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on May 23, 2012
I researched a lot of ellipticals within the budget I had and finally pulled the trigger on the livestrong ls8.0e and feel I made a great choice! A year ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes and couldn't walk up a flight of stairs. I started out on a treadmill and after six months I felt I wasn't getting enough of a workout. The livestrong elliptical gives me great cardio with several programs and levels of resistance. Combined with some weight training I feel the best I've felt in 20 years and my blood pressure and diabetes are well in check. The product was easy to assemble and is very quiet compared to my treadmill and has a very good warranty.
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on November 8, 2012
I could not be happier with this elliptical. The crate it came in was huge, strapped to a pallet. We didn't even try to get it in the house, just opened it outside and brought all the pieces inside, and put it together. With the two of us, it only took about an hour. Everything was very clearly labeled, all necessary tools were included, and the only really heavy part was the flywheel, which was already assembled in its housing. The directions were easy to follow and there were only a total of nine steps to putting it together. In use, it is very nearly silent, extremely smooth, and after two weeks of daily use, we only needed to make a few small adjustments i.e. tightening a few connections. It doesn't have a huge number of "bells-and-whistles" -- only a handful of pre-programmed routines, and incline adjustment is manual (but very easy), but in spite of that, it easily rivals the ones at the gym and the workout I get is every bit as good. The heart rate monitor seems pretty accurate, but I think the calories burned rate seems a little low -- or maybe that's just me thinking I'm working harder than I really am! Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this machine to anyone wanting a solid, smooth, basic elliptical.
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on March 11, 2013
At first when I used it the machine kept making this knocking sound. I was like ok it's not loud, but annoying. After day 2 the sound left completely. It is a smooth machine, fun to use. I hooked an audio cable to the jack and was able to talk hands-free on the cell. The fan is good also. The only thing that was an issue was the location of the cup holder. I don't use it cause I hydrate before working out, but for others it might be a problem. Other than that I love my investment.
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on August 7, 2012
Solid, smooth and quiet. Five stars.

I bought this model instead of the 10.0 or 13.0 for the simplicity. I bought this brand instead of some others because it seemed more solid and because it fit my other user better: the feet are closer together and the handles are closer to the user (for standing up straight). I'm happy with this spacing and with this elliptical movement too; some other brands feel more like a stepper (some front-drive brands) or bounce up and down too much (some rear-drive brands).

Assembly is straightforward, just follow the instructions one step at a time. Everything is labeled and/or illustrated and all tools are included. If you're working alone, when it's time to pull the wires through the vertical mast set a chair beside the flywheel, facing the flywheel, and lay the mast across your knees to do this.

(Assuming you maintain a safe heart rate) the best readout for monitoring how hard you're working is Watts (power) because it appears to factor speed and resistance. The best readout for monitoring the total work done is Calories (work) because it must be a function of power * time. It doesn't matter to me whether or not these are truly accurate; what matters is whether or not they are consistent, so I can measure my progress over time. So far they seem consistent and reasonable. To me, the important number to log is Calories (not because that word is associated with food but because it is a measure of work).

To change the "Stage" (the resistance program) hold down Stop until it resets, press + or - as desired, and press Enter. Then, after pressing Start you can still add or subtract resistance from the Stage with + or -, or with the Level Quick Keys.
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on June 22, 2012
I have knee problems associated with osteoarthritis and I am very limited to the type of exercises I can perform. This machine works your joints, but there is very little impact. It is very similar in that respect to riding a bicycle, but you also use your arms. I am new to this type of machine and I have only used one other type of elliptical in a gym. So I can't compare it to other similar products. I have used the LS8.0 for about three weeks now and I am very satisfied with the weight of the machine and the smoothness of the operation. It is also relatively quiet. I have found that the machine is very steady and I can read my Kindle while working out. That seems to make the time pass the fastest. Based on only three weeks of experience, I recommend this machine.
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on February 23, 2013
I'm impressed with this equipment and the Livestrong customer service. The container is about the size of a small sofa. It was well packed and secured but very heavy. The delivery firm was courteous, polite and worked with my schedule. Upon opening the carton, I discovered two broken plastic pieces. Livestrong customer service readily replaced these even though they are only cosmetic. Assembly is straight forward and easily understood. Be sure to have the basic tools available, and I don't mean pliers. Hex keys are provided. I had read other customer reviews noting some clanging noise in the moving arms. This is easily remedied by inserting thin nylon washers (not included) before tightening. This machine is so quiet; the family can watch television in the same room without being distracted or bothered. I have not noticed any bolts loosening in the three months we've had it. I highly recommend Livestrong and this elliptical. We are considering additional equipment from Livestrong because of their demonstrated service, quality and ease of delivery.
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on March 18, 2014
I purchased this machine 16 months ago. I use it every day for about an hour or so. I don't think it was engineered for this level of use, because I have the same kinds of problems as the other 1* reviewers.

The flywheel assembly sqeaks constantly. Sometimes it'll go away for a few days, then it comes right back. I have to blast music in my headphones to drown it out.

At one point it made some sort of scraping/grinding noise. I got off the machine and let my husband look at it. He just moved the arms around a bit and it seemed to go away.

Now, it started making really horrible sounds. I stopped using it, and asked my husband to check it out again. He opened the flywheel case just enough to look inside with a flashlight, and a broken piece of a wheel came out. Apparently, something inside shattered at some point. Called them up, and they said it might be the flywheel. If it is, they'll send that to us free of charge, but since it's no longer under the 1 year warranty, we have to pay for a technician to install it.

Amazon shows this as currently unavailable, but if they start selling it again BEWARE! It's apparently designed to work just until the warranty expires, and then you're S.O.L. Not really pleased with this. If I'd known it was gonna be a piece of junk, I'd have saved up for a better one.
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on January 6, 2014
We just moved into our new home at the time of purchase so it did not get a lot of use. Once we started using the elliptical, it didn't take long for it to start making squeaking noises, which are coming from the bearings on the flywheel. Since it was out of warranty, I took it apart myself. I re-aligned the flywheel because the belts were rubbing from the factory and main shaft bolts were loose. I also lubricated the bearings so that helped for about a month. Now its making noises again. I did notice that its louder the further you spread your feet from the center line of the machine. Maybe there is flex in the shaft or the bearings? I would stay away from this now that I saw the internal build quality.

Update 3/10/2015
I finally took this thing apart and the flaw is in the bearings. They probably spent $10.00 in total for the bearings....if that. Flywheel bearing is a SL 6005ZZ and the break uses TPI 6001ZZ and both are made in China. I replaced all the bearings with NTN units made in Japan and that should give me a piece of mind for a while. With average use their bearing will fail within 2 years so dont bother spending the money on their parts. I used NTN 6005ZZ and NTN 6001ZZ. You will need access to a hydraulic press though.
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on April 10, 2014
This is a very sturdy piece of equipment that is giving me a good workout. I had to start on little one so there is plenty of room for growth in my workout challenge. The quality of the speakers and fan is very good.
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on March 8, 2015
good elliptical for the price. Could be a little more sturdy.
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