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on January 12, 2012
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on December 23, 2011
The FREE amazon delivery of the treadmill came faster than usual; the shipping company called me to schedule a time for delivery to my house. They sent two guys and they brought it in all the way downstairs to my basement. This "free" service is outstanding. I read other reviews and people suggested you to open the box WHERE you intend to assemble it, so I followed through. I assemble it myself so it took longer than I could if I had an assistant. After lubricating the tread belt with the supplied silicone, I started running on the machine right away. I have been running about 12 miles on it so far (4 sessions of about 30 minutes each) and I cannot find any fault with the machine. It's quiet, stable and functional. I think the central bar chart LEDs are not as useful to people like me who find the two built-in programs too slow and need to set our own speed manually. Because this machine does not (seem to) allow users to program their own exercise programs, my console LEDs stay unchanged throughout the 30 minutes but that's not a problem. I think this machine is a good buy! I hope it last long!

A few summary notes for people who wishes to get theirs:
1. Open the box and assemble it where you intend to install it;
2. Have an assistant will speed up the installation process;
3. When loosening the tread belt to lube, make sure you remember how many times you turned the Hex Screws on BOTH ends so you can return the machine to factory settings.
4. Do NOT tighten screws until you have the whole thing assembled; completely tightening the lower screws on the base during the assembly makes assembling the control console much harder.
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on January 12, 2012
I went through multiple review forums looking for a treadmill under $700 and finally settled on this. I'm really happy with my choice. You basically get all you need from this treadmill. I don't notice any difference from the one sitting in the gym regarding performance. I ran on the treadmill for a few times at 6.5. It was doing great.

1: very very stable, no shaking at all. The frame is very solid and heavy
2: Easy to move (there are four wheels)
3: folding option(when folding down, it goes very slowly and gently to prevent injuries)
4: it's that simple, hit start, adjust the elevate on the left, adjust the speed from 0.5 to 10 on the right, then you are on your way. of course, you can use the preset 9 programs.
5: speaker: hook your smart phone (don't have to be iphone) or any mp3 player, you listen to music while running
6: fan: the little fan on the console helps cool you down in hot summer
7: instruction is quite intuitive. Following the instruction, after 3 steps, better with an assistant (don't have to be a mussel man), then you are all set.
8: pretty quiet

1: the speaker is an OK speaker. the sound is lousy when adjusting volume to very high. but what do you expect at this price point
2: the instruction use the length of screws to illustrate. It would be more helpful if they can also refer the label on the plastic bag of the screws.
3: The borders of the console panel is made of very thin plastic

installation tips:
1: step one (8mm shortest screws 8 in a bag)
2: step two (20mm screws 4 each bag, 8 in total)
3: step three(15mm screws 4 a bag, 4 in total)
4: the largest screw driver is for lubricating the tension of the mat.
5: make sure to keep the lead wire which is for getting the power cord plugged into your console

About the white glove delivery experience:
1 My carrier is pilot.
2 Amazon sends you two emails: one for shipment confirmation; another for scheduling delivery. You can also call to schedule, otherwise they will call you.
3 It was great that two guys delivered to my basement. But they made it clear that they don't do unpacking.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good treadmill at a reasonable price.


After 9 month use, this treadmill has issues with the cushions. It keeps giving me loud squeaking sound. I emailed the CS and made a couple of phone calls. If you email them, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and a QA document. They will try as much as they can that you handle it yourself. I followed all the instructions, even the recommended teflon oil for smoothing. All did not work out. Finally, they will send the replacement for the cushions, but is back ordered for two more weeks. A technique guy will contact me. For these issues, I removed one star from my previous review. Will update if it is solved.

update (11/30/2012)

A technician (horizon outsourced this to a local company) came over and worked on it for about an hour and half and finally got the problem fixed. it turned out it was not the cushion, but the 4 screws loosed on the bottom when getting intensive use. He recognized the problem immediately because he found the same problem on the same model once. But it was very challenging to tighten them without experience. He got fixed and told me it will last at least 6 years. Hopefully, it was just me having this problem.

So, overall, it is a nice treadmill with potential quality issues.
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on September 8, 2012
I could not be happier with this item. I trusted all the rave reviews I read and bought this item after only a few days of searching. I am so glad I did. It has been 21 days since I got my treadmill in the mail and I have spent about 19 hours on it so far! The controls are basic and easy to operate. The display is easy to read. It isn't overly noisy when in use. The fan could be better (it doesn't tilt). When I opened the box and set up my 'mill, the belt wouldn't move. The motor sounded as if it was trying but nothing was happening. After some troubleshooting, I opened the case and saw that a connection had come loose. Once plugged back in - Voila! It worked. It must have come loose during shipment. The manual warns this may happen under the troubleshooting guide section. The treadmill folds up when not in use. I placed a large flat screen tv in front of the treadmill and ordered a fancy cable package. Now I can watch tv and exercise at the same time! Genius! What a great motivator to exercise! I know the treadmill isn't a solution to all of my lifes problems, but now I can ditch the gym memerbsip I never use and instead stay home and watch tv series reruns, reality tv shows, movies, and more! I don't feel so bad about tv watching since I am multi-tasking! Highly recommended to anyone who likes tv and hates exercise.
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on May 16, 2013
This review is not about the product itself because I received it today but it is about putting it together. When I was ordering this I was nervous based on previous reviews that I would need another person to help put it together but that was definitely not the case. So the point of this review is to let folks know that you can put the treadmill together by yourself. You can't get much smaller than 5'2" so if I can put it together by myself, anyone can put it together solo.

It is critical that you get the delivery person to put it right where you are going to use it. That is what I did so that I didn't have to move it more than a couple feet from where it was placed. The box, before I unpacked it, was too heavy for me to even budge but I'm small so that's probably why.

The hardest part for me was sliding the cardboard box out from underneath the treadmill one I unpacked the box and prior to assembling the treadmill. I did this when the treadmill was in the upright position and I pulled it out by lifting each side high enough to get the cardboard out from underneath.

Other than that, the assembly was a breeze. I thought people were kidding when they said there were only four steps but they weren't lying. You have four pages in the book, each with a different aspect of the assembly . Also, each step corresponds with the packet of bolts and washers you will use for that step so that the packet labeled "3" contains the bolts and washers needed for step three. All of the tools needed for assembly are included in the box which was really nice.

So, the assembly was going real smoothly until I encountered one particular bolt in step three that I just couldn't get to go in straight. I spent at least 20 minutes trying to get the bolt to go in and checking to see if it was the bolt that was problem or if it was the hole. Ultimately, I set up the rest of the treadmill and called Horizon to let them know that the hole for the bolt was defective. They are going to send someone to fix it. The treadmill can work without that bolt but just for my peace of mind I like the idea of having all the bolts in place, especially since it is one of four bolts holding up the arm.

So, if I subtract the time I took wrangling up with the one bolt, it took me about 1 hour 20 minutes to unpack and assemble the treadmill AND lubricate the belt.

It's easier than putting together a small bookcase because you're only screwing in 12 bolts.

I gave it 4 stars for assembly because there was one bolt that did not fit but aside from that it would be a 5 in terms of ease of assembly.
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on April 3, 2013
I waited for a while to write a review on this, to see how the treadmill would hold up to 1/2 marathon training. I am unable to run outside, because of visual impairments, so my training is solely done on this treadmill. I have been very pleased with it so far, and I've run about 200 miles on it. The inclines are good, and I especially enjoy the interval training mode. As far as the complaints about the fan from previous reviews, I don't find it a problem. It may not blow directly in your face, but I think it was designed to just circulate the air around a bit to cool you off. I rather like it. There are 3 settings to the fan, and I increase it as my workout continues. As far as the speaker on the board, well, that's just a cheap speaker, nothing more, nothing less. I wasn't expecting much in that department, so I wasn't disappointed. I plug my I-pod into the treadmill, anyway, and use earbuds. That works perfectly, with no distortion. The digital read-outs on the panel are easy to see (even with my visual impairment), and as far as treadmills go, the distance/calories calibration is okay. I couldn't afford a more expensive treadmill, and considering the price & quality of this, I think it's an excellent buy.
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on February 5, 2013
UPDATE Feb'13-- I bought this tread on Jan 19, 2012. I've put a lot of miles on it, I'm currently walking 9 miles a day (I'm retired). I split it up 3 times a day and it works for me. I do usually 3.5 mph at a #4 incline. Now you can buy dozens of treads, but you won't have the customer service this company has! Nothing short of OUTSTANDING! I have just about smoked up the running belt after a year (a couple weeks over warranty). I contacted the company about purchasing another belt. THEIR SENDING ME A FREE BELT (value of $129 not including shipping/handling/etc). Simply a great company THAT APPRECIATES THEIR CUSTOMERS with experienced CSR'S and fast ONE DAY e-mail replies. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend HORIZON to any of my family/friends. Don't hesitate to buy this treadmill!

UPDATE #2--May 3,'13-- I got the new FREE belt the first part of Feb. and put it on. I have done about 650 miles on the tread (about 9 to 10 miles per day now, excluding Sun. give or take) and the belt is starting to spit out the 'fluff' fiber I call it. It is breaking down. When this happens you can feel the drag and also there is a small red blinking light on the mother board (right side) that blinks. You must have the cover off to see the reflection bouncing off the support, or at least that's how I noticed it.
Now I've written to the company again about this. I'm asking if the milage of 650 is normal for the belt to wear out. I've kept it lubed and aligned as required. I will see what they say. I'm not looking for another free belt (wouldn't complain either) but I need to know if I am looking at spending $130+ every 3 months for a belt. if so that's a bit expensive for me; I'll let you know what happens. They've been great thus far at helping me, so I'll see. KEEP WALKING!!
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on July 2, 2013
I wanted to get a reasonably priced, solidly built yet foldable treadmill. This treadmill has proven to be all that and more. It was easy to put together in less than half an hour with only a phillips head screwdriver and the allen wrenches that came with the unit. I needed help only when it came to the final step, putting the control panel on the unit (you just can't get the screws in without someone else holding that part). It is very quiet, making it easy to watch a movie while walking or running. It's surprisingly stable, with just enough spring to the belt to make it comfortable. It folds very easily and is relatively easy to move out of the way, considering its weight. Programming it and changing the programming in mid workout is a snap. The only flaw I can see is the totally inadequate fan, but I didn't buy it for that feature so I don't really care that it provides almost nothing in the way of cooling.

Please be aware that this unit comes in a large, unwieldy box and is far too heavy to lift by yourself; even two average people will probably struggle with it. Carrying it up a flight of stairs? Not going to happen. So be sure whomever delivers it will bring it into your home and into the room where you intend to set it up. Thankfully the delivery folks did that for me, or it might still be in its box on the front porch!

Bottom line: Well designed and solidly built, quiet, good value for the money.
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on July 23, 2015
I shopped and compared for a LONG LONG time before choosing this Treadmill. It is excellent and works perfectly. Has everything I need it to have, including the heart-rate monitor and emergency stop clip. It is very heavy and solid and I expect it to last a LONG time. I often need to hold on to the arms to complete my walk, and they are solid and nicely padded. It has many speeds and levels of incline so can offer far more than I am capable of doing. I can choose how far I wish to walk or how long I wish to walk, and it lets me know when I have completed my assigned task. It has plug holes for an MP3 or phone-music player and headphones, but I set it up in a separate room with a TV and stereo so I use those instead. You can spend a lot more but, unless you want one that shows a video of pretend terrain, you can't buy a better treadmill than this one.
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on May 15, 2012
let me just say I LOVE THIS TREADMILL!! i've had MS for over 29 yrs and i spend more and more time in a wheelchair. several months ago, i started a training program, trying to make my legs stronger, walking using a walker, some light stepping. then i convinced my husband that i needed a treadmill. gulp... i wasnt sure i'd be able to do it. i bought this one because the price isnt too high, it seemed sturdy, the reviews are excellent and, most importantly, the slowest speed is .5 mph. i think most normal people could crawl faster than that but i needed it to go slow because of my disability. they scheduled delivery, two guys brought it in the house. they would've put it anywhere i wanted it. i couldnt help my husband much w/ the assembly, but he didnt have too much trouble. we used advice from previous reviews for the assembly and it was very helpful. the thing is, I CAN DO THIS. the belt is smooth and comfortable to walk on. the machine is very sturdy and not loud at all. a gentle hum while you walk. the fan hits me just right, as long as i stay close to the console. it's easy to push the buttons to make it go faster or increase the incline. of course i dont run on it because of my MS, but i understand there are several programs for running. i just walk as long as i can, as fast as i can manage, on a level 2 incline. it's pretty easy to fold it up and when you want to use the machine, it lowers down slowly with little or no risk of injury from the bed lowering down from the folded position. i use it almost every day and i really love this machine. my husband, who is healthy, says it's a very good treadmill and he should know, since he goes to the health club 3 times/week. this treadmill has given me my life back and i love it!!
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