Customer Reviews: Sunwarrior - Warrior Blend, Raw, Plant-Based Protein, Vanilla, 40 Servings (2.2 lbs)
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I like that this has better ingredients than other protein powders (no artificial sweeteners, no solvents - google hexane and isolate for info, no radiation, and vegan). I do not like the heavy stevia taste. I know that part is subjective, but if you are at all sensitive to the taste of stevia (as me and my fiancée are), you may have a difficult time with the taste of this flavor.

I called Sun Warrior and asked about a non-stevia product (among other questions) and they were very helpful (& friendly!) steering me in the direction of the Natural flavor, which has ONLY the protein powders & MCT. As we await the package of Natural in the mail, we'll use bananas and peanut butter to help cover the taste of the stevia in the Chocolate.

N.B.: My mom (who doesn't mind stevia) finds this to taste amazing and will be the happy recipient of our remaining chocolate powder.

I do wish this also had Brown Rice Protein, and that the ingredients were organic, but, as it is now, the ingredients and the "Cold Extrusion process" which is "free of solvents, GMOs, radiation, artifical colors, & preservatives", along with superior mixability, help make this protein powder my top contender among all others.

I rely on Amazon to help me make informed buying choices. I hope this review helped you in the same manner :)
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on November 22, 2013
We had been using this product for over a year and loved it. Then we received four grainy bitter bags. Upon inspection, there was a change in ingredients and amino acid breakdown on the label. When I called and emailed the Sunwarrior customer service they denied any change from the original formula. I emailed the pictures from the label. They then said it was the result of a "rogue labeling" error. One said it was a manufacturing glitch and would be resolved. When they were caught in a lie, the rep on the Facebook page asked me how they could make it right. I said "do the right thing and put notification on your website that there was a problem". Nothing posted. This is a supplement company that touts wellness and their products and labeling should be above reproach and accurate. At least issue a recall if there is a problem!!! Your mission statement says "Please join us in our mission to elevate and enlighten humanity" well enlighten your customers if you have a problem! I will mix my own from now on and save a ton of money. There are several other vegan options out there that are just as good and cheaper. Caution, if you use the scoop, you never get 47 servings per bag. You have to weigh it to get that, and you better if you count macros. But the bag says serving size is 1 scoop. Darn that rogue label.
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on March 4, 2016
This is only my second Amazon review, but people need to be warned about this.

I started using it to jump-start weight loss by having two scoops for breakfast every day. Under the guidance of a naturopath I occasionally had it for lunch as well. I started with vanilla back in September 2015. In December I switched to chocolate which for me was more palatable. At that point I would have given in 5 stars.

In February 2016 I went to order more (chocolate) and read on Amazon that it was currently out of stock because of “quality control” issues. Didn’t think much of it, and when I went back to re-order about a week later there was no problem. Until it arrived. When I opened it, it smelled like chemicals; really bad. My husband said it smelled rancid. I thought maybe it was just the plastic packaging, but after one sip I was reminded that there were quality control issues. Amazon was great in refunding my money, and I ordered a replacement.

This one smells better, but still not the same as the first one. It has little black flecks in it that disintegrate when squished. I imagine that they are pieces of cocoa that did not break up during manufacturing. Also, there seems to be static in the product; when I scoop it, the mix jumps off the scoop, even after washing the scoop to try to get rid of any static (see photo). The mix also does not dissolve the way the original one did. As others have mentioned here, no matter how vigorously I shake, there are still lumps. It also thickens much more quickly that my original order. Lastly, it tastes different from my original order.

Despite all this I’ve been having it for breakfast since it arrived a few days ago. On the second day, 90 minutes after having it, I had very bad diarrhea. Same thing on the third day. I then skipped a day to make sure it was not something else, and the day I skipped I was fine. Today I tried it again, and diarrhea has returned.

I am very disappointed because I was very happy with this product, and finding a replacement to suit my needs has been challenging. But I will not buy this product again.
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on January 3, 2012
I have recently converted to a gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle and this is hands down the best tasting protein powder. I have also tried the regular sunwarrior protein and IMO this is much better. I drink a shake morning and night, blending with water and a banana (sometimes add raw cacao powder). I have also used a shaker bottle and it blends easily with water. Don't freak out about the price as it contains 47 less than a $1 per serving.
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on May 16, 2016
I have been using SunWarrior Warrior Blend for about a year and half now and was extremely happy with it. When the label on the bottle recently changed to read "Plant-Based Protein" from "Raw Vegan Protein" I checked the ingredients on the back of the new label. I saw that the ingredients had either changed or an ingredient was now referenced differently. For example, one of the ingredients used to be "Organic Vanilla Extract", but now on the new label states "Organic Vanilla Flavor". This made me suspicious so I called up SunWarrior customer service. They explained to me that the reason the ingredients changed in the new version of the powder was due to the company seeking the USDA certification of "Organic" that now displays on the bottles. They further explained that it is very costly to receive this certification and that the USDA also did not find that certain ingredients such as Cranberry Protein were an adequate source of protein. Also, since they pursued this certification the manufacturers of some of the ingredients in the previous formula also had to pursue the certification. Since, the certification is so costly to attain these manufacturers decided to forego the certification process and therefore there ingredient had to be dropped from the formula. Also, since the change in formula, SunWarrior has not changed the SKU on the product so even most brick and mortar retailers I spoke with were not aware of the change in formula. This seems misleading to both the retailer selling the product and the consumer buying this product. I am so disappointed that SunWarrior went this route and also have been misleading about it in the process. Once my supply of this product is gone I will be going in search of a replacement protein powder.
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on December 7, 2015
I was looking for a clean, healthy, plant-based protein powder to put in my morning smoothie and make it more filling. After doing a ton of research on the different vegan powders out there and spending a lot of time comparing labels, I came to the conclusion that this one is by far the healthiest option. It is raw, organic, soy-free, dairy-free, and very low in fat. It only contains a couple ingredients, none of which are artificial, and all of which I recognize.

I drink this powder in a smoothie every morning after my yoga practice. I used to hate drinking smoothies - I found them to be unsatisfying and never felt satiated after drinking them. This protein powder helps motivate me to drink a nutrient-filled smoothie for breakfast and I find myself looking forward to my smoothie.

I got the natural flavor because I read that the flavored ones have a strong stevia flavor. Yuck. The natural flavor is very mild and not detectable in smoothies. The protein powder is not gritty but makes my smoothie a little bit thicker in a good way - kind of like a shake. It's so delicious and makes me feel full and satisfied. I feel a burst of energy after drinking it and feel ready to conquer the day! Sunwarrior has gained a lifetime customer. I am very happy with my purchase.

Here is a recipe for the smoothie I drink every morning:

1 scoop Sunwarrior protein powder
1 scoop Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder (can be found on amazon and I HIGHLY recommend it)
1 cup whatever frozen fruit I have on hand (usually pineapple, mango, strawberries, peaches)
1 6oz can of pineapple juice (adds extra sweetness)
1 small spoonful of almond butter
splash of orange juice
1/2 cup blueberries
2 bananas

Blend all ingredients in the Vitamix (or any blender). Garnish with goji berries and cacao nibs (can be found here on amazon) for some extra antioxidants! Makes for a super delicious and satisfying vegan breakfast =)
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on February 3, 2012
This is the best protein I have ever used. A while back, I decided to get away from whey protein for diet reasons. I am not vegan or vegetarian, but try to eat a healthy, plant based diet, with a reasonable amount of meat. I recently discovered I may have a mild whey allergy, and decided to give Sun Warrior a try based on a recommendation.

I train 6 days a week with body weight calisthenics and kettlebells. Since switching from ON Hydrobuilder to Sun Warrior, I have lost a decent amount of body fat (I'm not a fanatic who measures his body fat), specifically around my midsection. Despite losing the fat, I've gained 3 lbs over the last month (so probably close to 5 or 6 lbs muscle gained), and have never felt healthier or had more energy.

I have not tried the chocolate, but here is my recipe for the shakes I make daily... In a blender bottleSundesa BB28-MC01 BlenderBottle 28-Ounce with BlenderBall, Blue, mix 8 oz coconut milk, 4 oz OJ, and 4 oz of water or rice milk, add either 2 scoops of warrior blend, or 1 scoop warrior blend and 1 scoop of Sun Warrior's vanilla brown rice proteinSun Warrior Vanilla Protein, 2.2 Pound Bag, and top it off with 1/2 tsp Ceylon cinnamon. Blends super smooth shaking for 45 sec to 1 minute, and tastes almost like an orange julius.

Once you get over the "hippy factor," and accept it is just healthier for you, and makes you a better athlete, you can't go wrong with this protein. Worth every penny. So buy this protein, do some hand stand pushups and pull ups, swing some pood, and forge a body of iron.
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on March 18, 2016
This is an EXCELLENT New Formula of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend!!! I used the older version of this and loved it, but Sunwarrior revamped the ingredients, and this one is so much better! This company is of the highest quality among a few plant-based companies, and I love that they go the extra mile to make their products organic, non-GMO and allergen-free.

This new formula of Warrior Blend has no cranberry bean protein or glucomannan fiber like the old version which was a bit rough on my digestion even though it was a great product otherwise. This new version has pea, hemp and goji berry protein (a complete protein in and of itself) plus real coconut-no oil! You can't taste the coconut, but it helps make this shake ultra thick and creamy although the whole product is still low if fat and carbs, but high in protein-just what I like! I follow a grain-free plant-based diet and love this! I mix it with Amazing Grass Superfood Cacao flavor greens, and it goes great with greens, berries, and any superfoods you want. Best of all, it is filling and very light on the system. I love the chocolate and vanilla flavors, and neither taste fake or odd.

And , I love that there is NO sugar since most plant-based products include natural sweeteners I don't tolerate at all, or they taste chalky due to brown rice proteins. This is a great choice if you are just looking for a grain-free vegan protein. (Vega One Nutritional Shake is a great grain-free protein and superfood all-in-one.)

I hope Sunwarrior doesn't change this new formula-it's awesome, and right now ( March 2016), Amazon is the only place that carries the new version besides the Sunwarrior website. Well done!!!
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on February 11, 2014
I had previously purchased the Sun Warrior Classic in Chocolate, the taste was horrible. It was like wet cardboard, which I admit doesn't sound all that bad but try to drink it my friend, seriously, ugh! I eat lots of things that don't taste so great but are good for me. My husband watched me trying to get it down one day and he said if I had this much trouble it had to be REALLY bad. All that to contrast this product which has me dancing in the kitchen with delight. I got on Amazon looking for another protein powder because I knew I could not subject myself to a second bag of that nasty stuff but reconciled myself to the fact that Sun Warrior is simply the best protein powder out there for vegans and I was going to have to reorder. Then I noticed on the reviews that, while they lump all the reviews for Sun Warrior protein powder together, you can see the exact product a reviewer bought by looking at the small print just above their review. I also noticed the labeling was slightly different on this box and it did have that yellow sunburst saying "improved taste". I resigned myself to another box of torture and thought, maybe it won't be so bad. Well I am delighted to say my gamble paid off! The taste is absolutely fine. I wouldn't mix up a glass just because it was so delicious (course I prefer water) but there is absolutely nothing bad about the taste. I'm not a big fan of fake vanilla but my experience with the other chocolate powder was so bad I was thinking this was another aspect that might change the outcome. The vanilla is not like real vanilla but it is not awful and plasticy like fake vanilla can be. The other major improvement is the way it mixes, it is absolutely glorious! I dropped the scoopful into water and stirred, viola! It mixed right up. With the other stuff I had to mix it and then leave it alone for about five minutes while it formed this two inch thick crust thing which I would again mix and then it was mostly mixed up, enough to get it down anyway. It's almost hard to believe these two products came from the same company. I'm not going to talk about the quality of the protein, there are tons of reviewers that do that but for all of you that haven't ordered because of the taste and all the reviews that said it was so bad they just threw it out, happy days are here again! You can have your high quality protein and drink it too. I alluded to the fact that I just mix the powder with water. There are lots of reviewers who go into their recipe with about 15 different ingredients to mask the taste. Well, first of all I am calorie conscious and want something really efficient, frankly, I can't be bothered. I don't want to have lock myself into having a smoothy for breakfast every morning. If I can mix it with water I can have this first thing and then wait an hour or so and decide what else I want. I will definitely be ordering this again. I'm gonna try the chocolate next time. I would caution you to be very careful about the exact product that you are ordering. There are several versions and believe me you want to get the right one.
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on August 20, 2012
Also, it is the best tasting protein powder I've tried. I don't know why people are complaining in term of taste. You have to play around with it. I only use one recipe and I love it!! I literally can't wait to make my shake tomorrow. I drink this every day, twice a day because I love the taste. This is the recipe I use:
1-2 riped bananas (make sure they're riped!
1-2 scoop of this goodie
2 tbsp raw almond butter
1-2 tbsp raw cacao powder.
raw stevia (gotta add more stevia to make it taste good!!) Sometimes, I forget to add stevia and it does taste pretty bad.. ha ha.. stevia makes a big difference.
Then add water 'till the consistency you prefer.
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