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on June 2, 2012
I actually ruined my camera using this thing... and I'm STILL going to give it 4 stars.

Word to the wise: take the wrist strap off your camera before you use this case. I used this thing everyday in Hawaii and really liked the results. I got a little too comfortable taking my camera in and out of the housing and one day the strap got stuck in the seam and I didn't notice. Since it had worked fine for several days I also got too lax about checking before dunking. DAMN -- small leak and about 5 minutes later... the camera is dead. :( I felt like a moron when I saw what I had done. I was confident it wouldn't happen again, so I took the strap off my back-up camera and used it for the rest of the week w/o any problem.

So, besides that major oops, the case was easy to use and yielded some great pics in the water and underwater where otherwise we would have had zero pictures. The rigid case made it easy to hold in the water and the soft plastic was perfect for pressing buttons. For $20 this was a great find.

Some tips for getting the best results:

- make sure to use the foam inserts and/or something else to make sure the camera lens is as close as possible to the front of the housing. You will also want to make sure it is as near to the top of the housing as possible (if you need to access the buttons on the top of your camera.)

- make sure camera rests perpendicular in the case. A slanted camera will produce more glare.

- turn off these settings: quick power save mode, focus assist, flash. Note -- others say flash worked with their camera, but I didn't like the results (and didn't really need the flash where I was.)

- Turn your LCD brightness up as high as it will go.

- shots underwater will look best with the "aquarium" setting if you have it on your camera. Otherwise, use a color correction afterwards to minimize the blue tones.

- remove camera strap (see above.)

- always check the seal!

NOTE: cameras with push button rocker zooms and one-push video buttons will give you more shooting options. I was able to get some great video with this thing. Also, cameras with touch-screen controls can be a little problematic as well.
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on May 21, 2014
First off, I uploaded a video of a Canon S110 inside the case. All of the popular Canon S series cameras are pretty close in dimensions, so hopefully the video will help you determine if you want to get this case for your Canon S series camera.

I really wanted to give this product 5 stars, however, I had to deduct:

- 1 star for unclear plastic in front of the lens. I also own this waterproof case: Dicapac WP-ONE Point & Shoot Digital Camera Waterproof Case It's almost half the price of the Polaroid model and has much better quality optical plastic mounted in front of the lens. There's no excuse for the Polaroid model which costs almost twice as much (20 vs 12) not to have at least equal or better quality optical plastic in front of the lens. Here is a link to the optical plastic in front of the lens on the Polaroid model:


- 1 star for fit. I know this is supposed to be a generic case for the most popular point and shoot cameras on the market. However, I feel like Polaroid failed to do their market research because the Canon S95/100/110/120 is a very popular series of cameras which gets high reviews on many websites. This camera is probably as popular as the ipad. It would have been smart for them to at least make the case compatible with one of the highest rated and most popular series of cameras currently on the market. Here are links to pictures showing fitment of a Canon S110:


Other than that, this is a REALLY great waterproof camera case. I would even pay $5 more if they made these improvements in a version 2.0 model.

I am torn between keeping this one and just putting up with its flaws or returning it and waiting for a better redesign to come out. I guess they won't be motivated to redesign if people keep their cases, so I think I'll send this back and hopefully, Polaroid will get the message.
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on January 4, 2017
Bought this for a cruise so that I could take pictures while snorkeling/in the water in general. Used with a Nikon Coolpix S6300. Case never leaked, even when fully submerged. The pictures were very clear and the camera was easy to use in the case. Cannot use the zoom when the camera is in the case, but the lens sits almost right against the case anyway so it's not needed. Only downside is that the camera tilted a little so the button to actually take photos could not be pushed. This may not be the case for a slightly larger camera. I just put a piece of folded paper under the camera to keep it from moving. It was such a minor issue that I would not take away any stars for this. Also great for the price, this was the cheapest case I could find that was not just a ziplock style bag.
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on June 28, 2011
Just used this housing for my Nikon Coolpix s6000 on a Caribbean trip. It's easy to place the camera into the housing, and it seems like it would fit most small point-and-shoots. The clear portion of the housing is a thick, pliable plastic that allows you to push the shutter button pretty easily. I was also able to operate a few menu controls on the back of the camera, to switch to video for instance. It took good pictures snorkeling at shallow depths; the package said it's good to 30 feet, but I didn't go to that depth. No leaks, though. One criticism: I had to turn off the flash, because the flash reflects off the plastic housing and fogs the picture. But at shallow depths, the flash wasn't as important. Much better than disposables, particular for the money.
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on July 11, 2016
I bought this waterproof case in October 2015, but only got the opportunity to use it this past weekend July 2016. I bought it because while researching and locating a new camera via Amazon, I saw this case on sale and decided to try it. It fits my Sony W800 Digital Camera perfect with the use of the "filler" provided. I did the test first in the ocean with the piece of cloth provided. It worked! Stayed dry. Then, I used it in the ocean neck high water (I'm 5ft 2inches). And I used it in the pool 3- 4 ft depth. Still photos and movie video features on.my camera worked great. Zoom worked. I used it for 3 days both in the pool and ocean for more than 3 hours.
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on July 28, 2015
For an infrequent underwater photographer, this case is pretty good.

It worked, my camera stayed dry. It comes with foam pads that you move around so that your camera doesn't rattle in the case and can firmly wedge your camera against the flexible back to make accessing the buttons easier. It has a hole for a wrist strap, though one is not included.

I got some glare/distortion around the edges of a lot of my pictures. Pictures are still usable and will keep the memories of my trip alive; oh, they look better than any picture I ever took with one of those throw away 35mm cameras. Using the zoom on your camera isn't happening; it's too difficult to get to. Button on top and back of the camera have decent access through the flexible "rubber-like" backing.

You camera must a sub-compact camera to fit in this case. I had an older Canon A710 laying around and it did not fit; so, I ended up using my good camera instead.

I'm happy with my purchase. For a once a year usage, it's fine. If you want exceptional results, look elsewhere.
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on March 1, 2015
I bought this for a beach vacation based on the other reviewers. I used it with a Nikon Coolpix. It was water-proof, did not get one bit wet, and it did take great pictures, but there were a couple drawbacks. First off, and this is minor, I did figure it out, but I almost broke it trying to get it open because I didn't understand how. Once open I found the instructions on the INSIDE. Once it's in the casing you really can't adjust any of the settings besides on/off and the shutter button - you need to either make sure they are set before you load it into the housing or be stuck taking it apart in possibly a wet sandy setting. That's not to say that that makes this a bad product, I'm sure many of the housings out there are the same, it's just something to keep in mind. No zoom will be available (at least with the Nikon Coolpix) because it is not flexible enough to move that button. Set it before loading it into the housing. You absolutely need to make sure the flash / auto-flash is turned off otherwise it reflects within the housing and makes the picture nothing but a glow of white. I experimented with it before the trip so all our water photos on the trip turned out great. Will I use it again? Absolutely, it took good photos and kept my camera dry for $20!!
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on June 2, 2015
This camera housing worked perfectly. I used the housing with my Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS. First I tested it empty. Then, I inserted my camera, ensuring that the little hand strap on my camera was firmly tucked such that it was not caught in the housing and would not interfere with the lens. Following the directions, I made sure the camera was positioned so that when I turned it on, there was no blocking of the camera lens coming forward. I used the little supplied pieces of foam under the bottom of my camera, which put the top of the camera up against the top of the housing so that it was easy to push the camera buttons. I lowered the camera very slowly (watching while using snorkel and mask) and verified no water was coming in before submerging it completely. As I lowered it, there was a stream of tiny bubbles coming out from around the housing seam for a few moments, which I watched, - no water was entering. I took it down about 7 feet. (Beyond that depth, i would have needed additional lighting.) I was very happy with the quality and ease of use. That being said, I'm sure that to keep it in perfect condition, it is important to find a container to keep the housing in, between trips, to be sure it does not get bent or crushed. I'm planning to use a rigid plastic container similar to what i keep my dive mask in.
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on December 26, 2016
I have used this on snorkeling trips for 3 years now. I use this with a Nikon Coolpix S5200 and try to keep it in a baggie when not in use to prevent scratches.
Pros:It has been a great alternative to the 3 waterproof cameras I have had that leaked and died. With the foam inserts the camera can be snugly secured inside the housing. This has held up longer than any of them for a fraction of the price.
Cons: The biggest problem is the plastic is so stiff that I have found it impossible to change most settings or zoom when the camera is in the case. The plastic is clear enough to get good pictures, but it is difficult to get exactly the picture you are trying for if you are trying to get moving fish. It also takes a bit of finagling to get it to fit in properly, but the seal is watertight. The foam inserts have been trimmed to fit my camera better.
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on February 25, 2016
Bought this for a trip to Panama. We did the sink test and all went well, so we put an older digital camera in it and took it snorkeling. Just a few tips - take the strap off your camera first, put the camera on auto and disable the flash. Dry the outside off really well before you open the latches and then leave everything open when not in use. We could use the on/off button and the shutter - nothing else, but nothing else is really needed. It worked far better than any disposable underwater camera ever has for us. I probably wouldn't put my ONLY camera in it just in case, but we used an extra and had ZERO trouble other than we couldn't see what we were taking the picture of - we just pointed and hoped for the best. Between the plastic or the camera fogging and the plastic in our mask - not much could be done about it. I intended to put one of the dry packets from a prescription bottle in it but forgot. Very pleased!
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