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FIRST - This is not a a paid review. I received no compensation nor discount for this product. I bought it, I tried it, I liked it, I rated it here.
In August of 2016 I had a brain fart, "lets buy the boys guitars for Christmas" . We have 7 Grand-kids. the 4 boys came first, then 2 sweet little girls, and one still in the oven.
I decided to buy one of these kits just to see if they were any good. WOW was I impressed. I have several guitars and I have play professionally ( and on worship tams for free) so I know what I want a guitar to sound like and feel like and play like.
These knock off Stratacasters were just the ticket. After getting the first test guitar set up and tuned and after playing it for about an hour ( I like to play when the guitar is in tune) I ordered 2 more of these kits (2 blue, 1 green per the boys preference) and one junior kit for the youngest boy > RED Junior Kids Mini 3/4 Electric Guitar Amp Starter Pack, Guitar, Tremolo, Amplifier, Gig Bag, Strap, Cable, & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Guitar Pick <

TO be honest , right out of the box they played terrible. But I could easily see why -- they needed to be "Set Up". This is true for even new expensive guitars - they all need to be set up.

This is the process of making sure the neck is aligned and not bowed, then adjusting all of the bridge pieces to get the correct string heights and make sure they are adjusted to the proper mathematical musical length. Depending on how badly these are not set up properly this can take an hour or two, but if you are even a novice player, if you can watch you tube, there are instructions galore on how to set up an electric guitar.

Once I get these set up I was very impressed at the play-abiity and intonation of these great inexpensive instruments.
For about $100 you (or a child) can be on your way to becoming a player. This is something that you can get a young child that if the interest wanes, just put in away in the closet and in a few years if an interest gets sparked again, its there and waiting for you to have another go at it.

For reference, the age ranges of our boys are from 6 to 12. This guitar was just the right size for the 3 oldest and the shorter neck I review as well was the perfect size for the youngest one.( I neglected to consider how short his fingers are at this age, but he will grow into it, and have fun messing around with it until then.)
These can carry them from total goof off novice toy to being able to really play in a band in thier youth and not have to buy an expensive Fender or Gibson till they are older and seem to be into playing as a real hobby ( or the next Eric Clapton).
The Amp that comes with these is a nice little amp that will be plenty loud enough for starting out.
You get everything in the kit to be jammin' right out of the box.
I suggest getting the clip on tuner>Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin< and a pack of extra picks. My preference are standard size, medium to thin and if you can find the ones that aren't smooth they will be less likely to slip out of your fingers.

As a player and former performer I recommend these units as a great way to get anyone started in playing music with very little expense. If you are not sure about doing the set up your self you can probably find someone in your local area to do this for you at reasonable cost.
If you are in my area send me a message and we will see what we can do.
In short these are well worth the money to invest in someones musical future!!!!!
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on January 9, 2018
For $100, this isn't that bad. You can definitely see how the price reflects its quality, though. The "gig bag's" zipper handle broke the first day and the whammy bar has stiffened up to the point where quite some noticeable effort must be put into moving it. The guitar definitely needs some new strings and adjustment to its action. You'll get a little bit of fret buzz, especially on the low E. The guitar strap isn't that hefty and it's even popped off of the guitar from tilting it. The amp is alright; its probably the best thing out of the entire kit. If you're on a budget, this might just be the best option you got and it's not that bad for a starter kit. I kinda like it because some of the draw backs aren't that noticeable, but are enough to get a determined beginner to practice harder. Once they feel how a nice guitar does, they'll play even better because of that harder practice.
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on January 17, 2018
I am just starting to learn guitar and in college. I ordered this knowing that it wouldn't be professional quality, however I'm still impressed at how much better the guitar was than I expected. So far nothing has broken on it and It plays well and in tune. I even banged it on a stairwell on accident enough to make the whole place ring and it didn't show a scratch. The amp is small but works well. I figure if I treat it well, even though it's lower quality, it will last me a long time.
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on January 4, 2018
This product was more than I expected. I was so happy when I pulled it out of the box. It is beautiful. We purchased the orange one and I am impressed!!! A+++ seller A++++ product.
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on November 29, 2016
Missing whammy bar, the guitar goes out of tune frequently and I have to tune it regularly. The case is very cheap might as well carry it around in a giant black trash bag. If you're thinking about playing guitar but want to to test one out before deciding that you would like to pursue the hobby, this guitar would be good because it cheap and Won't Leave a dent in your wallet. Other than that in my opinion this guitar is garbage.
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on January 3, 2018
When my son opened this up for Christmas the smile on his face was a picture perfect moment. It also comes with many different things to get you started and on your way to playing. The price I paid was just amazing..I couldn't believe all the things that were included for the price thanks for being so awesome...
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on January 5, 2018
Bought this for my husband!
He loved.
It is a beautiful guitar
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on December 4, 2017
I love this package, So beautiful, so professional
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on March 20, 2017
Just what I wanted for a beginner. Love it.
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on January 4, 2017
My son has been very happy with this product and uses it daily.
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