month, and this morning I saw the upper part BURNED!!! I wasn't charging it, it was just on the table. I'm so afraid now what if it caused a fire while we were asleep. I'm grateful for Amazon for having me return it with full refund despite it's been out of the returning window. But for Sonicare, please investigate this. This is not safe!!!
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on April 20, 2012
UPDATE 5/2014: After two years of use, the power button on the handle had become so unresponsive to operate, that it required a very forceful two-thumb push to turn on my toothbrush. I contacted Philips via their website, using their online assistant, and a replacement handle was shipped to me the same day. I simply had to return mine in the same box as the replacement, and Philips paid the return shipping. How easy was that?! My two year warranty had actually expired one month prior (isn't that always the way it goes?) but it turns out that because I registered my toothbrush--which I didn't even remember doing--the warranty got extended by an additional six months. Great customer service, Philips!

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Funny, i don't remember reading that Jonny Ive was moonlighting over at Philips. But this is their second new dental product in a row--the first being the AirFloss--that might lead you to think that Sonicare design was now being done by Apple. And I mean that in the most complimentary way. This is, without question, the most modern and elegantly designed electric toothbrush on the market today, and I can only compare holding it to the feeling you get when you hold an Apple product. But is it worth the premium price being charged for it?


1) You have money to splurge a bit and value great design very highly. The ceramic feel of the power handle (though not actually ceramic), the hidden areas that illuminate to indicate mode and battery status, the brilliance of a travel case that both closes magnetically and charges the power handle via USB cable from your computer or the included USB power adapter--the whole package has just been thought through with incredible attention to detail. There's even an alternative to the one feature I didn't like, which was the charging glass--it looked too big and clunky in photos, which is exactly how it looks when you actually see it. Plus, do we really need to mimic the old, unsanitary practice of standing wet toothbrushes up in a glass to store them? Fortunately, there's a much smaller and more elegant charging stand included that can be used instead of the glass. You never see that in photos of this toothbrush, and I was very pleased.

2) You don't care if the premium price buys you no functional or performance advantage of any type over cheaper models in the Sonicare line. You know you're paying for the design, and you're fine with it. (Yes, I agree that the DiamondClean brush heads ARE a notable improvement, but they can be used on other, less expensive Sonicare models. See below.)


1) You expect a premium price to buy you better functionality and performance over less expensive models. The DiamondClean toothbrush doesn't, trust me. Ignore most of the five star review hype that you read about this brush ("Cleanest Teeth EVER!") and focus on these facts:

a) The power handle, which is the heart of any electric toothbrush, is just the FlexCare+ handle with a different skin on it. Specs are identical and--if you go to a store and hold them side by side--you'll see that size, shape and weight are the same. Only the elegant, ceramic-like skin on the DiamondClean model, with it's hidden lights, is different.

b) While the DiamondClean brushes DO clean somewhat better than older Sonicare brush heads, you can use DiamondClean brushes on some of the older, cheaper Sonicare models like FlexCare. Since the power handles are essentially no different, the cleaning you get will be the same.

2) It drives you crazy to pay more and actually get less for your money. As others have pointed out, the DiamondClean doesn't have the UV sanitizer of the less expensive FlexCare models. And I just saw a Costco special that included two Sonicare power handles, two chargers, two travel cases, plus four brush heads that included two DiamondClean ones... all for $120.

3) Design just isn't that important to you.

The value of great design is very much a personal decision. While I decided that the DiamondClean was worth it for me, it might not be for you, depending on your priorities. But either way, I thank you for taking the time to read my review. and I hope you found it "helpful" in making your purchasing decision!

UPDATES: The longer you use a product, the better you get to know it. The section below contains more on the pros and cons I've experienced since I wrote the above review after extended use of the DiamondClean:

PROS: 1) The ceramic-like power handle, which I thought might get slippery during usage when wet, actually maintains a nice grip to it.

CONS: 1) No vent holes in the travel case, made worse by its form-fitting plastic interior. So if you pack the brush head while damp--which often happens when traveling--it stays damp, in a dark, tightly enclosed space--the perfect conditions for promoting bacteria and mold growth. 2) When a second family member recently joined me in using the DiamondClean, I suddenly realized that there's no storage for multiple brush heads. (Except in the travel case.) Plus, there's no system for color-coding the heads for different family members. Bottom line: you have to store multiple brush heads in a medicine cabinet or elsewhere and somehow color code them yourself.
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on November 4, 2011
I really wanted to give this toothbrush 5 stars, but I just couldn't. It's not a bad device by any means but it's partly a step backwards from the Flexcare+ model and is it really worth the price?

Let me start off by saying this is the 4th Sonicare Toothbrush I've owned. I had the Essence, than the Flexcare, than the Flexcare+ and now the DiamondClean.

If you have the Flexcare or the Flexcare+ do you really need to upgrade to this model? Probably not, Sonicare's own website states you get a 44% better clean using the new DiamondClean heads, so the handle obviously makes no difference.

Don't get me wrong the new handle is very cool, slick design, even slicker charging options, but did Sonicare have to remove features to do this? For instance:

The battery icon is now 1 solid icon rather than 3 different slices, now you can't tell when the battery is getting low.

The button to change modes was removed, now there is one button for power and mode changing, this means unless you want to splatter toothpaste all over your mirror you need to change the mode in your mouth while trying to squint at the brush to see what mode it's on.

Why was the UV cleaner removed? Ok, I really didn't use this often but it was cool to know I had it.

This toothbrush is very expensive, and your basically paying for the cool charging technology, and the absurdly overpriced new brush heads. Currently a pack of 3 runs almost $35. In contrast a pack of 7 ProResults can be had at a big name Warehouse store for around $40.

Also while putting your toothbrush in the cup for charging is cool, is that really practical? If anything it's going to start making the bottom of the handle sort of gross, how many germs collect in that cup overnight unless you clean it every day.

So in conclusion, cool charging technology does not take the place of convenience features.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 16, 2016
I purchased this brush eight months ago, it is far and away the best electric tooth brush I have ever used. I have owned my fair share of electric toothbrushes and this has them all beat hands down, my teeth have never looked whiter and my gums have never been healthier. I am so happy with this purchase for several reasons the first being the brush. Just upon holding the brush you can feel it is manufactured with high quality material and built to last. The brush itself has five different settings, those being, clean, white, polish, gum care, and also sensitive. I myself generally just use the clean setting. The brush also vibrates in time segmented intervals, enabling you to sufficiently give all your teeth the equal amount of cleaning. The second reason I am so pleased with this purchase is due to the accessories it comes with, the first being a beautifully crafted, thick glass cup that has conductive charging technology, meaning all you have to do is place the cup on the included bottom attachment, then place your brush bottom down to receive a charge. It also comes with an incredibly convenient carrying case, that doubles as a charging dock via standard usb cable, the carrying case holds two brush heads and the device itself. The battery life on this brush is astounding I've been on two week trips with no way of charging it and it powered through those 14 days with absolutely no problem. As earlier stated, I purchased this eight months ago, it's still as effective and powerful as the first day I used it. Yes, this brush is very expensive relatively speaking, but in my opinion, worth every penny. With all that being said, I would certainly recommend this product if your looking for whiter teeth and healthier gums, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.
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on October 24, 2013
This is the first review I have ever written about a product I have purchased on Amazon. Phillips impressed me so much that I felt compelled to do so. I purchased this toothbrush a year ago at the recommendation of my dentist. Since then I have been extremely pleased with it as it is easy to operate and always makes my teeth feeling very clean. There was also a noticeable difference when I went to my dentist again for a check up and cleaning 6 months later.

However, a couple days ago the toothbrush was out of juice despite having been on the charger all night. I tried the travel charger and different outlets and still, it would not charge. I was quite upset as this was the most expensive toothbrush I have ever bought.

So, I set aside 20-30 minutes out of my day to call Phillips about the issue because from experience, that is a minimum when calling any customer service department. And, I was prepared with my proof of purchase and fully expected to wait on hold, then be interrogated about what was wrong, how I was using it, where I store it, etc. But, to my surprise, I was connected immediately to a live rep without having to navigate through 10 minutes of prompts and press this and press that. When the rep came on, she was very nice and very helpful. She asked me for the serial number and what was wrong. Five minutes later they were sending me a new one and an email confirmation was in my inbox before I even got off the phone with her!

I'm not upset the thing stopped working. It happens. I was extremely impressed by how they handled it and that the process was completely painless.

Kudos Phillips!!
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on October 26, 2016
Good, while it worked. Its more "sonic" than the comparable $200 braun which i owned previously
Past few days noticed that the toothbrush was always in the sink. Today the battery was flat(usually lasts 2 months) after being charged a few days ago. So i popped in on the charger. Heard vibration noises few mins later, so i pressed the button to turn it off. Now i know why it ended in the sink every morning because the toothbrush would turn on by itself. This kept repeating till i was fed up so i left the toothbrush to fully charge.
Came back at night the the toothbrush died. Wouldnt power on, wouldnt charge
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My teeth are now cleaner than they've ever been with this vibrating toothbrush. My dental hygienist recommended it and I was skeptical. Now I'm sold on the idea.

It took me a couple of days to get used to the Philips Sonicare's aggressive method of vibrating the hell out of my teeth and tickling my gums. Now I'll never go back to the old-fashioned way of toothbrushing.

Best of all, I got a great price of $150 on this lovely purple model (called "amethyst"). It's a high-quality unit, solid and well-designed. Its coolest attribute is the magical drinking glass that works as a charging stand. Place the glass on its plugged-in chrome base and it charges the thing. Whoa.

If you're not a gadget sucker like I am, get a cheaper Sonicare model and enjoy the benefits of super-clean teeth. Worth it.
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on October 17, 2015
TLDR: product has a defect preventing proper seal between head and base causing mold issues as seen on previous models.

The factory line for this model must have had a problem because the part attaching to the head is misplaced as seen in the picture. The reason this is a problem is because unless you actively clean and dry the base and head seperately if water drips into the space up from under the head it can get trapped and grow mold. See reviews for the hx5351.

I went to target to buy another one and confirmed they are both like this. I also have the pink one and this is not how it should be. Also look at the picture on the packaging.
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on November 29, 2017
Sonicare toothbrushes do an amazing job while they work, but the reliability across the entire brand seems to be incredibly poor. Between my wife an myself, we have gone through probably 10 handles in he past 4-5 years. Luckily we were able to RMA the bulk of them (which all developed the same issue), and when we reached he point that Philips would no longer replace the handles, we upgraded to this model with the hope that the premium model would have better reliability. That assumption appeared to be true when I hit the two year mark with mine, which gave me confidence to replace the wife's failed lower model with this pink model. Mine eventually kicked the bucket about a week ago, which isn't ideal, but was better than the dead every six months that I was dealing with. Fast forward to last night (1 year to the day from when my wife's was purchased even) and hers died for the same reason. This is unacceptable. If I pay a premium price for what is supposed to be a premium product, I should be able to have a reasonable expectation that the device will last for more than a year or two.
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on June 11, 2016
My first foray into electric tooth brushes and at the price likely to be my only. With no other electric brush to compare against I can't say how it stacks up. I can say it is easy to use, not overly loud, and the end result is impressive. Compared to normal manual brushing I was doing before I have noticed my teeth look and feel cleaner with this brush, using the same tooth paste. As far as the package is concerned I do like the included travel case and the wireless charging. Whether in the travel case or in the cup on the charge base it's very easy to simply drop the brush handle into either one and let it charge. Battery life appears to be good as well. Again I have nothing to compare to, but I've gone 2 weeks between placing it on the charger and never had an issue. It would seem that a fresh charge before most vacations or business trips is sufficient to get through the trip without it going dead. If it does die you have the travel case / charger. Use a USB cable and plug it into your computer or your phone's wall charger and off you go.
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