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Enthusiast: Guitaron March 9, 2017
FIRST - This is not a a paid review. I received no compensation nor discount for this product. I bought it, I tried it, I liked it, I rated it here.
In August of 2016 I had a brain fart, "lets buy the boys guitars for Christmas" . We have 7 Grand-kids. the 4 boys came first, then 2 sweet little girls, and one still in the oven.
I decided to buy one of these kits just to see if they were any good. WOW was I impressed. I have several guitars and I have play professionally ( and on worship tams for free) so I know what I want a guitar to sound like and feel like and play like.
These knock off Stratacasters were just the ticket. After getting the first test guitar set up and tuned and after playing it for about an hour ( I like to play when the guitar is in tune) I ordered 2 more of these kits (2 blue, 1 green per the boys preference) and one junior kit for the youngest boy > RED Junior Kids Mini 3/4 Electric Guitar Amp Starter Pack, Guitar, Tremolo, Amplifier, Gig Bag, Strap, Cable, & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Guitar Pick <

TO be honest , right out of the box they played terrible. But I could easily see why -- they needed to be "Set Up". This is true for even new expensive guitars - they all need to be set up.

This is the process of making sure the neck is aligned and not bowed, then adjusting all of the bridge pieces to get the correct string heights and make sure they are adjusted to the proper mathematical musical length. Depending on how badly these are not set up properly this can take an hour or two, but if you are even a novice player, if you can watch you tube, there are instructions galore on how to set up an electric guitar.

Once I get these set up I was very impressed at the play-abiity and intonation of these great inexpensive instruments.
For about $100 you (or a child) can be on your way to becoming a player. This is something that you can get a young child that if the interest wanes, just put in away in the closet and in a few years if an interest gets sparked again, its there and waiting for you to have another go at it.

For reference, the age ranges of our boys are from 6 to 12. This guitar was just the right size for the 3 oldest and the shorter neck I review as well was the perfect size for the youngest one.( I neglected to consider how short his fingers are at this age, but he will grow into it, and have fun messing around with it until then.)
These can carry them from total goof off novice toy to being able to really play in a band in thier youth and not have to buy an expensive Fender or Gibson till they are older and seem to be into playing as a real hobby ( or the next Eric Clapton).
The Amp that comes with these is a nice little amp that will be plenty loud enough for starting out.
You get everything in the kit to be jammin' right out of the box.
I suggest getting the clip on tuner>Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin< and a pack of extra picks. My preference are standard size, medium to thin and if you can find the ones that aren't smooth they will be less likely to slip out of your fingers.

As a player and former performer I recommend these units as a great way to get anyone started in playing music with very little expense. If you are not sure about doing the set up your self you can probably find someone in your local area to do this for you at reasonable cost.
If you are in my area send me a message and we will see what we can do.
In short these are well worth the money to invest in someones musical future!!!!!
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on August 22, 2015
When I bought this guitar I was a total novice at guitars. But after now months of playing and complete knowledge of the basics. I can write a review detailing the guitar. The first great thing about it is the affordability for what you get. It comes with a guitar bag that has a pocket on it and has handles on it for transportation, a strap, an extra set of strings, a rather big pick (I'd recommend getting a smaller pick to play it with) and the amp. The amp is designed to practice at home and does its job wonderfully with an overdrive button for distortion, volume, treble and bass knobs and a headphone jack.

The guitar looks amazing and plays decently, definitely good for total beginners like I was. It has fret indicators on the side of it and the front for easy navigation. It also has a volume knob on the guitar and 2 tone knobs for the pickups. It strums with ease however the low e string tends to vibrate and rattle when you strum intensely. But that can be easily overlooked for the low price. The weight of it is not excessively heavy and it hold its tune so you don't have to tune it that much. It is compatible with Rocksmith but you'll need to buy the rocksmith cord that goes with the game to play it.

Overall I would say if you are wanting to learn the guitar this is the guitar for you. You don't have pay too much for it, the amp is extremely effective and packs quite a punch for its small size. Definitely worth the price.
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on June 21, 2013
I picked up this guitar deal to satisfy my "mid-life crisis" desire to learn to play the guitar. I agree with what many have already said here in that it's a good starting package. The guitar itself seems well built and mechanically solid. The color is slightly different from the picture, but very beautiful. (The picture certainly does not do it justice.) Mine has a slight green tinge to the blue. As someone has said earlier, the "Sky" logo on the guitar and amp have been replaced with "BC". It appears BestChoiceproducts is now branding them as their own. Amazingly, this has no effect at all on the sound quality it produces. :-)

The unit comes in a very well-packaged box which is wrapped in a standard Amazon shipping box. The outer box had a hole in it large enough to put my small finger through when it arrived, but the inner protective packaging was hardly scratched. Well protected for shipping! When I unboxed it, there was some remnants of protective coating on the pick guard portion. Looks like they tried to remove it prior to shipping and did an incomplete job. About 5 minutes with a blunt pair of tweezers to pull the plastic from under the strings was all that was needed.

The strap is basic but appears to work fine. I'm 6'1", and used the adjustment on it to have it sit comfortably on my shoulder. I don't think I would want to use this for hours on end as it isn't quite that comfortable. However, if I ever get to the point where that becomes an issue, I'll go splurge on something of higher quality. However, the included one is stable and I have no concern over the guitar dropping or the adjustment sliding while using it.

I was really amazed at the size of the included amp. For those of you old enough to remember the days before ebooks, it's about the size of a large Oxford Dictionary or a couple of encyclopedia volumes back-to-back. When I put it next to my 14" Lenovo laptop, it easily fits inside the footprint of the computer. It's only about 3" thick, which makes it a great practice amp. I can take it to any room in the house easily so as to not disturb others while practicing. Yes, the overdrive on it is basic, but you would never use this for any sort of performance anyway. Also, when you are learning, the overdrive just seems to make it harder to hear if you have the chords right. So in summary, great amp for a beginner like myself.

As mentioned, the guitar itself seems quite solid. The mechanical tuners hold their positions reasonably well. (Or so I have been told by those more experienced than I.) Now if they were only self-tuning! The pickups have a clean sound which makes it easier to hear your bad fingerings while learning. I'm no expert, but the strings may be something worth upgrading. I've noticed the low E string seems to have a large amount of fluctuation in tone depending on the strength of how hard you strum it. My digital tuner shows it going almost half a note sharp or flat depending upon the strength of the strum. None of the other strings seem to have this issue. Given that strings are cheap, it's probably worth switching them out to see if there is any difference. I haven't tried the included replacements yet to see if they are any better. Having said that, I can tune it to whatever my current strum strength is so that I can continue to practice with the string in reasonable tune.

The included gig case is very minimal. It's essentially a dust cover. There's no protection at all for your guitar while inside. I'm only practicing out of my home, so I am not overly concerned. At least the large font, all caps "GUITAR" printed on the back will prevent you from accidentally using it for your Stradivarius violin. Otherwise, I think this is the one area I would buy a replacement for if I had a need to carry the instrument out of my home.

Overall, very satisfied with this purchase as a beginning guitar player. I would recommend it to others.
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on December 27, 2016
This is an excellent beginner (and even intermediate) guitar, but I would recommend setting it up with the help of someone musically inclined. First, ditch the stock strings in favor of something like Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Sets, .010 - .046 (3 Pack), which are inexpensive and immediately improve both the tone and playability of the instrument. Second, the intonation definitely needs adjustment (or did on ours, anyway) which requires careful adjustments of the bridge saddle per-string.

Lastly, the amp is only mediocre - it's good for small room practice but I wouldn't recommend it for performance or recording. It will occasionally pop (or have a very short cut-out) when doing significant changes in input volume (e.g., hitting a sudden power cord). You'll also want pedal effects to do anything beyond the very simplistic overdrive it offers.

These are mild shortcomings though, and don't detract from the cost / value ratio of the instrument (hence the 5 stars). Definitely got what we were expecting, and with just a little TLC are getting excellent results.
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on May 10, 2014
I have now had this package for about three weeks, so I'll write a review about it. This is my first electric guitar. I have played an acoustic for years, and wanted to try out an electric. Overall, it's a great deal. For the price, you can't hope to achieve perfection, and you aren't getting perfection, but you are getting something that is eminently "good enough." This is basically a generic version of a Fender Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo HSS, which if you buy that costs $130 just for the guitar. I have been playing a lot on this and overall I am happy with it. It sounds great through the various effects pedals I bought. The amp has some nice crunch if you crank it up. I am not a longtime electric guitar player, but the overdrive on the amp sounds pretty good to me.

Now the issues:

1) the AMP makes noise when it's on, even if you're not playing. I'm not sure if that's normal, but it is a noticeable amount of "fuzzing;"
2) there is fret buzz on the 6th string about midway down -- I'm probably going to need to take the guitar in to have the neck adjusted -- but it is not bad enough that I have bothered to do this yet;
3) the bag is barely big enough to fit the guitar, and you sort of have to work to fit the zipper over the top prong of the body; and
4) it does come untuned, likely because the tuners are not of terrific quality, so if you haven't played for a day or two you are going to want to check your tuning again; also all the strings don't come untuned at the same rate. I tune by ear using the first string usually, and I went about a week at one point without tuning against a machine. Then I tried to play along with a song on Spotify that I know and I quickly realized I had tuned the whole thing down about half a step (at least) from standard tuning. This is not some sort of Gibson that is going to hold its tuning "forever." To me this is not a big deal, because how freaking hard is it to just go to one of the zillion guitar tuner websites and get it back in tune in about a minute.

Summary: overall, for the price this is a great product. It looks like a Fender Stratocaster, you get an amp, a bag, a strap, and a guitar for a hundred bucks. You can't beat that. Just understand that a beginner guitar player you give this to, if he/she really gets into guitar, is probably going to asking for an Epiphone Les Paul or for a Fender Squier Telecaster within a few months. If so, that's a good thing. It means this guitar did its job. This is the PERFECT guitar to give as a gift to someone who may or may not end up playing electric guitar as a real serious hobby, and who is trying it out (including if you are "giving" it to yourself, as I was). It looks good, it sounds good, and you won't feel like an idiot if you buy it. If one day you become the next Eric Clapton, I don't expect you'll be taking it out on tour, but that's not the point of this product.
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on June 2, 2017
For my first time playing guitar, this was great. I got everything I need for a low price. There were a couple of small scratches on the guitar but I didn't really care because I only bought it to try it and see if I liked playing. The problem is you can only play really clean sounds with this so I ended up buying a better amp and I am considering a different guitar. You can buy a decent starter amp for about $150 and a decent starter guitar for about $200 (they could be cheaper if you buy them used). In the long run I would say just buy something a bit higher quality because if you like playing then you're just going to end up spending even more money. Also if you buy a good guitar and amp and decide you don't like playing the resale value will probably be pretty high. You probably won't be able to resell this guitar and amp to anybody who knows anything about guitars.

The guitar pick was ok, but I decided to buy different size picks anyway to see which size I liked the best. I'm no expert so I can't really say much about the quality of the rest of the items. All I can say is they seem to work for their intended purposes.
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on May 18, 2017
High quality, Great sound and even better looking in person than online. This was a gift for our daughter and this was a crazy good deal for a start up guitar kit. We didn't want to spend a lot of money in case she decided the guitar wasn't her thing. This seems like a very high quality set for such little money invested. I would recommend this set to a child and adult! It sounds good and looks amazing! Thank you Amazon for offering this great deal! A++++
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on September 10, 2015
Nice guitar.

We needed an extra to keep at school for my teenager to practice on.
review image
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on January 25, 2017
I bought this for my daughter as a first electric guitar and she really likes it. I don't know a whole lot about guitars but I think that this is a great option for a first electric guitar, since the price is reasonable and from what I've seen the quality is pretty good.
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on July 5, 2014
I've recorded with this equipment the very-old fashioned way, and it's given me all I need out of an electric guitar. It's lovely! The sound is spiffing and it looks fantastic, playing on it. Yes, it's actually suitable for anything really. The amplifier is great, I've only used it in smaller rooms, so it's suitable for indoors. At any rate, if you're looking for a decent guitar to mess about with or use for recording, I can vouch for it. Honestly, it plays the same as any other expensive model, it's all about the guitarist with this.
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